You know the ironic thing about all this? Hyoga's armor actually does have wings on his heels.

(tad bit insulted) Ikki did not just 'take it'. In case you didn't notice, he was drugged. Would you want your injured, angered heir to the throne going after a ravaging monster who's going to kill his brother weather he fights it or not? I didn't think so.

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The Story of Andromeda (A Saint Seiya Fairytale)

Chapter 5: All's Well That Ends Well

The palace of Ethiopia was deadly quiet. There were guards stationed at each level of door, stone-faced and quiet in their watch. The king and queen sat in their personal chambers, listening to the mighty ruckus being raised outside.

Cassiopeia was crying onto her husband's shoulder, sobbing uncontrollably. Cepheus had a very serious look on his face, but there were tears running down his cheeks as they listened to the terror that was their precious son's final moments.

The monster had let out several screams, both low and high-pitched, which they could only assume were cries of victory and delight. Cassiopeia clung tightly to the king's arm as it let out one last, high-pitched shriek, followed by a loud cracking sound.

"…It's over." he muttered grimly, gently stroking her hair.

In the next chamber over, Ikki had come around just enough to hear the noise outside. He looked about groggily before realizing what had happened. A few tears escaped even his eyes at that final scream. Esmerelda, dabbing her eyes sadly with a white cloth, reached over and held his hand.

All of a sudden, the door to the king's room burst open. Seiya rushed in, gasping for breath and eyes wide with more amazement than the Kraken's first assault. "Your majesty!" he gasped, "Y-You're not going to believe this!"

"What is it?" Cepheus stood. Cassiopeia remained on the bed, more than a little fearful.

Whatever had happened outside, Seiya was having a very difficult time explaining it. Finally, he simply motioned towards the door and lead the royal couple outside of the palace. And he was right…they didn't believe it.

There was a new rock out in the ocean, a giant body with one webbed hand raised above its severed neck. Its head, stone as well, you could only see the top of above the waves of the ocean.

"It…It can't be." Cassiopeia gasped. The guards around them were confused as well.

Cepheus, as always, remained calm. "The beast has been destroyed…completely and utterly. What more could we ask for?"

The queen then gasped, looking around wildly. "But what about…What about…"

"Look!" Seiya shouted, pointing out towards the sea…no, he was pointing just above it, at two figures that seamed to be flying towards them. They landed on the beach, several meters away but still in sight.

Cassiopeia gasped. "It's him!" she exclaimed, and ran down the path as though the Furies were on her heels. Cepheus and the guards were two steps behind.

Hyoga touched down first, being the one who was doing the flying. His sandals hit the white sand and sank a few centimeters, then he set Shun down on his own feet. "There we go." he sighed. "Home sweet home."

The prince hesitantly let go of his hero's shoulders, as though uncertain that he was really on solid ground. He stumbled just a bit, then looked back up at the blonde with curious eyes.

"…Thank you." he whispered hesitantly.

Hyoga smiled. "I think there's someone who'd like to see you…"

He pointed behind the green-haired prince. Shun turned to find his mother, father and some of the guards from the palace running through the sand towards them.

"Oh, Shun!" Cassiopeia exclaimed, throwing her arms around him. "Oh, thank the Gods…Thank Zeus or Athena or whoever is responsible for returning our little boy…"

"Mama, I'm fine…really…" Shun felt his ears heat up in a raging blush. He pulled himself free from his mother's grasp and stumbled back.

Hyoga chuckled a bit, steadying him by the arm. "Easy there." he said brightly. Shun looked up at him thankfully.

Cepheus Albior stepped forward, eyeing the blonde carefully. "Young man…" he said slowly. "Are you the one who rid us of that…monster…and rescued my son?"

Hyoga opened his mouth to respond, but Shun beat him to it. "He is!" the younger boy insisted, coming to put a hand on the king's arm. "Father…Hyoga saved my life."

"Is that so…" Cepheus smiled, patting his son on top of his head. He turned to the newcomer, a warm, welcoming grin on his face. "Then…Hyoga…know that you and your family are welcome in my kingdom as long as this family reigns."

The blonde gave a slight bow. "Thank you, sir."

The king, to his guard's surprise, returned the gesture. Then he straightened, an even wider smile on his lips. "Now…I believe we have a reason to celebrate."

. . . . . .

In his palace below the sea, Poseidon was in a fit of rage.

