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"crackle Major Glory over to Hunting Turtle. Over."

"Hunting Turtle over to Sleeping Wolf. Over."

"Sleeping Wolf over to Angered Fish. Over."

"Angered Fish…uh…present."

"Tidus, why the hell couldn't we choose our own names?"

"Yeah, seriously! What kind of name is Angered Fish? Do I look like a fish to you?" Baralai asked, rolling his eyes.

Tidus stayed quiet before cocking an eyebrow. "Do you want me to answer that?" and that received him a glare from Baralai.

Gippal laughed heartily. "Alright…let's go and split up! OPERATION: Find Out What The Dizzle Beavis and Butthead Are Talking About In That Corner is now in session!" he declared dramatically.

"Err…were these camouflage suits necessary?" Shuyin questioned, referring to the suits that the men were wearing, which Tidus had declared "added a dramatic effect" and Tidus glared at his look a like.

"Are you questioning the suits?"

"Well, yeah…"


They all stared at Tidus, who was now twitching.

"…twitchtwitch…twitch… DON'T LOOK AT ME!" Tidus cried and curled into a small ball. They all shot each other concerned looks before running away into their own spot to spy on the pair.

Wakka and Lulu were speaking quietly near the women's campfire, while the girls had gone to the dining tables.


I did a James Bond like roll…well, more like attempted, seeing how I didn't even roll over and crept quietly into the tent right behind their campfire. I positioned myself in a comfortable spot before whispering into my walkie talkie, "Sleeping Wolf watching over Beavis and Butthead. Over."

And with that, I turned off the device. Hey, Sleeping Wolf is a pretty cool name…oh. Whoops. Not focusing. I leaned out to hear as much of the conversation as I could.


"You know…tell me…right?" I was barely able to make out their voices over the loud cackle of the fire and the booming music and people at the party.

"…I…It's just th…diff…" I frowned. This was not working…


My eyes widened in surprise and in horror as I turned around to come face to face with a couple, who were holding blankets to cover their naked bodies.

My head was spinning. "I…what?"

"Heijo, get this kid out of here!" the female, about 20 or so, exclaimed in embarrassment as she threw a pillow at me. The man growled at me and I took my cue to leave. I ran as fast as I could away from the tent as I went to go join Lenne at the dinner table.

Being a spy is too hard.

How did I not see that there was a NAKED couple sleeping in the tent!

…Eh. What do I care what Wakka and Lulu are talking about? Hmph. How did James Bond do this anyway?

I sighed heavily as I approached the large patio floor. When I reached the stairs, I paused and murmured into the walkie talkie, "Sleeping Wolf in. OPERATION: Find Out What The Dizzle Beavis and Butthead Are Talking About In That Corner incomplete." And I walked over to my girl, who shot me that bright, perky and pearly white smile which I had grown to love.

"Hey Shuyin! Want some food? I am STARVING! You know, I haven't eaten in a long time, since I have been doing that diet, you know? Oh, speaking of which, you know Mikila? The one that taught me the diet, she is seeing the most DIVINE guy right now, some Ikero guy, I think…" Lenne continued as she babbled on, collecting food from the buffet on to her plate and I smiled.

She's even hotter when she's babbling on about stuff that no one cares about.


I frowned as I heard Shuyin's statement into the walkie talkie. I looked over to the tent where he had run away from and decided to hide to the side outside of the tent. I crept over silently, pretending I had a gun in my hand. Oh yes. I am too slick for you.

I dramatically rolled towards the tent and bent against it, making sure to be silent, as I heard voices inside the tent.

I poked my head around the corner of the white tent, staring at the couple. I began to itch the back of my neck…these stupid suits were itchy.

I watched over the couple and prided myself on finding such a good spot, as I was able to hear everything the duo was saying.

"I'm…I'm just scared you'll be upset when you find out."

"Lu, I could never be upset with you…I love you, you know that. You can tell me anything and everything."

