Ever-Changing Life

"You're one of those disgustingly cheerful mutants known as morning people, aren't you, Odo?"

Odo smirked slightly at the sight of his lover – Nerys had a tousled, rumpled, just-out-of-bed look that was indescribably sexy – and the furious scowl on her face detracted none whatsoever from her appeal. In fact, it added to it.

"I am as long as my sixteen hours of solidity align with the station's 'morning', Major, you know that," he said calmly, knowing that both his calmness and referring to her by her rank would irk her to no end.

The phrase 'she's beautiful when's she's angry' applied particularly to both redheads and Bajorans. Luckily for him that Kira was both – especially since her temper was so easy to rile.

"Odo," she growled. "You are lucky I haven't had my raktajino this morning or – Changeling or no Changeling – I'd have to hurt you for being so cheerful. Luckily I'm not awake enough, or you'd be in real trouble."

Smirk widening into a full-blown grin, Odo handed over a large mug of the Klingon beverage – extra hot, with two measures of kava, just as she liked it – that he had replicated for when Kira awoke. "Well then, Major, it's a good thing I prepare for every eventuality then, isn't it?"

Kira's face softened into a smile. "Following the Boy Scouts' doctrine, Constable?"

"'Be prepared' is a good motto, Major," Odo returned. "Though I have no need for merit badges. Never mind how hard it would be to wear them."

"No physical adornments whatsoever?" Nerys asked idly, taking a large gulp of her drink.

A soft smile crossed his facsimile of lips. "Except this, of course," he said quietly, fingering the Bajoran-made earring on his ear, the one part of his attire that was not fabricated from his own substance.

Touching her own earring, in particular the wedding charm which was a twin to the one dangling from Odo's, Kira grinned back. "Always good to have some constants in life," she decided, voice soft.

Arching an eyebrow, Odo drawled, "Even if they are as infuriating as my cheerfulness in the morning?"

"Especially then," Kira agreed, taking his hands in hers. "After all, nothing endures but change…"

"…and love," they both chorused.