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Chapter Forty-Seven

The train sped through the land, taking Jack and Rose, along with their newborn son, towards Santa Monica. Jack had just finished sketching the portrait of his wife and his son, and smiled down at the drawing. His eyes glanced upward, watching as Rose covered her exposed breast, and placed a piece of cloth over her shoulder, as she burped William. After William had let out a soft burp, she heard him whimper, and she cradled him in her arms, looking over at Jack.

"Why are you just sitting there?" Rose asked, rocking her son, trying to make him fall asleep.

"Nothin'…just watching my beautiful wife take care of our first son,"

Jack got up and walked towards her, as he sat beside her, gazing down at his son, with a fatherly smile pasted upon his face.

"I can't believe I'm a father," Jack whispered, as he pressed his cheek against Rose's, as he looked down at William.

"I know, it's hard to believe that I'm a mother,"

She looked up at Jack, with a gentle, loving smile plastered upon her face. Her eyes shone brightly with her love for him, and her face brightened with the happiness of being a mother to Jack's child. His child.

Jack smiled and leaned in, pressing his lips onto hers, as he placed a hand over hers, that was wrapped around the baby, and he slowly felt his passion for her grow within his body, and he drew himself closer to her, almost forgetting that William was in-between them.

Rose giggled and pulled away, gazing into Jack's eyes.

"Jack! Have you forgotten that I'm holding your child in my arms!"

Jack chuckled, and scratched his head.

"Guess I did…"

They both laughed softly, as they finally found that William had fell fast asleep in Rose's arms. Rose stood up, and walked over to the crib that they had put in their cabin, and placed her son carefully into the bed, covering him with a soft blanket, as she smiled sweetly at him.

She then turned to him, and threw him a loving smile, as she slowly walked towards him.

"So, I guess we're finally alone…" Rose yawned, as she held a tired expression over her beauteous features. She gave him a tired smile, as she sat down and leaned down against his shoulder, placing her hand over his.

Jack kissed her curls and held her closer.

"Guess we are…but we still have that little one asleep over there, you know…"

He heard no response, and he looked down, finding that Rose was fast asleep.

"Guess I have more than one Dawson sleeping, huh?"

Jack chuckled to himself and kissed Rose's forehead softly, as he set her carefully on the bed, pulling the covers over her. Jack placed a final kiss on her cheek, before he walked over to William, setting a gentle kiss on his round cheek, and gazed down at him, watching at how peacefully his son seemed to be when he was asleep, as his clenched fists were seen from under the covers. A smile curved over his lips, as he realized that it was a miracle having a son in his life, for if he had not survived the freezing depths of the North Atlantic, he surely would not know where Rose would be right now, but all he knew was that she would be moving on—for him and for their unborn son. After he pondered on his final thoughts, he shut off the light, and went under the covers of his own bed, where he fell fast asleep.

The sudden wail of William was heard in the cabin, as hours had passed by. It was now two o'clock in the morning, while Jack and Rose were sound asleep. However, as the cry got louder, Rose stirred under the covers, and opened her eyes. She groaned inwardly, as she got up and threw the covers off of her. She yawned as she slowly got up and walked towards the crib, lifting William from the bed.

"Shhh, mommy is here…don't you cry now,"

Rose rocked back and forth softly, as she hummed gently to her son.

"There, there…everything is all right now…"

Rose's voice was soft and soothing, as she kept on rocking back and forth, humming him a lullaby.

"Want mommy to stay up with you? Is that what my little boy wants?"

William whimpered softly in her arms, gazing up at her with wide blue eyes. Rose smiled, as she knew that those eyes belonged to none other than Jack.

"You're going to be a handsome young fellow, aren't you?"

Rose sat down on her bed, as she looked down at her son.

"You have your father's handsome features, and your mummy's smile…"

Rose smiled, and just then, William looked up at her with curious eyes, as if he were wondering just why his mother was smiling.

"You are safe with us, Willy—your daddy and I are going to take good care of you, I promise—no one's going to hurt you,"

William banged his fist over her chest, causing for Rose to laugh, and smile.

"Baby's hungry again? My, my, pretty soon, I'm going to be exhausted—especially if you keep mommy up this late,"

Rose then nursed her son, and watched as her living creature was calming down. Rose was tired, and her eyes were beginning to droop, but she forced them open, as she found that her son was fed. She burped him carefully, covered her breast, then got up and slowly set her son back down on the crib, before giving him a motherly kiss.

"Goodnight, sweetheart…sleep well. Mommy loves you,"

With that, Rose stood up straight, and looked over at the bed Jack was sleeping on, and smiled.

He was lying on his side, his arm hanging over the edge of the bed, as his hair fell over his closed eyes. His mouth was partially open, as a soft snore escaped his lips. Rose walked towards him and placed a gentle kiss over his lips, when she felt his arms go around her, and pull her to lie down beside him.

Rose giggled softly, and clutched onto Jack's woolen shirt, as she looked up into his soft blue eyes.

"Now, I thought you were sleeping, Mr. Dawson,"

"Well I was…up until Mrs. Dawson interrupted me from my sleep,"

"Hmmm…so all it takes to wake you up is a kiss?"

"Yes, a kiss from my beloved wife, that is,"

"Hmmm, and I suppose that you have not heard William cry earlier, have you?"