"But Wakka, I have something to tell you…and it's going to affect your life rather drastically."

Wakka's voice grew nervous. "Negatively or positively?"

"I'm not quite sure…"

As I listened to the conversation, I reached to scratch my back. Damn suits…Damn Tidus…

"Lu, I want you to feel like you can tell me everything…I don't want you to feel hesitant to tell me things, it gives me a sense of insecurity."

But as I scratched my back, my hand brushed against my walkie talkie… I was supposed to do something, but what?


I murmured quietly into the walkie talkie, "Hunting Turtle watching over Beavis and Butthead. Over." Hey, why did I have to be the turtle? Oh well, better then being a fish.

I began to snigger at the thought of Baralai with fins, gills and swimming around in water. I imagined his face replacing one of a goldfish and I doubled over, trying to keep in my gasps and snickers.

Wakka and Lulu didn't hear me.

But unfortunately, someone else did.

Slim fingers and long nails grasped onto my ear and I gasped quietly in pain.

As quickly as I could, I mumbled into the walkie talkie, "Gah! Hunting Turtle in trouble! Hunting Turtle in trouble! Code 2! Code 2! HELP! OPERATION FAILED!"

"Yht FRYD aqyldmo tu oui drehg oui'na tuehk?" (And WHAT exactly do you think you're doing?) The girl I loved hissed angrily in my ear and I felt myself being dragged away…by my ear…for such a petite girl, she was pretty damn strong to drag such a buff guy like me. Hehehe…oh. Crisis at hand. Yes.

"Pypa, E fyc zicd..." (Babe, I was just…) I began to explain, but being me, I couldn't find an excuse. And being Rikku, she cut me off.

"Cboehk uh Lulu yht Wakka? Oui GHUF paddan drah dryd, Gippal! E vaam mega E's ouin sudran cusadesac, ruhacdmo. Oui'na y oayn umtan drah sa yht oad oui'na cdemm essydina yht lremtecr. Tuh'd mecdah eh uh udran baubma'c luhjancydeuhc! Ed'c nita!" (Spying on Lulu and Wakka? You KNOW better then that, Gippal! I feel like I'm your mother sometimes, honestly. You're a year older then me and yet you're still immature and childish. Don't listen in on other people's conversations! It's rude!) she lectured me and I smirked as I cut her off.

"Cid's Girl…" she looked at me and I grinned, "…you're kinda sexy when you're pissed off…"

She glared at me. "Caqo? Oui yna cilr y banjand Gippal, E tuh'd ghuf fro E ajah taym fedr oui un ramm, muja oui." (Sexy? You are such a pervert Gippal, I don't know why I even deal with you or hell, love you.) At this point, she clasped her hand over her mouth.

My eyes widened as did my grin. I smiled cheekily at her. "Oui muja sa?" (You love me?) I asked, tilting my head to the side.

Rikku glared at me, a tinge of pretty pink spreading across her cheeks, "Dryd'c uvv cipzald! Oui yna jeumydehk dra bnejylo uv uin vneahtc yht..." (That's off subject! You are violating the privacy of our friends and…)

I grinned as I taunted in a sing song voice, "Cid's Girl mujac sa...cra fyhdc du gecc sa...cra fyhdc du synno sa...cra fyhdc du rik sa...cra fyhdc du muja sa, pid cra lyh'd liw cra ymnayto tuac..." (Cid's Girl loves me...she wants to kiss me...she wants to marry me...she wants to hug me...she wants to love me, but she can't cuz she already does...)

Rikku rolled her eyes as she thrust her hands in the air, "I don't know how to deal with you!"

I smirked mischievously. "I know how."

She turned to me, her lighter emerald gaze piercing mine. "And what would that be?"

I grabbed her gently, swung her into my arms and our lips met.

After a few seconds, she parted away from me and smirked. "I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention…would you mind demonstrating that again?" I could only grin as we kissed again.

