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Sha're wanted to roll over and go to sleep on her front but her large stomach made it impossible. The past few months had been wonderful as the children inside her grew. They had finally managed to buy a house, the Scoobies returned to Cleveland. Grace worked with Giles on setting up the Watchers Council properly as well as the Slayer Academy. Jack and Sara were spending a lot of time together trying to get past everything that had happened. Daniel returned to working at the SGC and was enjoying being back where he belonged.

Willow and Oz had arrived the month before to stay with Daniel and Sha're so they could help Sha're through the final few weeks of her pregnancy and to be here when the babies were born.

It was not long after Daniel and Sha're had renewed their vows that they discovered magic had a sense of humour, every symptom Sha're had Willow also developed, from morning sickness to strange cravings.

"Is your back hurting you?" Daniel asked gently as she groaned in discomfort.

"A little," she grimaced at him, "But my entire stomach is cramping…ah…" she cried in pain realising what was happening, "Dan'iel the babies are coming."

"Are you sure?" he asked just as the door burst open revealing Willow.

"Oz is starting the car," she said grabbing Sha're's bag looking at them annoyed as they stared at her not moving, "Come on."

Spurred on by the witch's annoyance Daniel jumped out of bed pulling on his clothes before helping Sha're, she was timing the contractions meticulously taking deep breaths to ease the pain. Willow caught her hand and they both smiled before crying out in unison at the contraction.

"Oh that's not fair," Willow groaned, "I went through all the other symptoms why labour pains too?"

No one answered her as Daniel herded them into the car.


"Alright Sha're," the doctor told her, "You're doing really well. You just need to keep breathing."

Sha're nodded gripping Daniel's hand tightly gratefully accepting the ice chips Willow gave her.

"How much longer?" Sha're asked crying out at the newest contraction.

"Your contractions are still quite far apart," the doctor told her, "I'm afraid it's going to be a little longer."

Daniel nodded his thanks as the doctor left.

Oz reappeared heading to Willow's side, "I called Buffy," he told them, "They're heading here as soon as they can. Jack will be here soon, so will Sara."

Daniel smiled wincing as Sha're's grip on his hand increased, Willow grabbed Oz's arm at the pain as well.

"Oh I hope this is over soon," Willow sighed taking a seat receiving a grimace from Sha're, "Sorry."

Jack appeared less than an hour later Sara at his side both looked excited.

"How we doing?" he asked clasping Daniel's shoulder giving Sha're a quick kiss on the top of her head.

"Getting there," Daniel replied smiling hello to Sara.

"Dan'iel," Sha're screamed suddenly as her contractions started coming on top of each other, the babies were about to be born.


Willow could barely contain her tears as she held her daughter in her arms. The little girl had pale freckled skin and several tufts of red hair which had confused the doctor but everyone had just smiled and shrugged. On the bed Sha're held her daughter the thick black curls covering the little girl's head and golden skin made her the image of her mother.

"They're so beautiful," Willow sniffed as tears threatened her once more.

"Just like their mothers," Daniel smiled kissing his wife gently before squeezing Willow's shoulder.

All of a sudden the room was invaded as Buffy and the gang arrived along with Jack, Sara, Cassie, Janet and the other two members of SG1.

"So," Jack interrupted all the cooing over the babies, "Have you got names for these two angels?"

Willow laughed, "We were discussing this a few days ago, Oz and I are going to call her Jennifer Anya Joyce."

"Oh Will," Xander whispered the only one able to speak, "I know they'd all be honoured."

Jack smiled before turning to Daniel and Sha're, "And little Jackson?"

Daniel turned to Sha're gently touching his daughter's hand, "Claire Najia Catherine, after both our mothers and of course the woman who brought us together."

"Perfect," Jack smiled, looking at the two couples and their children before catching Sara's eye as she smiled back at him, "Absolutely perfect."