Summary: One day coming home Dallas suddenly is dumped the responsibility of being someone's older brother. Dally was the boy without hope, while Gabriel's the boy with a dream. Both share a common ground in which they never expeirenced the feeling of being loved or giving love. What happens when Gabe's hiding a terrible past and it's up to Dal to save the day? Can these two boys pull together before destiny threatens to pull them apart forever?

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"Best friends are your worst enemy"-unknown

chapter 8-the Trade

-No one's POV-

Dally felt like dropping his jaw as he saw his once best friend Nathan stand up with a blade held in his hand ready to strike. The eyes that were once full of emotions were now cold as ice with an evil glint left in them. Standing besides him were Nathan's little brother. Dally couldn't remember much of him but he did remember his temper, and how good a fighter he was and how dirty a fighter he was too. All of Dallas wanted to run over to hug Nathan. To pretend it was like old times once again. But then it hit Dally. In old times he was the one standing next to Nathan with the cold look on both their faces. Dally was the one to kill the lone victim. And Dally gulped knowing that Nathan was sent out to kill him or Gabe, and he would stop at nothing to accomplish it.

And to his left was Craig, the boy Dally had beaten to a pulp when they were younger. He looked about Soda's age, but with a bigger build. He too, now wore a similar blank expression. 'Vinny sure does his homework,' Dally thought sourly looking the three over once more.

His eyes glazed over once again as he got in a protective stance ready for their attack. He felt for his blade in his back pocket only to realize he had forgotten it earlier in all the craziness of meeting Matt and dragging Two-Bit out of there alive. Now when he needed it the most his trusty blade was nowhere in sight while his three attackers all had them.

"Dally, Dally, Dally," Nathan had a thing for repeating things three times. "I must say you've grown since I last saw you."

The kindness sickened Dally to the pits of his stomach knowing that it was all false and only to intimidate him. "I see you haven't," Dally said causing Nathan's smile to falter for a second.

"Hm, you still have quite a mouth I'm taking it. See, that's what got you into trouble last time. That mouth of you is going to get you killed sometime. Hopefully today," Nathan flicked open his switch running his finger on it, showing Dally how sharp it was as he bled a little.

"Vin keeping you alive to talk or to kill?" Dally asked getting impatient as the adrenaline rushed through his veins.

"Patience is a virtue Dally. I believe you were the one who told me that," Nathan said catching Dally off gaurd.

Dally had remembered when he told Nathan that. He had just stolen a fortune cookie and he had it as a fortune. Dallas couldn't help but smile at the thought of him running all around the city to look for his best friend to show him his fortune.

"I see you remember," Nathan said as Dally scolded himself mentally for letting his gaurd down a little.

"Are you going to kill me, or am I going to have to kill you?" Dally asked although not knowing how to exactly accomplish his threat.

There were three of them and one of him, and despite the collective self he forced to show, inside, he was truly scared out of his mind. He wasn't scared to die. He was scared about Nathan. Scared that he was going to kill him. Dally was scared about the fact that the only person he had ever let in was the one person who would have killed him. Or even worse, he would kill Nathan.

"Oh and by the way this is yours," Nathan said throwing a very bloody switchblade over to Dally.

"Who's blood is this?" Dally demanded holding the blade tightly.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Nathan grinned.

Nathan was caught off gaurd as Dally lunged at him. Quickly Nathan's little brother, Seth, kicked Dally off Nathan. Dally didn't stay down for long as he went and tackled Seth, temporarily knocking the wind out of the younger boy. Criag jumped in with his blade in his hand cutting across Dally's shoulder blades. Dally yelped in pain as he dropped surprised with the attack. Angrily Dally picked up one of the broken beer bottles his dad had thankfully thrown on the floor. Craig came charging once again but this time Dally was ready. Craig once again lunged for Dally the knife once again in his hand ready to cut any part of Dally that he could.

However before he could Dally took the beer bottle and stabbed Craig stopping him clearly in his tracks as blood started to spill from his mouth.

Dally subconciously winced as Craig fell to the floor with a dull thud. As quickly as the wave of emotion came, it left as Dally dodged Nathan's blade pushing him into the wall. Dally grabbed Seth who was still on the ground and fished Craig's own bloody knife out of Seth's hands and into his. He held the knife to Seth's throat threateningly.

"Tell Vin you killed me," Dally said his mind racing knowing he would have to kill both of them if they didn't agree just to get out alive if he wanted to protect Gabe.

"No," Nathan said stubbornly, but not daring to look Dallas in the eye.

Dallas fought an inner battle as a part of him wanted to let the kid in his hands go as he squirmed helplessly. He screamed over to Nathan for help, but Nathan couldn't help. Dallas knew it wasn't right to hold Seth like this. He knew that he wouldn't want to be Nathan watching his ex best friend threaten his kid brother. Dallas fought hard to keep the the thought of what he would have done to Nathan if he and Nathan were to switch spots.

"Take my jacket and go to Vin and say I'm dead and I'll let your excuse of a brother go," Dally offered one more time.

Dally prayed with all his might that Nathan would take up the offer. He didn't want another life on his hand. He didn't want to have all those nightmares about all the people he killed coming back. He had gotten rid of that life. Started a new one. But he realized as much as he didn't want to, maybe the only way to live was that he had to.

"You wouldn't. I could see it in your eyes," Despite Nathan's unnerving smile Dallas smiled himself seeing all the fear hidden within Nathan's eyes.

"And I could see it in your eyes that you know I would," Dally said only holding the blade closer to Seth's neck.

"Dally you were the soft one between us two," Nathan said inching towards Dally who just brought the blade even closer.

Both their hearts were rushing now full on well that Dally wasn't bluffing. Their friendship, their humanity rested on the blade. It rested on Seth's blood. Nathan knew that he was going to lose and carefully took a step forward once again, this time Dally stood his ground.

"I'll make you a deal," Nathan said hesistantly.

"What?" Dally asked trying to sound bored.

"You let my brother go, and I let you walk out of this house. But you aren't dead. And your brother isn't either," Nathan told Dally.

"What's the catch?"

"Your friends might be in trouble," Nathan said simply knowing there's no use trying to outsmart Dallas when it came to this.

"No deal. How about a trade..." Dally said suddenly surprising both Seth and Nathan.

Dally knew that they were both never going to settle on anything. But he also knew that this was the best way to keep Gabe out of trouble. Probably the only way to keep Gabe from getting hurt. From getting anywhere. It was Gabe who showed him it was ok to live all those years ago...surprisingly it was Gabe who was showing him it was ok to die too.

"A trade?" Nathan asked confused.

"Me for my brother. Tel Vin he do whatever he was gonna do to my brother to me but he leave him alone. Let him walk away."

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