Calai'di–This one is a lot lighter and upbeat (at least, for the first ten pages), more like a Jack O'Neill type thing, so have fun reading!

Note: Aghhh! Did you know that Michael Shanks (aka. Daniel Jackson) does Thor's voice! Not right, not right, not right…

2nd Note: I started writing this long before Sci-Fi aired "Gemini", so I most definitely didn't copy them. If anything, they copied me, and not just with this one. If you want to know what I meant by that, email me or tell me in a review and I'll email you back to explain. And if you've seen "Gemini" just forget it while you read this. It never happened in SG-M's world, so this is pretty much just starting over with that story line.

3rd Note: -sigh- All right, for my intents and purposes, the real Major Carter will always be called 'Carter' in this chap (except by the other characters) and the next and the Replicator Carter will either be called 'Samantha' or 'Repli-Carter'. This is so you'll know the difference between them.

Previously on Stargate SG-1: The Asgard created a time dilation device that was supposed to trap the Replicators for hundreds of years. However, the Replicators interfered and reversed the way the device worked, so instead of them living for hundreds of years while the rest of the universe lived for the time of a few days, the rest of the universe lived a few days while they lived for hundreds of years (does that make sense?). This enabled them to advance and they began to create humanoid form Replicators. The Asgard called on SG-1 the help them reverse the device back to the original setting. With the help of one of the human-form Replicators, named Fifth, they succeeded, but betrayed Fifth's trust when they left him behind.

About two years later (in "New Order Parts 1 & 2"), the Replicators escaped their prison planet and began causing problems again. The Asgard called on SG-1 again to help with the problem and protect their planet, the last planet in the galaxy that they could inhabit, from the human-Replicators. However, Carter was captured by Fifth, who had never forgiven her for leaving him behind, and was tortured over and over again because of this hate; eventually, he revealed that the reason he hated her was because he really loved her and had been extremely hurt when she betrayed him. Jack, who had recently had the Archive of the Ancients downloaded into his brain again, told the Asgard how to build a weapon that would completely destroy the Replicators. This weapon worked quite well, and Fifth was forced to release Carter and escape before he was destroyed. Nonetheless, he had not forgotten Carter or his love for her, so in the end, unknown to SG-1 or the Asgard, he created another human-form Replicator that looked just like Carter so he'd never be betrayed again…

Episode 5: Yami Fifth Part 1

Colonel O'Neill strode cheerfully into Carter's workroom, noticing that Kaiba was in here again, learning first hand about the naquadah generator this time. Teal'c enter after him, his expression and stance proclaiming his pleasure for what would happen.

"Gooooooood morning, Campers!" Jack said loudly, startling the major and her assistant. Carter looked up from where she was working and smiled warmly.

"Good morning, sir."

"Carter, what are you doing?" Jack asked exasperatedly.

"I was showing Seto how the naquadah generator works. He's really a fast–"

"Carter, we're on vacation. Take a break for once." O'Neill glanced back once at Teal'c. "And since we're on vacation, I thought I might as well give you the chance to come with me and Teal'c this time."

Carter smiled and shook her head. "Sorry, sir. I think I'd rather stay here. Seto still has a lot to learn and–"

"That's right, he's on vacation too," O'Neill said suddenly. "All right. Kaiba, have you ever been fishing?"

Kaiba stared up at him like he was crazy to suggest such a thing and slowly shook his head. "No, I never had time."

Jack grinned and suddenly, Kaiba's arm was caught in a death grip. "Well guess what? Today's your lucky day! 'Cause Teal'c and I are going fishing and now you are too!" He quickly pulled Kaiba out of the room and down the hall, ignoring the teen's protests.

"Hey Teal'c, who else should we tor–I mean, take fishing?" Jack asked once they reached an elevator.

"Yugi!" Kaiba said, figuring that if he had to suffer, his rival should have to also.

Jack grinned as he opened the elevator door. "That's a great idea! And we can bug Daniel while we're at it!"

When they got to Daniel's office, both Yugi and Ryou were there, helping the doctor catalogue some of the offworld archaeological finds. Atemu and Bakura were dueling in a corner, though they would occasionally call out a translation for various texts on the artifacts. Daniel glanced up when the three entered, saw the expression on Kaiba's face, and smiled knowingly.

"Going fishing again, Jack?"

"Yep. Wanna come with?"

"No, I'm just fine here, thanks," Daniel said, returning to his work. Their conversation had alerted the other four to Jack's presence, and they were now staring at Kaiba with confusion.

O'Neill turned his attentions on the two teens sitting in the room. "Hey Ryou, ever been fishing?"

"Yes," Ryou answered, blushing slightly. "I went with my father a couple of times when we were living in England."