How? How could one mere mortal make a fool out of him, turning one of his greatest and most powerful beasts into a statue? And how had that little green-haired wretch of a human manage to escape his Kraken's grasp?

There was a soft, feminine chuckle from behind him. The Sea God turned, the missing piece fitting into his mental puzzle when he saw his visitor.

"Athena." he growled. "I should have known you had something to do with this.

The battle goddess simply smiled. "If the Fates had ruled that your punishment was to pass, my intervention wouldn't have done anything, now would it?"

Poseidon's eyes flashed with a furious fire. "I'm not finished with that wretched kingdom yet!" he snapped. "I'll send another beast, and another, until either that boy is dead or the entire nation lies in ruins!"

"And I'm sure my father would be pleased to know how many innocent lives you plan on taking for one woman's mistake." Athena mentioned coyly. "Not to mention that you are demanding a human sacrifice…You know how your dear brother feels about that."

Poseidon stopped, the glare on his face growing more vicious by the second. There was only one god that the others feared and obeyed: His brother, the mighty Zeus, Ruler of Mount Olympus and Master of the Skies. The last time Poseidon had crossed him found the sea-god laboring as a mortal alongside Apollo for fifty years, building the mighty walls of Troy.

"…Fine." he snapped, turning away. "The Kingdom of Ethiopia will be left in peace."

Athena smiled again with a slight bow. "Then I bid you ado…uncle."

. . . . . .

When the king said 'celebrate' he really meant it.

The kingdom was alight with fires and fireworks, music playing through the streets and laughter filling every home. The Kaken was gone, the kingdom was safe, and their precious Prince had been rescued.

The hero of the day was brought straight to the castle, where he was quickly attended to by the servants. He was given a bath, fresh clothes and a seat at the table, right beside the prince he had rescued, who had apparently grown quite fond of his savior.

Said prince, and his family, also managed to learn quite a bit about this young man: The fact that, though he hailed from Seriphus, he had been born in Argos to the daughter of the King, which rightfully made him just as much a prince as the one he saved. But the Fates had been of ill wind, for his father had heard from an oracle that any son borne by his daughter would one day kill him. As such, when the woman and her infant had been discovered, he locked them both in a chest and had it thrown into the sea.

It was here that the Fates became most kind, leading the trunk to the shores of Seriphus and into the net of a fisherman. He had brought the girl and her child into his home, and taken care of them until Hyoga was old enough to help as well. However, the King of Seriphus, Polydectes, had spotted his mother one day and seamed to want her as his own. To sway the King's assaults, Hyoga had gone, at his orders, to retrieve the head of the Gorgon Medusa, which now lay dormant in his bag.

The celebration was to last long into the night, during which the blonde hero returned to the room that had been furnished for him. He stepped out onto the balcony, overlooking the city as it danced, full of life and light, and the ocean as it reflected the kingdom's happiness.

After a few moments he heard footsteps behind him. He turned his head slightly, tensing just a bit. "Who's there?"

A shy, green-haired head poked around the edge of a column. "It's me."

Hyoga smiled, relaxing and motioning the boy forward with a slight nod-of-the-head bow. "Prince."

"Don't call me that." the younger one objected, blushing just slightly. "…After all, you were the one who saved me."

"Still thinking about that, are you?" Hyoga chuckled.

"…I still don't understand…" Shun muttered, leaning on the edge of the balcony to gaze out at the ocean. "Why?"

"Why what?" Hyoga asked.

Shun turned his head slightly to look at him. "You didn't have to come this way. And even if you did, there was no need for you to help someone who couldn't protect himself. So why would you?"

Hyoga looked at him levelly a moment, then smiled. "I took an interest." he said simply. "And besides…It'd be a shame to let such beauty go to waste."

Shun blushed slightly, feeling his heart start to pound as he turned back towards the ocean. He didn't really understand what was happening to him, this loss of breath, this blood rushing to his head and making him so dizzy…all the things that only happened in this man's presence. It made him uncomfortable, but at the same time he felt so warm inside. It was almost like…


"Yes?" the blonde turned back.

Shun looked up at him, eyes wide so that he looked more innocent than ever. "I… Hyoga, I think…I think I…I may lo-"

"Shun!" his mother's voice interrupted him. She had entered her royal chambers, next door, and was currently coming closer by the moment. "Shun, dear, come here please! I'd like to speak with you."

Shun nearly bit his tongue, looking down at the floor with a beat-red face. "I… I'm coming, mother." he called, looking back at Hyoga as he started to leave.