"I have…but I knew that you would come here, so I just had to take my chances,"

Jack smiled mischievously, gazing lovingly into her eyes. Even in the dark, he could see her eyes sparkle, whenever she looked up at him. His arm was wrapped securely around her, as she was placed comfortably in his arms—as if she were made to fit in his arms.

"You're so beautiful…" Jack breathed, still feeling his heart flutter from the first time he had laid eyes on her, to now, whenever he laid a peaceful glance upon her eyes.

"Oh, stop it Jack, you tell me that everyday!"

"But you are! I can't help it. You're beauty just takes my breath away,"

"And what if I weren't as beautiful as I am now? Would you still be married to me?"

"Of course! You're looks are the last on my list on why I had fell in love with you—your fiery spirit had made me fall in love with you the first place, and I'm still in love with you—will be for many years to come—many, many years,"

"I love you Jack,"

Rose rested her head against his shoulder and in a matter of seconds, her eyelids grew heavy and covered the emerald-blue jewels. Her hand clutched tightly over his shirt, as her curls draped over his arms, like a silk blanket.

"Love you too, my angel,"

Jack placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, and leaned down, as he rested his head on the pillow beside her, and he too, fell fast asleep, yet again.

Two days passed, and the train was slowly coming into a halt. Jack and Rose, whom were in their cabin, as Rose was getting William dressed and cleaned up. Jack got his stuff put together and made sure that they had not forgotten anything. Once Jack had made sure that they had everything, he looked over at Rose, who was placing a baby hat on William, who was sound asleep.

"You ready?" Jack asked, standing by the doorway.

"Yes, we're just about ready,"

Rose tucked the hat over his ears and smiled, as she slowly lifted him up, and cradled him.

"Sleep tight, my little boy, mummy loves you,"

Rose leaned down and placed a motherly kiss on his forehead. She then looked up and smiled at Jack.

"Let's go," Rose said, softly.

Jack smiled and let Rose go ahead of him, as he closed the cabin door and rushed over towards the exit. He jumped off and set the bags down, as he reached up to Rose.

"Jack, I'm not sure about this…" Rose said, cautiously, as she looked around.

"Rose, I'm gonna get ya, don't worry. I'm not gonna drop you,"

"I'm not worried about me, I'm worried about Willy,"

Jack smiled and reached out his arms.

"Give him to me then,"

Rose leaned down and carefully placed William in Jack's arms, as she hopped off of the train. She smoothed out the skirt of her dress, and held out her arms to retrieve her son.

Jack placed William in Rose's arms, then bent down and picked up the bags that he left. He then felt his hair flutter in the cool air, as he found a taxi. Jack rushed over to the car, and whistled. The driver stepped out of the car and went to put the bags in the back of the car. As Jack had those bags in, he went over to the luggage cart, and retrieved the other four heavy valises from the cart and took them to the car, two by two. Once all the luggage were placed into the car, Jack turned to Rose and gestured for her to come towards the car. Rose smiled and headed towards the car, where Jack held the door open for her, allowing for her to slide into the other side of the car. Once Rose was securely placed into the car, he stepped in, and shut the door beside him. The driver was seated on his side, holding the steering wheel with both hands as he looked over at the two couples.

"Where to?" the driver asked, eyeing both Jack and Rose.

Jack gave him the address to their new house, and within minutes the driver drove off, away from the train station, and into the residential area, where there were many houses along, until he stopped in front of a white, three story house.

"Oh my God, Jack," Rose breathed, as she looked up at the house. "It's beautiful!"

Jack smiled and pushed open the passenger door and stepped out. He then rushed to Rose's side and pulled open the door, as he held out his hand, with a smirk on his face.

Rose giggled and set her hand in his, as he gripped it and helped her out of the car. Rose cradled William in her arms, as she gazed up at the house.

"Thank you Jack," Rose smiled, tears shining in her eyes. "Thank you so much for everything."

Jack placed a warm hand over her shoulder and held her close.

"You're welcome,"

Jack looked down and placed a warm, loving kiss upon her lips, as he smiled.

"Why don't you go on inside, while I take care of everything out here?"

"Okay," Rose walked towards the house and climbed up the stone steps and pulled open the door, gasping at the beauty of the house, inside.

Slowly, all her dreams were coming true. She always wanted to live in California, and now she had gotten her wish, and she had wanted to marry a man she loved, and had gotten that as well. Also, she wanted to have many children, and so far, she has accomplished part of that wish. Rose smiled and closed her eyes, feeling her heart flutter within her chest.

Rose felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist, as Jack rested his chin on her shoulder, gazing down at their son. Rose smiled and leaned her head against Jack's chest as she craned her neck up gazing in to his eyes.

"We're finally here," Rose said, her voice soft and loving.

"Yes, we are—and we're together,"

Rose looked up at him, and smiled.

"Of course we're together—no matter what. You jump, I jump, right?"

Jack smiled and pulled her closer to him.


With that, the two lovers shared an intense kiss. Jack placed an arm over Rose's, which was holding William securely, as he deepened the kiss and held her close to him as he could. They had overcame all obstacles, and had stuck together throughout the nine months that they have been together. Their love was strong, and unique. Their love, was a love that never fades.


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