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Ok this is my first Legend of Zelda fic so be nice! This isn't really a yaoi fic…. Eh well…er JUST READ IT! It's about Shadow/Link so yea.

I call him Shadow Link cuz it sounds cool! But every once and awhile Ill call him Dark Link

Ok! On wit da fic!

Blonde hair…

Blue eyes…

Fantastic body…

It's no wonder that all those girls are after him, or at least that's what I heard. Before our swords met in a fierce battle him and his fairy, what was her name? Navi I think, were talking about how "Princess Zelda obviously had a crush on him" "Malon is always flirting with him" "Saria likes him but won't admit it" and "Ruto is just plain crazy". I truly don't blame them, but the only problem is that I'm not a girl.

I am Shadow Link; my master, Ganondorf, created me. Master Ganon created me in the mirror image of the one I'm to destroy the Hero of Time, Link. With Master Ganons Triforce of Power I was created, I look so much like him except for my blood red eyes and raven black hair. While Link was sealed away in the Chamber of Sages for seven years, Master Ganon trained me to become the ultimate fighting machine. He ripped me of my emotions by isolating me from the world and cruel punishment for even the minor things I did wrong.

It defiantly worked for one, and in a strange way I thank him for doing so. If he had not then my emotions would've gone wild to the point where I couldn't control them after I saw Link for the first time.

When the day finally came to fight the Hero of Time, Master Ganondorf locked me in a strange room with filled with enough water to walk around in and a dead tree in the middle.

When I heard the door open, I clenched my sword and shield; yet another replica of the true Link's, and held my breath.

"C'mon Link! Who do you REALLY like? You're going to have to tell them one day!" his fairy laughed, I've been isolated all my life and I've never heard any kind of "happiness" ever, laughter was so strange to me. The only laughing I've heard was Master Ganondorf when he killed something or when his plans are going well.

"Well…I really don't know Navi, when you travel from temple to temple, it's hard to decide on girls you barely know!" he laughed.

"Well from what we know…"she said." Princess Zelda obviously had a crush on you but we haven't her, Malon is always flirting with you, Saria likes you but won't admit it and Ruto is just plain crazy" they both laughed not having a care in the world about what was lurking in the room with them.

When they reached the door that was locked, Link scratched his head.

"Are you sure we didn't miss any keys?"

"I'm sure, well maybe we should take a break or something?" Link nodded and sat down, leaning his back against the cold iron bars that kept him from saving Zora's Domain. As I continued to watch, I didn't notice the little fairy turning yellow and coming towards me.

"Link! Look out!" she screamed, he jumped up with his weapons at hand coming toward me. There was no use hiding then, I jumped from the shadows of the tree and became visible. He stopped dead in his tracks, almost slipping on the water.

"What the!? Who are you!?" he screamed, there was no use trying to tell him how I felt. Besides, Master Ganondorf was practically breathing down my neck, using his telepathy.

'Kill him'

"I am you" I smirked, just to make him even more angry with me, I smacked his little fairy away with my sword; she crashed into the wall Link was once resting on. I knocked her out.

"Navi!" I looked in his eyes; so many emotions in moment, one person. Hate, Fear, anger…..

"Heh, what's wrong? You can't beat me without your little bug?" Why am I doing this? I never wanted this, I never wanted to fight him.

"You Bastard!" and the fierce battle began. Since we both had the same techniques it was difficult for him to gain the upper hand. But after awhile, he grew tired. (im not really good with fight scenes)

He fell to the water floor and quickly sat up, wiping the blood from his mouth and forehead. I stood over him, looking down at him with my blood red eyes that resembled so much like his own blood that continually spilled from his badly wounded arm to the water making it turn a red color. I could've killed him, I couldn't ended his life and let Master Ganondorf take over, but I didn't… in that one moment where I hesitated, he thrusted his sword in my chest.

My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets from the pain, I dropped my weapons that suddenly weighed a ton. I felt myself smile though, now I know that my only love would continue his journey and destroy Mast…….I mean Ganondorf.

I fell the water ground, drowning in my own blood that mixed with water. The last thing I saw and felt was Link pulling the sword from my chest.

somewhere in hell

Well…..now here I am. In the seventh layer of hell doing absolutely nothing except watch Link in his journey that just ended. He defeated Ganondorf just like his destiny foretold, and he returned to his original time as a child. Since then I've watched him, growing up as a peasant Hylian, no longer was he the Hero of Time, No one knew. No one except for Princess Zelda her caretaker, Impa and me. But I guess I don't really count since I'm dead. Now he's back to the way I saw him before my death, 17 years old. He's working as a blacksmith for the Hylian knights that "protected" the castle.

I sigh, well I at least I get to watch him. There isn't anything better to do around here.

"SHADOW!!!!!!!!" a deep voice screamed, that I knew by heart; if I ever had a heart. I jumped up and looked around frantically. There was nothing but fiery mist, or basically put there was nothing.

(hey I dunno what hell looks like!!!!)

I gulped before I spoke," M-master Ganondorf?"

"You fool! You couldn't defeat that stupid kid and now here I am! Trapped in the Sacred realm for all eternity!"

I bow my head," Forgive me Master, Link was…..a formable opponent"

"Now isn't the time for that! Listen to me closely, I still have the Triforce of Power! I will give it to you so you can return to the living and release me!"

Return me to the living!? Can he do that? Well, if I'm not mistaken, Link had the Triforce of Courage while the Princess has the Triforce of Wisdom. I heard each Triforce piece had its own ability.

"Yes, Master! I will release you!" And with that, he gave me the Triforce of Power. My entire body was filled with a strange power and yet it hurt. It wasn't until moment later I was knocked down to my knees from such pain that surged throughout my body. In the same speed it came in such pain in left, gone in flash the pain went and the power of the Triforce washed over me. I looked at my right hand, the Triforce symbol was glowing bright but the symbol of Power glowed the brightest.

I a flash I was transported to in front of a large building, it looked like…a temple? The temple of time! Now I need the ocarina of Time to bring Ganondorf back to the living…but.

I sighed, I don't want to bring him back! I want a life of my own!

"Goddess of Power help me" I said to myself, I heard that those that had the essence of the Triforce can help but I never believed it since Ganondorf never asked her for help when he was destroyed by Link.

"Shadow Link!" I heard someone call my name, I only prayed that it isn't Ganondorf, but it wasn't. The voice was a female…I gulped.

"D-din!? Goddess of Power!?" I stuttered, I may only hear her voice but even so it is still an honor and a surprising event.

"I have heard you cry and I will help you if you help me, the King of Evil wishes you to help him escape the Sacred Realm but if you do not go near the Door of Time then I shall grant you one wish"

A wish!? For not letting Ganondorf out?! Sounds like a good deal to me! But should I wish for? I love link but how can he love me back? I could wish for that but…everyone would think we were freaks for two men loving eachother…..wait a minute…

"Din! Goddess of Power! I'm in love with the Hero of Time but yet it seem rather strange since we are both men so I wish for me to be a woman so Link can love me back!"

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