"You know you can't resist me, baby love." I murmured in her ear as I rested my head on top of her soft hair.

She sighed. "Sad to admit, but I think you're right…" I chuckled.

"You really should leave your hair down more often…I like it better that way." I said with a smile as I lifted my head and reached my hand up to release her hair from the hair pins that held it captive. As I did, a golden pool flooded down her shoulders and bare back and I grinned once again.

Her sweet giggles rang in my ear and I could hear the grin in her voice, "And when did you become an expert in hair?"

I winked. "One of my many specialties."

"Psht." Was her only response as we linked hands and intertwined fingers gently. We began to walk towards the table before I gave her hand a light squeeze.

"Hey Cid's Girl, why is your Brother running at me with a torch?"

"…" She cast me a worried look before I sighed heavily.

"Cred." I mumbled before bolting away from the girl I loved and more importantly: ran away from her brother.

"I KILL YOU! NO TOUCHY HOLDY HANDSEYS WITH RIKKU! DIE, GIPPAL!" I heard his shrill threats and grinned.

How I loved Cid's Girl's family.


I sighed in disappointment as I heard Gippal's screams of distress over the walkie talkie. Eh. Who cares? I still wanna know what Wakka and Lulu are up to.

"Major Glory watching over Beavis and Butthead. Over." I said before stretching momentarily.

I sat up from the wooden log I was seated on around the men's campfire before I fell off and on to my butt. "Ow. Splinter." I muttered before standing up…but somehow, I didn't see the part of my suit catch on fire.

My eyes widened as I ran towards the water, trying to keep quiet. The bottom of my camouflage pant leg began to shrivel up as the fire began to burn my leg. "Ow! Ow! Crap!" I muttered before I reached the water.

I dipped the burning part of my leg into the shallow water before sighing in relief. I pulled off my walkie talkie and left it on the sand right by the water so I could watch it.

Feeling the need just to cool off before I actually started this mission, I decided to jump in and swim for a minute or two.

It was about five minutes when I back to shore. A frown crossed my lips as I searched my now missing blue walkie talkie…

I heard a feint splash and I turned around in just time to see a fish with my walkie talkie in it's mouth. Whoo hoo.

I also watched in horror as it dragged it back into the ocean…and saw the entire ocean light up briefly before becoming dark once again.

I winced before grinning nervously as I spoke softly to the sky.

"Uh…guys? Major Glory in...err…OPERATION: Find Out What The Dizzle Beavis and Butthead Are Talking About In That Corner incomplete."


It took about half an hour since Tidus had said that he was watching over Wakka and Lulu, so I assumed something happened to his walkie talkie.

"Angered Fish watching over Beavis and Butthead. Over." I reported into the walkie talkie as I crept away from the men's campfire and walked casually behind the tent where Gippal and Shuyin had been hiding. Across from me was a small wooden fence and in front of it were some nice shrubs.

I snorted before secretly creeping from behind the tent and silently tip toed over the shrubs and over the fence. I lay down in the sand, making sure I was unseen from Wakka and Lulu, but could still hear their conversation perfectly. It was good, because I was away from the party and the music too.

"Wakka…are you serious you want to hear this?" Lulu asked uncertainly, her voice full of nervousness.

Wakka replied firmly, "Even if I won't like it, I must know."

"Um…" Lulu gave him a small smile. "I'm pregnant." She said bluntly.

My eyes widened in horror.

They did… the nasty?

A disgusted look replaced my once intrigued face as I silently crawled back, forgetting that Wakka had a reply to this.

"That…is repulsive." I said disgustingly as I stood up to go run and tell the others…

Unfortunately, I didn't see that large metal pole in my way.

Did that just move there?

Oh well.

Good night.


Beep beep. Beep beep.

(Oh no.) Paine's "Baralai detector" was going off… the silver haired girl sighed heavily as she stood up and made her way towards the beach.