Jack's face fell slightly, but he was not one to be intimidated. "Yugi?"

"No, Grampa never had the time to take me," the boy answered, and before he knew it, his wrist had been grabbed and he was pulled out of his chair; Atemu instantly got to his feet as well.

"Well today's your lucky day!" O'Neill exclaimed happily. " 'Cause T' and I and going fishing, and Kaiba's coming, and now you're coming too!"

"Aghhh, no, O'Neill-san, wait!" Yugi protested, pulling desperately away from Jack. He noticed Atemu was just standing in place, snickering at his predicament, so he stuck his tongue out and pouted mockingly. "Yami, you traitor!"

"Hey, I am a yami, right?" Atemu countered. He and Bakura high-fived once before he returned to his soul room to leave his hikari to his own devices. Yugi and Ryou shook their heads in disbelief–it was odd to see the two yamis actually being friendly to one another–before the former was dragged out of the room. O'Neill dragged the two teens a short distance down the hall until Kaiba finally realized his strength and wrenched his arm out of the colonel's grasp.

"Oh, Kaiba," O'Neill said, completely unfazed. "Did you for–" And suddenly, a white light enveloped him and Yugi and they disappeared. Teal'c stared at the spot where they had been standing for a few moments, then walked calmly back to Daniel's room and took the telephone receiver off the wall.

"General Hammond," he said simply. After a few moments of silence, he went on, "General, I believe the Asgard have returned."

"–get something?" Jack finished before he looked around and sighed unhappily as he saw that he was once again aboard Thor's ship, and the reason probably wasn't for a friendly visit. Beside him, Atemu had taken control of his host, as he was more adept in strange situations like this. O'Neill stepped down from the teleportation platform and stared down the hallway in front of them.

"Thor, buddy?" he called, exasperation very apparent in his tone. "Now really isn't a good time." He walked slowly down the hall, his head glancing left and right into different rooms.

"Colonel, where are we?" Atemu asked quietly.

"We are on an Asgard ship, probably one of Thor's, when we are supposed to be on our way to Minnesota," Jack answered as they entered a large room at the end of the hallway. In the middle of the room, a short gray alien sat calmly in an advanced looking chair.

"It is good to see you as well, O'Neill," Thor said softly.

"Yeah, sure. What's the problem this time, Thor?"

Thor blinked once, an oddly unsynchronized action, and turned his gaze on Atemu. "I do not believe we have met."

"No, we haven't. My name is Pharaoh Atemu," the pharaoh said proudly–even after five months he still got a kick out of using his real name, "but I'm also called Yugi. I'm assuming you're Thor."

"Yes, and I have heard about you, Pharaoh. I believe you are the Duel Monsters World Champion?"

"You know about Duel Monsters!"

"I am a fan of the game, yes."

"That is so cool–"

"I'm sure it is and that you two will be great friends," Jack interrupted, "but would you mind telling us why we're here?"

Thor nodded and blinked. "The war with the Replicators is not progressing as well as we had hoped. One of the human-form Replicators escaped before we could destroy him, and now he has a large army of modified bug-form Replicators. Unfortunately, these new Replicators are immune to the Ancient weapon you made for us."

"Oh! I've read this one," Atemu murmured, his forehead furrowed in thought.

"This would normally would not be a problem," Thor went on, "as we could modify the frequency of the disrupter to match the Replicators, but each time we do, they modify themselves again. This has been going on for sometime."

"All right, these Replicators are new and improved and you can't do anything about it. So where do we come in?" O'Neill asked, trying to get back to the point he was trying to make.

"The Asgard have recently learned of the attack on your world by Anubis, and the weapon you used against him. We feel that this weapon would be extremely useful against the Replicators."

O'Neill and Atemu stayed silent for a few moments before the latter finally spoke up. "That could be difficult."

"Please explain."

"Well, it's kind of in pieces," Atemu said apologetically. He suddenly retreated and Yugi took over the narrative. "You see, the weapons are actually seven magical items called the Millennium Items. Each has its own power, and each looks different, too. This is one–" he pointed at the puzzle– "and five of the others are at the SGC. When they're combined, they create an enormous amount of power; that's the weapon you heard about, Thor-san."

Thor blinked at the unfamiliar title. "I'm assuming a different person owns each of these Items?"

"Yep, and some people have more than one." He was silent for a moment, then added, "I have two, Bakura has two, and Ryou and Malik each have one. So all but one are at the SGC."

Thor nodded once and shifted a crystal that sat on the arm of his chair; almost instantly, they could hear voices from the teleportation room down the hall.

"What the–"

"Hey, why are you here? I thought–"

"Where is here?"

