Please excuse any and all spelling and grammar mistakes. Please realize I wrote this at 3am and I'm perfectly aware that it is not close to perfect. I am however open to any and all constructive criticism and/or ideas of where you want this story to go. Thanx,


What an interesting Summer!

"Boy, get your ass up and cook breakfast. Dudley wants 4 eggs today instead of 2" Uncle Vernon yelled through the door of the-boy-who-lived's room. Harry Potter rolled out of bed and let out a groan.

"Why do my relatives have to be pure evil? I swear they are spawns of Satan"

"BOY ARE YOU UP YET?!" his Aunt shrieked up the stairs.

"I'm coming I'm coming" he mumbled half-heartedly. He pulled himself out of bed and stumbled over an assortment of books, quills, and cloths to his desk chair where he pulled on some jeans over his boxers. He then opened his wardrobe and pulled out a red tee-shirt. When he finally made it to the kitchen his Uncle was fuming.

"Boy where have you been?!" his uncle questioned going purple in the face. "You've only been home from that freak school for three days and you're already a pain in the ass!"

"Well, I'm not here by choice!" Harry replied starting to get angry. He decided to write to the Weasleys as soon as he got back up stairs to ask when he was getting out of this hell hole. After preparing 8 eggs, 6 slices of toast, 3 cups of juice, and a 1/2lb. of bacon Dudley was full so Harry was sent up stairs for the remainder of the day like always. When he got back to his room a small twitting owl collided with this head.

"Chill Pig!!" he exclaimed as he removed the scroll from the owl's tiny leg. He immediately recognized the neat hand writing as Hermione's. The letter read:

Dear Harry,

I hope the Dursley's are treating you alright. (I know that is a distinct possibility.) Well anyway I wanted to let you know that Ron is staying the summer at my house. He should be arriving any time now. You are also invited if you would like to come. I can't believe he's my boyfriend. Honestly Ron Weasley but I do love him. I'm sorry it Ron and My relationship has made you feel awkward. We really didn't mean for that to happen. I swear that if you come we will keep the snogging to a minimum. Harry snorted at this comment because since his two best friends had realized their undying love for each other they had hardly come up for air. He was perfectly fine with their relationship; actually they had finally stopped telling him how much they loved each other and started telling each other. Now back to the letter. Well actually I shouldn't make promises I can't keep. ï