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Full Summary: A curse has been cast upon Kagome...She must choose between Hojo, Kouga, and Inuyasha. Easy choice, right? Wrong. Whomever she chooses, she must assume their race (become human if she chooses Hojo, demon if she chooses Kouga, and hanyou if she chooses Inuyasha) and will fall in love with her choice, and Inuyasha just may not be her choice...

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"SIT!" Inuyasha plunged to the ground.

"Hey, what didja do that for, wench?"

Kagome scowled, "If you don't know I'm not going to tell you!"

But he knew why. Why do I have to ruin everything? They were giving Sango and Shippou a bit more time to sleep. Miroku was bathing in the nearby river. Kagome had asked what Inuyasha planned to do with the Shikon no Tama once they had completed it. He wanted to use it to become a full demon, really he did, but recently, he had been reconsidering. But he could never say anything right; everything came out wrong when he was around her. Why? I never felt so tongue-tied with Kikyou... He said he wanted to become a full fledged-demon. She knew that, but for some reason it angered her to hear him say that. She said he'd kill them all. And he couldn't keep his big mouth shut. But what she said was what was tearing at him. He wanted to become a demon, but the thought of killing them, of killing her...it scared him. Why, though? And instead he said he didn't care. His words echoed back at him. "Feh! I don't care. Miroku's just a lecherous monk and Sango's a tajiya. And I'll be a demon. And Shippou, if he runs fast enough maybe I'll spare him." He grinned wolfishly.

"What about me?" she had asked, a trace of hurt, betrayal, and was that fear? in her voice.

He just couldn't keep his stupid, big mouth shut, could he? "What about you? You're just my shard detector."

He groaned and put his face in his hands. Suddenly a rage filled him and he punched the Goshinboku. Why does it hurt to see her look so hurt? Why does it hurt to see her tears? Why does it hurt more when it was me who caused them? WHY? Nothing made sense anymore.

Inuyasha was a young boy of about seventeen years, although no one really knew for sure. He had long silver hair that reached to his mid-thighs. Silver bangs covered his forehead and two shorter strands hung down on either side of his head, framing his face. His eyes were golden amber that held a hidden source of deep sorrow and pain, having gone through more than most twice his age have. They also held an amount of warmth, but currently it was absent to be replaced by coldness and anger. Other than that, he was a normal young boy. He was lean and muscular with a strong build. He wore bright red hakamas that filled out and gathered at his ankles and a matching red haori over a white gi. He refused to wear shoes, and hence his feet were completely bare, the only part of the body that was, save for his head and hands. Around his neck was a black beaded rosary with white fangs every five round beads. This held an enchantment over Inuyasha so that whenever Kagome uttered the word 'sit', he would crash face-first into the ground and was rendered momentarily paralyzed. A tattered old sword hung at his side, looking for all the world like a beaten up sword that had been passed down for far too long. Instead, when he opened it, he showed the world that appearances were truly deceiving as it transformed into a six-foot-long fang that he had inherited from his father. Yes, Inuyasha was a normal young boy, with one physical idiosyncrasy: he was a hanyou, a half-human, half-dog-demon. Atop his head, instead of human ears, a pair of furry white dog-ears poked themselves out of his hair, twitching and turning, picking up sounds from all around him. His mouth was closed, but when he opened it wide, small canine fangs could be seen. His hands were normal except for the long claws that adorned his fingers.

Kagome, too, was unusual; her difference, however, was not manifested through her physical appearance. On the outside, she looked like a normal Japanese schoolgirl. She had long flowing black hair that ran down to her waist. Her eyes were a deep chocolate brown. She looked just a like a normal young girl, with the not-quite-developed body that most fifteen-year-olds sported. Coming straight from school, she still had her green and white uniform on, consisting of a green pleated skirt that reached halfway down her thighs, a white long-sleeved blouse with green cuffs and collar, and a red tie. Her long, white tube socks reached half-way up her calves, leaving an enticing amount of her legs in the open. Finally, her feet were held in brown loafers. Beneath all this, however, she was he reincarnation of a very powerful priestess. She had inherited her powers and her soul, making her a formidable foe once her powers were under control.

Shippou was their young kitsune friend, who had come to view Kagome as a surrogate mother as he had lost his parents at a young age. He looked to be about ten years of age, but it was difficult to tell with demons. He had big, innocent green eyes and pointed ears like an elf's. His hair was a bright red and tied into a high ponytail with a blue bow. He wore navy blue hakamas with a navy bow in the front and a light blue gi with white seeds all over it. Two strips of fox fur came over his shoulders and looped around his armpits. He had human hands, but fox feet, which he kept bare, much like Inuyasha did. Finally, he had a big bushy ball of tan fur that made his tail, which was half the size of his body.

