Hi all! It's me, the slacker of an author for this story!

Well.....I've sort of decided to put this on a probably permenant break. They characters are so unlike me, it's hard for me to write from their prespective sometimes. Plues I have no basic plot line in mind. I kind of started it as a spur of the moment kind of thing. I really love this pairing though. And I'm finally getting my life back together. It's been rough. Really flipping rough. And well, this story was never a passion for me. I started it off in a mood I am almost never in and I have yet to be able to truly live up to the first chapter. Bad bad me.

So in short, I might update more on this story. But expect it to be slow. And not for a long time yet.

Sorry for this people!

I will however, be starting a story on Draco and an original character. I've been playing with this idea religiously it seems, since before the creation of Fading Lilacs. Yeah, it'll be lovey dovey. But since the begining of Fading, I've had quite a few lessons on love and I kind of just want to rationalize out how I feel and what I could have done different through this.

Sorry again!