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Chapter six: The Encounter

Ryou and Bakura were walking silently side by side to Yugi's house.

He never been this quiet before.......must be thinking up ways to torture Yami, Ryou thought.

Just then, out of the corner of his eye Ryou thought he saw something.

Something like a white veil flyiung through the air. He swear he had saw something that looked a lot like a pale white face.

All this nonsense must be getting to my head thought the albino haired boy.

Ryou soon forgot and set his focus on the yami next to him.

Bakura's hair was as messy as ever before.

When they had got home he had witness the yami combed it down with his fingers hundred of times or maybe even thousands.

Good luck seeing past it, Ryou thought.

They continue to Yugi's house.

Meanwhile at Yugi's house............

Marik stared around at his hikari and the light.

Malik and Yugi was just enjoying the milkshake one sip at a time.

Man, this is too quiet and it's going to get boring if nothing happen......unless I make it happen.....thought Marik.

Then, the blonde yami spilled some of the sticky substance onto Yugi's hair.

"Hey!!" the light yelled as he quickly stood up and examine the damage Marik had done.

Yugi angerly turned to Marik. "You did that on purpose!!"

Marik glared. "Whatever."

"What??!! You did do that on purpose!!!"

Yugi turned to Malik. "Malik, tell your yami to said sorry right now!!"

Malik slowly placed his glass on the table and looked up at his yami. "Marik.........."

Marik scanned the room.

"Um.....um......um.....milkshake fight!!!" Marik yelled as he swiped the nearest cup filled.

He slashs the sticky substance all around and across the room.

Malik grin and reached for his glass.

Yugi got slashed twice by the pair so, since the room was dirty already..............

"Hey Marik!!," Yugi yelled as he poured the sticky substance down his shirt.


Malik then poured the remaining milkshake onto his yami's head.



Soon, Yugi got his revenge by dumping what's left of his shake on Marik.

Finally, the noise died down and the three were out of shake or "ammo".

The shake was on everything, the doors, the walls, even the ceiling.

"My house!! My stuff!! My gosh!!" Yugi say as he took a peep at Marik.

Marik somehow was far worse looking than he and Malik. Milkshake covered most of his face.

The two lights messed him up bad. (A/N: Which is good)

Malik stared down at himself. "Lets go get clean up," he announced.

The three made their way to the kitchen stopping at the edge of the kitchen afraid to do further damage.

Yami looked up from what he was doing. "What on earth??!!! What happened to you??!! I can't believe you three had a milkshake fight!!.................why didn't you invite me???"


Yami laughed. "Just kidding and go get clean up. You look ridiculous."

Yami reached for the blender button.

Yugi saw that the blender's top was missing and it was filled with milkshake. "Nooooooo!!!!"

Too late.......................

Yami pushed the button and once again milkshake go flying everywhere. Then the blender cup came loose and whack Yami in the head.

Once again they were where they had started about fifteen minutes ago. Now Yami had joined in.

The kitchen was just as worse looking at the previous room that had the first fight.

"I told you to stop," complained Yugi.

Yami looked down at his hikari. "Why didn't you tell me sooner??!!"

Yugi stared at his yami. "Look who's talking!! Then why don't we try this again but only this time we'll be in the living room so the blender thingie can whack you in the head again and send you flying through the window and out onto the streets to be hit by all the passing cars!!!"

Yami glared back at his hikari. "I can't die!!!"

"Well that's the joy of it!! You can't die so you can feel what it feel like!!"

Malik cut in. "Guys, come on, knock it off."

Yami sighed. "Yeah, Malik's right."

"I guess, I'm sorry Yami," say Yugi as he and Yami closed in for a hug of forgiveness.

Malik and Marik: o.O

"They sure are moody today," said Marik.

"Yup," agreed Malik.

Finally the hug broked and the four went in the living room where the first milkshake war had taken place.

Just then, Bakura jumped through the window........only to be face to face with the wall.

The spirit had tripped on the shake and crashed himself into the wall.

His arms and legs were bended in a strange way.

Yugi stared at him. "I have a door you know."

"So???" answered the weaken yami.

The door opened to a wide eyed and surprising Ryou.

Ryou's eyes scanned the entire room. "If it help the situation the I'm going to leave and pretend nothing happen."

"Oh come in here!' yelled Malik as he pulled Ryou in the door.

At Joey's house

Joey opened the door and jumped out......only to be caught by his sister.

Serenity glared at her brother. "Oh no mister you didn't clean your room yet."

