SPOILERS: It may involve all episodes (both seasons) but it's mainly about season 2.
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CHAPTER I - Prepare For the Mission


During his first operation as the CIA main operative Stiles had already come to face problems. The man they believed to be a terrorist was in fact a Secret Service agent who was undercover to try and fool the real terrorists. At the meeting with Gage, Quinn, FBI agent Pohl, Carl, Joshua and other division chiefs Stiles showed well enough he wasn't happy with failure.

"Are you happy you left military service for the glamorous life of the CIA?" Gage asked him.

"No, Sir. Not today." he replied.

Quinn suggested an Incident Response Team, which would operate under his command on behalf of every government agency. Stiles could be the leader - and he liked the idea. Pohl informed them the Bureau found a letter on the fake terrorist's mailbox, and Joshua had it analyzed. It was mailed from Nice by Manar Sufiya, a terrorist who works with Ramil Polvon - the man who killed Matt Callan.

Quinn decided it was time to put the IRT in action. He called Stiles in his office.

"Mr. Stiles, you'll be leading the team on this mission in France."

"Who will be going with me?"

"Lex, a computer analyst; he'll take care of all the technical support. I'll try to get the best analyst for this mission, which will not be immediate, given he no longer works in here."

"Who is he and why did he leave?"

"Jackson Haisley. He had some problems with the terms of his job. But he'll come back. He was a friend of Matt Callan's."

"Will I be the only field agent on this mission?"

"No, you'll be accompanied by Terri Lowell. She's an artist, one of
the best. But she's also one of the best field agents with OTS training. She was the one on mission with Matt Callan. Why don't you go to the operations training center? I'm sure she'll be there."

Somehow Stiles didn't like the idea of being backed up by the same agent who was together with Matt on his last mission. But he went to the operations training room anyway.


After talking to Stiles, Quinn managed to track down Jackson. He was shopping for a new car, and Robert went to talk to him.

"What kind of car will you be driving, Mr. Haisley?"

Jackson was not happy to see him. Robert recalled how Haisley had left the Agency.

"To quit your job after a screaming scene in the lobby with your girlfriend and a security officer."

"And you."

Quinn just smiles. "People scream at me all the time. I don't take it personally."

Jackson can't believe his nerve, so he starts to walk away, but stops
as he hears Quinn's real motive to be there.

"We're going after Ramil Polvon."

Haisley hesitates, but decides to walk away.


Back at the CIA, Stiles sneaks in the ops training room as Terri is beating up a man in front of the class. He asks the instructor to leave them alone for a moment, so they all leave. They start to fight.

"I understand you're the best artist in OTS. Not a visa in the world you can't forge." Stiles says, between a few punches and blocks.

"I'm not doing visas today." she replies. She doesn't know this man. "Who are you?"

"A.B. Stiles."

"What's the A.B. stand for?"

"Absolute Bastard. You wanna stay in the field coz of what happened to Matt Callan, right?"

"Who are you?"

"I'm going after the man who killed him. You were watching his back when he died. Mr. Quinn thinks you should watch mine, so you understand my concern." he replies, laughing a bit.

She doesn't think it's funny at all. "I wasn't responsible for Matt's death."

"It's okay if you're angry."

"I'm not angry."

"I just need to know you can control it, so you don't mess up again."

They start fighting again and she kicks him down, causing him to land on his back. She takes his hand and almost breaks his wrist.

"How's that for control?" she says sarcastically.

He's forced to admit defeat, and she leaves. He laughs as she walks away. "What a girl..." he thinks to himself.

"What a jerk!" she says to herself as she heads for the locker room, where she'll take a shower before going to OTS.


As Terri is taking a shower, Stiles goes back to Quinn's office.

"Good morning, Mr. Stiles. Did you find Ms. Lowell?"


"Good. Don't forget we have a meeting in 50 minutes."

"Okay. Sir, I need to ask for Ms. Lowell's file."


"With due respect, I don't think she's capable of watching my back."

"Mr. Stiles, I should first say it's not customary for operatives to look into other agents' personal files. But to prove Ms. Lowell is one of the best, as was Mr. Callan, I'll hand you both Ms. Lowell's and Mr. Callan's files. Second, you must never doubt my decisions. If I trust Terri Lowell to be your backup, don't second-guess it. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Sir." Terri walked back in OTS still mad at Stiles.


"God!" she said in an angry tone.

Joshua was just walking out of his office and heard Terri's comment.

"Everything okay?"

"I just met the biggest jerk ever!"

"Who is he?"

"Uh... A.B. Stiles. He told me A.B. stood for 'Absolute Bastard'. I should have believed him!"

"Well, I've met him this morning." She looked at him so he continued. "On a meeting with the DCI. He only seemed a bit..."

"Arrogant? Conceited? A pain in the ass?!"

Joshua smiled at Terri's annoyance. "A 'mission-only' sort of man."

Just then Lex walked in OTS with two cups of coffee - one for him and one for Joshua.

"Thank you, Lex. Oh, by the way, Mr. Quinn requested your presence on the mission in Nice."

"Really? I'm going to France? Wow!" Lex replied more than thrilled.

