Title: Baby of our Dreams

Rating: PG-13 for now

Disclaimer: I do not own anything associated with Harry Potter. Only Constance is mine.

Summary: Harry finds a baby on the door step of his relatives and runs to Draco for help. Will be SLASH! If you do not like, hit the back button on your server and have a nice day.

Harry opened the door to the Dursley's house in a right state of panic. With his family away, someone knocking on the door was a bit shocking. However, looking out the window was even worse. There was no one there. So, as he peered through the crack, he let out a shuddering breath of thanks that whoever knocked was gone.

He was about to shut the door when a loud, piercing scream sounded. Harry threw the door back open and looked around, still not seeing anyone. He finally looked down at his feet and his jaw dropped. Nestled in a basket and wrapped in a pink blanket was a baby.

A note was pinned to the top of the blanket, and Harry had an odd sense of déjà vu. He unclipped the note and opened it, eyes wide with curiosity and panic.

'Dear sir and madam,

I am unfit to care for my child any longer. An illness takes my life as I write this and I will not put my child into an orphanage. She has no living relatives and you will be unable to find me soon. Please care for her and raise her as your own. DO NOT ever tell her that she is not yours, as I will be long dead by the time she understands. She was born quite recently. Her birthday is July 10th. Thank you so much!'

The note dropped from Harry's fingers as he looked down at the baby. He couldn't let the Dursley's find her. She would be shipped off at once to an orphanage. The exact opposite of what the mother wanted!

He bent over and quickly picked the baby up, rocking her gently as she began to whimper, "Sh, little one. I'll take care of you."

It seemed to him that the whole fatherly instinct seemed to come naturally to him as the baby girl smiled up at him, light blue eyes twinkling in the morning sun.

Grateful that his wretched relatives would be gone all day, he shut the door and began to hatch out a plan to get away, and still be able to keep the child. Thinking quickly, he knew that his best bet would probably be a glamour charm. He walked up the stairs to his room and gently set the basket on his bed.

He grabbed his wand off the nightstand next to his bed; he muttered the charm, equally grateful that he had become a full wizard the night before. He glanced in the cracked mirror that hung on his pathetic excuse of a wardrobe, and nodded, glad that the scar was gone, his hair longer and much lighter, and his eyes were a light blue, the same as the baby's.

"All right little one, we are going to need a name for you." He sat down next to her and held out a finger over her. She grasped at the extended orifice, and gave a little giggle, "How about we name you Constance? I think it suits you."

The newly named Constance gurgled her agreement.

"All right then. Let's get going." He stood up and pointed his wand at the basket, changing it into a baby carrier, one that Constance would be much more comfortable in. He then grabbed his trunk, shrinking it down so he could stow it into his pocket.

He picked up Constance and walked out of the bedroom, not looking back.

Harry stood on the curb and thrust out his wand, making sure to take a step back as the triple-decker purple bus came shooting into view.

""Ello and welcome to the knight bus. Transportation for the stranded witch or wizard. I am your conductor, Stan Shunpike. Where you headed to sir?"

Harry bit his lip. Shit, he hadn't thought of that, "Malfoy manor." He knew Malfoy would be pissed, but with his parents dead, and Malfoy on their side, he knew it was a safe place to go. Especially since he couldn't rightly remember the address of Grimmauld place.

"Right then. That'll be 15 sickles. 17'll get ya a toof' brush and 18 a hot cocoa." Stan said, stepping back so Harry could board.

Harry fished out the amount he needed and handed it over, "No extra for my child then?"

"Nup! She's alright. Have a seat then sir."

Harry sat near the back of the bus, and grasped Constance's carrier tightly. It was going to be a bumpy ride, and he prayed that she stay quiet and relaxed.

Ten minutes later, Harry climbed off at his destination. His knees were shaking, both from the ride and nerves. He had no clue how he was going to explain this one to Malfoy.

He stared up at Malfoy Manor in awe. The place was huge. Well, for a house that is. He looked at the entrance to the grounds, noticing that the wrought iron gates that led up the drive were open, allowing anyone to enter if they dared.

"Must be pretty relaxed to leave them open." He muttered to himself. He glanced down at Constance and sighed, relieved to see she was asleep.

Harry took a deep shuddering breath and began the long trek up to the front doors. When he finally reached the doors, he had to crane his neck back to see the top of them.

He reached his hand up and rapped on the door, trying not to hyperventilate. He almost succeeded until the door opened.


Harry couldn't see who was on the other side of the door, but it sounded like Malfoy, "I'm looking for Draco Malfoy?"

The door swung open and Malfoy stood there, jaw agape, "You sound like someone I know. Who are you?"

Harry gave a small, nervous smile, "You already know who I am. I placed a glamour charm on myself. This was the only place I could think of to come."


"Got it on one."

"Geez, are you mental?!" He grabbed Harry by his un-occupied arm and pulled him into the manor, slamming the door behind him.

"I guess so, if I'm here." Harry grumbled, yanking his arm free.

"That's not the point you dumb-fuck." Malfoy muttered, "Why are you here?"

Harry held up Constance, "She's why I'm here."

Malfoy smirked as he looked the baby over, "Why Potter I'm shocked. You actually knocked some chick up!"

"I bloody well did not! She was left on the Dursley's door stoop, and I didn't want her to be shipped off to some muggle orphanage." He set the carrier down and lifted the still sleeping Constance out of the contraption, "Hold her. She's got magic coursing through her."

Malfoy, much to Harry's surprise, did just that, "Yeah, your right." He then looked up from the little girl and straight into Harry's eyes, "Why would they ship her to an orphanage? They kept you didn't they?"

Harry frowned, "Not by choice."


"I meant, Dumbledore threatened them. Otherwise I would have been an actual orphan. I just didn't want that to happen to her." Harry sighed, and rubbed his forehead.

"Does she have a name?" Draco whispered, looking down at her.

"The mother, who left her, didn't leave one in the note, so I gave her one." Harry bit his lip, and prayed to whoever was listening that Malfoy didn't laugh, "It's Constance."

Malfoy nodded, "It suits her well." He handed Constance back to Harry, "You, and now me, have a bit of a problem. Neither of us has any decent living relatives that we can pass her on too. We are going to have to come up with another solution." He picked up the carrier and motioned to Harry to follow him, "I know you want to keep Constance, but in all actuality, there's only one foreseeable way that that one will be possible. And I can almost guarantee you will say no to that one."

Harry followed him to a door, which he surmised to be the sleeping quarters, "And what is it? I already love her like she was my own. I'll do anything."

Malfoy turned to face Harry, silver and 'light blue' clashing, "Say she's ours."

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