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(ATTENTION! This takes place in AMERICA.)

(((((((((Let's head out!))))))))))

"Where is it again?" 17-year-old Rikku asked, staring at her best friend before flopping onto her bed.

Yuna shrugged before her eyes took on a dreamy look. "Rikku, are you alright? HELLO! It's the last day of High School...it's taking place at...hm...school, perhaps?" she said, surpressing a giggle as she saw the Al Bhed girl blush heavily.

"I heard that the band playing there was actually on TV once.." Paine chimed in.

"Really? Wow! That's soo cool!" Rikku said with a small smile as she looked through her closet. "Alright, I can't find ANYTHING to wear to this party."

Yuna rolled her eyes. She was wearing a short black skirt and black boots with a blue halter top. "Rikku.." she groaned. "Look through your closet again..hurry! You only have 5 minutes to get to the gym!! And it takes you 4 minutes to get there!"


"Uh, YEAH. The flyers said 7:45 pm!"


Rikku hurriedly went into her walk in closet before grabbing a short denim-green skirt (it stopped at the middle of her thigh) and a yellow tank top. She quickly slid on white flip flops.

Paine was wearing a black spaghetti strapped dress with black platforms. She didn't intend on staying long at the party..she really didn't like them.

"Alright! Y, R, P, let's head out!"

((At Besaid High School))

Rikku giggled as she stepped out of Yuna's black convertable. "No teachers! Yeah!" she cheered, bouncing into the gym.

There were blue and white streams and glitter on the floor and confetti falling to the ground. The gym looked beautiful...oh, and the hot guys who were about to perform helped too.

Paine looked around before slapping her forehead. "How long will we stay here?"

"Forever!" Yuna and Rikku squealed together as they started dancing to, "Move your body", which was being played on a stereo.

"We can't," Paine said, trying to get out of dancing. "W...We can go to 711 or something."

"711? Puh-lease, Paine! Come on, it'll be fun!" Yuna said, smiling.

"I'm going home early." Paine replied, rolling her eyes.

"You're not taking Yunie's car!"

"What?! Rikku, I live 35 minutes away from here DRIVING!"

"Too bad!"

"Minus 10 respect points."

'Ouch! Meanie!' The Al Bhed girl thought, cringing. She only had about 3 points left then.

((Switch POV))

"Hey you guys, check those 3 out.." 19-year-old Tidus said with a grin as he pointed out Yuna, Rikku and Paine to his fellow band members. He wore blue jeans and a black shirt.

18-year-old Gippal smirked. "Hey, the blonde one isn't so bad she looks familiar though..."

Baralai laughed. "Yeah, she's cute...but I've got my eye more on that one." he said, nodding in Paine's direction.

"Her? What's so great about her? She looks like she's bored out of her mind!" Tidus exclaimed, staring up at his friend as they started to set up their instruments.

"Exactly!" the 19-year-old Baralai replied. "It's so...attracting. An outsider.."

Tidus laughed. "Okay, whatever, 'Lai. I like the brunette. She's cute! Wonder if she's always been a woman."

"What!?" Gippal and Baralai exclaimed, turning to their friend.

"Well, I have to find out! Remember my LAST girlfriend?" the blonde man asked, shivering.

Gippal smirked. "Yeah," he answered, grabbing his bass guitar. "THAT was good!"

"No, that was frightening! I made out with someone who used to be a man. It. was. not. pleasant." Tidus said with a very uncharacteristic scowl on his face.

Baralai laughed slightly before looking at Paine once again. She turned her head and to his surprise...she looked straight at him.

He felt his cheeks get warm as he waved slightly. Paine rose an eyebrow and turned around. 'Oh, that's nice.' Baralai said sarcasticaly but smiled. He saw a tint of red appear in her cheeks before turning around.

"Okay, you guys ready?" Tidus asked, walking towards the microphone.

Gippal rolled his eyes. "As always!"

Baralai nodded. "Yeah."

"Hey hey guys, what's up?" Tidus asked, looking at the crowd.

A few cheers and "Hey Tidus!"es were heard.

"Alright, we're TGB-326. Weird name, but...eh. So anyway, anyone have any requests?"

"Ocean Avenue!" a bunch of people cried out.

Gippal secretly smirked as he spotted the blonde girl (who obviously was Al Bhed) check him out.

Tidus laughed. "Alright then." he went back to the drums. Gippal picked up his bass guitar and Baralai picked up his electric one. Tidus set up the beginning for them before Gippal started to sing.

"There's a place off Ocean Avenue..

Where I used to sit and talk with you,

We were both 16 and it felt so right,

Sleeping all day and staying up all night..

