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Don't ask me how long it's been, it could've been two minutes or 2 years for all I knew. But when you're stuck floating in a white sky with nothing but Ganon screaming at the top of his lungs, you really do feel like you're in hell, although I remember hell being quieter than this.

I've pretty much given up on trying to shut him up but we kept floating in random areas, I don't even know where Ganon is.

So here I am, back in my female form floating around in the sacred realm with nothing but screams from Ganon, regrets and memories. I never get hungry here nor tired, or any of the other things normal people do. Just…floating.

Regardless of how long it had been, the worse thing of it all was the fact that there was no way I could get out and see Link again. Even after realizing my own mistake and locking myself the sacred Realm to repay it, I miss Link and so badly I wish I could just turn back time.

But even now the goddesses forsook me, there was nothing I can do but waste away in nothingness.


……that's not Ganon…

"Shadow! You still have the Triforce of Power, even in the scared realm you are not to be forsaken for your heroic act"

…….definitely not Ganon.

"Din?" I called out, I felt a warm smile in response. This time, Din was accompanied with two others, and one of them spoke.

"The small mistake you made was not your fault, Ganon's trickery has fooled many people including his own creations" said the first voice.

"…but because you locked him back up, saved the Queen and the Hero of Time, we are willing to give you another chance" the second voice concluded.

At first I was thrilled, I'll get to see Link again and I'll get the chance to start over!

But…that's what I thought the first time and looked how I messed things up.

"Are you sure it is wise to send me out into Hyrule again? Had I not brought Ganon back into the sacred realm, he would run loose…" I called out sadly.

Once again I felt the three goddesses smile at me.

"We're sure that by now, Link won't let you anywhere close to the temple" Farefore, the goddess of courage laughed a bit; I chuckled a bit also, I think that meant she would make sure that Link would keep me under a close watch.

"Besides, the sages refuse to let you stay in such a place as this! They all prayed to us to get you out, and we are complying to what they want" Nayru, goddess of wisdom, added.

The…sages? Wait a second….

"You mean…." I couldn't find my voice to continue speaking. That meant, Impa, Nabooru, Saria…Ruto…hm I wonder how they convinced Darunia here.

I suddenly found myself laughing as I spoke," I don't have a choice then?"

No more words exchanged then, I felt the presence of the three goddesses closer to me now though I still could not see them. I closed my eyes and waited for the three to work their magic, slowly I felt my body given the ability to move again. But as my body regained it's strength, sleep slowly began to take me.

"DAMN YOU BISEXUAL FREAK! WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING WHEN I MADE YOU!" Ganon gave his last scream of anger at me before I left the scared realm forever.

Narrator POV: (my turn! Yay!)

The sages waited in front of the Door of Time, the goddesses had informed them earlier that their prayer had been answered.

Nabooru, Sage of the Spirit temple, sat on the floor with her legs cross right in front of the door waiting patiently.

Impa, Sage of the Shadow temple, was leaning on the wall next to the door with her arms crossed.

Ruto, Sage of the Water temple, was with the little Kikori Saria, Sage of the Forest temple as they tried to explain the story to Darunia, Sage of the Fire temple.

"Wait…so is this Shadow a girl or a boy?" the rocky creature scratched his head.

Ruto slapped her forehead on the verge of giving up, Saria laughed and tried again.

"No Shadow was a boy but he turned into a girl because he…erm…she loves Link"

"Oh!" Darunia exclaimed, as he finally understood, the Kikori smiled at her accomplishment.

"So Shadow is technically gay?" he asked.

"….um…." Saria looked up at her fishy companion for help, Ruto blinked a few times.

"I guess so…well….um…yes…he…eh she…is …." Ruto threw her hands up in the air," I give up!"

"About time…" Impa muttered.

Nabooru sighed in frustration," This is too confusing! We're bringing Shadow back and that's all that matters!" she screamed and went back to her sitting position with her head resting in her hands.

There was silence in the temple of Time, a few coughs, then followed by…

"…..Does that make Link gay?" Daruna asked quietly.

"NO!" all four of the female sages screamed at him in unison.

