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Chapter One

Rose was lying on the floating debris, clutching onto Jack's hand as she stared up at the sky which contained of millions of twinkling stars. A short while ago, she had made a promise to Jack. She promised him that she'll survive and move on with her life, no matter what happens. Rose's mind replayed the events that had happened a few hours before. Was it only hours ago that the Titanic had struck and iceberg and sank? Was it only hours ago that she told Jack she'll get off the ship with him?

Rose lay there, as she began to sing a familiar song. A song that Jack had sung to her earlier on the bow, where they shared their first kiss. Rose voice was hoarse, but could still be heard as she sung the words to 'their' song.

"Come Josephine...in my flying...machine...and it's up she goes...up she Josephine...in my...flying machine..." A light hit her face. At first, Rose thought she was dreaming, but the light beamed brighter on her face. Slowly, Rose turned her head, and there she saw a boat. A boat to bring herself and Jack into safety. Rose smiled weakly as she slowly turned to awaken Jack.

"Jack..." Rose said, as she shook his arm, in hopes of awakening him. No response. "Jack...Jack." Rose said, as she moved her hand down to his, giving it a more of a firm shake. "There's a boat!" Rose announced. Still no response. "Jack...Jack." Rose said, shaking his hand a little harder. "Jack? Jack!" Suddenly the reality hit her. No! He can't be dead! He told me that he was a survivor! He has to live, he just has to! Please God, don't take him away from me! A single tear slid down her cheek as she shook his hand once more. "There's a boat, Jack." Rose cried. Jack, please wake up! Don't leave me now! Don't leave me like this! "Jack?"

Suddenly, she felt a light squeeze come from his hand and she took a sigh of relief. She smiled weakly as she kissed his cold hand.

"Oh, thank God!" Rose said, smiling.

"Is there anyone alive out there!" Rose heard someone call. "Can anyone hear me!" Rose turned to the direction of the sound and noticed that the boat was farther away. She turned back to Jack. She saw him open his eyes. His blue eyes, which always made Rose weak to the knees. Desperately, Rose looked around to find something to attract the lifeboat's attention. Sure enough, she found a deceased officer floating a couple of yards away with a whistle in his mouth.

"Can you swim?" Rose asked, hoping to get to the whistle in time for the rescuers to hear. She saw him nod slightly. Slowly and carefully, Rose slid off of the driftwood, and shakily swam towards the deceased officer, taking the whistle out of his mouth. She placed the whistle in her mouth as she began blowing as hard as her lungs allowed her to. She saw the light hit her face, yet again, and before she knew it, the lifeboat began making its way towards them. She kept on blowing the whistle, until Fifth Officer Harold Godfrey Lowe had to remove the whistle from her mouth. All Rose remembered seeing was the officer's face, then everything went black.

A bright light was shining down her face as she slept. Rose stirred and opened her eyes. At first, she had not remembered where she was, or how she got there. It took her a couple of seconds for her to remember where she was. She noticed that a blanket was wrapped around her and a hand was clutching hers tightly. Perplexed, Rose stared at the person's hand who was holding hers and caressed it. Rose then remembered to whom the hand belonged to. Jack. Rose looked up and there she found a sleeping Jack. She saw his chest rising up and down as he took a breath. His hair fell on his closed eyes and his mouth was partly open. Rose kissed his hand and lay back down as she waited for the lifeboat to reach the rescue ship--Carpathia. Ten minutes later, their lifeboat reached the rescue ship and the survivors were being loaded onto the ship. Jack was still unconscious, so they had to put him on a board where they lifted him up and put him in the ship's infirmary. Rose was able to climb up to the ship, and with the help of an officer, she made it onto the deck.

Rose saw them take Jack to the infirmary, and she followed. Rose saw them put him on a bed where they covered him with multiples of blankets to keep him warm. Quickly, Rose went to his side and held his hand, kissing it softly.

"Oh, Jack. Please wake up. Please be alive." Rose whispered before she was interrupted.

"I assume you know this gentleman?" A nurse who looked to be in her early twenties said. Rose looked up at her.

"Yes, I know him." Rose said, looking back at Jack.

The nurse saw the connection that the lady had with the man. She smiled and saw the lady look at the man as she held his hand.

"Would you like to lay beside him?" The nurse asked. Rose looked up at her and smiled slightly.

"I would really like that, thank you." Rose said. She saw the nurse prepare the bed beside Jack. Rose kissed Jack's hand as she got up and lay on the bed as the nurse covered her with blankets.

"Would you like some hot tea?" The nurse asked.

"Yes, please." Rose said as she held the blankets close to her. A few minutes later, the nurse arrived with the tea. Rose sat upright and took the tea after she thanked her. She took a small sip before setting it down. She lay back down and fell fast asleep.

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