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A/n: Whoever's name I mention first, whether it is me, Sam or whoever, is standing in that order in the studio when I get there.

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"Hello and welcome to a special teen edition of "Dog Eat Dog." I'm your host Brooke Burns, and any one of our teens could leave here with $25,000. To give each other the chance to size each other up, we sent them away to a training camp to test their physical and mental abilities. Think of it as getting to know your enemies, or at least, that's what they've chosen to reveal." Brooke said introducing herself. She was wearing a light blue short shirt and long red pants.

"This will be like a second dream come true if I become the top dog. People think I just lay low and don't do anything, but I'm here to prove them wrong." I said, while at the training camp to the people in the studio.

"I haven't won a thing in my entire life, and it will be sweet if I was top dog. My physical abilities are okay, but my mental abilities are great." Sam stated.

"Sammy, Clover and Mathew sometimes think I'm a little imaginative, but I'll show them." Alex said.

"The only thing better than nothing is the 25 grand." Clover stated.

"I just want to win and show those 4 losers that I'm better and prettier than all of them." an overconfident Mandy said.

"Some people say that I'm a nerd in school. I guess I can quote them on that." Arnold finally said.

Back at the studio, Brooke explained the rules by saying, "Here's how it works: I will show you a challenge and you vote for the person who is least likely to succeed. The one with the most votes has to take on that challenge. If you fail, you're off to the dog pound and you have just kissed your dreams of winning $25,000 goodbye. If you succeed, you get to taste revenge by sending one of the people who voted for you to the dog pound in your place. Tonight's first challenge is one of my personal favorites. It is called "Glacier Run." You're going to get in the tank and try to balance yourself on a few glaciers while trying to grab 8 flags. One of you is going to get wet. It's time to choose the loser.

Sam wore a purple dress and a light pink skirt (A/n: That was the first outfit she wore in season 2's "Totally Switched."), for me, I wore a red Moto triple X T-shirt with Damon Huffman's last name on it and under it was a 20. Clover wore a short blue tanktop and a black skirt. Alex wore a green button shirt and green pants (A/n: That was the 1st outfit she wore in season 1's "The Fugitives," and the 2nd outfit in season 2's "Fashion Faux Pas."). Mandy wore a blue shirt with a lighting star in the middle and long white pants (from season 1's "The Fugitives."). And Arnold wore a yellow and white striped shirt and long blue pants.

"Mathew, who did you vote for?" Brooke asked.

"I chose Mandy." I stated. My handwriting of Mandy's name appeared under my name.

"Hmm, interesting." Brooke said, then asked, "Samantha, you?"

"I voted for Mandy. And, Brooke, call me Sam." Sam said. Sam's handwriting of Mandy's name appeared under her name.

"Okay, Sam. I'll try to remember that." Brooke said. Then she asked, "Clover?"

"Mandy." Clover said. Clover's handwriting of Mandy's name appeared under her name.

"Uh oh, Alexandra?" Brooke said looking nervous.

"I also voted for Mandy. And call me Alex." Alex said with a little fire burning in her eyes about voting for Mandy. Alex's handwriting of Mandy's name appeared under her name.

"Mandy, it doesn't really matter anyway, but who did you vote for?" Brooke asked.

"Sam," Mandy scoffed. Her handwriting of Sam's name appeared under her name.

"Arnold? You?" Brooke said wrapping up the voting.

"I voted for Mathew." Arnold said. His handwriting of my name appeared under his name.

"Okay, 4 votes for Mandy. Let's find out why. Mathew, why Mandy?" Brooke asked.

"Well, Brooke, let's just put it this way: Mandy probably spends some time at the beach, but I don't even think she has gone in the water once, if you exclude yesterday at training camp. Not to mention that back home in school, she's Sam's, Clover's and Alex's worst enemy. So I just want to get her out of the way early for them. Not to mention that I know in my gut, she's gonna roll the dice and come up snake eyes." I said crossing my arms and in total confidence. (A/n: "roll the dice and come up snake eyes" is an old "Yahtzee" saying.)

