Author's Notes:- Thanks to Stonedtoad for betaing and the title.

This is set after Buffy Season Seven and is an alternate for Stargate Season Seven. I am honestly going somewhere with this.

The next part is on its way, hope you enjoy.

She sat cross-legged on the grass in the dawn light, her eyes closed as she took in several deep breaths slowing her thoughts and focussing her mind.

Unknown to her she was being watched, at the kitchen window her friend admired how she was able to shut out everything and meditate, he could never do that.

Xander sighed and went back to making breakfast.

In the past few months since the destruction of Sunnydale they'd moved around a bit. They'd stopped briefly in LA so they could get the injured to a hospital, where they also left Faith so she could care for Robin before Giles and Andrew left for England taking Dawn with them for a few months. This left Xander, Buffy and Willow who had decided to take Giles advice and set up shop in Cleveland to defend the other Hellmouth.

The girls had been surprised to discover that Xander had stored away a lot of money over the months before the destruction of their home town, though he hadn't revealed that Anya had left him all her savings which amounted to a lot of money, so he could afford this very comfortable house with enough room for all three of them plus Giles and Dawn and a few other guests. They were planning on finding premises where they could open a training school for slayers, watchers and if possible witches. Until they could, Buffy had managed to get herself another counsellor's job thanks to a few faked qualifications and references from Giles and Robin Woods. Xander had found a construction firm that took him on as a manager despite his Cyclops-ness and Willow was teaching adult computer classes at the local college.


Xander stood in his bathroom brushing his teeth getting ready to choose the patch-o-the-day as Willow put it when a pure white light filled the room behind him fading to reveal a man curled up naked on the bed.

Stunned Xander quickly noted the lack of demoness considering the guy looked like a wounded puppy also he was in direct sunlight so he wasn't a vampire.

"Xander?" a worried Willow called flying in; she'd felt a powerful force enter the room. She came skidding to a halt when she saw the man there.

"You know, if this is Buffy's birthday present," Xander managed to say, "You're a few months early and you hit the wrong room."

The unconscious man groaned and opened his eyes jumping to see them standing over him.

"It's alright," Willow said soothingly, throwing a cover over him, "What's your name?"

The man was shaking, "I don't know."

"You're safe," Willow assured him, "Just rest."

The man still looked wary but as Willow soothed him he slipped into a restful sleep.


Buffy stood staring at them, "What happened?"

The other two shrugged.

"We can't leave him alone," Willow said, "He's scared and confused at the moment, also we have no idea who he is."

"Well, I have to be at work in about half an hour," Buffy told them, "My boss isn't in on my double life this time."

"I'm due in as well," Xander sighed.

Willow frowned, "Well I can work at home for the next few days. I'll take care of him."

"Will, you're the best," Buffy told her as she grabbed her bag and left.

Xander gave her a smile, "I'll drop by at lunch. See you then."

Willow frowned watching her two friends leave before she finished making their guest something to eat and drink. She'd learnt a good bit of medicine during her years in Sunnydale so she was confident that she could care for this guy. His aura was of a good man and she was sure he would be fine.

He was awake again by the time she returned to the room, looking around the room in confusion.

"Hi," Willow smiled at him, "Are you hungry?"

"Yes," he said softly.

"Here I don't know how good it is," she shrugged, "I usually let someone else cook."

He laughed and started eating, wolfing down the food.

"Slowly," Willow told him, "You don't want to be sick."

"I feel like I haven't eaten in forever," he said but took her advice, "I know I don't have a name but what's yours?"

"I'm Willow," she introduced herself.

"That's an interesting name," he smiled at her, "Where am I?"

"Cleveland," Willow told him, "You sort of appeared on us from nowhere."


"If I knew the answer I'd tell you," Willow laughed, "But we want to help you."

He nodded feeling amazed.

"How do you feel?" Willow asked.

He shrugged, "I'm okay."

"Then I'll find you something to wear and you can have a shower before I do a few blood tests."