Miroku was a traveling Buddhist monk who had found a place in the family-of-sorts that Inuyasha and Kagome had unintentionally begun. He had black hair that he wore back in a low ponytail. At the moment, his grey-blue eyes were shining with slight pain and dreamy happiness. One gold hoop earring adorned his left ear, while two of the same adorned his right. He wore the traditional, long-sleeved deep plum robes of a monk, reaching his ankles. A lighter purple over robe was on top of the deep plum one, wrapping around his body and over his left shoulder, tying in the front. On his feet, he wore ordinary brown reed-woven sandals that looked like flip-flops. He had a long wooden staff in his right hand with a golden hoop at the top, the end of the staff running through it with a gold plating. On either side of the staff in the center, three golden rings hung around the edge of the hoop. His hands were his quirk. His right hand was cursed with a small black wind tunnel, or kazaana, that sucked in anything and everything in the vicinity. It was easily identifiable as he had covered it in a purple cloth that matched his outer robe and wrapped it in prayer beads to render harmless. When the beads were removed, however, it opened to reveal a dangerous gaping hole. His left hand, although appearing normal, had its own curse-of-sorts. It managed to find its way onto the posterior of every beautiful woman it came across, as it just had.

Sango seethed nearby. She was a beautiful woman, though much more with a smile on her face, which was currently absent. She had a thin muscular body that came from the line of work she was involved in. Sango came from a long line of tajiyas, or demon slayers. She had brown hair to her waist, like Kagome's. Her brown eyes were angry and exasperated, though usually they shone with happiness, hiding the pain in her soul. She wore a white-and-maroon-striped kimono with a green skirt wrapped around it. She wore reed sandals on her feet like Miroku's and a blue and white shawl around her shoulders. Beneath her simple women's clothing, she also wore her tajiya costume. It was a black skin-tight costume that covered her arms to her lower-arm where her arm guards started. They reached down to her wrists, accenting her muscular arms, and covered the back of her hand and some of her palm. It also went down to her ankles, showing off her leg muscles. She had pink elbow guards with a pink ribbon that wrapped around her arm to keep it on. Similar knee guards were held on by pink ribbons around her leg, and pink shoulder guards with pink ribbons looped around her armpit. A large pink guard protected the area from right beneath her bust to her crotch. Finally, her feet were covered in black cloth with yet another pink ribbon wrapped around her foot. A larger pink ribbon was tied around her waist to hold her katana, and on her back, held up by a strap with one hand was a huge boomerang larger than Sango herself, which she would throw as her weapon of choice. When she was in this costume, her hair was, more often than not, held up in a high ponytail to keep it out of her face. Finally, her eyes were painted with a magenta eyeshadow that would've looked gaudy on most other women, but provided Sango with a feminine elegance that was lost in her tajiya gear.

She also had a neko demon companion, Kirara. She was a cream color, with black paws and black ears. Her eyes were big and red, with long black slits for pupils. A thin elongated diamond was present on her forehead. She had a tuft of fur oh her chest and two bushy tails with one black stripe that seemed to wrap around the end of them. However, when she transformed, her cuteness was lost. She would be engulfed in flames and then they would blow away to reveal that she had grown much larger to the size of a horse. She looked almost exactly the same as her chibi self, with longer fangs that hung down from her top lip and her tuft of fur grew around her neck like a mane. Her strength and speed increased tenfold and she gained the ability to fly.

Kagome sighed, her frustration hardly ebbing away. Is that all I am to him? A shard detector? Well, maybe I should just stop detecting shards...But then he'd leave...And for some reason, I don't want him to leave.


A kitsune demon lay with her back against the trunk of a tree, fast asleep. Her ears twitched as someone approached it, but did not wake. A hanyou picked it up and smiled. "Yes, I believe you will play an important part in the demise of Inuyasha." He spoke the other hanyou's name with a hatred unlike any other.

---Kaede's Village---


Miroku sat up, rubbing his cheek. There was a large, bright red hand mark on his cheek. He looked dazedly around for a moment before regaining his senses.

"Why can't you just keep your hands to yourself, monk?" Inuyasha's voice floated across to him.

"I'll try harder, I promise. My hand has a mind of its own! I find it harder to resist when there's a beautiful woman before me."

Sango blushed, but turned her back to him, partly to hide her blush, and partly to show her disbelief. Though...I wish he did think of me that way...What am I thinking? She shook her head to clear her mind of such thoughts.

Miroku, on the other hand, just smirked.

---Naraku's Castle---

A man sat in a dark room in a castle far away. He had long tangled black hair to his waist. His eyes were cold and uncaring, and when he smiled, it was a frightening, malicious smirk. He wore grey hakamas and a light blue gi. On his back, hidden by his clothing, was a spider-shaped burn mark, left to him by his previous form, Onigumo. Onigumo was a bandit who was burned to the brink of death. In order to save himself, as he was selfishly unwilling to die, he gave his body to a horde of demons and hence the hanyou, Naraku, was born.