Daruna laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head.

"Just wondering…."

A few moments more of silence came until the sound of high heels clicking on the marble floor of the temple was heard. The sages turned their heads to see Queen Zelda with a very sad look on her face.

Impa pushed herself from the wall," My Lady, are alright?" she asked.

Zelda ignored her caretaker and looks at the Door of Time.

"Shadow hasn't come yet?" she asked.

The sages shook their heads; Zelda sighed and walked towards the stairs. The 5 sages kept their eyes on her as she took her seat on the stairs, waiting.

"Um…excuse me…." The little green girl sought out the courage to ask Zelda the one question that the others feared.

"Yes?" Zelda looked eye to eyes with Saria.

"um…please, I don't mean to be rude but why are you here? We thought you didn't like…" Saria was cut off.

"I know what you speak of…" she sighed and smiled sadly at everyone who was watching," I was….scared that Shadow would bring Ganon back, sure enough she did but she made up for that. I just didn't want Ganon to come back, that's why I saw Shadow as an enemy"

" I-I see…." Saria looked behind her at the other sages and received a nod of confirmation that they all heard.




The sudden sound made them all jump up; all eyes were on the Door of Time as the sound of it opening became evident.

Nabooru was the only on up the stairs and was the first on to see what was behind the door.

"Shadow!" she screamed and ran inside right when the doors were wide enough to let her through.

The other sages and Zelda exchanged glances and ran up the stairs.

"Shadow! Shadow are you ok?" They heard Nabooru cry out desperately. They all ran inside to find Shadow on the floor of the Master sword with Nabooru shaking her lifeless body.

Shadow's POV:

"Shadow! Shadow are you ok?" I heard someone call out.


I couldn't wake up, after being in a place with no gravity for so long, my body felt like I no longer had anything to keep me up.

"Is she ok?" a smaller voice said.


"She doesn't look so good"


"Maybe we should take her to see a doctor?"


"I thought Shadow was a boy!"


I'm going to take a guess that was Daruna.

"No, she's fine. I don't think the goddesses would return her dead"

Whoa! Zelda's here?

With whatever strength I had left, I tried to open my eyes. It took awhile but I finally did, my vision was foggy but it was enough to make out some things. Like my good friend's happy faces.

"SHADOW!" Nabooru screamed happily and pulled me into a death like hug.

"I thought I'd never see you again!" she cried.

Now I was really awake, all of my senses were given back to me as I was beginning to lose my ability to breath.

"Nabooru….leggo please…." I coughed.

"Hehehe…." The Gerudo laughed nervously and let me go, dropping me back to where I was a few seconds ago.

I rubbed my head and sat up looking back at all the curious and happy faces.

"Hello everyone" I smiled up at them, taking Impa's offered hand to help me up.

"Wow! Shadow you're the first one to come back from the Sacred Realm to tell the story!" Saria exclaimed, I was about to tell her that technically Ganon was but I decided against it. I wouldn't want to kill her joy, I was happy to be back also!

"I guess so" I smiled.

"What's it like?" Ruto asked curiously.

"I'm still confused!" I look up higher above the heads of Impa and Nabooru to find myself staring at the rocky creature known as the Sage of the Fire temple, Daruna.

"Um… Hi?"

"Hello there!" He grinned," I am Daruna, Big brother of the Gorons!" he proclaimed proudly," The story the little one and the fish told me has left me very confused!"

I laughed at the small vein popping out of Ruto's forehead.

"Hey! I resent that ya big boulder!" she screamed at him.

I smiled and turned around to find Impa and Zelda behind me.

"Impa" I said, she nodded at me. Her own way of saying, "Welcome back".

Then I looked at Zelda, who had her head down in shame. There was silence between us, excluding the on going argument between Ruto and Daruna, Impa finally nudged Zelda's arm, giving her the hint to say something.

But I put my hands up," It's ok, I know your actions weren't in vain, you just wanted to protect Hyrule. I should be saying sorry, I should've realized my mistake…but it's in the past now right?"

Finally, Zelda looked up at me with water in her eyes," Thank you…" she whispered.

