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Chapter XIII: Naughty Nihilist


I gasped before I pinched a pitch scream, dulling the moment before an exuberant lash of black mist whipped out from Gippal and me, protecting our bodies from harm's way. The claws were torn from Linera's grip, flinging them skywards and piking them to the ceiling. Linera was thrown back in a jolt, flailing into the opposite wall feet away and slumping unconscious to the floor as she trailed a streak of crimson blood, smearing from the back of her head. I couldn't scream or close my eyes, breath bated as the tendrils of black mist faded around us. Gippal's head had shot up with sudden ferocity, eyes a film of a passionate red. Great . . . the dank angst Linera was breathing must've been so strong that it summoned you-know-who, intoxicating Gippal. This was not good. Where was Buddy and Shinzu?!

"Time to claim my prize," a deep, husky voice declared, locking eyes with mine as he shot a muscular arm behind at his back, fingers outspread and legs eagled.

"N-No! You won't have your way! Wh-who the hell are you, anyway?" I stuttered with a shrill voice, trying to squirm away from beneath him. I managed to worm an inch or so, rubbing a rash against him, but it was futile to try and escape. His incubus power was leaping about my skin, trapping me as well as was his waist grinding me to the floor. I gasped in pain, wincing as he ground himself up my body, the hot friction too much to bear.

"I go by Vadar, but everyone who has ever feared me has called me Sycdan," he drawled, greeting my lips with his in a lick. I jerked my head away, trying to focus. Master? I thought with a furrowed brow, body slumping beneath his as the flickering force field became a searing oven, though the heat didn't make me feverish.

"Why are you speaking in Al Bhed? I thought you died over a thousand years ago--in Zanarkand, am I right?" I inquired, endeavoring to escape again but the attempt met futile.

"Your Gippal is a stubborn one," he murmured, nipping at my lip. "He uses his native tongue to root himself in humanity's anchor, but I'm afraid he's going to need more than that to rid himself of me--even your love saw no prevail," he sniggered softly, the dance of fire ringing around my skin. He shifted suddenly, lifting himself up slightly to meet my eyes. His eye was clouding black, tendrils licking around his pupil and misting around the whites. His eyes . . . his eye! I knew Gippal loved me and that it would be enough--proved to be enough!--that I could save him . . . for just a moment longer. I pondered the link between each other; what connected us, but the lewd, ardent glow of power caught me in its web before I could take action. I dazed into an alien dream, but I wasn't unconscious. Gippal--er, Vadar, was right along side me. Voices faded, ones that I could only suspect to be my friends', but it was too late. We were too far-gone, and I had finally submitted to the incubus's salacious charm.

I felt my body tingle to a numbing sensation, eyes lulling close as our bodies seemed to evaporate into the vortex enshrouding us. Relax, I heard a familiar voice breath, we'll be home soon. His words calmed me, my head was light and dreamy as I felt my body fall dormant and lame. Memories divided my thoughts . . . remembering Gippal and the fun times we've shared. I felt my lips tug to a smile, a tan hand tugging at a lock of hair and laughing in content as I jumped to the sudden action. The laughter faded as well as my smile, my universe spinning into a black, torpid oblivion. My orange hair stood out amongst the mist, but it was tangled in somebody else's hair . . . red? No, it was more of a deep crimson than anything else, wisping against my cheek lightly. I whipped my head around in the dead, black air, but found myself smacking against another's face. My body felt cooler, nipples growing hard from the exposure and chill of the air as my eyes met the stranger's. This was no stranger, though. He batted a baby-blue eye at me; lashes a dark scarlet alike his hair, calmly seducing with a devastatingly handsome charm. There was only one other I knew to have a child's playful blue eyes but empty and hard of a stone like an aging scholar's . . .

