Chronicles of Atlantis: Children of the Gods

Title: Chronicles of Atlantis: Children of the Gods
Author: kazeko

Chapters: 22

Show: Power Rangers
Rating: R

Series: yes

Time: 1.5-2 years after Turbo, moved to January 2001, all of the original rangers are about 20, Dulcea was the one who gave the rangers their Ninjetti powers, and no PRDT, whenever it was supposed to happen.

Disclaimer: Saban & Disney own the Power Rangers and they really oughta' consider releasing MMPR on DVD boxed sets so some of us can actually see all of the episodes instead of having to read online summaries.

Disclaimer 2: Everything that isn't Power Rangers (the crystals, the people of Uranus and Atlantis, and the history of Atlantis) belong to me and me alone. No stealing.

Edit: This was only a small edit for some sections I felt needed a bit more description. I have technically started a sequel, but since it would take place entirely within the politics and scheming of the Atlantan/Uranian society, it could be a while before I write it.

Chapter 22: Foundation Day

"Gaiah? What are you doing here?" Kim looked around and down, wondering what she was standing on. She seemed to be in a world made entirely of silver light, and the First Queen of Atlantis stood before her, eyes sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow.

"I was waiting for you once more. Congratulations, Kamirli. Only a group of close friends and lovers could have unlocked the power, the full power, of the Great Crystal. I guess you finally learned how much you all need each other."

"Thanks to you. Where am I, anyway?"

"Somewhere inside the crystal, I think." Gaiah held out her white staff, sans Memory Crystal, and Kim hesitantly wrapped her fingers around it. Gaiah raised her hands, and her royal silver robes faded to a silver Ninjetti uniform, huge silvery white wings folded sedately along her spine. Kim looked at her own nearly identical Crystal Ninjetti form, and the ancient queen nodded. "Yes, Kamirli. I was the Warrior of the Crane, and the first Ninjetti all had Crystal Warrior forms. As time passed and the leftover power of the Great Crystal faded, there were no more Crystal Warriors and nobody really noticed. All Ninjetti can assume the form of their animal, and that has always been enough. You are the first crane in seven thousand years, ever since Eurynome bestowed the spirit of her messenger upon me, and I know you will make a great queen. All hail Kamirli, first queen of the Descendants of Atlantis!" She fell to one knee, head bowed, and other queens and kings appeared, also bowing.

Kimberly raised the staff Gaiah had once carried, and she smiled as the Great Crystal appeared on top of it. "I'll try to live up to your expectations. See ya'!"

"She's waking up. Kimberly?"

Kimberly groaned and struggled to open her eyes. "Billy?"

"Yeah. We're all here, Kim. Are you okay?"

She managed to force her eyes open despite the great weight determined to seal them shut, and Billy gasped, stepping back. Her other friends also backed away, exchanging confused glances. She sat up, one hand on her pounding head. "There are way too many people in here right now," she whispered.

"In this room?"

"No, Kat. In my head." Smiling, she looked up, mentally counting heads as her fingers landed on a smooth staff lying in her bed. Only mildly surprised, she picked up the slim but sturdy piece of wood, marveling at the silver feathers and tiny colorful gemstones embedded along its length, smiling at the quiescent crystal sitting on top. This time it had not shattered. "How long has this been here?"

"It was there when the communication/teleportation grid safety mechanism brought us back, with the Great Crystal already on top," K'tai answered. "I thought it might have been the weapon from your Ninjetti form."

"It's from the Crane, but not me. Gaiah gave it to me."

"Gaiah! The First Queen?"

"Yeah, Trev." Kimberly slowly slipped out of bed and stood beside Tommy, the only Ninjetti still sleeping. Smiling, she leaned down and kissed him. "Hey Handsome," she whispered as he opened his eyes. "Time to wake up."

"Hey! That's my line!"

"That's what you get for being late." Kim helped Tommy stand as they turned back to the others. "Is everyone here?" There was a quick chorus of 'affirmative', and Kim smiled. "Excellent. Billy, what's wrong?"

"You're eyes. They're different."

Kimberly waved her hand and a mirror appeared. "My eyes . . ." They were silver, sparkling with every color imaginable, and the colors reminded her of the Great Crystal. "Some of its power must have gone into me . . ."

"Good guess. My eyes always looked like two sparkling crystals."

