Unbuttoned by Ana Lyssie Cotton

Disclaimer: Not mine. Set: during 'The Eye'. So. Contains spoilers. Probably. I don't know, I've only seen that rather cuuuute picture. And the other one.
Notes: This one is mainly A.j.'s fault. And Little Red's. And Chiroho's.
SPOILERS!!! For an un-aired episode, and I could be highly wrong about a few things. Called, uh, "The Eye"




"Your vest is on backwards."

"You've got a hickey."

There was the sound of shuffling and scuffling in the hallway, and then Elizabeth began walking again, her long stride leaving John half in the dust as he re-buttoned his vest.




She reached up a hand and ran it through her wet hair, then grimaced. "We were outside watching the storm?"

"Mmm. And we still heard the page over 80-mile galeforce winds?"

"Eye of the storm?"

He just looked at her, eyebrows up, lips smirking.

"No mocking." She shook a finger at him, then turned the corner and almost collided with one of the tech sergeants.

The young woman yelped and backed against the wall. "Ma'am. Sir."

"Sergeant." They said in chorus, before continuing.

"But, Lizzie, it's not my fault you look cute when interrupted."

A snort came from her, then she chuckled. "And look who's talking Mr. I can't find my pants."

"Hey, I had no idea you'd thrown them under the bed."

"It seemed fair after my bra ended up in the closet."

A look of pure amusement crossed the Major's face. "That was inspired."

"Uhuh. And yet, also your fault."

"Hey, did I say no to 'my shower is free'?"

She eyed him, then shrugged. "No." Another chuckle escaped her. "Although, if I looked amusing, imagine my view as you dove across the bed..."


"Nearly there, Major," She glanced down pointedly. "Better start thinking of ice."

A defensive look came into his eyes, but he sniped back. "Zip your shirt."

"I like it--"

"Hickey, Lizzie."

"Says the man who still has his t-shirt on inside-out." Not, of course, that he would have remembered it if she hadn't thrown it at him during the mad hunt after the page had rung out interrupting the rather--heated--shower moment.


She paused as they arrived at the conference room, and shot him a smirk. "Don't worry, no one will notice." Then she zipped up her turtleneck and set her palm on the door.

As it slid open, Sheppard hastily ran one last hand through his hair. "Think they'll notice?"

"Of course."

"Think they'll care?"

She glanced sideways as they walked across the expanse of floor towards the command center. "I haven't the slightest."

"Think we can leave it in their capable hands and go back?" Now he looked hopeful.

"Dr. Weir, Major Sheppard." McKay waved a hand at them. "Nice of you two to join us. Now, if you're done playing in the rain, we have a city to save."

So they did. They could have shower sex later. Awareness of the man standing next to her rippled along her skin as his hand casually brushed her ass. And then she shed the role of playful lover and became all business.