Chronicles of Atlantis: Children of the Gods

Title: Chronicles of Atlantis: Children of the Gods
Author: kazeko
Chapters: 22
Show: Power Rangers
Rating: R
Series: yes
Time: 1.5-2 years after Turbo, moved to January 2001, all of the orginal rangers are about 20 (except Kimberly & Tommy), Dulcea was the one who gave the rangers their Ninjetti powers, and no PRDT, whenever it was supposed to happen.
Disclaimer: Saban & Disney own the Power Rangers and they really oughta' consider releasing MMPR on DVD boxed sets so some of us can actually see all of the episodes instead of having to read online summaries.
Disclaimer 2: Everything that isn't Power Rangers (the crystals, the people of Uranus and Atlantis, and the history of Atlantis) belong to me and me alone. No stealing.


In the Time of Darkness, a single point of light shook her way free of the chaos that plagued the Universe. Her name was Eurynome, daughter of Chaos, and she was courted by a great serpent, Ophion, composed of the Four Winds—Eurus, Notus, Boreas, and Zephyrus. She laid a clutch of eggs in the sands of Chaos, and those eggs became the earth, the moon, the planets, the sun, the stars. She took up residence on the Moon and watched over the children on the earth, watching the savages evolve in body but never in spirit. As her brother and sister gods joined her on the silver-white satellite, she decided to create a pure race of power and wisdom to dwell on the Earth and instruct them on the proper use of their planet. An unfortunate volcanic explosion flooded the island Athena granted to the Children of the Gods, and they had to abandon Atlantis. As the Dark Ages settled their cold cloak over the "civilized" world, Eurynome brought her sons and daughters to a magically hidden palace on the Moon. As the settlement based in the Sea of Serenity grew, the Children of the Gods watched the Earth, refusing to retreat to the dark side of the Moon even when satellites and shuttles broke orbit and people walked close to their hidden home. They trusted in their magic and their gods to protect them, and they developed their minds and bodies to their fullest. Peace had reigned in paradise for so long that the queens never believed that trouble could threaten their home.

They were wrong.

"But we banished him from our galaxy eons ago! He shouldn't be able to leave M51!"

"My queen, he has escaped and he is coming. We expect his attack in days."

The Queen of the Moon stared at the Earth hanging above the crystallized glass that formed the roof of her reception room. "I do not want to leave my home," she whispered. "Is there nothing we can do?"

The black-haired man shook his head, never abandoning his kneeling position. "My lady, the Godchild Zordon once defeated Chaos child Zedd and sent him far away, but he defeated Rita Repulsa as well, and we know she is nearby. We have no means of defense and we cannot hope to fight the most powerful sorcerer in the Universe. My queen, we must abandon New Atlantis."

The Queen, Selei, hung her head. "I do not want to leave. I am old, Faren, and I cannot survive the strain of the journey to the Outer Solar System. Don't worry, though; I've got a plan to protect my people. Summon my daughter and bring her to me."

Faren nodded and dashed off, his steps light. Queen Selei ran her hands through her silver hair, touching the points on her keep ears, running her long fingers over the glass of her home. She had been queen for two hundred years, and she felt too old to travel so far. She would send her people, but she doubted that she would ever leave the Moon. She heard a soft sound behind her, and she turned, her composure perfect again. She smiled at the woman standing proudly on the silver carpet. "Yes, Ambassador K'tai?"

"Queen Selei, I have received word from my queen that her daughter has given birth. To a son."

Selei relaxed, smiling. "Thank Hestia. Now I know the alliance will go through as planned. Has he a name?"

"The queen has named him T'miyu in honor of the ancient king of Atlantis. The Alliance of the Outer Planets will meet him on the morrow at a great ceremony. As soon as your granddaughter breathes her first, the Outer Planets will ally with the Moon and create the greatest and most powerful coalition of planets. The Children of the Sky cannot wait to join with the Children of the Gods." She hesitated a moment, and Selei nodded, easily anticipating the elfin ambassador's next question.

"Yes, K'tai. Eurynome and Hestia have assured us that the child Jakouy carries is a girl. She will be bound in marriage to your Prince T'miyu the day she is born."

"Excellent! The Queen F'jil and Crown Princess N'baru will cheer at your news."

"K'tai, I'm afraid I must ask a favor of your queen. Rita Repulsa is stirring and Lord Zedd of M51 is coming here, to our galaxy. We Children of the Gods have no power to fight them, not since the Eltarian Zordon vanished, and I fear that my people will die."

K'tai moved forward, laying a kind hand on Selei's shoulder. "My friend, my mother would not deny any Godchild a home in the Outer Planets, and my sister would be happier if the future wife of her newborn was nearby. Please, do not hesitate to move New Atlantis to Uranus."

Selei nodded, frowning as a gentle quake shook the Moon. Faren dashed into the room, skidding to a stop beside the queen. "Majesty! Zedd is throwing his power at New Atlantis! He's trying to wipe us off the face of the Moon!"