Kim sighed and wrapped both hands around her staff. "Thanks, Gaiah, but I don't think I can stand having you guys in my head much longer." Concentrating, she found all of the memories the silver star had poured into her and transferred them to the staff, watching as the white wood developed facets, becoming a cloudy crystal rod, still covered in the feathers, silver engravings, and tiny gems. "There."

"The Memory Crystal," Amari whispered. "Selei hid it in the center of the courtyard. That's why she told us that no one was allowed to step on that silver star. Kimberly must have absorbed all the memories in the crystal when she stood on the star."

Kim nodded. "After you guys left for the moon, Alpha told me what you did, Tommy. Thank you."


"Alpha tried to make me get some rest, but I couldn't let you guys go off alone and fight Tebekren after all you did for me. I knew that the memories I gained on the moon had to be able to help, so I took the generator and breather Billy left and headed for the Moon. I'm sure Alpha and Zordon were pretty upset. When I got to the ruins, I went back to that star and I managed to unlock those memories. Gaiah came to me and told me the history of the stone I absorbed, then I spoke to Selei and Jakouy. My Crane finally came, after she finished helping all of you, and I became a Ninjetti. At first my suit was this pale rose color, and I told the crane that she had messed it up. She told me—"

"I told you," the Crane interrupted, appearing by Kimberly's side, feathers a shining silver color, "that you did not know what your color is. When you figured it out, you would find the power to defeat Tebekren."

"And it was so simple! What color has been plaguing me since this whole thing began? It was silver all along, which is apparently the same color Gaiah wore. I realized that, and this silver light exploded from the star and placed adanaei in my hands. Then I thought of Tommy and landed on . . . where were we, anyway?"

"Sedna," Billy answered. "A small planet from the inner Oort Cloud that orbits the sun in a highly elliptical orbit and is currently nearing perigee with the Sun. Humans have yet to detect its presence—in four years it may be close enough. I studied Alpha and Zordon's star charts years ago and found this planetoid fascinating. Sedna is an Inuit goddess, the name Alpha and I chose. I have no idea what humans will call it."

"Thanks. Then I guess we defeated Tebekren. How did we get back, K'tai?"

"The communicator/teleporter power grid has a built-in safety mechanism to return the wearer to Titania if the vital signs of the wearer approach zero. We came back here. However, the power overload flowing through our hands had an unfortunate side-effect. Apparently the teleporters merged with us, the technology imbedded beneath our skin." She held up her right hand and pointed at the tiny gold star in the center of her hand. "It left a star mark on each of us in our Ninjetti color." She sighed, hanging her head as she walked to the window and looked down at the city. "We're the heroes of Atlantis and Uranus, but our long nap cost us. Today is Foundation Day, and there is no time left to find the prince. He'll be declared legally dead today, on his twentieth birthday."

"The prince and princess were born on Foundation Day?" Kim hid her smile as she turned to Billy. "So it must be Valentine's Day on Earth, February 14th."

"Yes, that sounds correct. How did you know?"

Kim coughed as she looked at her staff. "K'tai, how many times did you see Jakouy?"

"Only twice. I was there on her Presentation Day and I saw her the day she gave birth, but I only caught the end of that and didn't get a good look."

Kim walked over to Faren, Tarei, and their daughters. "Take a good look at me, citizens of New Atlantis. What do you see?"

Faren's eyes widened and he reached for the wall. "Oh my . . ."

She nodded and moved to the four Uranians, pulling Tommy with her. "Stand up straight, Tommy," she hissed, pushing him in front of her. "Look at him," she ordered. "What do you see?"

K'tai and Tr'vor stared at the man, swaying at the same time. "Why did I never notice? Kimberly . . ."

"I know, Kae." Kimberly, inwardly grinning at the confusion on the humans' faces, raised her staff. "Jakouy, show yourself."

An image appeared beside Kim as the crane image faded back into her Ninjetti's body. Jakouy was a petite woman with long brown hair that shimmered red in the light—a color humans commonly called chestnut. Her eyes were light brown, like coffee with a lot of cream in it, and she smiled, her expression identical to Kim's. "Ninjetti of Atlantis, Uranus, and Earth, allow me to introduce Jakouy, the last High Princess of New Atlantis, daughter of Selei. She's my mother."

