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Warning- This story will contain slash. It's a SB/RL pairing. If you don't like it and/or think its sick, to bad for you you simple minded thing you. Go read something else and don't flame me about it.

Hogwarts was the place of my dreams. A place I had long since longed to attend, a place I longed to visit at the very least. But options aren't forthcoming for a person in my position.

So when I got the letter, saying that I had been accepted to this notoruis school for wizadry and withccraft, one of the finest schools in its kind, I was estatic. I jumped for joy and, as embaressing as it is for me to say this, I cried. I was to meet with the headmaster at a local cafe and discuss 'the situation'. I didn't care that my illness could get in the way, that if people found out I could become the school freak, or worse, be expelled for the discovery. I didn't care about gaining friends or meeting new people, people unlike the like of which I lived near. I wanted to learn, and I wanted a chance to be normal for once.

I packed my trunks a week early, jumping for joy at the mere mention of the school. My school. The school I was to attend and gain some sort of acceptance in.

Perhaps you know the feeling, regardless if your a werewolf or not. Perhaps you know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with joy at an upcoming event that you had long since spent long nights in a dark room dreaming about. Perhaps you know the feeling of happiness and excitment that goes along with it. And perhaps not. But I know the feeling well. I know it thoroughly anf completely.

I was going to live my dreams.

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