Naraku picked up a slightly dusty glass sphere. He brushed off the dust and walked quietly over to the still form of the kitsune demon. She was deep in sleep due to the herbs he had placed under her nose moments before. They wouldn't last long, however. He held the sphere in his left hand carefully and placed his hand to the kitsune's forehead. He closed his eyes and concentrated. All the kitsune's memories and its free will flowed out of her mind and through his body, ending up in the sphere, binding the kitsune to it. When this was complete, he pulled his hand away from her forehead and sat down in his previous spot, placing the sphere next to him.

---The Next Day---

The ears on top of the kitsune demon's head twitched and she moaned as bright morning sunlight filtered through the open shoji through her closed lids. She snapped them open and stretched before sitting up. Where am I? She had no recollection of who she was, or what had happened. Oh well. I'll go find out from someone then. She smiled, two fangs poking their heads out into plain view.

She began to wander out of the room into the dark courtyard. Clouds destroyed any semblance of sunshine, giving off a evil ambience. She blinked and then looked around, searching for anyone nearby. She sniffed the air. Something had been here not too long ago. Its stench was still in the air. I'll find them and get them to give me some answers. Her smile broadened.

Naraku walked into the garden outside his room, calmly observing his surroundings, grateful for the darkness. He had always preferred shadow to light. He spotted the kitsune, noting that she had ambled out of the room already. "Kyoko." The kitsune lifted her head in response to the sound of its name. It was the only thing she remembered. He stepped back into his room, back into he shadow, and beckoned her in. Closing the door behind him, Kyoko realized it was actually quite dark. The sliver of sunlight that had wormed its way in was what had woken her. But that sliver was gone, and she felt better. She didn't really like the sunshine either. "Kyoko," the man's voice penetrated her thoughts, "I am Naraku, your master."

"Naraku," she repeated.

He nodded his head to the corner in the back and Kyoko turned to see a young girl step out of the shadows. Her hair was white, as was the rest of her body, including her garments. Two white flowers were slipped in her hair, their stems behind her ears. She held what appeared to be a simple mirror. She was no taller than Kyoko's hip. Her face was complete devoid of expression and she didn't utter a single sound. Her eyes were dead and emotionless. She held up the mirror and it began to swirl in white until an image appeared. It was of a silver-haired dog hanyou with red clothing and a young girl with black hair. "You will turn into the hanyou. His name is Inuyasha. Go to the girl with black hair. Her name is Kagome." He placed a hand on her forehead again, this time giving her all the information she needed. It all came in a rush and she stumbled back, gasping for air. But the transfer was complete. She knew everything she needed to know. Naraku spoke up, "Also, bring me back a strand of Kagome's hair." Her lips twisted into an evil smirk, fangs showing, and was gone.

---That Afternoon---

Kyoko arrived at Kaede's village in time to see Inuyasha storm off. She hid in some bushes and smirked. Perfect. With a flick of her tails and a pinch of powder from a pouch on her belt, Kyoko was gone. In her place was Inuyasha. The new Kyoko-turned-Inuyasha stepped out to where Kagome was sulking at the edge of the woods. "Kagome," she called, "I need to talk to you." She glared at her and scowled.

"Fine. You're lucky I was in a good mood today," she replied darkly.

Unfazed, Kyoko led Kagome into a small clearing in the woods, not too far from the village, but far enough so they wouldn't be overheard. "Kagome..." she started. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a clawed hand struck Kagome's cheek. The young girl clutched her bleeding cheek, stumbling backward in a futile attempt to remain balanced. But the shock was too much and she fell down on her butt with a small 'ouch'.

"Inu...yasha...?" she asked tentatively, the fear and confusion evident in her eyes.

Kyoko grinned. "That's my name."

Kagome shivered. His voice was so than normal. Anger was building inside her, but deep down she knew Inuyasha would never strike her. "Inuyasha...?" she began again.

Kyoko's grin widened at the fear in her wavering voice. She bent down, her hand aiming for her chest. Kagome's eyes widened. Kyoko ripped the shirt slightly and held the chain around her neck by one claw. She quickly snapped the chain and held Kagome's portion of the jewel in her hand. Kagome was too stunned to speak. "Thank you, Kagome," she said silkily.

Kagome's voice finally returned, but it was barely above a whisper, "Inuyasha...why?"

Kyoko played with the jewel for a moment in silence. "Why?" she repeated, a slight hint of mocking in her voice, "I'll tell you why. I've grown tired of this shard hunting. It's taking too long. So I'm going to do it alone. Are you surprised? I was going to leave you when I got the jewel anyway. It's the same thing, just a little sooner. Don't worry; I know it'll be painful for you if I just left, so I'll make sure I erase that pain before I go. As a...farewell gift." Her smirk widened into an evil grin. Kagome's eyes widened along with it. Kyoko backhanded her into the tree behind her. She rushed forward and slashed her chest, leaving long bloody marks to decorate her collarbone. Another slash across the stomach, and Kagome was struggling to remain standing.

"You were going to...to leave?" The disbelief in her voice was thick.

Kyoko burst out laughing, startling Kagome. "Did you really think I would hang around? No! Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm going to become a full-fledged demon." She smiled a wicked demon. "You're just a shard detector."