"HELLO! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE!" someone screamed at me, I spun around and found Ruto's red face glaring at me.

"Wha?" I blinked a few times, Nabooru slapped her forehead.

"You idiot! Link doesn't know you're here!"


I stood there, blinking a few times, wait….Link….


Something hard smacked me behind the head, not enough to knock me out but it still hurt! I spun around holding my head and glared at Impa.

"Go. Find. Link. NOW" she growled.


"Now I remember!" I exclaimed, I'm back and Link is sure going to be surprised.

"Your horse is outside, good luck" Saria said, accompanied with her childish smile.

I nodded at her and stepped back looking at all of my friends.

I can't believe I actually brought Ganon back to give all this up.

"Thank you…" I said silently.

"What do you think you're doing? Go" Zelda said, I smiled at them one last time before taking off.

Outside the Market:

"Nightmare!" I called out to my horse friend.

The black horse stopped grazing on the grass and looked up at me. He neighed happily and trotted over to me, I couldn't help but smile. I missed my friends so much, and Nightmare was no different.

I laughed as Nightmare's long nose tickled my face, I stroked his face and hugged him.

"I missed you" I said, he snorted in response.

I patted his head and moved around to his side," Ready to see the little glowing bug again?" I laughed as I mounted myself on Nightmare's saddle.

Link's POV:

"Guess it's time for work…" I mumbled to myself, Navi was in the small stable with Epona for some reason. I have a feeling she knows something I don't but then again fairies are like that.

I reached for my last two items to start the day, my signature hat and an apple for the road….

But something stopped me.

CLICK Click click click….

A horse passed by the house slowly but I paid no mind to it, things have been moving really slow and repetitive since Shadow left and….


Someone's enthusiastic knocking caught me way off guard and out of my thoughts. The knocking didn't stop either. Jeez, someone is sure impatient!


"I'm coming!" I screamed back over the loud knocking.

I sighed and put my hand on the doorknob, turned it and was about to ask what the hell the person's problem was….until….


Next thing I knew I've been tackled to the ground with someone on top of me, holding on for dear life.

"What the…"

I rubbed my head and looked at who it was.

"Link, I'm so sorry, I missed you so much"

Narrator's POV: (yay! My turn again!)

"Link, I'm so sorry, I missed you so much"

Link's heart stopped, he sat up a bit to see a black tunic, and long black hair surrounding him.

"Sh-shadow?" he stammered.

He received no answer, Shadow had her face in his chest with her shoulders moving slightly, tiny wet spots began to seep through Link's tunic; Shadow was crying?

"Hey…" he said softly and began to dig through the thick mass of black hair. Finally he reached her face, her cheeks were red and stained with tears.

"Link…." She whispered, burying her face in his chest. Link sat up completely, resting one hand on her back for comfort and brushed the strands of hair that stuck to her face away. He didn't know how or why she was here on him like this but he wasn't complaining.

After a few more moments, Shadow took a deep breath and sat up to face Link, though still on his lap. They both sat in silence as she wiped her tears away with the back of his hand, making herself presentable to him.

"Finished?" he asked, Shadow smiled a bit.

Actions speak louder than words.

Next thing he knew, Shadow had her arms around Link's neck and finally kissed him! (purposely!)

Link didn't even have time to respond he just sat there, wide eyed. Of course, Shadow didn't exactly know what she was doing and had to make it quick but it was worth it. Finally Shadow broke the kiss and looked up at him sheepishly.

"um……" Link started, Shadow laughed a bit at his red face.

"That was a little weird…." Shadow admitted.

"I'll say! I felt like I was kissing myself!" Link laughed, breaking the tension between the two.

"Then it will be your job to teach me how to do it right!" she laughed and went along with it.

Link wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead.

"So, to who do I owe to bringing you back?" he finally asked, Shadow looked up at him from her own resting spot on his shoulder.

Once again she said nothing, but let her hand entwine with Link's as the Triforce of Power and Courage glowed in unison.



Wow, this story sure had its ups and downs. And I must say that I had a lot of fun writing it! Big thanks to all that helped me out!


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