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---Two Months Later---

Mushin made the finishing touches to his array of necessities and sat back on his heels. "I'm ready," he called. He was dressed in a traditional monk's clothing.

Kagome nodded. "We're done, too." She and Kaede went over to stay behind Mushin. They were dressed in the traditional robes of a miko. The two had matching white gis and long, wide red hakama pants that covered reed-sandaled feet. Both had their hair tied back in a low ponytail with a thin white ribbon. The final touch was a necklace of beige prayer beads.

Inuyasha stood with Kirara. Kirara transformed into her larger form and carefully touched the eight-foot pile of sticks Inuyasha had built. The tower immediately caught fire. Kirara growled, satisfied, and the two walked over to the group. Inuyasha still kept his fire-rat outfit on, but it was been cleaned up considerably and looked brand-new. His hair had actually been combed and tied into a low ponytail at the nape of his neck, much like Kagome's and Kaede's. He tucked his hands into his baggy sleeves and waited patiently.

Kirara had been washed and her fur brushed so it gleamed.

Shippou was wearing his new outfit. The small gi was white and the wide hakama pants were navy blue. His hair was tied up with a navy bow. Overall, he looked very smart. Kagome and Sango had spent ages cooing over his new look.

Kyoko also had a new set of clothes. She wore a green silk tunic that reached just past her belly button. She donned a dark green skirt to her knees. Her hair was tied up in a high ponytail, which she had then braided.


Miroku stood on a side, waiting for his fiancée to appear. Miroku was also dressed for the occasion. He had navy hakama pants, a white gi, and a matching navy kimono shirt on top of the gi so only the collar could be seen beneath. His hair was brushed and tied back as usual, and his gold earrings gleamed in the bright sunlight. He clasped his hands behind his back and rocked on his heels impatiently.

Finally, Sango appeared. Miroku's jaw dropped. She looked beautiful. Sango blushed at his stare. She wore a thin white inner kimono. Its collar could just be seen, like Miroku's. Over it, she wore an intricately embroidered outer kimono. It was mint green silk. Embroidered upon it were soaring red and orange phoenixes, making their way into the purple and dark blue clouds. The hem, cuffs, and collar were all a drrp crimson, darker even than the shadows on the phoenixes. The kimono fell to her feet so only her toes peeked out underneath the fabric. The obi was the purple in the clouds with red and green embroidered patterns splayed across it. A small red silk purse hung at her side, held up by a red string that wrapped across her chest and over the opposite shoulder. She slid a small black sheath holding a short sword into the simple obi. Finally, a wooden fan with painted paper was tucked into her obi. Her face was white and red slip color had been smeared across her lips. Her eyes were outlined in kohl and painted a soft green. She was a sight to behold.

Miroku picked up his jaw and held out his arm. Sango took it with a smile and they proceeded to the stand before the priest, Mushin.


First, Mushin took a vat of water and purified both Miroku and Sango as well as the onlookers. He finished with himself and then began the ceremony. He spoke some words, proclaiming the two husband and wife. When his speech was done, he turned around and requested the blessings of the couple's friends, and the only elder present, Kaede. Everyone gave it whole-heartedly, and the priest smiled. He turned back to the couple and everybody knelt. Miroku turned to his wife-to-be. It was time for his oath. "Sango, dear, I hereby swear I will never hurt you in any way. I will always provide for you as best I can and love you faithfully until the day I die. I will protect you and support you. In return, all I ask is your unwavering love. I love you."

Sango blushed and smiled gratefully at the monk.

Mushin set out three cups of sake and filled each with sake, just below the brim. Then, he stacked them in a small pyramid. He sat back on his heels and nodded. Miroku took the first cup and took a sip. He then passed it to Sango. They did this twice more until they had both taken three sips from the cup. Miroku set the cup on a side and picked up the next cup. Again, he took a sip and passed it to Sango, who also took a sip. They each took three sips. Miroku picked up the last cup and they each took three sips. When that was finished, Mushin nodded at them. The San-San-Kudo ritual had been completed. The priest handed one twig of Sukaki wood to Miroku and one to Sango. They walked together over to the huge blaze Inuyasha and Kirara had created and threw the sticks into the fire. They burned immediately. Mushin handed each a cup of sake and they downed it in a gulp. The audience clapped happily. The ceremony was complete, and Miroku and Sango were now officially married.

"I love you, too, Miroku!" was the first thing Sango said to Miroku as a married woman.

Miroku grinned, "I know."

Sango slapped him lightly on his arm and pulled him close for a short, but sweet, kiss.


Shippou sat on his mother's shoulder. "Finally, they're married. It took them ages!"

"I know. It was so easy to see they loved each other."

