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Chapter 1: I'm human!?

------- Log 101-23-07: Tallon IV has been taken. Bioform Samus Aran, also known as the hunter, has infiltrated all facilities and laboratories on the planet, killing thousands of personnel, destroying all experiments, and killing Metroid Prime. Numerous destress calls were received by Command, but they stopped coming as soon as they arrived. Several scouring teams were dispatched to the planet, only to find that everything was destroyed. The scouring teams have managed to capture several local life forms and Metriods as well as enough Phazon to continue experiments. They also found the remains of powerful Geoform, Meta-Ridly, who was presumed to be destroyed by the Hunter. Miraculously, Ridly's brain had survived. Pirates were quick to contain it and brought it back to our home base. His previous body has been incinerated completely. Luckily, we have a plan that may put him on an even playing field as Samus Aran...-------

Ridly squirmed a bit as he regained consciousness. He woke up with a start. What a horrible nightmare... he had dreamed that Samus Aran was standing over him with her arm cannon. But it seemed so real. Several space pirates were gathered around him. He sighed with relief, glad to be back within a base. He tried to flex his wings... only to find that they weren't there! He looked over his shoulder in shock to find that he no longer had his large wings!

He looked himself over. Instead of his rubbery skin or the metal plating that had been added to him when he had been rebuilt, he found that he had ordinary pale human hands. He felt his head to find hair there. He looked at the pirates and growled. "What the hell have you done to me?!" he demanded. He quickly put a hand over his mouth. He had just spoken English! That foul language that humans used!

One of the pirates stepped forward. "Ridly, calm down. Let me explain what happened."

Ridly looked at the pirate with malice. "I'm listening..."

The pirate nodded. "You see, after we received word from Tallon IV that all of our Phazon mining and research facilities had been destroyed by the hunter, and that Metroid Prime was now dead, we sent several scouring groups to the planet to salvage whatever was still operational. We captured several Metriods and local life forms, along with a large vat of Phazon, meaning that we will still be able to continue our experiments with it."

Ridly stood up, ignoring the slight dizziness that he felt. "I don't give a flying fuck about that! Just tell me what the hell I'm doing in a human body!"

The pirate waved his hand, signaling for Ridly to calm himself before continuing. "Ridly, please... As I said, we sent scouring groups to see what they could find. They came across the remains of your body, which was mingled beyond repair."

Ridly shook his head and gave an ironic chuckle. "So it wasn't a dream. Samus actually did blow me to bits... again..."

The pirate nodded. "Yes, Samus did destroy your previous body. However, your brain somehow survived what had happened. We were able to contain it and brought it back here to the labs. Since your last body was destroyed and there was an insufficient amount of DNA to try and clone you a new body, our only other option was to give you a new body and pray that the brain would adapt to it."

Ridly growled and stood up. He really wanted to punch the pirate's lights out, but he would wait until after he heard what else they had to say. "So why a human body?" he asked. "Why not another pirate's body?"

The pirate continued. "Well, after several analysis', we finally managed to make a working replica of Samus' power suit." He motioned to another pirate who brought forward what looked like a black and grey version of Samus' power suit. "None of our units can fit into it or operate it. Besides, they would be crushed when they activated the morph ball feature anyway."

Ridly looked thoughtful and reached out, fingering the suit's arm cannon. "So, you completed this while I was on Tallon and when I was destroyed, you took this opportunity to create something that could actually use the suit?"

The pirate nodded. "That is correct, Ridly. You are the only pirate among us who is capable of wearing this suit."

Ridly chuckled again. "Destroying Samus with her own weapons... I like the sound of that."

The pirate pulled up some holographic images and pointed to them. "It is interesting. While you slept, your brain seemed to mutate a bit to the point where it actually functioned exactly like a human brain in a human body. You will feel human emotions, think like a human, talk like a human... basically, you have become a human, in a manner of speaking."

Ridly looked a little angry to learn this, but he decided that it was a small price to pay for this power. "Let me see what I look like now."

The pirate nodded and grabbed a large mirror, turning it so that Ridly could see himself. He was actually quite handsome. He looked young, around nineteen to twenty-five. His eyes were a piercing emerald green and his hair was a brilliant purple. It reached down passed his shoulders, flowing freely. The pirates had also been kind enough to supply some clothing as well. He wore a purple hoodie with a pair of green camouflage pants. His shoes were simple running shoes, the kind that athletes wore. He smiled slightly. "Tell command that Ridly is back... and get me the location of bioform Samus Aran now."

The pirates saluted and ran off. Ridly sat back down, eyeing the suit. He slipped on the helmet. And smiled. So this was what the hunter saw when in combat. A few of the switches interested him, so he tried them. The first one changed his vision so that he could look at something and scan it. He scanned several of the computer screens and received several of the files stored within. 'So, this is how she hacked into our files,' he thought. "She is quite resourceful..."

He tried the next one and saw that it turned everything purple. He looked over at a cryosleep tank that held a metroid. The metroid appeared to be a red color. A thermal scanner. That is how she dfeated the shadow pirates so easily...

He tried the final one and staggered a bit. It turned everything white and he saw through nearly everything. "X-ray vision... this technology is foreign to us..."

Curious about the other things that the suit could do, he tried it on. It took him a few tries to get into everything. He fingered the arm cannon lightly and saw the different settings on it. Power beam, wave beam, ice beam, and fire beam... such a large arsenal. And her infamous grapple beam.

He jumped into the air, suddenly feeling very light. He pushed up in the air and was launched up again. He could jump twice... that could come in handy...

He tried the morph ball and rolled around a bit, setting mines in places that he knew couldn't be harmed by them. He transformed back. "Wow... Samus has some incredible powers... I'm beginning to understand how she defeated us all those times..."

A pirate stood at the top of the stairs. "Good, you are already in the suit. Command have granted you permission to go after Samus on your own. They have located her on the planet Tropico, a paradise and a human resort. Your ship has been implanted with coordinates to the planet. But, if we call you back, you are to abort your mission immediately, no matter what the status or circumstances. Is that understood?"

Ridly smirked and ascended the stairs. "Yeah, it is. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some business to attend to."

Ridly walked to his ship, his mind filled with thoughts of revenge. "I'll finally get you, Samus. I will make you pay for destroying my beautiful body... You will pay for all the trouble you caused the space pirates... you will pay... with your life!"


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