"You're a doctor?" he asked.

Willow laughed, "No, but I have some medical experience in a manner of speaking."

He chewed his lip and rubbed the bridge of his nose, "Okay."

"Xander is a little smaller than you but his stuff should fit," Willow smiled, "Go, and get into the shower."

He looked down at himself and back at her slightly sheepish.

"Oh," Willow realised blushing slightly, "I'll go get the clothes for you and leave them on the bed."

"So," Xander asked as he found Willow and their guest finishing off the lunch dishes, "How's things?"

"He's perfectly healthy," Willow said, "But nothing's come back yet."

"I'm still a blank slate," the man shrugged.

"We have to call you something," Willow said, "I mean I've been trying to think of something all day."

"He kind of reminds me of Oz," Xander said.

"I don't feel like an Oz," their guest grimaced slightly.

"Well Oz's real name was Daniel," Willow reminded Xander before turning to their guest, "What about Daniel?"

"God is my judge," he murmured.

"What?" Xander asked.

"That's what it means."

"Then I guess we chose right," Willow grinned, "You've just been christened Daniel."

The newly named Daniel nodded, it felt comfortable.

"When is Buffy due back?" Xander asked.

"She finishes work at five tonight," Willow reminded him, "She's got that 'Big Meeting'."

Xander rolled his eyes, "Well the good news is I've got the next few days off…well working from home so if you need to go in I can stay with…Daniel."

"I don't need a babysitter," Daniel spoke up.

Xander tilted his head at him, "Do you know who you are?"

Daniel shook his head.

"Then you could have allergies or a medical condition we don't know about and if no ones here…" Xander trailed off letting Daniel realise the rest of the thought himself.

"I get it," Daniel sighed.

"First things first," Willow decided, "Daniel needs some clothes and stuff so I'll take him into town and you can make dinner."

Xander nodded, "Macaroni surprise it is."

"It wouldn't happen to taste like chicken?" Daniel asked blandly.

Xander frowned, "No, it's a surprise if it's edible. Why would you ask that?"

Daniel looked confused, "I'm not sure."

Willow laughed, "Come on Daniel, let's go shopping."


"Macaroni surprise?" Buffy asked as she entered the kitchen to find Xander stirring his 'secret' sauce.

"Yep," Xander grinned, "How'd your meeting go?"

Buffy shrugged, "It wasn't too bad. At least my jobs secure, I'm apparently doing really well."

"That's good to know," Xander grinned, "Willow's shopping with Daniel."


"Our guest," Xander clarified, "We named him Daniel after Oz."

Buffy stared at him for a second as she let her mind get round the logic of that sentence, "So we're keeping him then?"

"Can we Mom?" Xander asked, "I mean he's clean and won't eat much."

"You idiot," Buffy laughed, "Did Willow find anything on him?"

"She said he's perfectly healthy but he still doesn't have any idea of who he is," Xander told his friend.

"Well, let's keep him away from the basement for the moment," Buffy said, "I'll ask Giles when he calls to see if he can explain how…Daniel would have ended up here."

Daniel stared out of his bedroom window at the rain, it had been almost a month since he'd appeared from nowhere into this house. Although the other three were younger than him he felt welcomed by them. Xander had a sense of humour that seemed familiar and Daniel relaxed into barbing with him every so often, he adored both Willow and Buffy. The girls were both smart and compassionate making him feel very protective of them.

A knock on the door made him look to where Willow was standing in his door, "Hey," she smiled, "Are you okay?"

"I've just been wondering about me," he told her.

Willow rolled her eyes, "Daniel it's not that long since you woke up. Look, you have amnesia. It's more than likely your memory will return in the next few months. And if it doesn't you have a home here with us."

"Thank you," Daniel smiled at her, "It's getting late, if you want I'll make dinner."

Willow smiled relieved, "Good, that means there'll be no emergency trips to the hospital."