The blonde hero gave him a smile and a wave, then turned back to gaze out at the festivities. Shun sighed, and went to see what his mother wanted.

. . . . . .

The celebration of the defeat of the Kraken lasted for three days. The kingdom was overjoyed, throwing streamers and dancing and playing joyous music. But as the days went by, Shun found himself spending more and more time alone with a certain blonde hero-prince. And he had also found that his head was starting to spin every time he looked into those deep, icy, crystal blue eyes, and, though this was all very pleasant, he did have to sit down if he did it for too long.

Which was why he more than a little was surprised, on the third evening, to hear his rather private announcement.

"You're leaving?!" he asked blankly, sitting on the stool in his guest's room.

"Yup." Hyoga was packing up the gifts from Cassiopeia and Cepheus in a larger bag that would be going over his shoulder. "I'm setting off tonight. It's about time I got back to my mother."

Shun looked down, trying to hide his disappointment. "Yes…I'm sure she's very worried about you. She'll be so glad to see that you're okay."

He stood, heading for the door. "I'll…Just let you get packed, then…"


Shun stopped at the door. "I feel like…I have to thank you again."

Hyoga looked up. "For what?"

"For…for being here." the green-haired boy said, turning a little pink. "And for… Saving me…Again…"

Hyoga's grin widened. "As I've said, no problem."

Shun nodded, then disappeared back down to his own room. He felt…empty… somehow. He was truly sorry to see Hyoga go, he'd been expecting that, but he hadn't expected this horrible empty feeling.

He was leaving…This man, who'd been so much a part of his life since he'd arrived, was leaving…And leaving him behind. He'd probably never return. He'd never see him again.

He dropped head-first onto the luxurious, soft bed, pulling the curtains shut as he did and burring his face in a pillow. It wasn't just empty anymore. It hurt like hell. He felt like his heart was being ripped to shreds.

What could he have said back there, to make him stay? 'Please, just a few more days…I don't want you to leave yet…Don't leave me here…'

A wild idea popped into his head. Really wild. He sat up, blinking into the near-darkness of the curtained bed. He couldn't…it was crazy. He couldn't do something like that, he was a prince, he had responsibilities here, he'd just gotten back, he had…

He had an empty place, a hole in his heart. An vacant spot that only one person could fill…

. . . . . .

Hyoga stood on the balcony, looking out at Ethiopia's coastline one last time. It was quiet now, the celebration was over, people were turning out their lamps and settling in to sleep.

He sighed, taking a deep breath of the fresh sea air, then reached down and secured the winged sandals. It was the perfect night for sneaking away unnoticed, no one knew he was leaving but…

"Hyoga, wait!"

He turned back at Shun's voice, raising an eyebrow in surprise. The young prince was dressed in a short, white tunic, made for traveling, as well as an ankle-length, dark cloak. There was a very small bag attached at his waist, not even half full.

"Shun…" he said slowly. "What're you doing?"

The green haired boy hesitated, then seamed to resolve himself to his decision and looked up at the blonde. "Please, Hyoga…Take me with you."

Hyoga blinked in surprised. "What are you talking about?"

"I want to go with you!" Shun took another step forward, looking scared and hopeful at the same time. "Please, Hyoga, I don't want to…I don't want to be without you. I don't know why, I just feel like…" he looked up, a slight tear in his eyes. "Like I can't stay anywhere without you…"

Hyoga looked at him a moment, then smiled, brushing away the single tear before it could escape. "Do you cry for everyone who saves your life, or am I just lucky?"

Shun laughed despite himself, looking up at him hopefully. Hyoga sighed, not looking reluctant but maybe a little awkward, but before he could respond someone else interrupted.

"I thought something like this was going to happen."

Shun jumped a foot, spinning around. "Ikki!"

The tall, blue-haired man slipped wordlessly around the edge of a pillar, arms crossed over his chest and an unreadable expression on his face. He paused just a moment, then reached out and lifted the gold pendant from where it had lain by his brother's heart. He ran his fingers along the carved picture of an owl.

"…I promised to show you the world." he sighed, shaking his head with a slight smile. "But…Maybe I wasn't the one to do it. I'll cover for you with mom and dad."

