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Because I have an overwhelming amount of ideas that I didn't get to in the original "Razzy Plush" story, I'm making a sequel. The end of the original was just a stopping point, I don't know how big a story can get here. I must warn you that even though I haven't run out of story ideas, I do not know how I'm going to manage ending this one without making it lamer than the stopping point. "sigh"

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The problem with stopping is that I had trouble getting it started again. It's going to take a chapter or two to get back into the rythym. The only things that I'm going to explain as flashbacks is some of the 'missing time' that I built into the original story, and that's only because I never explained them to begin with. Now I'm just going to leap into the middle of a typical day for Raziel and Jennifer.

"Hey Raziel, could you do me a favor and read off the list?" Jennifer asked.

Raziel picked up a sheet of paper and slowly recited the names of the monsters that Jennifer had sewn. As he read, she put the stuffed toys into their box, getting them ready for shipping.

"Ten beholders, five chimeras, twenty displacer beasts, ten violet fungus, and five vargouilles," Raziel said, checking them off.

Jennifer shuddered as she tossed the last vargouille into the box. Those creepy severed heads had been more trouble than they were worth. She scribbled a note to the storeowner, notifying him that if he wanted any more of that particular monster, they were going to cost twice as much.

"Great, now all I need is the second part of his payment, and I can get these things shipped off," Jennifer said satisfactorily.

Raziel grabbed the key to the mailbox. "Maybe it's already here," he said as Jennifer pulled out the packing tape.

It took several minutes for Raziel to get the mailbox open; the key had a tendency to jam. He also could not avoid talking to the next-door neighbor, who swore that she was going to call the police next time she heard strange noises coming from Jennifer's apartment. Raziel wished he could just kill this annoying woman and be done with it.

When Raziel returned to the apartment, Jennifer was quietly talking on the telephone. "I understand, thank you," she said before she somberly set the receiver back into its cradle.

"My Aunt Clarissa is dead," Jennifer said.

"I'm sorry for your loss," Raziel said, fearing that Jennifer was about to get upset.

"Don't be. I only met her once," Jennifer said. Her tone was respectfully neutral. "She lived just across town. I went to see her when I moved here, but she had grown reclusive and eccentric. She just did not want anything to do with me."

"What did you do?" Raziel asked.

"I gave her my number and address and told her that if she ever needed my help, she only had to ask." Jennifer gave a ghost of a smile, "I guess it was a pointless gesture."

"It was a kind thing to do," Raziel pointed out.

Two days later, Jennifer had the task of taking her aunt's ashes back to the rest of the family for the funeral. "Are you sure that you're going to be okay here alone?" she asked Raziel.

"Only if you're going to be okay with doing this on your own," Raziel answered. "I don't think this is a good time to be introduced to your family."

"Another time would be better." Jennifer checked to make sure that the plastic wrap and tape was securely holding her Aunt's urn closed before carefully setting it in a cardboard box. "It's a shame that it's too far away for me to use a teleportation spell."

That evening, Raziel decided to spend some time flying. He still could not match Janos' skill in the air, and he doubted that he ever would, but Raziel was becoming more agile. When he turned back to the apartment, he noticed a strange shadow creep in through the balcony. Raziel silently glided down, expecting a fight.

What Raziel hadn't expected was to find out that the shadow was that kid that had frightened Jennifer some time ago. "What are you doing here?" Raziel demanded as he tackled the kid.

The kid simply started screaming his head off.

"Quiet!" Raziel demanded, knowing that this would attract unwanted attention from that nosy neighbor. Raziel demonstrated remarkable restraint in not killing the frightened boy, but he also didn't learn anything.

Eventually, there was a pounding on the door. "This is the police, open up."

Raziel hissed in annoyance as the kid screamed again. He heard the men outside the door preparing to break it down, and Raziel decided that he had better let them in.

"This child was trespassing," Raziel explained to the police.

"What about you?" one of the officers asked.

"What are you implying?" Raziel asked, keeping his hostility in check.

"I need to see your identification," the officer said, "some sort of proof that you're supposed to be here."

Raziel did not like where this was going. "I do not have any identification, but I assure you that I do belong here."

"I'm afraid that you're both going to have to come with me," the officer said.

Raziel quickly came up with a simple plan. He locked the doors to the apartment and followed the officers outside. Then he began running. They foolishly tried to follow him, but Raziel was much faster, even in his human form. He hated running away, but Raziel was concerned that these men would cause trouble for Jennifer later if he killed any of them now.

Raziel returned to the apartment later with no trouble. He kept the lights off and the television's volume turned low. He didn't want those policemen to come back. Fortunately, the rest of the night and the next day were uneventful.

Jennifer returned that evening. She frowned as she listened to Raziel's tale. "You're going to love this bit of news then," she said. "It turns out that Aunt Clarissa left her house to me. We can move out of here and into a place where neighbors can't hear us through the walls."

"That would be great," Raziel grinned.

Later, Jennifer called into the police department, inquiring about the kid that had broken into her apartment. It turned out that he lived in the same building, and claimed that he was just looking for money. Jennifer had to assure them that she recognized Raziel's description and wasn't worried about his presence. She could not come up with a good reason for his lack of identification or shirt that night.

"There's one more thing," the policeman on the phone said.

"What's that?" Jennifer asked nonchalantly.

"The kid claimed that your man had wings," the policeman said.

Jennifer laughed easily and asked, "Have you checked him for drugs?"

The policeman joined her in laughing and said that he'd check into that.