"I think I've lost it…"

"Hey, if anyone's insane here, it's me…and Malik."

"Bakura? Guys!" Yugi called. The arguing voices got louder, and soon, the rest of SG-M stepped into the room. Yugi smiled as they entered and said brightly, "Hi guys!"

"Yugi, what the hell is going on here?" Bakura demanded angrily as he glanced around the room, eyes pausing slightly on Thor as they passed over him.

"Guys, this is Thor. He's an Asgard. Thor-san, this is Malik, Kaiba, and the Tok'ra Bakura."

"Yugi! Don't tell everyone!" Bakura hissed. Then he turned his attention back on Thor and nodded slightly. "I've heard about you, Supreme Commander."

"I, however, have not heard of you among the Tok'ra."

"That's because I was hidden on Earth, and no one but certain appointed Tok'ra were supposed to know." Here he glared at Yugi and noticed that Atemu had taken over again. "All right, Pharaoh, what's going on here?"

Thor blinked in confusion as Atemu answered, "Well, it looks like the Items are needed again." He ran through everything Thor had said (except the Duel Monsters parts) and Bakura immediately spoke up.

"We need Shadi."

Everyone but Thor stared at him in shock, several wondering whether it was actually Ryou speaking. Bakura stared defiantly back and shrugged.

"You said we need to do the ritual again. I say we need all of the Items to do that. Though–" he suddenly looked thoughtful and his fingers began playing with the Ring– "I bet the Shadow Games would be enough to destroy these things."

"Bakura, that's not a god idea," Atemu warned lowly.

"I'd know what I was doing," Bakura answered indignantly. He pulled a red-bladed knife out of the air and twirled it in his fingers. "I wouldn't kill anyone. You forget, I am Tok'ra."

"Yeah, a psychotic Tok'ra," Atemu muttered.

"And proud to be," Bakura agreed. "Well, anyway, if we're going to do the ritual, we need the Scale, which Shadi has, and I'm not so sure he's all that keen on associating with me."

"Let's not do the ritual again," Malik said quietly. They noticed one of his hands had not quite subtly moved to protectively clutch the Rod. "It was too weird for me."

Kaiba snickered and pointed at Malik's hand. "You just don't want me to get the Rod again." Malik glared at him, though he didn't say anything in his defense, and he even blushed a bit to show that the observation had been correct.

"All right, we won't do the ritual; we'll stick to the Shadow Games instead," Bakura said loudly. "Now what?"

"Now we must go to the Asgard home galaxy to join the war against the Replicators," Thor answered. He made a move to activate the engines with his crystal, but Jack quickly stopped him.

"Hey, what about food and weapons…and my team?"

Thor blinked and moved the crystal a tiny bit. "Half of your weapons, food stores, and the rest of SG-1 have been beamed aboard. Is there anything else, O'Neill? We must leave as soon as possible."

Hammond should have been used to this by now; after all, it had happened at least three times before. And at least Thor had restrained his "beaming" this time. Only half of the food and weapons had been "beamed" instead of all of it like in previous instances. The report that both SG-1 and SG-M were now aboard Thor's ship had just come in when a hologram of O'Neill appeared in front of him in his office.

"Colonel O'Neill, what is going on?" Hammond asked as soon as the image had formed.

"Hi George, nice to see you too," Jack answered lightly. He glanced backward at something the general couldn't see and winced; it didn't take an expert to know that Atemu or Bakura or both were telling him off for not getting straight to the point. He went on, "Well, it looks like the Replicators are a problem again. Somehow, one of the human ones got away and rigged his set of bugs to withstand the Ancient weapon I made for the Asgard. Thor thinks the Items will be useful somehow."

"What do you think?"

"I have my doubts, sir. I don't see how they'll work any better then Goa'uld weapons."

"What about them?" Hammond asked, referring to the Item holders. Jack glanced back again.

"I think they think it's just another tournament. In other words, Atemu and Bakura are acting like kings–"

He was suddenly shoved out of the way by a smaller body.

"We're fine, don't worry, everything's under control," Atemu said quickly. He suddenly frowned and turned abruptly around, poised to attack someone. "Bakura! Put that down right now!–" Hammond thought he sounded a bit like someone's mother in the way he said this– "No! You wouldn't dare! Bakura!" Atemu's image suddenly disappeared. O'Neill shrugged and turned back to Hammond.


"We'll be fine, General," O'Neill said to answer the unasked question. "Right now, Carter and Daniel are trying to break them up, if you wanted to know. If we have any problems, we'll call you." He glanced back once and winced again; Hammond wasn't sure at what. "Well, gotta go!" Jack said hastily. He waved and disappeared…and then reappeared again. "Since this is supposed to be our vacation, can we have double when we get back?"

