Zell's Prince Romeo

Disclaimers: ::sniff:: I don't know any of the characters. ::sniff:: They belong to Squaresoft. I want them. Squall! Zell! MINE!!!

Warnings: Yaoi, Lemon, Rape, Character death, Rinoa-bashing, Cross-dressing and Language.

Ramblings: This is my first ever fanfic, that I've ever posted. I hope you like it . Takes place about a year after the game. Squall is Headmaster at Balamb Garden and is still dating Rinoa (but not for long 'cuz I hate Rinoa). Rinoa is a SeeD now par but she doesn't do anything apart from follow Squall around. Zell is an instructor in martial arts (Zell can read Squall's thoughts, par because it seems like he does in the game, But only if he is in the same room). Irvine and Selphie are dating. Irvine is an par instructor in sharp shooting, and Selphie runs Garden Festival. Quistis is an instructor again (I can't remember what kind of instructor she was). Seifer is back at Balamb and is now a SeeD. Seifer, Fujin and Raijin are back together as the disciplinary par committee. Let's see anyone else. Nida teaches anyone that would like to know how to pilot the Ragnarok. Oh, I hope you par enjoy reading as I do writing this. Oh and flamers are welcome, I need a good laugh. Now on with the story!

"..." Conversation

'...' Squall's Thoughts

/.../ GF's talking to Squall

Chapter One

It was a sunny spring day at Balamb Garden. Squall was behind his desk marking reports, while he was waiting for a meeting.

'I wonder what Selphie wants this meeting for. Probably for something to do with Garden Festival.' Squall was taken out of par his thoughts by a beep from the intercom.

He pressed the intercom button. "Yes, Nina?"

"Selphie is here for her meeting." Replied a smooth female voice.

"Thank you. Tell her to come in."

Selphie opened the door and walked in, followed by Zell, Irvine and Seifer. Squall was a little surprised that the guys were but it didn't register on his face.

"Um, Headmaster, sir." Said Selphie in the sweetest voice possible.

"Selphie, there's no need for formalities." Squall replied. He knew she wanted something with that voice. "What is it you ask?"

"Well, I was wondering if I would be able to do a play?"

'A play? Sounds like a fun idea. What kind of play? Oh, I have to speak.'

Selphie leaned over to Zell. "What's he thinking?" Zell looked over to Squall. Squall gave him a don't-tell-her look.

"Can't tell you." Said Zell smiling. Selphie pouted.

"A play sounds like a nice idea. What kind of play?"

"Romeo and Juliet, but with a twist."

"What kind of twist?" Squall a little bit more apprehensive now about the idea of having a play.

"Well, you see, I what to do the play the way Shakespeare did it. With an all male cast."

Everyone in the room was taken aback by that, Squall guessed that they didn't know anything about this.

/Go on. It should be fun master./ Shiva

/Yeah, just think guys dressing up like girls./ Diablos

/Shiva and Diablos are right. I mean we live in your head. Guys in dresses sounds fun, don't you think?/ Eden

'I'm not sure.'

"So, what your saying is you want to do a play with all males?"

"Yep." Said Selphie hoping Squall would say 'yes'.

"Okay." Irvine, Zell and Seifer were a bit stunned at Squall quick answer. "Do you have a

cast list, or are you going to make one now?"

"I have one here." Beamed Selphie while unfolding a piece of paper and handed it to Squall.

"You want me in the play?"

"Yep, since you're headmaster and all I thought you could be Romeo."

Squall scanned through the rest of the cast list. "This isn't the whole list, is it?"

"Nope, that's just the parts for you, Zell, Seifer and Irvine."

Squall handed the piece of paper to Zell and Irvine. Seifer looked at it over they're shoulders.

"No way!" Shouted Zell with pure terror in his sky blue eyes. "Selphie, how could you?"

Irvine and Seifer just started laughing. Selphie was still beaming. "Selphie, why? Why me? I thought we were friends." Questioned Zell.

"I'm sorry Zell." Said Selphie with a huge grin that said otherwise. "But it makes sense, if you think about it?"

"WHAT!?!" Zell was stunned that his friend thought he was a girl. This just made Seifer and Irvine laugh louder.

"No, not like what your thinking. I wanted one of you to be Juliet. Zell, you're the smallest so it made sense."

Zell groaned. Seifer and Irvine were still laughing at Zell's expense. Squall looking at Zell and was thinking about that story of 'Romeo and Juliet'.

'Maybe this will still be fun. Poor Zell. He'll have to wear a dress.'

Zell turned to look at him, picking up on Squall's thoughts.

/You know, there's a good side to this you'll get to kiss Zell./ Diablos

'I forgot about that.' The sides of Squall's mouth twitched. Zell noticed this but couldn't understand because he couldn't hear the GF speaking.

"Okay, Selphie. Just tell us in advanced when rehearsals are. Zell and Irvine both have classes to teach, and I am quite busy."

"Okay." Said Selphie as she bounced out of the room. The rest followed her out. When everyone had left, Squall quietly laughed to himself.

'Poor Zell, but the play does sound like a lot of fun.'

/Master, you really need to tell people that you're gay./ Shiva

/Ice queen has a point. Plus you really need to get rid of Rinoa, she's so annoying./ Diablos

/Both of them are right./ Eden

'I am not telling anyone.'

/Why?/ Shiva, Diablos and Eden

'Because they would start to act weird around me and it would be harder to get away from Rinoa.'

/Good point./ Eden

/Then just tell Selphie or Quistis./ Diablos

'Maybe.' Squall started to mark reports again. 'Maybe...'

Me: I hoped you enjoyed that.
Squall: I did.
Zell: (groans) I have to wear a dress?
Me: Yes, yes you do.
Zell: Why not Squall?
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