Kagome's eyes widened and began to tear up. She bent her head so her bangs obscured her eyes, but Kyoko saw the tears. "Awww," she mocked, "Did you think I had changed? Poor Kagome, she thought I had changed. Sorry, wench."

"Is that all I am? A shard detector?" Her voice was low and hurt, but Kyoko's dog ears caught every word. She smirked again.

"Yea, just a shard detector. Did you think you were something else? Something more?" She leaned closer, her voice lowering, "Did you think I loved you?" She pulled her face back and laughed. "Awww, sorry Kagome." Kyoko leaned in to the girl's ear. Her breath on Kagome's neck tickled the girl, "You may be her reincarnation, but you never measured up to Kikyou. You'll never be as good as her."

Kagome's eyes widened, her worst fears realized. "NOOOOOOO!" she screamed.

Kyoko scowled. Now everyone has heard her. Stupid girl. She stepped back, gave her a swift punch to the stomach, and giggled as Kagome doubled over in pain. The girl from the future straightened up again, despite the pain. Kyoko dug her clawed hand into Kagome's stomach, wrenching it and twisting it until there was a gaping, bloody wound. She picked Kagome up by the neck, claws piercing her skin slightly, and threw her against the adjacent tree. Kagome hit it with a dull 'thud' and slid to the floor, gasping in pain, the wind knocked out of her. She coughed up blood. Kyoko didn't stop there, though. The heat of battle raged through her veins like fire and she picked Kagome up again. Once again, the girl was thrown. She stood up again. Kyoko marveled at her body's resistance. Kagome punched the kitsune in the stomach this time. Kyoko stumbled backward for a moment in surprise. "How dare you!" she growled. Suddenly, she snarled and lunged forward, raining deep slashes across Kagome's back, front, and arms. Kagome ducked the last one and turned to run, but Kyoko beat her to it, managing to rip the back of Kagome's shirt and scratch it. Five long, deep, bloody scratches ran down her back. Kagome arched it in pain, crying out. Kyoko turned her around and punched her in he stomach, hard. A satisfied smile escaped her lips as the sound of breaking ribs reached her ears. She sunk her claws deep into her chest. Kagome began to gasp for air, took one last betrayed, painful look at Kyoko, and fainted. Kyoko sunk her claws into her chest, just below her collarbone, over her sternum, and smiled as five pinpricks punctured her skin. Kyoko raked her legs, leaving long bloody lines to run down them. Kagome screamed, even in unconsciousness. The sounds of running footsteps caught her attention. "Damn!" she swore, realizing she had lost track of time. She plucked a strand of hair from the girl's head. Then, she threw Kagome against the tree and her body hit the trunk with a sickening 'thud' and lay there, slumped as if in sleep. A bloody nightmarish sleep. Kyoko disappeared just as Kagome's friends, led by Inuyasha, arrived at the clearing.

---Naraku's Castle---

Kyoko sat down, washing her claws with her tongue, as she waited for Naraku. Finally, he arrived, opening and closing the shoji without a word of greeting. "Is she dead?"

"No," Kyoko replied, unconcernedly.

"Is she convinced it was Inuyasha?"

"Yes. I'd like to do it again. It was fun to see the fear in her eyes."

Naraku smiled, "Yes, perhaps we will. For now, we shall merely observe."

---The Clearing---

Inuyasha stopped dead, causing Miroku and Sango to bump into him and fall down and Shippou to fall off Sango's shoulder. Kirara whined. Sango looked at her in concern. "What is it, Kirara?" She and Miroku stood up and looked at the clearing. "It looks alright to m-KAGOME!" She stopped short at the sight of her friend's mangled body. Miroku, Sango, and Shippou ran out to her. Shippou was crying and Sango looked pretty close. Miroku just stared at Kagome with a solemn, sorrowful expression. Inuyasha, on the other hand, was speechless and motionless. He blinked and shook his head to clear the image, but it remained. It was real. He seemed to come to life and ran to her, pushing Sango and Shippou out of the way. Miroku caught Sango before she hit the ground.

Inuyasha stared at Kagome with a mixture of grief and anger. He placed his ear on her chest and heard a faint heartbeat. Relief washed over him. "She's alive," he croaked. He sniffed the air. The only scent he could pick up besides Kagome's was...

"Inuyasha's scent." Everyone blinked and looked at Shippou. "I smell Inuyasha's scent. But Inuyasha, you were with us the entire time, weren't you?"

Inuyasha growled at the fox-child, "What, you think I did it?!"

"No," he replied patiently, but his voice choked with tears, "I'm just saying what I smell." Shippou paused and walked up to Inuyasha and sniffed him closely. "But it smells kinda different. It's yours, but it's not." Everyone looked at him, puzzled, and shrugged. At this point, it didn't matter if it smelled like Inuyasha or not.