Oh Mr. Lai Lai, where are you?


Lenne was eagerly chattering away to Shuyin about the pair of white boots she wanted when she was in Europe while he merely stared at her, nodding his head robotically.

Yuna was feeding Tidus happily as she carefully gave him spoonful amounts of food. "Open wide…here comes the choo-choo train…!" she urged and Tidus opened his mouth eagerly.

"Ahhh…!" he opened his mouth and Yuna shoved the spoon in his mouth. He let out a happily giggle and Yuna laughed along with him.

Rikku was continuing to scold Gippal, but this time on his dinner table manners. Gippal merely responded to her scolding with a perverted or flattering comment.

Leblanc was doing something in the same fashion as Yuna, only Nooj wasn't eating as much and Tidus…and was trying to write a rap song.

"What rhymes with Tidus?" He asked aloud to himself before snickering, "…gingivitis."

Paine was holding Baralai's head in her lap, resting his body on two other chairs. She sighed impatiently, waiting for her boyfriend to gain consciousness. She held an ice pack on a purple bump on his forehead as she began to poke him.

"Wake up, Baralai." She urged, but received no response.

"Wake up, Baralai." She tried again.

Gippal took a moment out of his time to lean over and elbow Baralai, " 'ey Lai, Paine's doing a dance on the stripper pole! Damn, that's a skimpy outfit." He snickered, earning a hard punch in the arm from Paine.

He murmured an obscenity under his breath before going back to Rikku, but as he predicted, Baralai had bolted straight awake.

"Paine…! Stripper pole…? DON'T LOOK AT HER, SHE'S MINE!" he cried suddenly before moaning and laying his head back down gently.

Two ruby eyes stared at him…one lovingly, the other glowering at him.

"I found you lying unconscious next to a pole." She said, an eyebrow cocked.

Baralai giggled nervously, "Well, see sweetie, uh…" he was interrupted by the arrival of Wakka's clearing of his throat as he and Lulu approached the others.

Baralai then went straight into hyperventilation while Paine comforted him and Wakka and Lulu stood before the entire dining hall.

"Excuse me…" Wakka's smile grew as all eyes were cast on him. He had never given such a public speech before, which got him a bit nervous but the news he was about to give was so overwhelming, he couldn't help but grin. "My fiancé Lulu and I have an announcement." He said before proudly embracing his wife-to-be. "We're going to have a baby!"

There were cheers and applause all around the dining tables, but Wakka and Lulu kept their eyes on their friends.

The girls were clapping wildly, cheering and yelling congrats happily, hugging each other and smiling. The men slowly began to clap, astonished looks on their faces. But Gippal got them riled up by whistling loudly and madly for his friends and pretty soon, everyone in the dining hall was applauding and giving their positive congrats.

Lulu turned to her lover and smiled happily as he kissed her hand softly and massaged it. "I love you, baby." He cooed to her before smiling and moving down to her stomach, "and I love you too, other baby." He laughed as Lulu chuckled and the two embraced tightly.

"I love you too. Both of you." Lulu said, tilting her head to the side as she smiled, tears threatening to spill out of her eyes.

The couple laughed as their friends rushed over and ambushed them with hugs, kisses and tear.

Right about then, no one was happier then this family.


He spun her into a twirl and her bi-colored eyes twinkled and danced about.

"Tidus!" she squealed excitedly as her boyfriend spun her back into his arms and lowered her into a dramatic dip. "Ohmigod, I'm going to fall! Tidus!"

His oceanic eyes pierced into her light colored ones. "I'll never let you fall." He whispered huskily and romantically in her ear. Yuna blushed a light red, feeling her short hair brush the floor. She understood the double meaning in his statement and she nodded, giving him a big smile.

A slow song by Aerosmith began to play and the two, never unlocking their gazes, commenced in their slow dancing. Yuna lay her head in the nook of his bulky shoulder and smiled softly to herself.