"Rikya!" I shouted, voice echoing off into the ether-real plane. My voice sounded boxed and stuffy so I wondered if he heard me, because his eyes never shifted or body tensed. This couldn't be Rikya, though--Rikya had long, flowing black hair! This man had short, feathered red hair with black roots and a braid dangling barely an inch away from his left ear. That wasn't the only offset characteristic of this man . . . he had a copper-toned eye-patch covering his left eye with fragmented jewels lining the fine band. He winked that lone eye at me where Gippal's blind eye would have been, then journeyed off for me to follow. I was hesitant at first, but got the hang of the swimming flow that had to be maneuvered in order to move about. He was naked alike myself, but again, something about it was horribly familiar--Rikya's posed, beautiful naked body was etched and burned into my mind. Every curve molded to this stranger's body; legs long, torso slender, and buttocks toned to a perfect rump. This couldn't be any coincidence . . . was this Rikya? Or was it an ancestor of his? There was no way of knowing, but one thing was for sure: this man was off. He didn't appeal to me like Gippal or even slightly like Rikya. There was something mute about this beautiful stranger that I just couldn't place my chocobo's feather on . . .

My world, once again, went blank.

"Would you like to save the world with me?" A stunning voice asked me, too dark and sinister that I thought I had imagined the words he spoke.

I found myself in a cold room, lying atop a bed so soft and form fitting that I sunk into its comforters by an inch. My hand found a woolly comfortable instinctively to cover my still-naked body. Shivering, I draped my undone blonde hair to one side as I pulled the covers up to my neckline. Wait . . . blonde hair? Did the orange dye wash out? But that couldn't be, that was semi-permanent dye . . .

A soft chuckle interrupted my thoughts, a familiar silky drum of entwining vocal chords. "Enjoying yourself, love?" A familiar voice curled its words around my throat. "My apologies for the temperature. I do have a fireplace but I've never grown accustomed to heat that I haven't already made with my body. Natural heat; a warm sensation one feels when the friction of skin builds up an orgasmic warmth..."

"Who are you?" I demanded, voice quivering from fear and unease. My fingers dug into the fleece blanket, eyes lingering about the male sitting at the end of the king sized canopy. White gauze concealed all open ends of the bed and dipped at the top near the ceiling, making an elegant tent of white sheets and silver pillows. The man before me--so familiar was he although I've never caught sight of such an endearing face--stood out amongst the glitter of pale and creamy colors, though his wan skin did blend with the ghostly silk. A baby blue eye pinned me to the bed, running a long, amorous stare along my hidden body, the blanket defining my curves.

"I thought we already introduced ourselves, but you may call me Vadar. You are my liaison, after all . . . it wouldn't be proper to scream Sycdan during sex, though it does sound kinky, don't you think?" He drawled, crawling towards me like a hungry carnivore. That crawl . . .it was reminiscent to the day Nooj had sicked Gippal on me.

I finally came to terms that the creature I had yearned for and feared had at last trapped me in his claws, back to his time. Back to Zanarkand . . . and I had a distinct feeling that Rikya nor Gippal would be able to rescue me this time, much less myself. The horror must've been evident in my eyes and quivering bottom lip because Vadar stopped to hang his head in a chuckle. His shoulder blades shuddered with the low cackle at my feet, and I noticed a sheer, black material trembling low below his chest. It was a toga but went around both shoulders, the filmy cloth clinging to his muscles and gathering around his ankles, exposing fine, pale feet. Yes, he was a vibrant, black dot blotched out against the white sheets and creamy fleece blankets, but nobody looked more perfect.

Well, there was somebody . . .

"You amuse me, child. Do not fret, I will not bring any harm to you," he purred, nodding his head up to face mine with feathered, crimson hair covering the patch on his left eye.

"I don't think you're in any position to tell me to calm down," I quipped with shrill words.

"Maybe, but I do need you exposed and beautiful if we are to consummate, and what I want," he thumbed his bronze eye patch up to his forehead and a blazing red eye met mine, "I get."

"Oh!" I moaned sinking into the bed as my hands fisted handfuls of silk. My back arched, letting the warm blanket slip down to my waist and flaunting my breasts as my heart beat and fluttered wildly in my chest. I was filled with a tepid sensation, barely numbing my body as I settled back into the comfort of the bed. It felt like an enigmatic orgasm but wasn't.

"What . . . what did you do?" I asked, panting to catch up with the previous rush.