"I can't believe it," Amari whispered, falling back to the bed. "K'tai was right. Kamirli did survive and she's been with us the entire time." Then she realized what Kim had said, and she dropped to one knee, head bowed. Every Atlantan and Uranian joined her on the floor, and the human Ninjetti followed, the realization that Kim was a princess hitting them. Tommy took Kim's arm, raising one eyebrow.

"If you're the princess, then who is the prince?" Tommy's brown eyes were sad, and Kim realized that he thought he was losing her. "Who do you have to marry?"

Kim smiled as Jakouy faded and the Ninjetti stood, eager for her answer. Smiling, Kim leaned up and kissed Tommy. "Who else, Handsome? You, of course."

F'paen, S'rei, K'tai, and Tr'vor nodded. "He does look like N'baru a little. If only we had looked a little harder before. Welcome to Uranus, Prince T'miyu."

And then Aisha started laughing. After all the stress and fear of their quest on top of the shock that their two leaders really were leaders, she couldn't help it. Billy joined in, followed by Kat, Rocky, and Jason, until all of the humans were giggling hysterically. Kim and Tommy joined in, followed by the Atlantans and the Uranians. They calmed down a few minutes later, and Tommy took Kim's hands in his. "I'm really the prince? I'm not human?"

"Neither am I. When Lord Zedd threatened New Atlantis, Selei had her people evacuated to Uranus, but she couldn't risk him following her energy signature along the evacuation route and destroy her people. She had to make her last stand on the Moon, but she didn't want her newborn granddaughter and heir to die, so she had Eurynome take me to give me a new life on Earth. Since she knew that T'miyu was also very powerful and that F'jil would create a shield around Uranus, she couldn't risk leaving the prince here where his power might call Zedd. So the gods took both of us to Earth, changed the memories of a hundred or so people, and we got families. The ironic thing is that our Ninjetti power made us the most likely candidates when Zordon was searching for Rangers to fight off Rita and Zedd. And now we've returned to our homes and we can take the thrones our mothers left, today on our twentieth birthday."

K'tai and Tr'vor smiled as they moved forward and embraced Tommy. "Hey, nephew T'miyu! I remember when you were born."

"I was on the Moon," K'tai admitted, "but N'baru said you were a little angel."

Kim turned to her friends, eyes sad. "I don't want to stay here, though."

"Why not, Kim?"

"Because I just found you guys again, Trini. If I stay . . ."

The nine human Ninjetti exchanged wry glances before turning to Billy, silently electing him spokesman. "Actually, Kimberly, we don't want to leave, either. See, on Earth we can't be Ninjetti and we'd have to give up our animal spirits. I must admit that I have become accustomed to having a wolf in my mind. We would all drift apart again without anything to hold us together. I don't know about the Crane, but the Wolf is not a solitary animal. We need our pack. And you guys are my pack. We took a vote while you and Tommy slept, and we decided to accept K'tai's offer to stay Ninjetti. She told us what she told you about the creation of human Ninjetti, and she told us that a brief session of painless genetic manipulation will make us Atlantan enough to live a full five or six hundred years, maybe a thousand. We'd be just like you guys and we could serve you as warriors forever."

"Is this really what you guys want?"

All nine nodded and Trini stepped forward to embrace Kim. "We really do, Kim. We were just going to stay here and be K'tai's Ninjetti, or Faren's, but being yours is much better. How are you going to tell your people?"

K'tai grinned as Tommy pulled Kimberly into his arms. "I have an idea."

The streets of Titania were decked out with ribbons, flowers, beautiful vines, flags bearing family crests, and banners. All of the citizens of Fallen Atlantis were invited to Titania for Foundation Day since their regents and all of the Ninjetti were guests of the Uranians, so the streets and nearby roofs and balconies were even more packed than usual. The green courtyard of the majestic palace was filled with high-ranking members of both societies, all wearing their finest silks and most expensive jewels. Strings of gems hung with the banners from the balconies of the palace, and the great building sparkled in the artificial sunlight. The main balcony on the second floor was hung with silver laced with white to commemorate the two Ninjetti leaders, the other twenty-two colors displayed on the smaller balconies.

