Summary: One day coming home Dallas suddenly is dumped the responsibility of being someone's older brother. Dally was the boy without hope, while Gabriel's the boy with a dream. Both share a common ground in which they never expeirenced the feeling of being loved or giving love. What happens when Gabe's hiding a terrible past and it's up to Dal to save the day? Can these two boys pull together before destiny threatens to pull them apart forever?

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Quick facts:

Gabriel Matthew Winston
Brown hair, wavy (the tip of it will curl forming half locks on his head)
Hazel eyes
15 years old

Chapter 1-Family Reunions

-Dally's POV-

I sighed knowing that sooner or later I would have to go home. It wasn't that I was beat to a pulp when I went home like Johnny, or kicked out everytime I tried to go home like Steve, but in a way it's worse. My old man don't know I'm alive, and when ever I say hi to him he only grunts out and stares at the tv. As for my mother, well after I was old enough to figure I wouldn't last to see the age of sixteen in New York, I gladly accepted my mom's offer of shipping me to Tulsa with my dad. I thought it would be better down here. I actually thought that maybe dad would care for me a little more than my mom would. But of course, I can't win. If it was possible my old man's worse than the bitch of an excuse of a mother in New York. All he ever did was drink. If he was to ever acknowledge me it would be to hit me, but he'd be too drunk to even lay a hand on me.

"Hey Dally, you in or out?" Steve asked snapping me back to reality.

I was at the Curtis house once again, playing poker and drinking beer like every other night. In a weird way, this was my family. These group of guys were the only ones I ever felt a twinge of compassion for. They were the ones who helped me when I was first new around here, and they always seem to know when to leave me alone and when to help. But more specifically it was as if they needed my help. I found out pretty quickly that Tulsa was rough, not as rough as New York, but it was still rough. Well, there's Johnny Cades, and he's just on the wrong sides of the tracks. I mean he doesn't belong in this 'I'm tougher than you so get away before I kill you' neighborhood. Neither does Ponyboy, or come to think of it the rest of the whole family. They all just grew up on the wrong side.

Sighing I looked down at my cards. We were playing texas hold em and I had a 2 of diamonds and a 7 of hearts. Looking down to the opened cards there was a Queen of spades, 5 of hearts, and King of clubs. I looked up to Steve's, Soda's, and Two-Bit's faces as each tried their best to put on a poker face. A card was sticking out of Two-Bit's sleeve.

"I fold. Two-Bit you idiot, if you're going to cheat, cheat right you ass," I spat out dropping me cards and getting up.

"You're no fun!" Two-Bit said as Steve ripped the card from his sleeve.

I gave a bitter grin before nodding at Darry who was reading the newspaper in the other corner of the living room.

"I'm going," I said nodding my head towards Johnny boy and Pony who were deep in their own little conversations.

The door slammed behind me as I prepared to walk six blocks to my house. It might not sound like much, but in this neighborhood it was almost suicide to walk alone at night. The socs, or the rich folks if you want to get technical, need to proove themselves to each other by jumping one greaser, aka poor excuse of a human, while there's ten of them. It was still pretty early so they were all probably just starting to get drunk.

-Gabriel's Pov-

I still remember mom screaming at me. I could hear her voice in my mind telling me to get out and never come back. The tears that threatened to spill always rushing back to my eyes. I had to get away. I never meant for anything to get that far. I just wanted to save up some money and go to college. It's not fair you know? Before everything happened, mom had somehow managed to send me to a half decent private school, while all my other friends went to school in the projects. My friends at school resented me, or were scared of me. The name Winston really does have an affect on people, even years after my brother was shipped off to Tulsa. The people at school always talking about their stupid trips to their weekend homes, and their trips to the basketball games and museums. I was stuck with trips to the Principle's office, and practicing basketball using an old garbage bin with the bottom cut off as a basket.

Before I knew anything Mom had contacted dad, and I was off to Tulsa just like my brother. I was only eight when he left. He just packed up and left in the middle of the night with mom without so much as saying a simple good bye to me.

"Where ya going kid?" I spun around to see a middle aged man with three years worth of hair on his face. His breath reeked of beer and his teeth rotten.

"Hi dad," I muttered quietly not really wanting anyone to know that this man was my father.

I could immideatly tell why mom had left the guy. He looked like he did nothing with his life. He told my mom that he would come to Tulsa to fix a farm and breed cattle and send us money to send Dally and me to college. Mom waiting days, before eventually turning into months and years. The money never came. Dad's letters with empty promises soon stopped after a year. He had taken off and left mom in the middle of the projects with two sons.

"Can't even give your old man a hug?" He asked spit flying from his mouth into my face.

I wiped away the spit trying my best not to choke at the stench as he pulled me in for a hug. I quickly pulled away grabbing my small duffel bag from the ground letting him show me to the car.

"So, this is your farm huh dad?" I asked getting out of the car to see an old, runned down house with a lawn that looked like it never been cut in it's life.

"Shut up boy, you live with me now, you aren't getting away with that smart mouth of yours," He threatened making me shove my next comment to the back of my mind.

He led the way up the front steps, into a house littered with beer bottles, and cans and dumped ashtrays on the floor. There was a couch that looked like it never been touched before on one of the side walls facing the tv and an old broken lazyboy recliner facing the tv. I quickly noted there was more beer in that part than any other part of the house.

"Go get yourself a room that doesn't have stuff in it. Don't expect me to be your maid either," He said plopping onto the recliner as he popped open another bottle.

'Thanks dad' I thought to myself as I walked up the stairs. The room at the end of the hallway was undoubtibly his room as I could smell the familiar stench coming out of that room. I walked over to the other end of the hallway only to notice Dally's old stuff stewed around the room. Dad must have forgotten to tell him I was coming. Rolling my eyes I took the only room that didn't have anyone's posessions in it.

I woke up a couple of hours later hearing dad yelling and slurring at someone else. Before I could think I heard footsteps going up the stairs and a very angry looking teenager stalking off to the end of the hallway and slamming the door shut. I could hear the tv downstairs get louder as I heard someone pounding, no punching the wall next door.

"Who the hell are you?" Dallas asked a couple of hours later.

I had a book of poems in my hand and I was so obsorbed in it I didn't even realize that the pounding had stopped and the door creaked open. I put the book down and turned around coming face to face with my now eighteen year old brother. His eyes were colder than I remembered, and he was certainly taller. But for the first time in years I was facing my brother, and the first thing I wanted to do was punch him.

I took my fist and slammed it into his face with all my might. He stumbled back a little, more surprised than hurt. Quickly he retaliated and came running slamming me into the wall. I hated him. He was the reason for all this pain. Everything that ever happened to me was his fault. I plan was going perfectly, but he had to mess it up even when he wasn't there. It was enough that he left me when I was six. It was enough when he promised he'd get me out of New York but never did. I even took it when his stupid gang told me to join because 'Dally wanted me to.' But each time it became worse. And the worse part was he wasn't even there.

"You're fault!" I shouted punching him.

"Who the hell are you? Do you know who I am?" He asked threatingly.

I see he's made himself a name here too. I wasn't surprised. "Yeah the fucking jerk who used to be my brother."

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