Staying up all night,

There's a place on the corner of Cherry Street,

We would walk on the beach in our bare feet,

We were both 18 and it felt so right,

Sleeping all day staying up all night,

Staying up all night..."

((Switch POV))

Yuna giggled. "Let's go up front really close to the band!" she said, running towards the stage with Rikku and Paine following.

Paine loved this song but didn't dance. She was too busy wondering why the electric guitarist was staring at her.

"If I could find you now, things would get better..

We could leave this town and run forever,

Let your waves crash down on me and take me away...

There's a piece of you thats here with me,

Its everywhere I go,

It's everything I see,

When I sleep I dream and it gets me by,

I can make believe that you're here tonight..

That you're here tonight....." Gippal's smooth voice sang as he spotted Rikku with his good eye.

Rikku flushed red before whispering to Yuna, (but still lingering eye contact with Gippal) "Guitar guy is such a hottie!" she said before giggling.

Yuna laughed. "Why don't you go talk to him? You could probably snatch him!"

Rikku turned red. "Whatever Yunie!" she said laughing. "But he looks awfully familiar though..."

"If I could find you now things would get better...

We could leave this town and run forever,

I know somewhere, somehow, we'll be together...

Let your waves crash down on me and take me away....

I remember the look in your eyes,
When I told you that this was goodbye...

You were begging me not tonight,

Not here, not now..." Gippal sang, before it suddenly hit him and Rikku at the same time.

'It's Cid's girl!'


Gippal hid a smirk as he looked her up and down. 'Well well...hasn't she grown up nicely...Geez, I can't believe it's Cid's girl! Reminds me of when we were about 12 and got seperated...heh we were like best friends...'

Rikku flushed red as she saw her eyeing her. "Hey Rikku!" Yuna giggled before nudging her friend softly. "Guitar guy is checking you outttt..."

"WHAT!? How dare you say that, Yunie! Grrr...don't even say the name Gippal!" she said with a huff before covering her mouth with her hand. "Errr..."

Yuna looked confused for a brief moment, then shocked. "You know him!?"

Rikku blushed. "...Gippal is the name of...my machina monkey!" she said, trying on her 'I'm the happy-go-lucky Rikku with a cute and bouncy smile, tee hee!' smile, but Yuna saw past it.

Yuna gaped. "Rikku! How do you know him?"

"...We were best friends when we were 12...we used to live in Hawaii, but I had to move to California." Rikku said with a shrug. "I can't believe he's here.." she said, letting out a little squeal. Sure, he would tease her and annoy her...A LOT. But he was awfully sweet to her and they had wonderful times when they were younger. Rikku suddenly remembered something. "Yunie..."


Rikku gently tugged at the necklace which hung in her shirt. She pulled it out before showing it to Rikku. It was a small gold locket with a picture of a young Rikku and Gippal in it. Rikku was doing the peace sign and Gippal had his arm slung around Rikku's shoulder.

"Awww! How cute!" Yuna squealed. "So romantic!"

Paine rose an eyebrow. "What's all the excitement happening for?" she asked curiously.

Yuna and Rikku immediately told her the story. Paine's eyes widen before glancing at the stage...but instead of looking for Rikku's old crush, her eyes landed on Baralai.

Gippal sang with more energy now...it was as if he remembered her as well... "We're looking up at the same night sky..

And keep pretending the sun will not rise,

We'll be together for one more night..



If I could find you now things would get better,

We could leave this town and run forever...

I know somewhere, somehow we'll be together,

Let your waves crash down on me and take me away..." he stopped singing as they took a short break.

(((Gippal, Tidus and Baralai)))

"Hey Gippal," Baralai tapped his friend on the shoulder. "What's with you? You've been staring at the girl alot. It's like you've known her for like, 10 years or something.."

"17 years." Gippal said flatly.

"O.o What!?" Tidus hopped down. "You know her!?"

"That's Rikku--who I love to call Cid's girl. She used to be my best friend when we were 12 and we used to live in Hawaii, but then she moved here! I can't believe it's her!"

"Hmm...Me thinks a reunion is in mind!" Tidus said with a lopsided grin before looking at Baralai.

Baralai laughed. "Indeed. Gippal...what song reminds you of her? Did you guys have any special songs back then?"

"Not that I can remembe-- OH MY GOD, THAT'S IT!" Gippal wanted to slap himself on the butt for coming up with such a good idea.

"What? Gippal, why did you just hit yourself on the butt?"

"Err..." Gippal choose to ignore the question before smirking. "Alright, I know what we can play. You know that song, "I miss you" by Blink 182?"