I could stay awake just to hear you breathing…

Watch you smile while you are sleeping,

Far away and dreaming…

Tidus felt the curve of her lips turn upward and a small smile played on his lips as well. He leaned his head against hers, and the two continued to dance. He couldn't describe it, but whenever Yuna was around, his heart continued to pound and he still felt as if he wasn't even worthy to be in the same room as her. Sure, he wasn't the smartest, the richest or the best looking man on Earth, (which he thought was the only man worthy of Yuna) but she still found it in her heart to love him. (Yuna…you're amazing…)

Yuna was thinking similar thoughts to his as she inhaled the musky scent of his skin. Yuna had always thought of herself as just plain, shy, quiet, boring Yuna…and Tidus, in Yuna's opinion was exciting, unique, romantic and gorgeous... but Tidus found it in HIS heart to love HER. Yuna's eyelids drooped sleepily and felt as if she was put under a spell. She loved him so much, but she then realized that there was NOTHING in the universe that could describe her love for him.

I could spend my life in this sweet surrender,

I could stay lost in this moment forever…

Baralai suppressed his laughter as Paine glared at him. "What? I told you I was a terrible dancer."

Baralai pulled a Gippal smirk and wiggled his eyebrows. "But love, you were wonderful at the nightclub on the cruise…"

Paine's ruby glare continued to pierce through him. "I thought I told you to never remember or bring that up." She muttered before stepping on his feet again, this time intentionally.

"Ouch!" he winced before laughing softly. The two continued to slow dance and Paine acted similar to Yuna, as she buried her face into his shoulder.

Baralai's smiled grew larger. Never had he believed he'd been in this position: slow dancing with the ice queen, the dark angel, the silent princess…Paine.

Maybe she wasn't every man's ideal woman. She was most definitely not the damsel in distress. Hell, in this relationship, Baralai was probably the damsel in distress.

The smile was replaced with a smirk that Paine could not see. But Paine was definitely Baralai's ideal woman: strong, independent but loving and sweet as well.

(You did it, Baralai…you finally got her to love you…) his eyes twinkled as he leaned his head against hers. He could hear her soft breathing and he smiled lovingly.

She thought she had forgotten how to love. She believed that those emotions were useless and just a waste of time…but oh, how she was wrong…

Guilt overcame her as she slowly opened an eyelid halfway against her boyfriend's polo. Had she been too cruel, too cold and too rude when they first met? Paine felt his breath on her and she smiled softly.

And even through all the sarcasm, all the rude remarks, all the cold glares…

He was able to love her.

And that was why she loved him.

Well, every moment spent with you

Is a moment I treasure…

A couple not too far away from them were having a similar precious moment. His arm that was snaked around her waist tightened protectively and she smiled softly. Could they be anymore in love?

The duo danced slowly and gently, both cherishing the moment dearly. He slowly opened his eyelids, his dark emerald gaze glancing down at the girl as he savored the moment.

(I never would have thought we'd be in this position…but I'm glad we are.) he admitted to himself with a small smile.

The girl in his embrace buried her face in the nook of his shoulder, her eyes closed as crystal tears threatened to spill out of her emerald orbs. She could feel his breath on her neck and couldn't help but smile to herself.

I don't wanna close my eyes…

I don't wanna fall asleep,

Cause I'd miss you, babe

And I don't wanna miss a thing…

Her eyes widened as he began to sing along with the music, his soft voice filled with emotion. She felt herself going on an emotional rollercoaster as the tears could no longer be locked in her eyes.

"Cause even when I dream of you," he sang softly as he gently removed his hand from her waist to cup her chin, "…the sweetest dream will never do, cuz I'd still miss you, babe…and I don't wanna miss a thing…"

Rikku felt ridiculous, crying for no reason, but at that moment, Gippal found her to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

"E muja oui…" (I love you…) she whispered through her glossed pink lips as she looked at him through teary eyes.