The heralds began to trumpet, and all eyes turned to the main balcony. All of the floating cameras focused on the balcony, transmitting live holo-feeds to every other part of the city. Even the people on the streets could see perfectly. The Councilors were lined up on the sides of the balcony, dukes and lords on higher, smaller balconies with their families, small holo-screens in front of them so they knew how to react. As the silvery trumpets faded, regent Faren of Fallen Atlantis and Lady Regent Tarei moved onto the balcony, wearing their most splendid robes and jewels, sparkling in the sun. The dominant color in their formal robes were their Ninjetti colors, and each wore a thin Ninjetti circlet, the stone of their color in the center, as was proper. Faren held out his arm, palm up in the traditional male submissive gesture, and Tarei covered his hand and arm with hers, leading them both to the side. Their oldest daughter, yellow-eyed Revena, stepped onto the balcony next, her magnificent magenta dress covered in the majestic black spots her animal spirit, the Leopard, wore. Her pale green hair was pulled into an intricate braid that twined around her head and ended in a ponytail, emeralds sparkling brilliantly in strings in her hair.

Breaking the tradition of Foundation Day that the Regent's family had always followed, Revena held out her arm, smiling lovingly as S'rei joined her, beautiful indigo dress covered in Jaguar-like rosettes in white, her own pale blue hair in the same style as her lover's. She wore pale blue topazes in her hair, and her green eyes sparkled as the pair moved to one side amid the whispers and confusion of their people. They sensed that something was amiss, and they wondered what could have possibly happened since the strange explosion on Miranda scattered the crystal shards so many weeks ago. Lamiy was next, coming alone, though it was clear that her eyes were locked on someone in the palace. She wore a cerulean dress that made her ice blue eyes stand out, light brown hair unusually dull for a female Atlantan strung with colorful crystals to make it sparkle. She joined her older sisters as the identical twins emerged, though their family and their new Ninjetti partners could easily tell them apart. Adoure wore jade, the rich light green color nearly the same color as her eyes, and her red-highlighted pink hair hung in shining waves down her back. She grinned as she waved to the crowd, receiving a loving, but slightly disapproving glare from her copper-decked twin. Yaoure gestured to her lover, and F'paen emerged from the castle, wearing a suit colored in teal. He had used peacock feathers as his only ornament, the color enhancing his dark blue hair—unusually brilliant for a male—and brown eyes. The youngest child of Faren and Tarei was last, Abine wearing a subdued beige dress decorated with pale amethysts that matched her eyes and rose quartz to match her straight hair. She smiled as she bowed, the youngest of the Regent's daughters also the most respectful and mindful of public opinion.

The youngest daughter of Queen F'jil was next, dressed in sparkling gold silk liberally splashed with every gem she fancied, the hem made of golden silk feathers generously provided by the 'Realistic Earth-type Bird Feathers' company. Her red-gold hair shone as brightly as her dress, the curls bouncing joyfully as she walked. Normally K'tai avoided showy public appearances, but for once she was happy to let her bright wardrobe mirror the shining joy in her heart. Amari of Atlantis joined her, her dress colored in many shades of purple and covered in amethyst-studded designs. Her light purple hair boasted gentle waves, the top layer pulled into a jeweled bun, and her pink eyes were laughing with joy as she embraced her wife fearlessly for the first time in public, their loving kiss outraging the people on the ground. K'tai was going to be their queen! She had to marry for alliance, and Amari was no child of the Line of Gaiah! They moved to one side together as Fynn of Atlantis, taller than the only son of F'jil on his arm, appeared on the balcony, both men grinning. Fynn, of course, wore his warm orange suit, tiny black spots covering the pants and tunic, his colorful dark red-orange hair and forest green eyes marking him as one of the more unusually colorful males. Many of the Ninjetti fit into that category. Tr'vor was dressed in peach edged in light brown to mimic the lion, long red-brown feathers in his shoulder-length black hair, shining mahogany in the sun. That hair and his rare and brilliant golden eyes made him one of the most recognizable and colorful or 'feminine' males on the moon. He was unashamed of his partner, ignoring the disapproving sound leaking up to the balcony.