"Yes, you are going along with Ms. Lowell and Mr. A.B. Stiles, who'll lead the operation. I'm sure you'll love him. Won't he, Ms. Lowell?" Joshua turned to Terri with one of his innocent grins.

"Oh, don't! Just drop it!" She replied a little mad.

"Don't get so angry, Ms. Lowell. It's bad for your health. And don't forget you have a meeting with Mr. Quinn in about 30 minutes. Good luck."

Joshua went back to his office. Lex just stood there looking funny
at Terri.

"What?!" she asked.

Lex just shrugged his shoulders in mock naiveté. This only got Terri even madder, so she just walked out OTS. Lex started laughing after she left.


Terri needed to calm down, so she went to Wall of Stars. There was something about it that gave her peace, especially one star - Matt's. She knew she wasn't responsible for his death; she remembered how he dropped the thermo device that helped her monitor him by showing the lights moving on her screen. She remembered how Polvon got the device. And how when she was telling Matt that Polvon was standing in front of him she had no way of knowing that Polvon was actually standing behind Matt. Even though she knew all the facts, she still felt guilty. And Stiles' comment didn't help at all.

On the other side of the lobby, Stiles was walking around. He had just finished reading the personal files. He couldn't believe how he was such a jerk. Then, he spotted her near the Wall.

He walked up to her. "I'm sorry."

She looks at him; she hadn't noticed he was by her side until now.

"About your friend and questioning your abilities. I did some more research; your record is exemplary. Mr. Callan's, as well."

She sees he's carrying Matt's file. He's truly sorry, but he doesn't how to make up for what he's done.

"Are you going to this meeting?" he says, trying to break the ice. She nods, so he goes on. "Can I walk with you?"

"Okay." She sees he's really trying, so she starts up a conversation. "So, who are you, really?"

"I was with the Marines, but Mr. Quinn convinced me I might better serve my country by working here, so..."

"Marine. From?"

"Everywhere. Father was in the Air Force, spent a lot of time in Europe as a kid. Mother was Irish, so if I slip into the brogue every now and again you forgive, will you?" They laugh a bit.

She goes on. "So, I'm partnering with an Irish guy and going undercover in France?"


"And you were worried about me?"

"I'll try to keep my mouth shut."

"Yeah, we'll try to hold you to that."

They enter the elevator. Stiles looks at Terri, smiling, and she looks back with a soft smile.

"Maybe I'm getting through..." he thinks to himself.

"Maybe he's not such a bad guy afterall." she thinks. "I'll give him a second chance. Let's hope he deserves one."

They walk in the office where Quinn is already waiting for them.

"Good afternoon, Ms. Lowell. Mr. Stiles."

"Sir. What do I need to know about this mission?" Stiles asked.

"Well, your mission is pretty clear. You must watch Mr. Sufiya in hopes he'll lead us to other terrorists, mainly Mr. Polvon. But, what I actually wanted to show you is a video of a torture. The torture that got Stan Berger killed. He was our murdered agent that got us to send Matt Callan after Mr. Polvon and got him killed as well. You'll be going to seek justice for both of them. Let's just hope your fate is better than theirs." Quinn said.

"I'm sure we all hope so." Stiles replied.

"Ms. Lowell, I just wanted you to be reminded of who Ramil Polvon is."

"I don't need tapes for that, Sir. But I'll take it anyway."

Quinn played the video. As they all were watching it, Jackson Haisley walked in.

"Welcome home, Mr. Haisley." Quinn said.

Stiles and Terri turned to see him. Stiles could sense he didn't like Polvon at all.

"You want him?" he asked Jackson.

"He murdered my friend." was all Haisley replied.

Quinn stopped the video. He informed them all they had 3 hours to go home and pack. They were supposed to meet back in the garage and leave for France.

As they walked out, Terri went to talk to Jackson.

"Hey. It's good to see you're back." she told him.

"I'm not sure it's permanent. I'm still thinking about it, but for
now I only want to get Polvon."

"I'm glad you're here for this. You know how I feel. How I miss him."

"We all do." Jackson said.

Stiles was left wondering if there was something going on between Terri and Matt before he got killed.


After she was done packing, Terri got back to OTS.

"Hey, Joshua."

"Ms. Lowell. You all packed?"

"Yes. Am I the last one?"

"Afraid so. Lex went downstairs about 12 minutes ago."

"Thanks. I'd better get going."

"So, are you looking forward for this trip?"

"Please don't start. He apologized, but I still think he's arrogant."

"Have a nice and safe trip. Don't forget to send me a postcard."

"I won't."


As Terri walked up to the group, she could see Stiles was a little impatient. Jackson was as calm as ever and Lex looked like a kid. He was very excited.

"What took you so long?" Lex asked.

"I was packing, and then I stopped by OTS to see Joshua. I'm really sorry I'm the last one. But I've still got 3 minutes to spare."

"Women. Why do you always take forever to pack?" Stiles commented.

"Men. Why do you always think two shirts, one pair of pants and one pair of boxers will get you through the week?"

She was annoyed again, so she went straight to the van and sat on the back. Stiles got in as well, but he sat on the front.

"This ought to be very interesting." Jackson said to Lex before they got in.

If only they all had any idea of how just interesting it was actually going to be...