A tear slid down her cheek and he gingerly brushed it away. He smiled at her lovingly, "E muja oui duu, Rikku…" (I love you too, Rikku.) he whispered back to her and the two teenagers leaned in, their foreheads touching.

Lying close to you,

Feeling your heart beating

And I'm wondering what you're dreaming,

Wondering if it's me you're seeing…

Then I kiss your eyes and thank God we're together…

The words began to pour out of her mouth as she gazed at her handsome Al Bhed, "And I just wanna stay with you…" to his dismay, Gippal felt light tears at his eyes as well as the girl he loved sang to him and he smiled at her, unable to speak words. "…in this moment forever, forever and ever…"

And as the song continued, the couple sang together, dancing slowly, savoring this precious and romantic moment.

I don't wanna close my eyes,

I don't wanna fall asleep,

Cuz I'd miss you, babe

And I don't wanna miss a thing…

Cause even when I dream of you,

The sweetest dream will never do,

I'd still miss you, babe

And I don't wanna miss a thing…

Shuyin held Lenne tightly and close to him as the two moved their bodies slowly to the song. Shuyin caught sight of the Al Bhed couple not too far away and smiled softly. (They really are in love.) he thought happily and whispered into his girl's ear, "Check out Gippal and Rikku."

Shuyin and Lenne had been together for 2 years and the two were deeply in love and had had many moments like the one that all the couples were sharing right now, so this moment wasn't the most special.

Lenne's mouth dropped as she let out an, "Aww…! That's so adorable…!" she smiled, "Shu, I'm so glad you convinced me to come with you…"

"Me too, babe, me too…"

I don't wanna miss one smile,

I don't wanna miss one kiss

Well, I just wanna be with you,

Right here with you, just like this

I just wanna hold you close,

Feel your heart so close to mine,

And stay here in this moment

For all the rest of time…

"They're all such good friends…" Lenne continued on, "…do you think we'll keep intact with each other?"

"Of course, Lenne…" Shuyin nodded, "hell, I'd drive 10 hours to get there…just to know…that I'd see Yuna and Tidus together…Rikku's smile…Nooj's rapping…Gippal's perverted jokes…Paine's comical threats…Baralai's kindness…and to get to spend time with these great people and the most wonderful, beautiful, understanding, fun girl I'd ever met in my lifetime…" he smiled at her. "You think I'd pass that up?"

Lenne smiled at him gratefully, "Nope." She said with a giggle and the two continued to dance together.

Don't wanna close my eyes,

Don't wanna fall asleep,

Cause I'd miss you, babe

And I don't wanna miss a thing…

Cause even when I dream of you,

The sweetest dream will never do,

Cause I'd still miss you, babe

And I don't wanna miss a thing...

Leblanc and Nooj were at the dining table, both chattering away and Leblanc still trying to feed him.

I don't wanna close my eyes,

I don't wanna fall asleep,

Cause I'd miss you, babe

And I don't wanna miss a thing…

Cause even when I dream of you,

The sweetest dream will never do,

Cause I'd still miss you, babe

And I don't wanna miss a thing…

Lulu and Wakka were dancing as well, but neither spoke a word. Lulu's gaze locked on to Wakka's and their loving gaze told each other what neither of them spoke,

"I love you."

Don't wanna close my eyes…

Don't wanna fall asleep, yeah

I don't wanna miss a thing…


"Damn. Can you guys believe that just a year ago we had all just met?" Baralai asked in disbelief. His features were still very handsome and looking the same, although his platinum hair was just a bit longer.

Rikku plopped down on her couch. "I know! It seems like we've all been best friends for like, ever." She said, giggling when her boyfriend sat next to her and picked her up before placing her on his lap. Her golden hair was longer in a sleek ponytail.

"Ah, well, who's gonna complain?" Gippal asked, smiling. He now no longer wore his eye patch, by request of the woman sitting in his lap. His hair was also a bit longer. "We're all pretty cool kids."