"We'll see," Hammond answered, almost sternly. Jack nodded once and disappeared again.

Once Bakura stopped trying to shoot Atemu with one of the Zats, though it was only after Ryou intervened, Thor activated the hyper-drive and they started off towards the Asgard home galaxy. The pharaoh immediately challenged the Asgard to a duel to see how well he'd actually studied the game, and surprisingly, Thor had his own deck. He stared with amusement at the pharaoh's reaction as he brought out his cards and started shuffling.

"Battle City rules?" Atemu asked as he shuffled his own cards; Yugi giggled in the back of his mind at how shaky his voice actually was. Thor nodded and a table hologram materialized in the air between them. Atemu touched it briefly before placing his deck down and drawing five cards; Thor copied him and, since they'd already decided he would go first, drew one more and three down on the table. Atemu frowned and placed a few of his own cards down, not saying much about either set.

And thus progressed one of the most heated duels in gaming history.

For a short time, Kaiba and Bakura watched the duel progress in a state of awe, mostly out of shock at Thor's skill, but eventually, they got bored and went off to do their own things to get ready. Ryou came out, and he, Bakura, and Malik set off to explore the ship on their own. Carter started instructing Kaiba on the naquadah generator once more, Teal'c went off to try his kel'no'reem again with Daniel following him, and O'Neill began to watch the duel and try to learn how to play Duel Monsters. Now, the best way to learn this particular game is not by watching the King of Games and another tournament-rate duelist go all out against each other. Needless to say, Jack quickly became lost.

Of course, Thor eventually lost; Atemu wasn't the King of Games for nothing. The Pharaoh then started explaining about how the Millennium Items worked and about how he and Bakura were actually separate from their hikaris. Thor seemed fascinated with the whole concept, even though Atemu had to explain several time that they weren't Goa'ulds.

Bakura himself was having a lot of fun exploring the ship with his two friends, or the closest people to friends he had. They made sure they didn't mess anything up…okay, Ryou made sure the two Egyptians didn't do anything to the ship, and they got along just fine. In fact, no one was really noticing anything around them until…

"Hi guys!"

Bakura jumped around, aiming an open Zat at something behind him, but he instantly relaxed a bit as he saw whom it was.

"Oh, Samantha, it's only you," he said dully as he closed the Zat and slid it back into his pocket. Samantha nodded silently and stared at them, an odd expression on her face.

"Who did you think it was, Yami-kun?" Ryou asked innocently, though his eyes were gleaming with mischief. "And why would you want to shoot Kaiba with a Zat?"

Bakura shot his hikari a warning glance. "I didn't think it was Kaiba. I didn't know who it was. That was why I had the Zat out."

"Wow, I didn't think you could sound that calm, Bakura," Malik said sarcastically, earning his own glare from the spirit. He turned his attention back on Samantha. "So why are you here, Major? I thought you and Kaiba were discussing all that brainy stuff that you like to discuss."

"We finished early. Kaiba said he'd go take a nap," Carter answered. "I thought I might look for you three."

Ryou frowned at her and nervously sidled back to his yami. "Something's not right about her," he whispered shakily, gripping Bakura's arm. "I can't sense Jolinar."

"I know, I can't either," the yami muttered back. He stared sternly down at the teen. "I want you to go back to your soul room, Ryou."


Bakura shook his head, the same commanding expression on his face. "No 'buts'. Go, now." Ryou stared pleadingly up at his yami, but he knew it was no use to object, so instead he kissed Bakura lightly and disappeared. Carter stared in shock for a few moments at the spot where he'd been standing until she realized why she was there.

"So, have you seen everything yet?" she asked casually. Bakura narrowed his eyes at her and glared at Malik to keep him from saying anything.

"No, we haven't, Major," he said stiffly. "But we don't really need your help at the moment. Thanks anyway." With that, he turned and began to walk away. "Come on, Malik!"

Malik shrugged and waved to Samantha before following his friend. "What was that about?"

"That is not Samantha," Bakura answered. He glanced back at the woman still standing with a confused look on her face. "And I know it's not a good thing either."

Back in Thor's control room, the real Samantha was having the time of her life. In five months, the teens had never shown any of them their duel disks, but now Atemu had decided it was high time to bring them out again. Since he'd stored his and Bakura's in the weaponry, both had been beamed aboard, and now he and Yugi were giving the others a real show. At the present, both had a 'Dark Magician' on the field, but Yugi also had a multiplied 'Kuriboh' and two face down cards, and Atemu had three face down cards and the 'Celtic Guardian' in defense mode. No one had lost life points. So it was pretty much a stalemate and Yugi's turn. He drew and grinned at his yami.