The Humans came next, and K'tai stepped forward to the speaker field to introduce them. The first two were Jason in red and Kat in rich pink, both obviously uncomfortable to be wearing such finery, Kat's golden blonde hair curled into gentle ringlets and sparkling with strings of rose quartz. They moved to the Ninjetti side of the balcony as soon as K'tai introduced them and the crowd cheered politely. Tanya and Adam stepped out next, her tan dress enhanced with tiger's eye and emeralds, the Warrior of the Frog striking in interlaced shades of green. Billy, once again wearing the blue he loved so much, stepped out, yellow-decked Trini on his arm. Her shining black hair had been a joy to the servants that had strung golden topazes through her straight locks and strings of round amber around her waist and arms. The last three Humans came out together, Zack's black suit enhancing the grace that marked him as a Feline, Warrior of the Panther. Rocky was proud of his mahogany suit, enjoying the finery and the attention, and Aisha's long braids were strung with dark topazes to match her bronze dress and the strings of white crystal beads hanging in loops from her waist.

K'tai waited for silence as she glanced at the Councilors on one side and the Ninjetti on the other before she spoke. "Today is Foundation Day, the anniversary of the day seven thousand years ago when Eurynome placed enhanced humans on the island of Atlantis and gave us Gaiah for a queen. Seven thousand years ago Atlantis began, and today a newer Atlantis begins. Five years ago, I left Titania to search for my nephew, T'miyu, the rightful heir to the throne of Uranus as declared by my mother F'jil and my only sister N'baru. Unfortunately, I did not find him, even after my twin brother joined me. We did find eleven special men and women who had been touched by the Ninjetti Power and could help us find the prince and the power to defeat Tebekren. Thankfully, we found it. Today is a great day for our people, and not just because it is Foundation Day. We have defeated the greatest threat even to the gods, and Tebekren is gone for good. We released the full power of the crystal and it did not shatter, remaining in its full form to protect us. The Human Ninjetti have decided to remain among us, accepting some simple genetic alterations to become Atlantans. I welcome these nine Humans to our world."

"Welcome!" sounded from thousands of throats and the Humans waved.

"Also, I am here to announce a seemingly inconsequential event that occurred fifty years ago on the Moon. Amari of Atlantis asked me to be her bride, and I accepted. Our laws have kept us apart since we wed, but I will no longer accept that decree. Amari is my wife, and I will be with her." Cries of disbelief and displeasure filled the air as the First of the Council N'moki moved to join K'tai, glancing at her two Ninjetti offspring first. K'tai raised her hand for silence, speaking before N'moki could. "I therefore relinquish any claim I have to the Throne of Uranus. I will not be queen."

"K'tai! Think what you are doing! Our people will not follow Tr'vor, even if he does marry one of Faren's daughters. This is your birthright! We have no one else to lead us."

"Wait, N'moki. Let me speak." The Councilor grudgingly returned to her place, and K'tai waited for silence. "I will not leave you leaderless, though. I told you that I failed to find the prince during my journey to Earth. That is because the gods did not reveal the identity of our future leader until today. Let me introduce Tommy Oliver of Earth."

Cries of disbelief greeted the white-suited man who appeared on the balcony, and the cries faded to silence. He took his place in the speaker field as K'tai stepped back, finished. He cleared her throat before beginning. "Greeting, descendants of Atlantis. I know I may have been raised on Earth, but I have fought some of the greatest threats to Earth and this solar system with the men and women standing beside me, including Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, and Divatox. You see, I was raised on Earth, but I was not born on Earth. I was actually born on Titania, in this palace." Shock filled the crowd, and the Councilors moved closer, eager for his next words. "Though I lived Tommy Oliver on Earth, I was born T'miyu, son of N'baru, Prince of Uranus."

Absolute silence. N'moki stepped forward, touching Tommy's arm. She stared into his eyes and gasped, her next words easily audible to the entire crowd. "By the gods. It is you. I thought I'd never see you again."

"All hail Prince T'miyu!"

Tommy smiled at the cheers as N'moki held up her hand. "I definitely think it is time to crown our new king." She waved her hand, and three servants dashed into the castle, reappearing with the new crown forged from the old queen and king crowns specifically for the new male ruler of the combined kingdom. Tommy fell to one knee, and N'moki raised the silver, gem-studded crown above his head. "I never thought this day would come, the day when I could introduce to Uranus the son of N'baru, Prince T'miyu. I now bestow upon you the crown you were born to wear. Rise, King T'miyu."

