From DiabloCat -All my knowledge comes from the movie. This is set in the bit where the others are waiting for Skinner to report from the base. This is what happened to HIM...

To the casual, ignorant observer, it looked like normal snowy woodland - trees here and there, crusted with snow. Small birds fluttered from branch to branch, fluffed up in an attempt to stay warm. If you looked closer, however, you would notice the footprints implanting themselves in the snow, and hear the muttered curses.

Rodney Skinner was not happy. He was as far from happy as he could get. It was cold. No, scratch that, it was FREEZING! And he was effing naked!

"Stupid, crappy formula!" Why on Earth had he taken it?

Sometimes being invisible was fun. You could go anywhere, do almost anything. Then there were the times it was downright irritating. This was one of those times.

Skinner glared through the falling snow. The others were probably all snug and warm in giant woolly overcoats, around a blazing fire. They would be waiting impatiently for him, thinking, 'Geez, Skinner's sure taking his time!' They wouldn't even think about how cold he was.

Or how lost.

Skinner paused for a moment, leaning against a tree. He shivered fitfully as he peered this way and that. He travelled to the place several times, just to make sure he knew where it was. But he couldn't find the marker stone anywhere! The snow must have covered it.


A bird alighted on the branch above him, dumping a bunch of snow on his head. The grumpy invisible man growled at it, and shook most of the snow off.

Why couldn't his clothes go invisible too? It would make things so much easier. It wasn't that being naked disturbed him. When he'd first realised he'd have to run around starkers to stay unseen, he was rather apprehensive, but he was over that now. It was just so damn cold!

A low growl to his left caught his attention. Skinner scowled in its direction, but the frown froze on his face as he realised what had made it.

A big, white, Siberian tiger.

Skinner gulped, and pressed closer to the tree. He didn't like animals that much. They didn't need to be able to see him. They could hear or smell him just fine. The tiger turned towards him, and growled again. It looked hungry...

'Oh, crap, please don't kill me!' he whispered. The tiger took one step forwards, two. 'Please! Dammit, I don't want to die naked!'

The tiger didn't seem to care about whether its prey was decent or not. It bared its teeth. Skinner cringed – then realised the beast was yawning. Languidly, it licked its lips and turned away.

All of a sudden its head shot up. It seemed to hear something. The tiger turned, and trotted off.

Skinner let out his breath in a whoosh. At least the adrenaline rush had chased a bit of the cold away.

He heard the tiger's rumble, roughly ten or twenty metres away. 'That's right,' he thought. 'Go scare someone else.'

A new sound reached his ears. Voices! Could it be the rest of the League? Skinner slunk forwards, brushing off some of the snow that lingered on his head and shoulders.

Yes! There they were! Quatermain, Nemo, Sawyer – and lovely Miss Mina!

An evil grin spread across Skinner's face. She had her back to him. This was a way too good opportunity to miss...