"I activate 'Wave-Motion Cannon'!" Yugi exclaimed, placing the card in his duel disk. Atemu stared at the card in shock as it formed on the field in before him; he didn't know his aibou had cards like that! "When I send this card to the Graveyard, it inflicts one thousand points of damage on your life points for every standby phase that passed since I put it on the field!"

"I know!" Atemu exclaimed in frustration. It was pretty much a countdown card, since the owner could discard it at anytime, which gave the pharaoh only four turns to pull himself out of this mess. He drew and glared at the card with annoyance; it wasn't helpful at all. "I play 'Alpha the Magnet Warrior' in defense mode."

"Not good enough, Yami!" Yugi chided playfully. He drew and placed the card in his hand. "That's one. End turn."

Atemu drew his card and smiled. "I tribute 'Alpha the Magnet Warrior' and 'Celtic Guardian' for my 'Buster Blader' in attack mode!" he proclaimed as the warrior appeared on the field. Yugi frowned at the new monster but didn't say anything. "'Buster Blader' will attack your 'Dark Magician'–"

"Activate 'Negate Attack'!" Yugi answered. Atemu frowned as his attack was stopped short by the magic card.

"End turn."

"And that's one more turn gone," Yugi stated as he drew another card. Smiling, he pushed another button on the duel disk, revealing another face down card. "Reveal 'Just Desserts'!"

"What!" the pharaoh exclaimed. A ghostly hand shot out of the revealed card and drained Atemu of a thousand life points. He glared questioningly at his hikari as the hand retreated back to its card. "Why do you have that card! Don't you remember that last time we saw it!"

"Yeah, and I thought it had a good effect then too," Yugi answered. "End turn. Just one more left."

Atemu had noticed this as well. Now that he had been drain of a thousand life points, Yugi only had to inflict three thousand more and he'd lose. Just one more turn either way.

"You've been hanging around the thief too much," he muttered. He heard his American friends draw their breaths as he drew…and smiled.

"Nope, it's over now, Yugi," he said. "Reveal 'Defense Paralysis'!"


"This changes your 'Kuriboh' into attack mode! And now, 'Polymerization'!"

"You're making 'Dark Paladin'," Yugi said dully once he'd realized what would happen.

"Correct, Yugi-boy!" Atemu said, using Pegasus' nickname for him and scowling for doing it. "Summon 'Dark Paladin', attack mode and activate 'Instant Attack' and 'Diffusion Wave-Motion'! This enables my monster to attack now and all of your monsters! But that's not all!"

"There's more?" Yugi whined.

"Activate 'Black Pendant' on 'Dark Paladin'! This increases his attack by five hundred! Now, 'Dark Paladin', attack all of his monsters!"

"Darn it!" Yugi exclaimed as his life points dropped to negative one hundred. "Why can't I ever beat you, Yami?"

"Because I'm the best," Atemu answered shamelessly.

"Yeah, and not just at duels," Yugi muttered, glancing slightly up at his yami and grinning. Atemu smiled and pounced on him, twisting his fist playfully into Yugi's head. They wrestled a bit on the ground for a few moments until Bakura and Malik walked in.

"Major, how'd you get back here before us?" Malik asked, his face filled with confusion; so was Carter's after he said this. Bakura whacked him over the head.

"Idiot, she never left. I told you that wasn't Samantha," he muttered.

"What wasn't me?" Carter asked suspiciously.

"We met someone that looked just like you," Bakura said. SG-1 was suddenly on their feet, but he didn't notice as he became aware of the look-alikes lying on the floor. "Yugi, is that my duel disk?"

Yugi instantly gulped and pulled the machine off his arm, pushing it aside. The easily identifiable drawing of the Millennium Ring was visible on the side of it, carved into the metal and colored with blood. Bakura reached down and quickly grabbed his duel disk, glaring at Yugi for even touching the marked device.

"Hey, more about this 'other Carter' you saw," Jack demanded.

"Well, she looked like Samantha, acted like Samantha, and sounding like Samantha," Bakura asked sardonically. "But both Ryou and I couldn't sense Jolinar, so it couldn't have been her."

"That's…odd," Daniel said. "I mean, our robot counterparts were destroyed, right?"

"That's what I thought, but I've been here the whole time," Carter agreed.

"Yeah, you don't have an evil twin or something, do you Carter?" O'Neill asked.

"Uh, no," Carter answered bewilderedly. She turned back to the two Egyptians. "Did this 'other me' do or say anything weird?"

"She said Kaiba was taking a nap," Malik said, since that would have been an odd thing to say for anyone who had been around Kaiba long enough.