"Okay. How about you Sam." Brooke said, turning to her.

Sam said, "Well, Brooke, I have to agree with Mathew 100%. But at training camp yesterday, we both made a promise to each other not to vote for either one of us, and if we did, we'd get a second chance, and we both don't want to blow this, and not to get ahead of myself, I really wanna go head to head with Mathew, and not to the dog pound. Truth is, Mathew and I are really boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Alright, folks," Brooke announced, "for the first time, I think, we have a cute couple on 'Dog Eat Dog.' Alex, why did YOU vote for Mandy?" Brooke finished.

Clover, Sammy and Mathew are my 3 best friends and I don't even like Mandy one bit, so see ya later, Mandy." Alex said to Brooke.

"Well, without further adieu, Mandy it's time to change into your bathing suit and attempt this challenge. Please come with me." Brooke announced.

Behind the tank stood Mandy in her purple one-piece bathing suit. (A/n: That was the bathing suit she wore in season 2's "Here Comes the Sun.")

"All right, Mandy. It's time for you to get in the water. You have to get onto those glaciers and get the 8 flags above them. Don't worry, they are not cold, but this challenge is in a limited time. You will get 3 minutes to try and complete this challenge. Let's put 3 minutes on the NetZero clock. If you fail, you're off to the dog pound. Your challenge will begin when I say 'go,' and just give me a thumbs up when you're ready." Brooke said.

Mandy got into the pool and gave Brooke the thumbs up to let her know she was ready.

"3, 2, 1, GO!" Brooke said aloud.

As the 3 minutes started, Mandy swam to one of the glaciers as fast as she could, but she couldn't get on it. She swam to a couple of other glaciers to support her, but no matter how hard she tried, she kept falling back into the water. She was able to get up onto a glacier, but she had lost 1:30 just trying to get up onto one. She balanced her way up very slowly, but she was losing time! She was down to 1:10 as she grabbed her first flag. She didn't want to give up, but she was soaked and tired, she could barely go any longer, but despite her fatigue, she continued on. Her muscles were screaming in pain and agony, but she tried getting onto the next glacier, but her time was reduced to a mere 50 seconds. (A/n: Another old saying for "muscles were screaming in pain and agony.")

"50 seconds, Mandy. You can do it." Brooke called out, encouraging her.

Mandy tried to continue, but she was soaked and tired, but she didn't throw in the towel. She continued grabbing and climbing the glaciers one at a time. She made it up another glacier herself, but as she was balancing herself to grab the flag, she took a wrong step and fell back into the water and time expired.

"Oh, no! I thought you had that next flag, Mandy. What happened?" Brooke asked.

"Those glaciers were slippery as grease. Everytime I tried to get on one, it kept getting more slippery. I'm glad I just got one flag." Mandy explained in defeat after getting out of the pool. She was soaked from head to toe.

"That's true you got one flag, but unfortunately, that's not enough to keep you safe from the dog pound so, off you go, Mandy, but don't despair because at the end of the head-to-head competition, we will give the dog pound one more chance to win the $25,000. Let's get you dried off, and over to the dog pound." Brooke said.

Brooke's staff handed a tired Mandy a towel and she wrapped it around her wet body, as she stepped into the dog pound and sat down.

Brooke returned to the 5 remaining contestants. Then she said, "Well, you guys voted wisely. We have Mandy in the dog pound, and 4 more of you are going to join her, and one of you is going to come with me to face the next challenge. The next challenge is called "Out on a Limb." We are going to get you inside a cylinder, and we have 4 red flags and 4 blue flags placed inside, but here's the catch: while you're inside, it is going to spin. You have to grab all the blue flags first, then the red flags. It's time to choose the loser.

Sam, Clover, Alex, Arnold and I started writing for the one who was going to take on the challenge.

"One of you is going to get dizzy, when we return." Brooke said. They then went to commercial.

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