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Legend of the Mystic River

It was a myth.....a legend .....until now...Everyone was against her. Even her own brother kept the truth from her all this time......but she's back to uncover the true truth and to get ..........Revenge.

Chapter 1:Introduction

The year was 1800. A time and place where witches were uncover and hanged. A time where pyrites roam free.

Meratsu Asakimi stepped outside her home."Keratsu!!!!" she called in after her brother." Hurry up, we'll miss it!!"

"Ok!! I'll be right there, sis!!!" he shouted from the hut.

It have been strange lately at the Asakimis hut. She and her brother been adopted since their parents had move to the other side of the counthy.She doesn't know why they don't want her or her brother. Did they have to put them up for adoption? Did they have enough money to support the whole family? Did they think it world be best for us to do that? These questions were confusing her big time. Their stepparents weren't exactly perfect but at least they adopted her and her brother.Yeah, but they are heart- less and cruel. Sometimes the parents toss them around like a piece of rubbage.

Lately, they wanted to speak to Keratsu and they have stayed up late to "discuss" things with him. Everyone in the family seems to be strange lately. When she asked, the only reply she would get is "don't worry about it", "its nothing", or sometimes even a "mind your own business".

Meratsu sat on the steps of the Asakimis hut .It wasn't long til she became bored of waiting for her brother to come with her to go to Sunset Cliff. She glazes her eyes at the sky toward the horizon.Theres just enough time to catch a peep at he sunset if we leave now, she thought to herself. Meratsu stood up. She slowly walked to the flowerbed and picked a flower, not just any flower; it was her step mom most prized possession. It's dieing anyway so it doesn't matter, she thought inside her head. Well, time to find out what's going on here.

Meratsu tiptoed into the house and next to the room her family members were in. The door wasn't open but she can still hear them clearly if she put her ear to the door, her entire life changed...................forever.

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