Tommy stood to raucous cheers, smiling out at the crowd. "Thank you," he smiled, having been prepared for the crowning by the Ninjetti prior to the great ceremony. "But I know that my mother's and grandmother's fondest wish is for Uranus and Fallen Atlantis to be united. To that end I announce my engagement to a citizen of Atlantis. I will let her introduce herself." The king stepped to one side as all eyes turned to the door that led into the palace.

Kimberly, shining silver in the light, stepped out, gems of every color covering the silk of her dress in designs that included roses and birds in flight. She carried a tall staff topped by a crystal that the people recognized from literature and legend, her steps measured and graceful. Her chestnut hair was loose, hanging down her back, eyes sparkling in the light. She smiled as she took her place, and the Ninjetti and Councilors gasped when they realized that she had two silver-feathered wings folded sedately along her spine. The backless dress left room for the extra appendages, a thin silver strap strung between the two sides of the dress just above her shoulder blades. The wings were not obvious to the people on the ground.

"Hello. I am Kimberly Ann Hart, raised on Earth, the first Pink Power Ranger. I spent three years fighting Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. When K'tai and Tr'vor came to Earth, they saved me from depression and despair, eventually taking me back to Angel Grove and my friends. I only found my animal spirit, the crane, as the other Ninjetti battled Tebekren on Sedna. I journeyed back to the Moon, desperate to help my friends and the man I love, and I discovered that the silver star in the center of the palace courtyard was the final resting place of the second Memory Crystal, and all of those memories were transferred into me. I met the queens of the Line of Eurynome, and I learned that I did have the power to defeat Tebekren. I merged with the crane and discovered my power, becoming the Silver Ninjetti, Warrior of the Crane." Kim nodded at the gasps. "Yes. The last Ninjetti to carry my color and power was Gaiah, First Queen of Atlantis. And then I found the twenty-fourth Crystal Shard, adanaei of Spirit. We defeated Tebekren and returned here, where my future awaits. You see, while I was on the Moon, Queen Selei and Princess Jakouy told me something very important about my past." She raised her wings and flew off the balcony, heading for the marble statue of Selei in the center of the grassy courtyard. Smiling, she placed her hand on the woman's cheek, knowing that the cameras and eyes were following her.

"When Selei realized that Lord Zedd would be able to follow her energy signature to Uranus and destroy her people, she knew that she had to make her final stand on the Moon, but she did not want her daughter's only child and heir to die. So she called on the gods and asked Eurynome to take her granddaughter, Kamirli, to Earth and give her a safe home and a new life away from Zedd. She also took T'miyu to Earth so the soul mates would not be separated and so T'miyu's power would not draw Zedd. And both grew up happy and safe on Earth until Zordon called Kamirli to be a Ranger and T'miyu, too, when he came to Angel Grove." She turned back to the people, landing in Selei's arm beside the baby, silver wings still half-open. "Kamirli was the first Pink Ranger."

As the people realized what Kimberly had said, realization dawned and they began to hit their knees, heads bowed. Kim opened her great wings and soared back to the balcony as every Atlantan and Uranian hit one knee, even the Ninjetti and the Councilors, leaving only Tommy standing. Smiling, Tommy held out his arm, palm up, and Kim placed her hand and arm on top of his, lifting her staff above her head. "I am the granddaughter of Queen Selei, daughter of Jakouy, seventeenth Queen of Atlantis, Warrior of the Crane, Silver Ninjetti, Kamirli, and I have returned! Rise, descendants of Atlantis."

As cheers filled the air, Faren stepped forward, a servant appearing behind him, the new intricate silver crown embedded with dozens of gems that had been forged for the new queen of the combined lands on a pillow in the servant's hands. Faren took the crown and silence filled the courtyard. "Kamirli, you have proven yourself worthy of the throne of Atlantis, and I could not be prouder of you. You deserve this crown." He placed the circlet on Kim's head, smiling. "Rise, Kamirli, Queen of Atlantis."