Shippou shook his head, "Imagine having to live with that for years. Both couples." He indicated Kagome and Inuyasha, who were standing next to each other on a side, arguing, as usual. He sighed. "At least life is back to normal now."

"Normal?" Kyoko asked.

"Well…as close to normal as we can get," Shippou amended.

"True," Kyoko agreed.

Shippou nuzzled her neck. "I'm glad you're back, Mommy," he said softly.

"I'm glad to be with you, my son."

Shippou smiled at her. "I love you."

"I love you too, Shippou."


"You need to get over her!" Kagome yelled.

"I am over her! I just don't like you in that outfit!" Inuyasha shouted back.

Kagome crossed her arms over her chest. "I look like Kikyou, and that annoys you. Just admit it. You don't like it when I remind you of Kikyou." Her tails twitched angrily.

Inuyasha scowled, "Why would I care if you reminded me of Kikyou? She has nothing to do with this!"

"Then why did you tell me to change out of this outfit an back into my uniform?" Kagome pointed out.

Inuyasha answered honestly, "Because you look better in your other clothes!"


Inuyasha stopped and thought quickly how to reply. "Because…uh…green suits you better."

Miroku popped up behind Kagome. "Allow me to translate. He likes your short skirt."

Kagome's eyes widened, and then she burst out laughing, catching both men by surprise. "You boys are all alike, even five hundred years in the past."

Inuyasha face turned bright red. "N-No! That's not why!"

Kagome patted his arm, "Sure, sure."

Inuyasha scowled, "Why do you believe him and not me?"

Kagome grinned because then it wouldn't be fair. But if you'd rather I believed you, then I'll have to kiss Miroku instead." Kagome leaned over to her friend.

"What kind of sense does that make?" he cried. With a glare at Miroku, Inuyasha pulled Kagome and planted his lips on hers. "Believe him, then, stupid."

Kagome ignored the name. "Have it your way." She smiled.


Miroku watched them dreamily until Sango tapped him on the shoulder and he straightened sheepishly. "Are you staring at Inuyasha and Kagome or just Kagome?" she accused teasingly.

Miroku looked hurt. "The two of them together. I would never look at another woman but you, now that we're married."

Sango raised an eyebrow.

"Wait!" he protested, "That didn't come out right!"

Sango simply smiled and planted a quick kiss on her husband's cheek. "I know what you meant."

Miroku's eyes glazed over in delight. "Oh good…"


Kaede watched everything from next to Mushin. It was so nice to see everybody together at last in the inu-gumi. Her smiled turned slightly sad. The elderly priestess still missed her sister, Kikyou, but she knew things were as they were meant to be. That was her best consolation. She needed to focus on the life of her new family now, not the death of her old one.


Kouga leaned against the back wall of his old tribe's cave. Kagome's face swam before his eyes. He missed her, and still loved her, but now at least he knew exactly where he stood with her. He didn't like it, but at least it was clear and true. His eyes closed and he daydreamed about his favorite kitsune hanyou. A commotion at the front of the cave caused his eyes to open. A beautiful redheaded wolf demon was making her way purposefully toward him. "Ayame?" he asked, somewhat incredulously.

She stopped in front of him, "Kouga," she greeted.

"What are you doing here?"

She shrugged, "I heard what happened. I thought I should come and cheer you up." She was holding something behind her back.

Kouga tried to peer around her body, but she would not allow him to see whatever it was.

Ayame pulled the thing in front of her and presented it with a flourish of her free hand. "Tada! I brought you food! Every guy likes food, and I figured you guys would be having a hard time without your tribe." She laid the ball of cloth onto the ground and opened it so the corners fell to the floor, revealing a huge pile of goodies. There was meat and fruits and nuts and greens and a tall pitcher of ice, half of which had melted into water. "Enjoy."

Kouga grinned. He, Ginta, and Hakkaku were actually running a little bit low on food. This was enough to last the three of them comfortably for at least two weeks. "Thanks, Ayame! But why are you doing this for me?"

"Isn't it obvious?" she asked in response with a wink. "Feel better." She turned to leave, but Kouga grabbed her wrist.

"Why don't you eat some lunch with us?"

Ayame beamed. "Sure!" She eagerly sat down and started to set out the food to cook.

Kouga sat up straighter and began to help. "Thanks, Ayame," he said sincerely.

Ayame simply smiled at him and said nothing.

Kagome was happy, and maybe he could be happy too. It would just take a little bit of time, and he was willing to give that time. "Ayame, you should travel with us for a while," he suggested.

"Sure!" Ayame beamed again. This was getting to be the best day ever.

Kouga nodded to himself. Yes, he would give that time, and maybe he could be happy, just like Kagome.

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