"She didn't seem to recognize us," Bakura answered, glaring at Malik, "or talk much for that matter."

"Well, that's pretty odd," Jack commented; Carter punched him playfully in the arm in response. Rubbing his arm where she'd hit him, he went on, "So, where was this 'other Carter'?"

Bakura and Malik led SG-1 back to the last place they had seen the 'other Carter', which was a different place than Ryou had seen her, since she had been following them around. But, of course, she wasn't there, nor was she anywhere else that they looked. After what seemed to be half the trip to the galaxy, O'Neill finally spoke the question that was on everyone's mind.

"All right, where'd she go?"

"Samantha, are they here?" asked a soft voice out of the darkness. Samantha walked closer to the voice, stopping in front of it's source: a young man with pale skin and dark curly hair who was sitting atop a throne made of Replicator blocks.

"Of course, my love, your plans always succeed," she answered, bowing slightly. (-points- See? This is why I said to forget "Gemini"! -sits back and watches intently-)

"You can come closer, Samantha," the man said with a smile; he always loved when the woman called him that. Samantha returned the expression and hurried forward to sit on his lap and wrap her arms around his neck. But there was something a bit off with her expression, even though she was smiling.

Fifth noticed this and briefly ran a finger down her cheek. "Is there something wrong?"

"SG-1 is not the only team here," she whispered, sounding unhappy for whatever reason.

"Who else is here?"

Samantha looked away at the floor. "I do not know who they are, but they're very strange and look to be about seventeen to eighteen human years old at the most. I meet what I thought was three of them, two with white hair and one blonde, but then the younger looking white-haired one disappeared before my eyes!"

"Don't lie to me, Samantha," he warned lowly.

"I am not! I would swear my existence on it. The blonde mentioned another human, though I have never heard the name in my short life. I believe he said the name 'Kaiba'. Do you know who these humans might be, Fifth?"

Fifth stared at the floor for a few moments, brow furrowed slightly as he concentrated. "I have heard of them, though only briefly, among Asgard communications. They are a new team from the human's Stargate base, and they must be quite special to be so young." The man smiled warmly and gently pushed her off his lap, holding her hips. "The two best human team have been brought into our trap, leaving Earth practically defenseless. Tell our children they can begin the assault on the humans."

Samantha pecked Fifth on the cheek before scurrying off to accomplish her task. The young man smiled evilly in the darkness and reached out a hand to pet a large, mechanical bug.

"She will pay for hating me. She will pay with her planet!"

When the eight humans arrived back in Thor's control room, each was looking greatly confused, especially Bakura and Malik. Thor blinked at them and cocked his head as they entered.

"Was your search successful, O'Neill?" he asked, staring wide-eyed as Atemu and Ryou materialized next to their other halves.

"Nope, didn't see a thing," Jack answered. "Couldn't you just scan the ship or something?"

"I have already tried," Thor answered. An image of the ship's interior appeared on one of the screens behind him, showing a small group of blue dots where the control room was. He zoomed in on the room, on only nine dots appeared on the screen out of the eleven beings standing there.

"As you can see, my scanners are unable to pick up your friends while they are in their 'spirit form', and they are otherwise only able to detect organic life-forms. If you were unsuccessful in finding this 'other Carter', then my ship's sensors will not be able to detect it either."

Carter stared at the screen for a few moments before frowning and speaking up, "We know the sensors can't find anything, but what about the Ring?"

Most of the others stared at her in shock, wondering why they hadn't thought of that before, but Bakura already had his eyes close and was holding the Ring out in front of him. Ryou placed his hands over his yami's and also closed his eyes.

"It's not working very well up here," Bakura murmured after a few moments. Ryou nodded, agreeing with him, and the Ring suddenly pointed at each of them in turn.

Ryou shook his head and took his hands away. "It's working properly, but it won't find the other Samantha we saw. Sorry, Colonel."

"But that means that, somehow, the thing got off this ship," Bakura went on, letting go of the Ring so it fell against his chest.

"It could not," Thor said. He blinked and the ship suddenly dropped out of hyperspace, and another Asgard immediately appeared on the screen next to the map of the ship.

"Supreme Commander Thor," greeted the Asgard.

"High Councilor Tyr," Thor answered, inclining his head a bit. "We are ready to join the fight–'

"There is no fight," Tyr interrupted. Thor blinked in surprise, a movement echoed by the other members of the room.

"I was told to bring SG-1 immediately," Thor said carefully, as though checking that he'd heard his orders correctly.

"Yes, however, the Replicators have left our world for now. SG-1 is no longer needed."

Thor frowned as best he could as he looked back at the Tau'ri. "This does not bode well."

"Well? What do we do now? Sight-see?" Jack asked, trying to lighten the mood.