Daniel slid off the bed and joined the young woman walking downstairs with her to the kitchen.


"So," Daniel asked as they all finished eating, "Are you three going to tell me what else you guys do?"

Willow looked shocked trying to change it to innocence, "What do you mean?"

Daniel laughed, "Let's start with the basement that's almost permanently locked though used late at night, your rather eclectic library which includes demon encyclopaedias and your large collection of crosses, holy water and wooden stakes."

"Would you believe we're making horror movies down there?" Xander asked.

"Not really," Daniel told them, "Look, I'll understand if you don't trust me but don't think I'm stupid."

"We don't Daniel," Buffy assured him, "It's just habit to keep this all a secret. However, you do live here and I'm sure it'll hit you sooner or later. I'm a Vampire Slayer."

"A Vampire Slayer?" Daniel asked sceptically.

"Originally I was the only one, technically, with the strength and the skill to kill them but a few months ago we changed all that," Buffy explained.

"Wait," Daniel held up his hand, "Okay, vampires exist and you kill them, for what sport?"

"Now that's a thought," Buffy laughed, "There is a Slayer in every generation chosen by someone to protect the world against the forces of evil and when I was fifteen I discovered it was me."

"You said you changed something?" Daniel asked.

"A few months ago we were embroiled in a fight with this ultimate evil, Willow did a spell which meant that all the potentials around the world were given Slayer powers and we stopped it," Buffy continued, "Our whole town was destroyed but there was no one living there by that time anyway. So we moved here and I continue to fight any vamps or demons that come my way."

Daniel thought about this for a second, for all he knew he was already aware of this, "Okay," he said finally, "That makes sense. Wait," he said after another minute, "Spell?"

"I'm a witch," Willow shrugged.

"Oh," Daniel replied before turning to Xander, "And you?"

"I'm the poor schlub who fixes the windows after a demon's rampaged through the house," Xander sighed tragically.

Daniel laughed again.


"Are you sure you want to do this?" Buffy asked as they stood across from each other in the basement/gym.

"I can't work since I have no identity," Daniel reminded her, "At least I can help this way."

Buffy shrugged, "Okay, you are pretty fit so I won't go too easy on you."

Daniel nodded.

"The basics of Vampire killing are one, don't die," Buffy told him slipping into teacher mode, "It's a very basic rule but I've found a pretty good one to follow. Second, if you need to run then run."

"I think I like these rules," Daniel smiled.

"Okay, the ways to kill a vampire are stake through the heart, sunlight, or cutting off its head," Buffy continued, "Here's a stake."

Daniel took the rubber ended stick looking at it slightly confused, "What have I to do with it?"

"Hit me in the heart," Buffy grinned.

"O…Kay," Daniel hefted it experimentally a few times, "I'll try."

Xander stood at the door to the basement watching Buffy teach their latest member how to fight. From the looks of things Xander thought Daniel already knew.

He'd been quite amazed at how well Daniel had taken all this. He was surprised when Daniel managed to hit Buffy in the heart several times during the session; it looked like Daniel definitely knew how to fight.

"I can't believe I agreed to do this," Daniel muttered as they sat in the middle of the living room.

"There's no need to worry," Willow assured him, "I've worded the spell so that nothing can go wrong."

"Why does that not fill me with confidence?" Daniel murmured.

"Daniel, it's been two months and nothing has come back to you," Xander spoke up, "Now, I'm not saying this is the greatest idea in the world but Willow is pretty powerful."

Daniel glanced at Buffy who shrugged before sighing, "Okay."

Willow nodded and motioned them to all take a seat around the circle she'd marked out, "Light the candles."

They did as she said before waiting as she took in a few deep breaths.

"Return what was once lost, all his life, his love," Willow intoned, "Return to him now."

A bright flash of light filled the circle fading to reveal a woman lying there; she had tanned skin and wore a rich looking dress with an intricate headdress set upon thick black hair.

Willow shrugged as the other three turned to look at her, "I don't know."