"We can do this the hard way or easy way. You just got a taste of the hard way . . . I don't want to force the unwilling," he paused as the corners of his lips tugged into a smirk. "That would be rape."

Who was this guy kidding?! He seemed unaffected by the idea, especially since we weren't exactly in the current time zone and the past of Zanarkand seemed to buzz silently outside of his luxurious loft without a care in the world. That brought to mind . . .

"I wouldn't have sex with you if you were the last man in this time! Now where are we? Where have you taken me?" I demanded, huddling away from his body that seemed to exuberate an aggressive and dominant aura.

"Impressive, you are quick to assume that we are no longer with in your period. I knew I had chosen a worthy liaison," he replied with a small chuckle, maneuvering his body to my small form.

"You didn't choose me," I said undauntedly, "Gippal did. I know about the whole eidolon-incubus thing ,you sadistic pig."

"Hmph, you're also a bold one."

"And I am NOT you're liaison! Take me back to my time period! And where's my clothes?"

Vadar suddenly appeared at my side with his nose barely an inch away from mine. "And what makes you so certain that I will abide to your requests? Do you underestimate my powers?" His voice hushed to a lull as his mouth hovered close to mine, hot breath enticing my to move in.

I let his lips tentatively touch mine before my elbow found its way to his ribs. Coughing and sputtering, Vadar gave me a bewildered look as I hastily hopped out of his bed and yanked aside the shear material enveloping the canopy that seemed to be what his toga was made out of. Casting aside more filmy sheets, I quickly scanned the room for a weapon--any weapon--to guard me against this beast. On a polished side table, my fingers wrapped around an envelope opener with a frightened grip, darting my arm through the gauzy linen with the blade ripping through it.

"I'm aware of your powers. Do you underestimate mine?" I asked darkly through gritted teeth.

At first, Vadar stared at me with that astonished expression, then suddenly erupted into a series of fitful cackling, unable to restrain himself. This really put a damper on my attempt to look intimidating, but my stance didn't falter. I waited for him to calm to continue, but he got to it first.

"Love," he spoke with a teasing hint in his voice, "you cannot threaten me! I am already dead, remember?"

"Eidolons can be sent, remember? Hmm, I wonder if physical spirits can feel pain," I sauntered closer to the bed. He lay in a welcoming position, daring me to make my next move.

"I'm not a memory, darling, more like a phantom. My kind are not relieved of this world unwillingly . . . we leave when we please. Just because I'm in my past now in physical form doesn't mean I can do so in your present. I need a host . . . you're Gippal, for example. He came strolling along the ruins one day and his presence awakened me. He has such a lonely heart . . . unrequited love. I was intrigued, to say the very least," he explained, sprawling himself into a comfortable position on the extravagant bed. He looked like a large, sinister but innocent looking cat, waiting to be pet.

"H . . . How are you able to do that? What exactly is an eidolon incubus?" I asked, curious but still managing to keep my voice at a liberally serious level.

"There are few of my kind . . . but ah, alas I've found another. I could sense straight that he was--rather is related to me by blood. You're brooding knight, Rikya. I can feel that you saw we struck a resemblance, no?" He continued arrogantly.

"You didn't answer my question."

"Very forward, aren't we? Well, as I was saying, when little Rikya dies his spirit has the elite choice of becoming an eidolon if he has unfinished business he'd like to attend to. He becomes a translucent drifter but is restrained to his deathbed, so to speak. I died here, in this room, when that bloody monster Sin destroyed my city. Among the ruins you see being rebuilt in your present day, there were other eidolons--but very few and very rare. They lasted no longer than a decade after death, practically abandoning their very will, but I prevailed. I hadn't had a woman a birth my prodigy . . . ha, well I had impregnated my succubus, but as you can tell she didn't survive the . . .," he paused to collect himself, as if hurt, but continued, "incident."

"So why do you have to impregnate me? What'll me birthing your child profit you?" I asked, raising a slight brow.