Paine laughed. She had allowed her silver hair to grow down and out of the Mohawk that she wore, which Baralai thought looked lovely either way. But out of the group, Paine had progress the most in personality. She now spoke her mind openly and was no longer the silent, cold hearted girl she was before.

Yuna smiled, "When are Lulu and Wakka coming? I can't wait to see the little baby again!" she said happily with a smile. Her hair was still the same, as she had kept the trim she always had. She wrapped her arms around Tidus's neck as she plopped down in his lap, a similar action to Rikku's.

"He's almost a year old now!" Tidus grinned, "I've always been a big fan of kids." He said, smiling. His hair was still the same, but he had gotten a more golden tan glow from him.

Shuyin snickered. "Hell, T, that's cuz you're just a kid yourself." He joked good naturedly. Like Tidus, his hair was still the same length. Lenne next to him, her legs on top of his.

"No offense Tidus, I think a 1-year-old child is more mature then you." She teased, smiling. Her hair had grown longer and she was a bit more tan.

Tidus merely stuck his tongue out, but Gippal smirked, "Hey, you want kids, T? I'm sure Yuna would be more then happy to help you make some." He joked.

"Pervert." Tidus, Yuna and Rikku echoed at the same time, receiving a hearty laugh from the group.

The doorbell rang and Rikku jumped to her feet. "I got it!"

At the same time, Tidus sprang to his feet, with Yuna still on him. She shrieked. "No, I've got it!" Tidus countered, but Rikku had already gotten to the door.

"Hi Lulu! Hey, Dad!" she teased, elbowing Wakka playfully in the ribs. Wakka blushed.

"Hey, Rixie!" he greeted with a smile as he walked in.

Lulu smiled. "Hello, Rikku. Someone missed you while you were gone." She said, grinning down at the little bundle in her arms.

"Ooouh! Hey Vidina!" she cooed happily as Lulu handed him over to her. Rikku cradled the little boy in her arms, which Gippal thought was a beautiful sight of her.

"Can you believe it's only been a year and a few months that we all met and went on that road trip?" Wakka asked, smiling at Lulu as the two took a seat.

"I miss that. That was really fun." Lulu admitted, swinging her now longer black hair over her shoulder.

Yuna nodded, "I wish we could do it again." She wished aloud.

This struck an idea in Gippal's head. "Well, why can't we?"

His friends all looked at him, including Rikku, who had stopped cooing at Vidina at his point.

"...What are you talking about, Gip?" Shuyin asked finally and curiously, voicing the question that everyone was wondering.

A huge smile played on his lips as he motioned for Rikku to come sit on his lap with Vidina still in her arms. She did so, and Gippal continued, "Yeah! Let's go! We could go on something like, a reunion road trip!" he said, his voice full of excitement. "We can go visit home again!"

Lulu voiced her first concern, "Who's gonna watch Vidina?"

"We will!" Gippal continued, "we'll bring the little dude with us! And we can stay there for a few weeks like we did last time!"

The room went silent before Baralai grinned. "Well, I'm in."

"How about it!" Tidus laughed, pumping his fist in the air.

"Totally!" Rikku agreed.

Shuyin nodded. "The Phat Blonde Trio is in!"

"Lenne's in too!" Lenne cried.

"Me too!" Yuna agreed, nodding.

Lulu and Wakka exchanged glances and grins and nodded.

All eyes went to Paine who paused before shaking her head and letting out a hearty laugh. "What the hell." She finally answered and everyone cheered happily.

Gippal put an arm around Rikku and kissed on her the cheek before grinning, "So, anyone up for a ROAD TRIP?" he asked and the others let out a loud ripple of laughter.

Maybe Lulu, Wakka and Vidina were a family.

But the biggest and most loving family sat in the house of Yuna, Rikku and Paine- YRP.

And nothing would ever break that family apart.

((THE END!))

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