Sango was the first to awake from her trance. "We need to get Kagome to Kaede, and fast!" Miroku blinked and agreed, as did Shippou. Inuyasha was the only one who didn't respond. "Inuyasha?" Sango began, "Kagome needs to get to Kaede, and you're the only one who can carry her."

Inuyasha blinked, then nodded, as if finally hearing her voice. He picked her up gently and carried her quickly back to Kaede.

Kaede was the ancient priestess who resided in the village. She was the younger sister of the miko that Kagome was the reincarnation of. Her skin was wrinkled, betraying her true age. Her grey hair was pulled back into a low ponytail with a white ribbon. She wore red hakamas and a white gi, as was the traditional garb of a priestess. She also wore reed sandals on her feet and a black eyepatch over her left eye as it had been struck by Inuyasha fifty years ago.

Kaede looked up as Inuyasha rushed in, carrying Kagome in his arms. Her eyes widened. "Put her down here, Inuyasha!" she ordered. Miroku, Sango, and Shippou followed suit. "Shippou, child, fetch some water. Miroku, please get me some bandages from Kagome's bag. Sango, fetch me some herbs. I shall need the green plant growing at the edge of the forest. The one with the light green stem and dark green leaves." They nodded and left to perform their duties. Inuyasha refused to leave Kagome's side, but Kaede knew this would be the case and did not argue.

Sango came back with the herbs and crushed them for Kaede. Shippou brought the water, and Miroku, the bandages. Kaede set to work. First, she cleaned out all of Kagome's wounds. There were many gashes across her back, stomach, chest, upper arms, and legs. Minor scratches littered her chest, neck, and face. There was also a gruesome wound in her stomach. A final examination revealed that both her lower legs were broken, as well as three ribs. Kaede's face was grim as she relayed this to saddened faces. After washing the wounds, treating them, and bandaging them, Kaede stood up, dumped the bucket of bloody water outside and summoned Inuyasha. "Inuyasha, ye must watch over Kagome while she rests. I have some things I must attend to." And with that, she left Kagome lying asleep on the mat and Inuyasha watching her, leaning against the doorframe.

Inuyasha was beginning to get bored of watching her and sat down beside the door, never taking his eyes off her, silently willing her to awake. His wish came true as Kagome began to stir. He opened one eye and watched her. She sat up, decided it hurt too much, and lay down again, but not before spotting Inuyasha. Inuyasha? He has the nerve to look at me?! Rage boiled within her as she stared at her attacker. With a great deal of effort, she stood up, grabbed her bow and arrows from the corner, and notched an arrow. Inuyasha opened both eyes at the sound of her movement to find Kagome pointing an arrow directly at him. "K-Kagome?"

"Yes, Inuyasha? What, are you surprised that I'm pointing an arrow at you?" Her voice was icy and it made Inuyasha's blood freeze. What had caused her to take on such a transformation? He considered it was a spell similar to Tsubaki's, but her eyes were alive and fiery. "I may never be as good as Kikyou, you were right, but I'm pretty damn close. Does this seem familiar? Maybe Kikyou and I are more alike than you thought."

Inuyasha was frozen to the spot. Kikyou? Did I really say you would never be as good as Kikyou? He cursed himself under his breath. Kagome never curses! She's either really really mad, or she's under a spell, and I'm pretty sure she still has her free will...

Kikyou was the incarnation of Kagome. She had been the love of Inuyasha's life until Naraku had pitted the two against each other. Kikyou died but not before pinning Inuyasha to a tree with a sacred arrow for fifty years. Only Kagome's touch had freed him. Kikyou was also the elder sister of Kaede, the village priestess, who took over the job when she died. The witch Urasue, however, brought Kikyou back to life and she now roamed the world, undead, seeking revenge in the death of Inuyasha, believing her death to be his doing, rather than Naraku's. Inuyasha still loved Kikyou, though, even though she wanted nothing but his demise, and this pained Kagome. Inuyasha didn't help the situation by constantly comparing his old love, Kikyou, with his new one, who just happened to be her reincarnation and aiming an arrow at him.

Kagome scowled at him and let loose her arrow. It thudded into the doorframe, just missing his ear. "Kagome! You'll hurt yourself, your injuries haven't healed yet!"

Kagome sneered, "Oh, and you care because...? You're the one who gave me these injuries. Unless, you've forgotten?"

Inuyasha was absolutely silent. He couldn't utter a word. Finally his voice returned, "M-Me? I didn't! Kagome, I would never do that to you!"

She glared at him, "Oh right, you would never hurt me. And I'm supposed to take your word? No, Inuyasha, you've hurt me too many times, and this was the last straw. Why are you hanging around here, anyway? You have half the jewel now. You said yourself we were moving too slow and it would be faster on your own. You should be long gone now. The sooner you leave, the sooner you can become a full demon!"

Inuyasha's throat constricted with tears the he refused to let fall. I didn't! I don't have the jewel! He cursed. Damn! Someone must have taken the jewel and changed their appearance to look like me! I would never say any of that Kagome!