Joey looked up at his sis who was standing in the doorway. "Awwwww, come on Serenity, I promise Yugi I'll meet him!!'

"Fine!! But you're not off the hook yet."

"Oh thank you Serenity!! You're the best!!"

Joey jumped to his feet and ran........then he tripped over a bug.

Serenity slapped her hand to her face. "What did I do to get a brother like you??"

At Yugi's house

Ryou had just heard about the milkshake war with the yami and the tow lights with Yami joining in the second time around.

Ryou looked at them. "You guys mess up this place bad........"

Ryou then went over and help his yami up.

Bakura hopped to his feet and looked at himself. "I cant take over the world looking all sticky!! Lets go get clean up."

The others followed his lead and went to get the cleaning supplies.

One hour later..............

Joey , Tea, and Tristen had came by and had help clean up.

Soon everything was all clean up and everyone was at the kitchen table enjoying a nice luch when Bakura starts talking.

"Hurry up Pharaoh!! I have a game to win you know!!"

Yami looked up at the tomb robber. "Or to lose and we'll get this game on soon enough."

Bakura growled.

"Bad dog," scolded Yami.

That only made Bakura growled even louder.

Ryou looked up at the spirit. "Bakura can't you be nice at least for one minute??"


"Why??" asked Ryou, a bit puzzled.

"Cause I don't want to," complained the tomb robber.

Ryou smirked. "Be nice to Yami and the others or I'll tell them what happen to your hair."

Bakura's eyes widen with horror. "You wouldn't!!"

"Oh yes I would and Yami's right here so you can't do anything about it."


Joey's perked up. "No go ahead Ryou, tell us I been wondering about it too."

Bakura's mind raced to find a suitable excuse but nothing in particalur popped out at him.

"Fine!! But only for a while!"

Ryou shrugged. "Works for me."

Then Bakura pulled into a wide smile.......a creepy one too. (A/N: Can you imagine it??)

Joey begins to laugh and choke. "Baku...ra.....can you stop that??!!"

"Sure buddy," Bakura said as he slap Yugi's back.

Yugi started making wheezing sounds as he grasp his neck.

Tea's eyes widen with terror as she begins to speak. "Oh my gosh, he's choking!! Someone called 911!!"

Bakura stepped to the phone and held up the receiver. "Sure but what's the number??"

Tea slapped her hand to her face. "Just pressed the button that said 911 on it!!"

"Oh ok," said Bakura just as he found the button on the bottom of the receiver.

Bakura pressed it and the phone began to ring.

A voice began to speak after the first ring. "Hi how may I help you??"

The tomb robber started to toyed with the phone's cord as he open his mouth in wish to reply. "May I speak to 911 please??"

Everyone slapped their hands up to their faces.

The voice started talking again. "Yes this is 911, what is your emergency??"

"Are you sure you're 911??"

The voice was annoyed by his statement. "Well maybe if you don't need emergency treated right away then maybe you should called at a more suitable time. Please get paper and pencil then I'll read you the times."

Bakura quickly grabbed a pad of paper and a pen that were already on the kitchen's counter. "Ok I'm ready now."

The voice started up again. "Five in the afternoon."

"Five in the afternoon," repeated Bakura.

"Nine in the morning."

"Nine in the morning."

Bakura was repeating the times and writing it on the pad with the pen.

"Seven in the evening."

"Seven in the evening."

After the fifth one, the voice suddenly stopped.

Bakura started up again. "You want fries with that??"

"Sounds good but no. Now you have the times so you know when to call for your emergency."

The voice started to hang up but the spirit stopped it. "Wait don't hang up!! So you're 911 eh?? Everyone knows about you and every-"

Bakura stopped talking.

He could clearly hear snoring in the background. "So you're sleeping on me huh??!!! Feel my wrath, mortal!!!"

The ring started to glow and he could hear screaming in the background now. After that everything else was quiet.

Bakura then placed the receiver and walked back to the others.

Tea was first to talk. "So did you called??"

"Yes I did and we had a very nice conversation, well before I send it to the shadow realm when it snoozes on me."

Everyone's mouth dropped open mostly Tea's. "Dimwit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

With that everyone jumped on top of him.

"Ahhhhh!!!" screamed the tomb robber. "I'm not ready to die yet!!!!!!!"

Then, Joey's head popped out of the pile.

"So young and yet so stupid.......great isn't it??" say Joey with a smile on his face.

End of chapter six

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