"Councilor Tyr," Thor said as he turned back around, "perhaps we should–" But the other Asgard was not on the screen. In his place was a smiling human face, looking almost cherubic with his shining cheeks. It took a few moments for anyone to recognize him, but when Carter did, she automatically recoiled.

"It's Fifth," she murmured. Kaiba stepped forward and hugged her from behind to comfort her, noticing that she was obviously not comfortable with whoever that was on the screen. Fifth, of course, looked mildly hurt when he saw this, but not near as much as Carter felt he should have.

"Have you forgotten me already, Major?" he asked quietly. Kaiba glared up at him when this just made her recoil more. Fifth smiled down at them and when on, "No matter. I understand perfectly how you feel about me. You've already told me."

"What do you want, Fifth?" she demanded, also glaring at him.

"I just wanted to tell you that I'm glad to see you and your friends, Major."

Carter stared at him in shock and disbelief. "Why?"

"Because it means you are here and not able to defend your planet," Fifth answered simply. His eyes passed briefly over the rest of them before stopping on Carter again. "I believe you have not introduced some of your friends."

"You don't need to know who we are," Bakura growled, "just that we're here to kick your ass."

Fifth smiled grimly. "You should be more worried about your planet then what you want to do to me." They all recoiled as Replicator bug crawled across Fifth's side of the screen, but he seemed not to notice. "I suppose I should tell you that my brethren are already on their way to your planet. It is not possible to catch up to them before they reach it."

Malik suddenly stepped forward, staring calculatingly at him. "Do you know anything about there being a second Samantha, Fifth?"

Fifth was slightly shocked to be spoken to so nicely, as well as by the question asked, for it took him a few moments to answer. "No. Major Carter is the only one that I know of that exists."

"Why do you want to harm Earth?" Ryou asked, also speaking with minor respect.

"It's because of her!" Fifth answered, pointing down at Carter. The rest looked mildly shocked, but Carter only stared defiantly back at him.

"What did she do to you?" Yugi asked.

Fifth frowned, staring at the three hikaris questioningly, obviously wondering why they cared. "I loved her," he finally said, "and she wouldn't love me back. And she betrayed me!"

Everyone looked at Carter, either expecting her to answer or wondering what the hell Fifth was talking about.

"I already told you I'm sorry about betraying you, Fifth," Carter said softly, leaning back into Kaiba's embrace, "but I've also told you that I can't love you. And that still holds true."

"No, you love him, don't you?" Fifth commented acidly, glaring at Kaiba.


"Then your planet is doomed." With that, Fifth's image disappeared and the screen went blank. Jack smiled grimly and turned to look at the others.

"Great. Now what?"

Jack paced back and forth in front of Thor's control panel, looking more and more irritated each time he turned around. They were heading back to earth as fast as the ship's hyperdrive engines could take them, though Thor said that they still would not get to earth fast enough, but they'd get there soon enough that the Replicators would still be in trouble. But after a few more minutes, Jack sighed loudly and stopped running a hand through his short hair.

"So how'd the Replicators get the chance to improve themselves anyway?" he asked Thor exasperatedly.

Thor blinked at him and cocked his head. "I believe they used something you call 'guess-and-check,'" he answered.

"You mean they guessed the right frequency?" Carter asked incredulously.

"I believe it took them several tries."

"So, they just…guessed?" Daniel asked, sounding just as shocked. "But wouldn't that takes years? I mean, I'm no mathematician, but wouldn't there be millions of possibilities?"

"More like billions," Carter confirmed.

"The Replicators are able to process information much faster than even our systems can; it would only take them a matter of days to check about a million possibilities," Thor answered.

"Great, so how long would it take you to figure out a way to stop them?" Jack asked.

Thor blinked. "I do not know. It may not even be possible."

Jack sighed and began pacing again. "I say again. Great."

When the Asgard ship finally dropped out of hyperspace, the eight humans saw a very interesting sight. There was a large Replicator ship drifting in orbit and in front of it, shooting at it and doing a considerable amount of damage, was the Prometheus.

"Yes!" Jack exclaimed, pumping his fist in the air. "Thank you Colonel Reynolds!"

"Should the Prometheus be inflicting that much damage to a Replicator ship?" Carter asked as the Tau'ri ship blasted another giant hole in the Replicator one.

"It should not." Thor blinked and moved a jewel on his control console. "This is Supreme Commander Thor of the Asgard hailing the ship Prometheus. Please respond."

They waited a few moments before a loud, triumphant shout was heard over the open channel. "Wah-hoooo! It's good to hear from you, Thor!"

Thor blinked and looked back at Jack. "Does he often behave in this manner?"

