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Epilogue: It ends and it begins again

Samus sat with Ridley, Nala, Chirps, and Phaze in the meeting hall of a large space station. As it turned out, not all the humans had been destroyed when the pirates had decided to blow up the earth. In fact, nearly half the worlds population had gotten off in time. Of course, some humans should have been left there.

The government officials, the same ones who had laughed in Ridley and Samus' face when they had tried to warn them about metroid core, were now standing in front of them, smiling. The bastards had taken a secret shuttle off the planet and weren't even going to bother with a full planetary evacuation procedure. The cleared their throats and walked up to where Samus and her friends now sat.

One of the larger men was the first to speak. "Samus, Ridley, Nala, Phaze, Chirps, we are in your debt. Thank you all for ridding us of the pirate menace once and for all. As a reward for your hard work and dedication, we would like to reward you by giving you the opportunity to join the elite guard of the universe. What do you say?"

Samus grinned and stood up. "Sir, we anticipated this offer, so we have each prepared our own answer for you."

Phaze cleared his throat. "I am afraid that, since it would be rather odd to fight alongside a race who was thought to be my sworn enemy for all these years, I must decline. So sorry, but I don't think that you would have much use for one you had so many times branded as an enemy."

Nala, who was still wearing the helmet for translator reasons, looked the human leaders over. "I don't really see why you would want a kitty like me on the guard I'm sure that the tremors that you people cause when you walk would be enough to keep the enemy away from you." Chirps whistled his agreement.

Ridley's response was quick and effective. Raising his hands and extending his middle fingers, he said, "Fuck you." He chuckled a bit at their vacant stairs to the four responses they had received so far.

Finally, Samus broke the silence. "As you can see, we all think that you should shove that offer right up your fat ass. We prefer the bounty hunter's life, thank you."

All four of the ones who could, saluted and walked out, hearing a satisfying string of curses from inside the office. They wasted no time in getting back to their own ship. Samus and Ridley had actually welded their ships together, combining the two computers to create quite a formidable craft.

Everyone boarded the ship and it buzzed to life as all the systems were brought online. Ridley smiled and sat next to Samus. "Are you sure about this?" he asked her.

Samus smiled and kissed him lightly, fingering the ring that she now wore on her finger. "Ridley, of course I'm sure. You were the one who asked me to marry you, you can't chicken out now. Besides, just because we have a promise to fulfill doesn't mean that we shouldn't forget about what we have with each other."

Nala made a soft purring noise from her seat, Chirps on a pedestal right next to her. "Aww, you guys keep this up and I think I might cry."

Phaze chuckled. On a ship, flying across the galaxy to find stasis tubes holding the eggs of a possibly apocalyptic race with newlyweds? This is going to very interesting very fast."

Samus sighed and turned up the thrusters. "You two shut up. Don't forget, you have jobs to do now. We're part of a team, so don't think that Ridley and I slacking off means that you can."

Nala snorted at her. "Don't worry, we won't. But if you get pregnant in the middle of our hunt, don't come crying to me."

Samus frowned. "And what makes you so sure that I would become pregnant?"

Phaze grinned and cleared his throat, doing a rather convincing impression of Samus. "Oh Ridley, please fuck me harder!"

Samus blushed crimson while Ridley growled. "You bastard, I can't believe that you were listening last night!"

Phaze laughed gently. "I didn't want to, trust me! But you two were so loud that even Chirps couldn't get any sleep."

Chirps squawked and bobbed up and down, signifying that he agreed. Samus sighed. "Oh be quiet, we're entering hyperspeed in five... four... three... two... one... zero..."

The ship seemed to disappear in one swift flash of white light, contrasting the black space around them that was dotted with stars of all shapes and sizes. From somewhere, a few stars seemed to shine brighter and the picture of a large chozo could be seen from within those stars, smiling as the ship faded. "Godspeed to your... child of the Chozo."