Selei instantly snapped into battle mode, her multi-hued green armor and silk appearing, the gold filigree shining in the sun. "Evacuate to the Mars base now, hopping through the asteroid belt until you can get a clear teleport to Ganymede. We have so many people that you'll have to jump one planet at a time until you arrive on Titania, Oberon, or Miranda. K'tai, lead Faren and get my people to safety."

"And you, Queen?"

"I must find Jakouy and help her to the base on Mars before praying to the gods for any guidance they can give. Also, someone of the Ninjetti must remain behind to ward off Zedd and confuse him. He cannot find the people of New Atlantis." Faren nodded and left, K'tai laying a hand on the Ninjetti warrior's arm.

"Selei, I know the people of New Atlantis have not contacted Phaedos in centuries, but you must call Dulcea and ask for her help. She loves the Godchildren as much as you do. Please don't let your pride destroy your world."

Selei walked to a crystal ball that every queen guarded but none had used since Atlantis perished beneath colossal waves fourteen centuries earlier. It was the only link they had to the Godchildren who chose not to live in peace or had left when Atlantis vanished and the people moved to the Moon, and many citizens of New Atlantis considered those people traitors. Many of them, like Divatox and Maligore, had betrayed the ideals of Atlantis, but Dulcea had been called to Phaedos to guard the Well of Spirit, origin of the Ninjetti powers after Atlantis vanished. Selei, Warrior of the Serpent, laid her hands on the sides of the crystal, green eyes locked on the clear depths. "Dulcea, Warrior of the Owl, New Atlantis is following the path of Atlantis, and all of the Godchildren are needed. Please, sister, answer my call."

A face faded into existence, worry in her ancient eyes. "Queen Selei, I cannot help you. All you can do is evacuate your people and attempt to bounce Zedd out of the Milky Way, at least until your granddaughter is old enough to fight him."

"My granddaughter? She hasn't even been born yet."

"Your daughter is in labor now. Remember, your granddaughter and the grandson of the Queen of the Outer Planets must be protected. If they die, the Solar System will fall." She vanished, and Selei ran down the halls of her palace, eyes and ears searching. She heard a scream, and she slid into her daughter's room, eyes widening at the sight. Her daughter, the future queen of New Atlantis, struggled to birth her daughter, husband on one side as the medical staff swarmed around her. Selei only had time to get to Jakouy's side before she screamed one last time, her tiny daughter entering the world as her mother left it. The Crown Prince gasped and fell to his knees, shaking his wife, begging her to live. Two of the healers pulled him away, knowing that he would likely take his own life between the Moon and Uranus, and Selei felt tears fill her eyes at her son-in-law's pain. No child of the royal line had ever failed to be queen, and she knew that Jakouy's death was a sign of chaos and turmoil in her beloved society. Somehow, Dulcea had known that Jakouy would not survive, leaving her newborn girl to grow up an orphan. She took the tiny girl, wondering if she would be strong enough to become queen.

The healers left, called into the evacuation groups, leaving the current and future queens alone as the Earth rose higher and higher. Selei turned to leave, slowly trudging to the open courtyard, watching as the last of her people vanished. The citizens of New Atlantis were safe. She looked at her silent granddaughter, and she knew, somewhere deep inside, that the girl would not make it to Uranus. "Very well," she whispered. "Eurynome, I give you Kamirli. She needs her Spirit now, and she must leave this place and this war. I have never asked anything of you, but you must hide Kamirli from Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa until she comes into her power."

A tall woman dressed in flowing white appeared before the queen, eyes sad. She held out her arms and took the silent infant. The baby princess seemed to know that her life was destined to be hard and painful, so she never opened her mouth, closing her eyes as she cuddled into Eurynome's arms. "Are you sure, Selei?"

"I have to fight Zedd. If I go to Mars and take Kamirli with me, Zedd will follow the power signature and find my people and kill them. I cannot allow that."

"And what about the prince of the Outer Planets? His great power endangers his people."

"Can you take them somewhere together? We can find them after they learn how to use their powers."

"Very well." Eurynome glanced at the baby in her arms. "This one wish I can grant. Good luck against Zedd."

Hours later, the sixth queen of New Atlantis fell, all of her energy spent sending Zedd away again. He was delayed, but only for twenty years at the most, and New Atlantis lost its leader. Two babies vanished, but no one noticed in the rush of relocating the Children of the Gods until it was far too late. On her lonely world, Dulcea cried for the loss and the pain that she knew was coming on Uranus and on Earth. She had been able to infuse the two infants with Ninjetti power, having known already that they would be able to accept it. When they were old enough, the trace of power would be enough to identify them.

Fifteen years later, Zedd struck, and the only thing that stood between him and world domination was one last Godchild and a group of teenagers with powers they barely understood and lives full of danger they could not survive for long.

To be continued . . .