"Mmm hmm."

"We can play that."

"Sweet!" Tidus exclaimed, going to his drum set. 'Hey, if he ever goes to that Rikku girl, maybe I can meet her friend!' he thought with a smile. 'I'm so smart. :-D'

"Alright," Gippal grabbed the microphone. "This song goes out to a very special girl...Cid's girl... this is for you, bnehlacc! {princess!}" he said with a smirk as he started to sing, eyeing Rikku.


Paine and Yuna immediately whirled around. "RIKKU!"

Rikku rose an eyebrow. "What??" she had been too busy talking to her friend Buddy, who had now gone off to dance.

"Isn't your dad's name Cid?!?!" Paine asked hurriedly.


"When you and Gippal were younger, did he call anything...in particular? Cid's girl? Princess? Derek? Rikkulalala?? TELL US!" Yuna asked eagerly.

The blonde Al Bhed teenager frowned. "mmm..he used to call me Cid's girl and princess...it was annoying! But he'd call me Princess in Al Bhed."



"HELLO! He just said, "This song goes out to a very special girl...Cid's girl, this is for you, bnehlacc!" " Yuna screamed with a happy smile.

Paine rolled her eyes before chuckling. "Getting old, Rikku? What does bnehlacc mean?"

"It means..." Rikku gasped. "...Princess...!?!" she turned around to face the stage as she saw Gippal eyeing her as he started to sing.

(when you see these brackets, that's Baralai singing the 'I miss you' deep part)

"Hello there,

The angel from my nightmare,

the shadow in the background of the mourge,
the unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley,

we can live like Jack and Sally if we want where you can always find me

and we'll have Halloween on Christmas,

and in the night we'll wish this never ends..

we'll wish this never ends,

I miss you, miss you

I miss you, miss you.." Baralai started off for Gippal.

Rikku turned red. 'I can't believe it...Gippal...!'

Baralai couldn't help but smile as he saw his best friend's reaction to see an old friend. He turned his gaze from Gippal to Rikku. It was so...exciting.

Tidus couldn't wait to meet this Rikku girl and her friend. Especially her friend.

'Cid's girl better like this,' he said before chuckling to himself.

"Where are you and I'm so sorry...

I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight I need somebody as always...

this sick strange darkness

comes creeping on so haunting every time and as I stared I counted

the webs from all the spiders

catching things and eating their insides.." Tidus sang after Baralai.

'Oh! Umm...how..romantic...' Yuna flinched before rolling her eyes. She cheered silently for her best friend. 'Yeah! Go Rikku! You're gonna get a mannnn!' she giggled before looking at the drummer who had just finished singing. He looked like he was having a bit too much fun with the drums. She giggled loudly before turning red seeing that he looked up and glanced at her.

Paine smiled inwardly. 'Good for Rikku.' she thought with a sigh. 'Why does that electric guitar guy keep looking here!?'

Gippal inhaled before starting to sing again. "My indecision to call you,

and hear your voice of treason will you come home and stop this pain tonight?

stop this pain tonight...

Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head...

(I miss you, miss you)

don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head...

(I miss you, miss you)

Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head,

(I miss you, miss you)

don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head...

(I miss you, miss you)

Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head

(I miss you, miss you)

don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head..

(I miss you, miss you)

(I miss you, miss you)

(I miss you, miss you)

(I miss you, miss you)

(I miss you, miss you...)"

Rikku looked as red as my toe when it started bleeding from stepping on a earring. And trust me. That was RED.

Yuna smirked. Paine smirked. Baralai smirked. Gippal smirked. Tidus...

...was confused.

"Why is everyone smirking?" he asked, obviously confused.

"I'll be right back, guys," Gippal spoke into the microphone before waving. He suddenly added, "OH! Bnehlacc, E.... {Princess, I....}" he paused before changing the subject. "Bnehlacc, saad sa uidceta hayn dra umt uyg dnaa. Ur, yht pnehk ouin vneahtc duu. {Princess, meet me outside near the old oak tree. Oh, and bring your friends too.}" he said, winking at Tidus and Baralai before running off stage and running out the door.


Gippal looked around. "Do you guys see her?"

Both men shook their heads.

Gippal hung his head. "I shoulda known she'd held that freaking grudge against me."

"What grudge?" Tidus asked curiously.

"I told her that when she moved, I'd mail her constantly. I never got the chance to though...I was sent to military school."

"Cu DRYD'C fro oui hajan fnuda! {So THAT'S why you never wrote!} a shrill, but sweet voice rang behind him.


Aight, that's all for now? So what do you guys think?