"Xander, Daniel take her to a room," Buffy ordered, "Will, let's get your med kit and then try and work out what happened."

They nodded, Daniel gently and easily lifted the woman into his arms carrying her into his room, as it was closest setting her on the bed studying her.

"Well I'll say this for Will," Xander said, "She certainly doesn't do things by half."

Daniel nodded his attention still focussed on the newest arrival, "She's beautiful and very familiar."

"Familiar?" Xander asked.

"Yes," Daniel murmured, "I feel connected to her."

Suddenly her eyes opened and a bright glow emanated from them making both Daniel and Xander jump back as she stood to face them looking at them disdainfully.

"How did I get here?" the woman demanded in a deep resonate voice, "Answer me. I am your Goddess Ammonet."

"Hey," Buffy called from behind her, Ammonet turned and Buffy punched her throwing her to the floor, "We don't like Goddesses around here."

"Pathetic girl," Ammonet growled before Buffy swung once more knocking her unconscious.


"She's possessed," Willow told them as she checked the woman's aura, "I think I can remove the parasite without damaging her."

"Parasite?" Xander asked with a wrinkled forehead, "Kinda like egg dudes?"

"It's attached itself to her brain," Willow told them ignoring Xander, "But if I'm right then I can kill it within her with no brain damage."

"And if you're wrong?" Daniel asked.

"We may have to keep Ammonet unconscious until I can work out how to do it," Willow told him, "Keep back guys."

Daniel and Xander stood at the bedroom door watching Willow working with Buffy guarding the woman.

They watched as a bright glow surrounded both Willow and the woman, as it faded Willow wilted slightly but caught herself.

"She should sleep for a while," Willow told them.

"I'll stay with her," Daniel said still captivated by the newest arrival.

"Call me when she wakes up," Willow ordered as they left the room.


Daniel watched her as she slept. Something about her was so deeply familiar, he knew her deep within him but his mind refused to relinquish the information. After a while she started to squirm slightly before her eyes fluttered open. Daniel felt something jolt within him as he saw her eyes staring at him in confusion; they were a deep brown filled with intelligence and a lot of questions.

"Hi," he smiled softly at her.

"Who are you?" she demanded before frowning in confusion.

"I'm Daniel," he told her, "You're safe."

"I do not understand," she whispered, "I should not know these words but I do."

"What's your name?" Daniel asked.

"Sha're," she introduced herself quietly.

"That's a beautiful name," Daniel gave her a smile, "I'm going to call Willow so she can make sure you're healthy, okay?"

Sha're nodded softly.

Daniel disappeared through the door leaving her alone in the strange room, in this bizarre world. She stood up and walked to the window gasping as she looked out into the world, this wasn't her home.

"Sha're?" Daniel's voice called to her and she turned to where he stood with a woman with hair a colour that Sha're had never seen before, "This is Willow."

"Hi," the young woman smiled at her, "I just want to make sure you're okay."

Sha're nodded and moved back to sit on the bed. Daniel stood back watching as Willow checked Sha're's blood pressure and a few other things before checking magically for any residue of the parasite.

"Sha're I want you to rest for a while," Willow told her, "But you can join us for dinner."

"Alright," Sha're nodded nervously,

"Do you want some company?" Daniel offered realising she was scared to be alone in this strange place.

"Yes," Sha're smiled at him gratefully.

Willow smiled too, "I'll call you guys for dinner. I think its Buffy's turn to cook so it'll probably be pizza."

Without another word she disappeared leaving them alone. Once she'd left Daniel offered Share his hand and led her back to the bed.

"You need to rest," Daniel told her, taking the seat next to the bed.

"I need to know where I am," Sha're whispered, "I do not understand or recognise anything here."

Daniel saw the desperation and confusion in her dark brown eyes, "I'll tell you anything you want but be warned, I don't actually know much. I sort of have amnesia."

"What is that?" Sha're asked.