Vadar smirked coyly but with merit. "Well, concerning the choosing you part, I didn't exactly have free will over that. Your man is a strong one, one with a will of might, so he overpowered my mental control and came to you in mind . . . absently, in a way. But what will you having my prodigy profit me? Well, my damsel, let's put it this way: eidolons may also have the will to choose who they will reincarnate into. Soul's enter the embryo seven months into the impregnation, so that leaves me the perfect amount of time to linger--make certain that you birth my child to then become it, do you understand? I will be my own child. I devised this plan in my slumber. The Great Gods of the Farplane informed me of this, and I serve them to deliver the final disintegration."

"You . . . You're fucking sick!" I shouted with a somber intensity, gripping the envelope opener even tighter.

"Mmm, I know, my morbidity really puts me in the mood. Are you ready now? I will not hesitate to force myself upon you," he flicked a tongue between his teeth, extending his hand out towards me. I slashed at it with the razor tip but met air when he slapped his long, pale fingers around my petite wrist and twisted my arm towards him, making me drop my futile weapon.

"Ouch! I'd rather die then see Spira fall into the your hands!" I cried with eyes misty from the pain, my body being wrenched into a submissive position by Vadar as he impended his exquisite will upon me.

"Your body is very honest, you know--it writhes at my touch but tightens below . . . I will miss this when we part," he murmured, forcing my legs apart with his knees as his head bowed towards my neck.

"I'll abort the child if you do pull . . . this off! There are many alternatives! And if all else fails, I'll kill myself!" I exclaimed, failing to feign the desperation in my voice.

"Oh, you'll commit suicide, will you? That's the positive of being a powerful incubus like myself: we develop many useful powers. I'll place a sanctuary spell on you when I'm finished so that no harm can come yours or the child's way: even self-infliction. It can detect when somebody intends you harm so reacts as an invisible shield for you. Of course, since I'm the charmer I'm also privileged immunity from the spell and am the only one who can relinquish it. Fascinating, my powers, aren't they?" He explained, raising his head after teasing the skin along my shoulder blade to make eye contact. His baby-blue eye flared for a moment, but the affect subsided when he distracted himself of talk about himself and his powers. Could this be a weakness?

"What . . . what other powers do you have?" I asked unsteadily. Anything to bide more time . . . but for what? My mind crossed the first question he had asked me. "What did you mean by saving the world earlier?

"Well, love, incubuses come with sexually-orientated powers, my sanctuary spell being one that branched off from protection of a loved one; that being my former succubus. I possess many sex spells, such as the orgasmic one you felt earlier and the power to manipulate, like this." His eyes darkened a shade of blue and at first I felt fine (all except the aching knowledge that I was naked and uncomfortable), but then a warm surge of tranquil power passed through me and wove along my veins, abating my fear of sex with this temptations being. I gradually felt consoled and comfortable beneath my courtier, a small smile lingering about my lips. It was like being in a high, a transude of wasted perspiration dissolving away. I knew it wasn't right . . . that I shouldn't have been feeling that, but nothing felt more pleasing, especially when Vadar uttered his triumph with a purr.

"Together we will make Spira bow to us, I can feel it. Once I enter a physical body of my own, I will make you my queen for it will evolve into an adult in a matter of one month. We'll go down in history," he spoke sweetly into my ear, maneuvering my legs into a welcoming position. Wait . . . these words seemed so familiar. They weren't of my familiarity . . . but of another's memories. Was it because we were back in his memories? Yes, but he had spoken these words to another, long ago . . .

"An eidolon cannot fully live in the body of another's that is not of your birth-right . . . your plan will fail," I said slowly, furrowing my brows as the words came to me. Vadar's body puzzled, freezing for a moment as I continued. "You are damned, Vadar. If you stay in that boy's body any longer, your powers will climax . . . then die."

"How . . . what did you just say?" He hissed, propping himself back up to face mine with ferocity.

I smiled genuinely, lost in my high. His late succubus's words were flowing into me, and I had a distraught memory of somebody who looked exactly like Rikya throwing my against the head of the bed, identical to the one I was reclining on. His fingers wrenched through my blond hair and gripped my scalp tightly, threatening me . . .