Ah, but you already have. Or don't you remember? A voice interrupted his thoughts, and all the memories of the times he had said similar things came rushing back to him.

He groaned at his own insensitivity and pride. This is all my fault. If I hadn't said the things I said, she wouldn't be mad at me, then she wouldn't have been alone, and no one would've been able to attack her. And if they did, I would've protected her. The pain of guilt weighed heavy on his shoulders. She let another arrow fly, and he barely dodged it. It sunk into the wood, slightly below the first. He moved to the side, attempting to get to her, but she notched another arrow and sent it flying at him. It caught a bit of his haori and he ripped it off and continued his attempt to reach her. Kagome, however, obviously didn't want to be reached. She notched one last arrow and sent it towards him. It headed straight for his heart. Suddenly, Inuyasha became aware of the fact that she hadn't put any miko energy into her arrows and quickly snapped it in half in midair before it hit him. Kagome scowled one last time and collapsed from the strain. Inuyasha ran to her and caught her body, placing it gently on the mat. He was very shaken up and stepped out to sit in the Goshinboku.

Kaede returned to the hut to find Kagome on the mat, but Inuyasha gone. Two arrows were sticking out of the doorframe and two in the side wall. What happened? I'll go ask Inuyasha. She walked over to the Goshinboku, and sure enough, there he was. "Inuyasha! I need to speak with ye about Kagome." He gave her a long look then silently slipped down and crossed his arms. "What happened? Those arrows looked like Kagome's." She waited expectantly.

"None of your business, hag."

She sighed. "It is my business, Inuyasha, because if she puts too much strain on her body, she will aggravate her body's condition."

"Feh, yeah and why do I care if she aggravates her body's condition?"

She sighed again. "Ye are very stupid, Inuyasha. If she aggravates her body's condition, she won't be able to help collect jewel shards."

He started slightly as he understood the meaning beneath Kaede's words. His eyes widened. "Feh, fine. She thinks I gave her those injuries so when she woke up, she tried to kill me. But she didn't put any miko energy in her arrows so I'm ok. Then she collapsed and fainted and she's sleeping now."

Kaede frowned, "Why would she think you dealt her those injuries? We all know you wouldn't lay a finger on Kagome."

He shrugged, "Her attacker smells like me, and I guess he looked like me too. We're guessing a demon changed its appearance in order to look like me, attacked Kagome, stole her jewel shards, and ran off. Now she thinks I did it."

Kaede's frown only deepened. "But doesn't she suspect anything? She knows you would never do that to her."

Inuyasha looked down, "Apparently he also said some things to her that made her believe it was me." Kaede understood what he meant and nodded.

"You should learn to think before you speak," she advised.

He growled, knowing she was right. "Shut up, you old hag!"

He turned away, eyes hard, when suddenly there was a scream from Kaede's hut. It was such a familiar scream. Inuyasha stiffened and turned and ran full-speed to the hut. His heart clenched at the thought of what could have happened to the girl that had captured and melted his heart. He reached the hut and ran inside to find Kagome staring at her hands in horror. She looked, startled, as she heard him enter. "Inuyasha?" Her voice no longer held the hatred of before. Now it was filled with confusion and fear. Her small voice worried him. "What happened to me? Why am I a demon?"

Inuyasha couldn't speak; her appearance was just as much a surprise to him as it was to her. She generally looked the same as before, with a few noticeable changes.

First of all, her human ears were gone, replaced by black fox ears. They twitched like Inuyasha's picking up all sorts of sounds from around her. She licked her lips across the canines she had recently found had grown in her mouth. Claws adorned her fingers now. Finally, two bushy black fox tails that seemed to resemble Kirara's poked out from under her skirt. They were fairly long and soft. White tipped the ends of her ears and tails, though more on her tails. Her eyes remained their deep chocolate brown, however.

Finally, his voice returned and he took a deep breath to calm his pounding heart. "The demon that attacked you must have injected some poison in you and turned you into a demon," he answered, choosing his words carefully.

The events of the day before came rushing back and her voice suddenly became icy. "The demon being you, right?" she sneered.


"I don't want to hear it, Inuyasha! Why are you still here? You have my jewel shards, you can go off and get the rest now without having me trail along!"


"Then you can become a full-blooded demon just like you always wanted, right? It's faster on your own, right? Why are you wasting time hanging around here?"

"KAGOME!" Inuyasha finally managed to interrupt, "I don't have the jewel shards. Check me if you want, I don't have them."

"That's true...Why didja go to so much trouble to hide them from me? Are they hidden in the ground, or in a tree? Maybe down your shirt? Don't lie to me, Inuyasha!"

"If I had hidden them, you would be able to sense them. Can you sense any jewel shards?"

She stopped, concentrated, and her eyes widened. "No...then what did you do with them?"

He sighed, trying to contain his patience. "I never had them. You've got to believe me, Kagome."

"He's telling the truth, Kagome-chan," Sango agreed, stepping into the hut, followed by Shippou and Miroku.