Shun smiled brightly, understanding his brother's message, and threw his arms around the elder's shoulders. "You're the best…"

Ikki grinned slightly, then looked up at the blonde. "Hey, swan. I've got one warning for you." Hyoga cocked an eyebrow curiously. "If I hear anything about my little brother getting hurt under your care, I won't rest until I've hunted you down and torn you limb from limb. Understand?"

"Duly noted." Hyoga nodded slightly, then turned back to look up at the moon. "So, are we leaving sometime tonight or what?"

Shun nodded, bidding one more goodbye to his brother. Ikki's last embrace lasted a bit longer than the first had, but finally he let go and slipped back into the building. Shun crossed back to the blonde, now just a little confused. How could they both…?

Hyoga grinned slightly and swept him up bridal-style. Shun let out a slight 'eep' and immediately wrapped his arms around the hero's neck.

"All set?" the blonde grinned.

"I think so…"

"Alrighty then!" with that, Hyoga braced one foot on the edge of the railing, kicking off into the night sky.

Shun braced himself tightly until they'd left the lights of Ethiopia far behind. Then he relaxed slightly, trusting Hyoga and closing his eyes. He set his head against the blonde's shoulder with a very small yawn.

Hyoga chuckled. "Tired?"

"No." Shun turned his head up and looked at the stars. "It's gorgeous out here…"

"Yeah…" Shun realized, after a moment, that Hyoga wasn't looking at the stars. Shun dropped his head down a bit with a slight blush.

"…I never thought I'd leave the kingdom." he sighed. "I really hope you don't mind this, Hyoga."

"I don't mind at all." Hyoga chuckled. "Besides…I'm sure you've heard the stories."


"Fairy tales." Hyoga gazed at him. "You know…A prince sets out on some personal quest, and along the way he always comes across a Damsel in Distress that he simply can't get off his mind. So he rescues her from whatever peril she may be in, discovers what a truly great person she is, falls madly in love with her and they both live happily ever after."

Shun opened his mouth to ask what they other was getting at, but only a slight gasp escaped when Hyoga leaned forward and kissed him, very gently, right on the lips.

It was a sensation such as he'd never felt before, this warmth and pressure and the slight spark every time the other's tongue slide over his lips. The younger was too surprised to do anything but stare as the blonde broke away, a sly smile on his face.

"I don't mind switching around a few pronouns…do you?" he asked smugly.

Shun blushed, looking down hesitantly as the cherry red spread across his cheeks. Hyoga brushed the bangs away from his eyes gently. "What's wrong? I'm not reading into this wrongly, am I?"

"No…" Shun looked back up at him shyly. "It's just…No one's ever kissed me like that before."

Hyoga's grin widened. "You really are an innocent one, aren't you?" he said, kissing his cheek.

Shun blushed a bit more, snuggling into the side of his hero's neck. "…I think I may love you." he whispered sweetly.

The blonde's smile widened and he placed his head against the prince's lovingly. "I think the feeling's mutual."

And so, everyone in the story ended up with just what they deserved:

- Cassiopeia took a fainting spell at the news that her youngest son had run off with another man, but Cepheus, like Ikki, was simply happy that he had found his real happiness.

- Two months later, Ikki finally married his beloved Esmerelda, and their union was destined to be a long and happy one.

- June went back to the sea, rather content with the part she played in saving her favorite human, even if it did mean loosing him to another mortal.

- The Kingdom of Ethiopia spent another ten years under the rule of King Cepheus, during which time they prospered gloriously. When Ikki took the throne just before his father's death, they grew into a truly powerful, yet peaceful, nation that remembered all the honors to the gods.

- Our princes arrived back in Seriphus in time to save Hyoga's mother from Polydectes, turning the king and his entire court into stone. She was happy enough to welcome Shun into her family, and took to him as though he were her second son.

- The King of Argos, hearing of his grandson's heroic deeds, ran for his life in fear that Hyoga would return to fulfill the Oracle's prophecy. However, Hyoga felt no enmity towards his grandfather and followed him with the intent of reconciling. Unfortunately, during a funeral game he choose to participate in, Hyoga's thrown discus veered off-course and struck his grandfather, who was in the crowd, dead on the spot. And so the Oracle was fulfilled.

- Upset by the turn of events, Hyoga returned to Argos to take his grandfather's place, as the gods did demand. Shun was waiting for him there, and a few months later they formally proclaimed their affections in front of the kingdom. And though it may have been slightly controversial, most of Argos was happy to accept their new King and his Prince.

And so, in the end, it seams that they were finally able to live happily ever after…

The End