"You know nothing, wench. The Gods spoke to me! They showed me the way," the Rikya look-alike said maliciously, as if trying to convince himself.

"No, Vadar," I spoke softly, brushing a strand of stray, black hair away from his fervent eyes, "you didn't."

A moment later I realized that it was no longer a memory.

Ripping the filmy toga away from his broad, pale chest, Vadar pried my legs open once more and swept the linen away. Restricting and bruising me against wall, he pressed his hot body up against mine so fixedly that below his form was riding a rash against my belly. Bowing his head at my shoulder, he bit it painfully and rose my body up to meet his ready cock. My arms found their way around his neck,

mimicking the past, and urged him to continue with an erotic tenacity. Maybe it was the drug-like spell he had infused me with, but I no longer cared what happened to me. I had said my piece; there was no way to save myself this time. My body was demanding sex.

With one swift push, Vadar directed himself into me, tearing my vaginal tissue and making me cry out in pain. I was too tight at first, but I relaxed once he rocked out and pushed in a second time, a divine mixture of pain and pleasure. My legs rested at his buttocks and tightened around his waist, pressing him into me once we found a common rhythm. Vadar licked at the violet hickey he had made on my shoulder and began nipping at my neck playfully, but with a dark hint of angst. My moans overlapped my panting once he began to drive into me with a faster and more intense pace, cupping my damp buttocks with both large hands.

Hey, check this out, I think a hickey's blooming on her shoulder . . .

His size was over-whelming, rigid and full inside of me. I slid my head onto his shoulder, resting my cheek on it and making pathetic pants; breathing a hot breath of lust against his neck.

"Ah . . . Va . . .," I moaned, voice small and weak. His breathing picked up as well, pumping hard and ready into me with a languid passion. "Va . . . oh!" I whimpered, my body reaching its climax as I felt an intoxicating heat fill my body and down in my loins.

She's panting really heavily! What should we do?!

I entwined my fingers into his soft, crimson hair, my mind shutting down as its main focus became more direct. My legs worked against his waist and pushed him deeper inside, moaning loudly against the nape of his neck. This was too familiar . . . too . . . familiar . . .

Rikku, darling?

Vadar grunted as he reached his final climax, an orgasm so robust that as we came in unison and cried out with a lustful emotive, we collapsed onto the bed with me on top of his sweaty, gorgeous body.

He has no power over you.

Resting my eyes, I felt his tender parts go limp inside of me, but I was afraid to release him. It might've be painful, and I was so wary.

No man does.

"She said it wouldn't work," Vadar laughed weakly, "all those years ago . . ."

So don't let him overpower you now. Come back to us, and to Rikya and Gippal.

"You know," he continued after moments of silence; weaning from the over-whelming pleasure and letting the initial chilliness of the room settle in. "I can't remember the last time I was in the physical form that you see me in now. I look forward to becoming a real man again; an incubus and not entirely an eidolon. Marylyn doubted me . . . the fool. That was why I had to possess that boy's body. Ha, I was so surprised to see your Rikya. He bore a striking resemblance to Daroyn . . . hmph. Could he be his reincarnation? I wonder . . ."

CHILD! Heed my words or you will never escape! That man is a monster! Come back to us and don't look back!

My face fell from its serene expression to horrified. The reality of the situation took its toll, but in my silent panic as I rest against his fair body, the succubus's words came to me once more.

"I am stronger than you . . . I am," I whispered, closing my eyes with an aching headache.

Vadar nodded his head up, questioning me with his eyes. "What did you-"

"YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME!" I screamed, shattering his memory with shards of my own. They lashed out against him and ripples of blood trickled out of the cuts like a moat rising with the rain. As I rest against his writhing body, my mind fainted with his hissing and screaming ringing inside of my head.

You have no power over me . . .

"Rikku?" Gippal asked as I awoke in his arms. I blinked into the bright room with groggy eyes, my sight finally focusing past Gippal's blond head and catching the haunting image of a concerned Rikya standing beside him. One thing in my mind clicked, and I couldn't stop screaming.


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