Cheers greeted the new queen, and the new rulers of Uranus and Atlantis smiled at their subjects. Clearing her throat, Kimberly spoke. "Today is my twentieth birthday, and for my entire life I have wondered where I belonged. Now, thankfully, I know. I am meant to rule and make Uranus and Atlantis better. To that effect, I have two announcements to make. First of all, I am appalled by your treatment of K'tai and Amari. They have been married for fifty years, but they have never been allowed together. From this day forth, I will not allow any law that keeps two people in love apart, whether Atlantan or Uranian. Also, the law that dictates that a lady's, duchess's, baroness's, Councilor's, princess, or queen's first marriage must be to a man is also horrible. Atlantans have the technology to create viable embryos from two eggs and I will not have people like K'tai and Amari kept apart just because one is a descendant of the queen line. The gods will watch out for us; we don't have to force queens. I bless the marriage of K'tai and Amari and any of my cousins or the other Ninjetti who wish to wed may marry anyone they wish.

"Secondly, to address the issue of the combined kingdom. In 2600, Namirah, daughter of Laredae, came to Titania and built a new society. The reason she came to Atlantis was because she knew that a son of her line would one day be needed to marry a daughter of her sister's line. Tommy and I are those children, and our marriage will merge our two peoples once more. We cannot live on Titania and we cannot live on Oberon, because each moon belongs to a different half of the descendants of Atlantis. We could never be at peace on one of the moons of Uranus. The only place we all truly belong is Earth, but we cannot live there yet. The humans are not ready. But the Moon is a choice."

"We're going back to the Moon?"

"Not immediately, First of the Council N'moki. That would be impossible. But I know we have the technology to move all of Uranus and Fallen Atlantis back to the Moon. That is where we belong, not here, hiding at the outer edge of the solar system. The gods are on the Moon, and the Children of the Gods belong there, too."

A brilliant white light appeared on the balcony between the Ninjetti and the Councilors, fading to reveal Eurynome, and every person hit their knees, including the new king and queen. The goddess laughed as she pulled Kim and Tommy to their feet. "It took you long enough. I was wondering if you two would ever find your way home. There is someone here who would like to speak to you." She waved her hand, and Dulcea of Phaedos appeared beside her, smiling as she embraced Tommy and Kim.

"I knew you would come home one day. Good luck running this country. I am glad that Selei was able to save both of you." She bowed and vanished, heading back to Phaedos and her guardianship. Eurynome smiled as she touched Kimberly's cheek.

"I, too, wish you luck, Kamirli, and I eagerly await the day when I may welcome you to the Moon." She smiled and vanished, leaving the Atlantans and Uranians alone again.

Kimberly turned back to her people. "I guess the gods have returned to their children. Our wedding will be tomorrow, and both planets are invited to attend."

Kim smiled, pulling Tommy's arms tighter around her slim frame. "Can you believe it? You and me married, king and queen of the Descendants of Atlantis? This is just too much, Tommy."

Tommy nodded, reaching over to brush a strand of hair out of Kim's eyes. "It's like a fairy tale come true. I have wished for this day ever since I first laid eyes on you. I love you Kim, and I don't know what I would have done if someone else was Prince T'miyu."

"I would never have let you marry anybody else," she whispered, resting her head on Tommy's chest and listening to his heart beat. "I love you, Tommy Oliver, King T'miyu of the Descendants of Atlantis."

"I love you, too, Kimberly Ann Hart, Queen Kamirli of the Descendants of Atlantis. And you made K'tai and Amari so happy. Now they can live together as they were meant to. You just may be able to undo all of the damage of L'foue's reign in just a few years, my love. You'll be the greatest queen Atlantis ever had."

Kimberly blushed. "Thanks, Tommy, but I think our greatest contribution will be the next generation. With twenty-four Ninjetti eager and willing to pass on their powers to a large number of offspring, we and our friends will ensure that the Atlantis we build will always be protected and will thrive on the Moon."

"It's all well and good to think of children, Beautiful, but that is looking a while into the future."

Kimberly smiled as she rolled onto her back and took Tommy's hand, placing it on her bare stomach. "Allow me to introduce you to the next Descendants of Atlantis."

Tommy's eyes widened. "You're pregnant? Already? But we only . . ."

Kim nodded. "Ninjetti know within hours of conception. Besides, when Eurynome touched me earlier, I sensed her activate one of the shards of the Great Crystal, ranelet of Fertility. She wanted our heir to be conceived tonight."

Tommy gently ran his fingers over his wife's flat stomach. "Is it a boy or a girl?"

Kim grinned as she kissed Tommy's cheek. "Actually, my husband, it is both."

The End