Jack grinned and stepped forward. "It's good to see you too, Reynolds! Not getting to carried away, are we?"

"Colonel O'Neill? It's good to hear from you too! I don't know what you keep bragging about; these Replicator guys are nothing!"

The Tau'ri smiled slightly at each other at this; Reynolds probably had no idea how hard it really was to kill the Replicators.

"That's good to hear!" Jack answered. "How the hell are you causing so much damage?"

"I don't know, but as long as they're destroyed, does it really matter?"

"True," Bakura said, liking how this battle was going. From what he'd heard about the Replicators, he really hated them already.

"They shouldn't be causing that much damage to a Replicator ship," Carter commented again, practically leaning against the screen to get a closer look.

"Can't you just enjoy this, Major?" O'Neill asked exasperatedly. "Would it really kill you to be optimistic once in a while?"

"Major Carter is correct. Your ship's weapons should not be capable of this kind of damage," Thor spoke up, his eyes slightly narrowed as he watched.

"Uh, sir, I can't believe I'm suggesting this but...maybe we should hail the Replicator ship," Carter suggested, shocking everyone.

"I can't believe you're suggesting it either," Jack said incredulously. "Now, I know it's not you are joking, right Carter?"

Carter shook her head, looking somewhat sheepish. "Incredibly, I'm not, sir."

"It's an idea," Daniel agreed, causing the others to stare at him with the same amount of shock.

"You two must be sick," Jack muttered in exasperation, shaking his head.

"I like the idea," Kaiba said softly. Carter smiled at him and sent Jack a knowing look.

"You see, sir? Even Seto is okay with it."

Jack shook his head and walked slowly in a small circle. "He's bias. I still think you're all nuts!"

"Well, we might as well try," Carter answered. She turned to Thor and continued, "Um, can you open a channel to the Replicator ship?"

"I can try," Thor answered softly. He moved two of the crystals on his control chair and one of the screens behind him lit up. The Tau'ri were both relieved and nervous to see a Replicator-bug crawl across the screen almost as soon as the picture formed, and then they saw with disappointment that there were no human-form Replicators visible on the image. O'Neill grinned with relief and walked forward to tap lightly on the screen.

"See, told you it was a bad idea. No one's even–"


Jack started slightly at the new, but very familiar, voice and looked back at the screen only to jump away in shock. On the screen was an almost exact replica of Major Carter except that she was wearing clothes similar to the other human-form Replicators and had a somewhat passive look on her face. The members of SG-1 and SG-M looked back and forth between the two Carters, all of them looking extremely confused.

Bakura finally stepped forward and crossed his arms before his chest as he tried to look as threatening as possible–which for him was quite something. "Who are you and why do you look like Major Carter?"

"I am also Samantha Carter," Repli-Carter answered. "There are two of us."

"I think a more appropriate question would be what are you?" Atemu asked before anyone else could.

"I was about to say that," Jack muttered.

"I am a human-form Replicator. I was made by Fifth," Samantha answered calmly.

"WHAT!" was the chorused shout of most of the room's occupants.

Bakura scowled and looked back at Kaiba, who was also looking rather upset. "Well, how do you feel about this?"

Kaiba glared up at the screen and absently reached down to take the real Carter's hand. "I think I'm mildly jealous and I'd like the Rod back for Malik."

"How come?" Malik whined, holding the Rod more protectively now.

"I'd like to have something with which I can cause some serious damage to this 'Fifth'," the CEO answered simply. In the background, Jack looked as though he'd like to agree with that statement.

"Please, do not harm my master," Samantha said quietly. "He is not all bad."

They gawked at her, and Jack looked somewhat relieved. "Well, at least she doesn't act like Carter. I have no problem destroying her now."

"Sir?" Carter asked with a small puzzled smile.

"Well, it would almost be like destroying one of my team, and that's unacceptable," Jack answered, looking a bit uncomfortable. He knew that Carter knew the actual reason behind his relief, even if she was in love with Kaiba now. And it was slightly embarrassing.

Repli-Carter waited patiently for them to stop speaking before she spoke up again. "Is there anything I can help you with, Tau'ri of Earth? You are the ones who hailed my ship."

"Well, actually," the Major began, "we were wondering why our ship–the Prometheus, is causing so much damage to yours. From all our knowledge it shouldn't be so easy."

"You are correct; I am putting forth no effort to respond to your ship's attacks."

The Tau'ri glanced at each other once, all of them sharing confused looks, before staring back up at the screen.

"And why the hell are you doing that?" Bakura asked bluntly, shrugging at the others when they seemed about to question him.

Repli-Carter smiled only slightly as she answered, "It is because I wish to be destroyed."

To be Continued...