Miroku nodded, "He was with us the entire time and the first on the scene. It couldn't have been him."

"Besides," Shippou's young voice came in, "It smelled like Inuyasha, but a little different. Like your scent when you cover it with that sham-poo and de-ogerant stuff."

"De-oderant," Kagome automatically corrected. "Wait, so if it wasn't Inuyasha, who was it?"

"That's what we're trying to figure out."

"Hey Inuyasha," asked Sango, "Did it smell familiar, besides your scent? Like Naraku, for instance?" Inuyasha shook his head. "What about you, Shippou?"

"Feh," Inuyasha snorted, "That runt wouldn't know anything."

Sango ignored Inuyasha and repeated her question. "Did you smell anything familiar, Shippou? Shippou?"

Shippou, however, was so deep in thought that he didn't hear her. His brow was furrowed and he seemed to be trying to remember something. He stared at a spot on the wall, not really focusing on it.

Sango gently shook his tiny shoulder, "Shippou?"

He twitched and snapped back to reality, blinking. "What?"

Everyone looked at him curiously as Sango repeated her question a second time. "We were wondering if you recognized the scent. Not Inuyasha's, but the other one. Inuyasha didn't, but we were wondering if you did."

"He won't. If I don't recognize it, he definitely won't," Inuyasha snorted.

"Inuyasha, don't be so mean!" Kagome chided.

"Well, it's true!"


"I did recognize it," Shippou said out of nowhere. Kagome and Inuyasha immediately ceased their bickering and Inuyasha looked weirdly at him. "I don't know how to describe it, but it's like I've smelled it before, it's so familiar! But I can't remember what it is, or where it's from!"

Kagome smiled kindly down at him. "Don't worry, Shippou. Give it time, and I'm sure you'll remember where you remember the scent from."

Shippou nodded and jumped into her nap and promptly snuggled against her into a little ball. "I'm so glad you're better, Kagome."

She smiled, "Me too."

"And I'm glad you finally believe Inuyasha."

Kagome froze and then relaxed, smiling gently down at him tiny form. "I feel bad for ever doubting him."

Inuyasha's eyes widened. Sango and Miroku stepped out of the hut without Kagome and Inuyasha noticing. "Kagome..." Inuyasha murmured.

Kagome smiled at him. Kami, how I missed her smile.

"I'm sorry I ever doubted you, Inuyasha. I was just so confused because I never thought you'd ever hurt me like that, and then it seemed like you did, and I just didn't know what to think. Part of me was convinced that I had imagined it, that it wasn't you at all, that you'd never do that to me, and when you said it wasn't you, that same part of me wanted to believe you...so badly. But there was another part of me that thought I had seen you, and everything you said, it was exactly like my nightmares. I was so scared."

Inuyasha was speechless for a moment before he knelt down and caressed her cheek, murmuring softly, "You were right, I would never ever do something like that to you. I wouldn't dream of it. And everything that that demon said to you is a complete lie. If I ever said anything like it, it isn't true." He pulled his hand away and stood up. Even though it was the middle of the day, Kagome yawned and lay down, her eyes closing in sleep. Inuyasha tucked the blanket up to her chin and left after Kagome's eyes had closed in sleep. He smiled at her sleeping form, admiring how peaceful she looked before sitting down next to her to faithfully await her awakening.

The next morning, Kaede stepped into the hut, pushing aside the reed mat in the door to allow the blaring sunlight to come in and effectively wake Kagome and Inuyasha. Kagome groaned in response and opened her eyes, blinking in the sudden light. Inuyasha, however, refused to open his eyes. "Put the reed mat back. It's too bright." Kaede let the mat slide from her hands, and as it swung back into its original hanging position and the bright sunlight was blocked, Inuyasha opened his eyes. "What?"

Kaede stared at him intently for a moment. "There are some things we must do, now that the two of ye have had some rest."

Kagome sat up, wincing slightly, "Like what?"

Kaede sighed slightly, "We cannot have ye be as ye are forever, can we? We must look through the files my sister and previous priestesses have written to see if there is a cure for ye."

Kagome nodded. She stared at her claws for a moment before standing up.

Inuaysha immediately leapt up to help steady her as she began to sway. "Take it easy," he reprimanded. He helped her walk over to where all the documents were kept and together the three of them searched through the files.

Sango and Miroku stepped in, Shippou and Kirara following right behind them. "What are you doing?" Sango asked.

Kagome turned and smiled at them. "We're looking through all the files previous priestesses have written to see if there's a cure for my demon form."

Sango smiled. "We'll help." She and Miroku joined them. "How are you feeling, Kagome?"

The young girl smiled at her friend once more, "I'm feeling a lot better. My wounds still hurt a bit, but not even close to how they hurt before."

Miroku smiled, "Glad to hear that."

She smiled at him kindly. Shippou bounced over to her. "Are you well enough to play, Kagome?"

Kagome giggled, "Maybe. But only after we finish this, ok? Then, we'll see how I'm feeling."

