(A poem for Raven, you can decide who the speaker is. R&R and please keep in mind, poetry is not my forte.)

Hide and Seek

Why do you always play hide and seek?

Why must you hide, why must I seek?

What kind of secrets do you conceal?

Are they dangerous, are they real?

Why must you carry your burdens alone?

Why do you think this house isn't home?

Why do you deny your every emotion?

Are you afraid of love and devotion?

Why do think that no one cares?

What lies behind your gloomy glares?

Why do you hide your sorrow and fears?

Are you not drowning in your own tears?

Why do you hide in the depths of your mind?

Where is the peace that I want you to find?

Why do you always hide from the sun?

Are you afraid of having some fun?

Why don't you ever let someone close in?

Why do you treat trust as though it's a sin?

Why don't you laugh, why don't you cry?

Have you even bothered, bothered to try?

Do you not know that I care about you?

Do you not realize my friendship is true?

Why is it that when we play hide and seek,

That you always hide, but don't let me seek?