"Loss of memory," he shrugged, "I don't know my real name or anything about me or the world though I do have some general knowledge."

"Where am I?" Sha're asked.

"Cleveland," he told her.

"Where on Abydos is that?" she asked, "Do you know Ra is dead?"

"Ra?" Daniel asked shaking his head, "Who's Ra?"

"Our God, false God," Sha're stared at him as her mind went over everything, "We are not on Abydos are we? This is the first world? This is where Ra and the other Gods came from, where they brought us from as the walls say."

Daniel shrugged.

"Incredible," she sighed, "I wish I knew how I got here and how I can speak a language I have never known before."

"I wish I could tell you but I'm just as stumped as you are," Daniel told her with a half smile.

Sha're looked at him and felt warmth fill her stomach, "Thank you for staying with me."

"It's my pleasure," Daniel smiled at her making her blush slightly, "But Willow was serious when she said you should be resting so try and get some sleep. I'll be nearby if you want me."

Sha're nodded and lay down on the bed smiling to herself as he drew a blanket over her.

Sha're smiled as she heard Xander enter the house just as she was finishing fixing dinner. He was so like her brother that she couldn't help but adore him.

"Hey Sha're," he grinned as he entered the kitchen, "What's cooking?"

"Spicy Lamb," she replied, slapping his hand away from the plates, "It will be ready as soon as the girls are in."

Xander sighed theatrically, "Where's Daniel?"

"Dan'iel is studying," Sha're replied, "Tell him dinner is almost served."

Xander nodded and headed upstairs to dump his stuff. It was now three weeks since Sha're's appearance. Since they now had two people who had no identity it at least meant the other three could return to work. Daniel still had no memory of who he was but since discovering the internet studied constantly, mostly demons and demon languages so he could help Buffy whenever something attacked. Sha're had taken her new surroundings in her stride learning how to use all the mod cons and took over the house. She made food, kept the place clean and ruled them with an iron fist.

"Hey," Xander stuck his head into the study where Daniel sat staring intently at the computer screen, "Hey, study boy."

Daniel jerked up, "Sorry, I was…"

"Engrossed," Xander grinned, he'd spent more than enough time around Giles and Willow to pick up a great vocabulary, "Well our beautiful chef says dinner's almost ready so you know what that means?" Xander rolled his eye.

Daniel smiled back switching off the computer instantly, he never crossed Sha're which amused Xander no end. It was very obvious that they were attracted to each other but neither made any sort of move both afraid of becoming close to someone when they had no clue about their own lives.


Sha're smiled as everyone complemented her on the wonderful dinner.

"Okay Xander," Buffy spoke up, "You and me are on dishes duty. Sha're, thanks for cooking every night."

"It gives me something to do," Sha're replied with a shy smile.

"You guys want to watch a movie?" Willow asked the Daniel and Sha're.

"Sure," Daniel shrugged while Sha're nodded in silence.

They trooped into the living room and Willow smiled manoeuvring the other two to sit on the couch together. She'd decided they would be a perfect couple and was going to get them together. As the film was just getting interesting the phone rang and all eyes turned to Buffy who rolled her eyes.

"I'll get it," she grimaced grabbing the phone; "Hello?" a smile suddenly covered her face, "Giles. How's things?"

Both Xander and Willow forgot the movie turning to hear how they're surrogate father was and why he was calling. As Buffy talked the doorbell rang and Xander jumped up to answer.

"Giles?" Xander cried in amazement.

"Aren't you going to say hello?" Giles asked mildly with an amused smile before he was suddenly grabbed by Xander in a hug.

When Xander released him Giles stepped out of the way to reveal who'd come with him.

"Dawn," Xander hugged her too pulling her into the house and kicking the door shut re-entering the living room where Willow and Buffy were talking to Giles excitedly scolding him for not calling earlier.

"Dawn," Buffy grabbed her little sister in a tight hug, "You look fabulous. Did you enjoy England?"