Shippou grinned, "Ok! I'll help." But, after finding he was having a bit too much trouble reading the long documents, he settled for lying quietly in Kagome's lap.

They searched and searched, but it appeared no priestess had had a problem quite like this before, or if they had, they hadn't recorded it. Eager faces quickly turned to disheartened and slightly hopeless and smiled quickly faded. There was nothing.

Kagome sighed, "I don't think there's anything here," she commented sadly.

Miroku put a hand on her shoulder comfortingly, "Fear not, Lady Kagome, I'm sure we'll find something."

Shippou nodded excitedly, "He's right! I'm sure we'll find something soon! We're almost finished looking through everything!"

Sango smiled at her, "Yes, don't give up hope yet. We'll cure you!"

Kagome smiled, "Thanks you guys! We have to keep looking! I can't live my life as a demon!"

Inuyasha frowned slightly. What's so wrong about living your life as a demon?

Shippou coughed slightly. The dust was beginning to irritate his throat. Kagome smiled down at him. "Why don't you go outside for a bit of fresh air? I think the dust is starting to bother your throat." He smiled and nodded, getting up to leave. Kagome patted his back as he coughed again and walked out into the sunlight.

Miroku picked up the scroll he had just finished reading and set it behind him. He sighed and picked up the next scroll. Opening it, he found another scroll inside, rolled up inside the first. He read the first scroll. Nothing. He opened the rolled up scroll and began to read it. Something fell out and fell on his lap. Ignoring it, he continued to read the scroll. Nothing, again. He picked up the object that had fallen out. It was a scroll that had been folded into a small square. He opened it up. It was ripped at the bottom. The ink was black, and the title was big and bold. It read: How To Cure One Whose Form Has Been Changed From A Human's To A Demon's

Miroku's eyes widened as he read it. When he finished he turned to the rest if the group. "I found something!" he exclaimed excitedly. Everyone crowded around him eagerly. The monk smoothed out the scroll and laid it on the floor.

Kaede took a closer look at it. "My sister did not write this. This scroll is written by an older priestess." Murmurs of understanding floated through the air before falling silent to listen to Miroku read out the formula for the cure. He cleared his throat and began.

"How To Cure One Whose Form Has Been Changed From A Human's To A Demon's

"If the transformation has been caused by a spell or curse, then there are three ways to rid the person of the incantation. The First is to exorcise the curse out with the counter-curse. A skilled exorcist or priestess is needed for this. The Second is -"

Inuyasha interrupted Miroku with a scowl, "Ok ok, we get it. Kagome isn't turning into a demon because Kyoko put a curse on her. We don't need to hear how to exorcise curses. Skip to the next part."

Kagome looked at Inuyasha, startled. He seems really upset. Something's bothering him. I wonder what it is. If he's acting like this, then whatever it is can't be good...

Inuyasha clenched his fist slightly without realizing what he was doing. Something was definitely bothering him. Why am I so uptight? Something's not right but I can't tell what it is...

Miroku nodded. "He's right. I'll read the next paragraph." He cleared his throat again and began once more.

"If the transformation has been caused by a scratch, wound, or bite, then there is only one way to reverse the transformation: the Henkan Suiyaku."

Kaede gasped, "I have heard of such a potion. It's very powerful, but very difficult to make."

Kagome's face fell slightly at this. Her eyes brightened for a moment in understanding, though. "I see. Henkan Suiyaku literally means 'Transformation Potion'."

Kaede nodded. "That's right. I think I may be up to it, though. Let's see how to make it, though."

Miroku continued reading. "The Henkan Suiyaku is a difficult potion to brew, but very powerful and able to reverse almost any transformation. The Ingredients needed are:

Lacewing flies that have been stewed for 21 days


Powdered horn of a rhinoceros demon


Fluxweed picked at new moon

Centipede demon skin

A piece of a human

Sango smiled. "We used to keep some of these in my village. I'll go back and get them. I know we kept the horns of rhinoceros demons and centipede demon skin."

Inuyasha nodded. "Sure. Can you get them now?"

Sango nodded. "Kirara! Let's go!" She stepped outside and Kirara was engulfed in flames for a moment before they disappeared to reveal a larger demon cat.

Inuyasha stood up and walked outside, looking slightly worried. Kagome stared after him, a concerned look on her face. He stopped and looked at the sunny sky for a moment before bounding off to revel in his own thoughts.

(This last paragraph is Inuyasha's thoughts but QuickEdit won't let me keep it in italics...Mou!) Who would do something like that to Kagome? This whole thing reeks of Naraku, but who was the demon that attacked her? It smelled like a kitsune demon, and Shippou said he recognized the scent... If only I hadn't said all those things to her. Then she wouldn't have gone off on her own and I would've been there to protect her. She could've died if I hadn't arrived there in time. Wait...I got there pretty quickly, there wasn't enough time for the demon to disappear...That means it left Kagome alive on purpose! Then that means...it never meant to kill Kagome in the first place! This definitely reeks of Naraku.


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