"It was great," Dawn enthused before hugging Willow, "Giles took me to see all the sights and I helped him with the setting up of the new Watchers Council, I'm even in training."

"That's great," Buffy smiled.

"So," Giles interrupted them looking over to where Daniel and Sha're sat quietly watching the reunion, "Who are your guests?"

"Giles, this is Daniel and Sha're," Buffy introduced them, "You remember me telling you about Daniel?"

"Not about another guest," Giles replied.

Willow looked sheepish, "I kinda cast a spell."

"Why did I even ask?" Giles rolled his eyes, "Continue."

"The spell was supposed to return Daniel's memory to him," Willow continued, "Instead it brought us Sha're."

"Willow, what have I told you before about performing spells without proper knowledge," Giles groaned, "How many times must I remind you?"

"I know, I know," she said, "But I thought I'd worded it so that nothing could go wrong."

"I think something went wrong," Dawn shrugged.


"You alright?" Daniel asked Sha're as they sat in her room leaving the 'family' alone to get re-acquainted.

"I," she sighed, "I was brought here by an accident. I am not supposed to be here."

Daniel caught her hand, "Of course you are."

Sha're sighed and rested her head against his shoulder smiling as Daniel's arm moved around her. She knew she shouldn't be getting this close to him but she couldn't help herself.

Daniel let Sha're go after a few moments knowing in her society their closeness would not be allowed.

"So," he said bouncing off the bed, "Want to watch the rest of the movie?"

Sha're nodded with a soft smile, "That sounds good."

Daniel grinned and retrieved the DVD he'd brought with them putting it on before settling down on the floor against her bed smiling as Sha're handed him a pillow before sitting beside him.

"Okay," Giles said as he accepted the tea Willow had made, "Let me get this straight. This man appeared in Xander's room, naked and with no knowledge of who he is?"

Buffy, Xander and Willow all nodded.

"So in an attempt to return his memories Willow performed a spell and brought a young woman here," Giles continued, "Am I right?"

"Pretty much," Buffy told him, "Giles, they're both good people. Daniel has been helping me fight as well as studying demons. He probably knows more demon languages than you do."

"Sha're's taken over the house," Xander added, "She may have come from a primitive culture but she's smart and has taken to our way of life pretty fast."

"Are they a couple?" Dawn asked.

"Not yet," Willow grinned.

"Can we stay on the subject?" Giles asked, "Please."

"Sorry," Dawn looked contrite.

"Willow, what spell did you use?" Giles asked, "The wording?"

"Basically, I asked for all his life and his love to be returned to him," Willow explained.

Giles sighed, "That should have returned his memory."

"What if it did?" Dawn asked, "What if she's someone he does know and love?"

"Wouldn't she know him?" Buffy asked.

"Oh," Willow cried in sudden realisation wondering why it took her so long to see it, "Oh, that's it."

"What is?" Xander asked confused.

"We know someone has removed Daniel's memories with a powerful spell," Willow explained, "The spell I used was powerful but was more than likely reflected off the other spell and brought us Sha're."

"So why did she not know him?" Buffy asked, completely enthralled.

"That's a very good question," Xander turned to Willow, "Any ideas?"

"They're bonded," Willow said with a smug smile.

"They're what now?" Buffy shared a confused look with Xander.

"Bonded," Giles sat forward nodding, "Of course Willow but are you sure?"

"It's the only idea that makes any sense," Willow smiled, "They're bonded so a part of his amnesia that relates to her has in a way reflected back and has blocked out any memory of him for her."

"For those of us in the audience who haven't a clue what you're talking about," Xander jumped in, "What the hell does bonded mean?"

"It is similar to the concept of soul-mates," Giles explained, "Whereas soul-mates are supposed to be drawn to each other in every life they live, it is rumoured that those bonded can be brought back to life by the love of their mate."


"So romantic," Dawn sighed.

"And worrying," Giles added, "We need to find out who these two really are."