Riku walked briskly to his best friend Sora's house. Sora had just gotten the new game from Japan, Kingdom Hearts, and they were going to play it after they did their homework. Riku was a year older than Sora, but Sora was so smart, he had skipped a grade, and was now in all Riku's classes, so they had all the same homework. Sora usually did all the work while Riku got the snacks and prepared them for the video games they would be participating in after their work was finished, but today, Riku had promised himself that he would help Sora with the work so they could get to the game faster. Ringing the doorbell, Riku waited for a few seconds before he heard fast footsteps across the wooden floor of Sora's house. The door flew open to reveal Sora's older sister Kairi. She sighed.

"I was really expecting Sion." She said to Riku, who shrugged. Sion was Kairi's boyfriend and a major nuisance to Riku and Sora.

"I'm sure he'll get here soon. In the meantime, your make-up is smudged." Kairi gasped and ran to the bathroom to fix her make-up. Sora walked up to Riku, smiling and waving the game case in front of Riku's face. It was still wrapped in its protective plastic packaging, Riku noticed happily.

"I wanted to wait for you." Sora said, making Riku blush a little. Riku was aware that his feelings for Sora went further than friendship and brotherly love, but hadn't told anyone, not even Sora himself.

"C'mon. I'm gonna help you this time, so we can get to Kingdom Hearts faster!" Riku said, grabbing his fourteen-year-old best friend's wrist and pulling him up the stairs to his room.

"Erg...Too much math...I feel like I'm gonna pass out...My brain hurts..." Riku said, collapsing backwards on Sora's bed. Sora giggled and reached across the bed, pulling Riku up.

"We're done. Go get the snacks, I'll get the PS2 set up. We'll open it together." Riku nodded and ran out of Sora's room and down to the kitchen, which was stocked with lots of sugary snacks just for the boys when they got home from school. Sora's mom noticed Riku opening the pantry doors and smiled.

"All your homework is finished, right Riku?" Riku smiled and nodded, loading his arms with Oreos, Vanilla Wafers, sodas, and all sorts of other snacks.

"Yup! Me and Sora are gonna play Kingdom Hearts till I have to go home." Sora's mother nodded.

"That reminds me Riku, your parents called and said they would be late getting home from Paris, so you have to stay the night here, since Selphie is leaving on her own vacation." Riku's parents were rich and went to many exotic places, leaving Riku in the care of the maid, Selphie, and Sora's parents. Riku didn't really mind, it wasn't as if they neglected him or anything, when they were home, they made a point of spending as much time with Riku as possible.

"Cool! I guess I'd better take up a little more than usual, huh?" Riku loaded his arms with a little more food and started on his way back up the stairs. Sora came down to help him about half way up the stairs.

"Hey, I'm spending the night here, my parents are going to be late home and Selphie's leaving on her own vacation. Isn't that cool?" Sora grinned and nodded.

"I was wondering why you got so much more than usual." Riku laughed. Once they got into the room, (with a minimal amount of spillage) they wasted no time in tearing open the plastic wrapping on the game case and getting out the game.

"It's one player, so we can take turns, okay?" Riku nodded and opened the disk drive of the PS2 while Sora turned on the TV, closed the door, and shut the blinds. The two quickly grabbed the controller and sat on the bed, staring at the screen. After going through the credits, the two started a new game. Riku grabbed a root beer for himself, and Sora got a Dr. Pepper, smiling as the opening scene started.

"Woah...Sora, that guy looks a lot like you!" Sora nodded. The boy floating on the screen had the exact same gravity-defying brown hair that Sora did, and the same crown pendent around his neck. Sora grabbed his. He hadn't taken it off in the nine years since he had gotten it from Riku on his fifth birthday. When they boy's eyes snapped open, they were the same icy blue that Sora's were.

"Creepy." Sora said, smiling. Riku grinned back and nodded. The next person that came on the screen looked surprisingly like him. There was the long silvery-white hair, the strange gloves that stopped at the start of his wrist, the hauntingly beautiful green eyes. As the two were plunged into the sea and thrown apart by current, Riku looked at Sora. He was completely enthralled by the game, blue eyes wide and shining. Riku smiled.

"Hey, Riku, is it just me, or does that girl sort of remind you of Kairi?" Sora said, pointing at the screen. Riku redirected his attention at the TV and nodded. The girl Sora was talking about had short red hair and warm, chocolate brown eyes that reminded one of a puppy dog. The rest of the opening scene was just as cool, especially the part with the doves. Riku was watching Sora out of the corner of his eye the entire time and saw that he especially liked that part.

"Okay, we'll play this part of the game together." Sora said. "Even though I have the controller for now, if we need to make any decisions, we make them together. 'Kay?" Riku nodded and Sora started to play. When it got to the part where they had to choose which weapon to use, they both agreed: "WE WANT THE SWORD!" Laughing, Sora jumped on the pedestal with the sword and impatiently pressed the 'X' button when it asked him if he was sure that he wanted the sword.

"What are we going to give up?" Sora asked, and Riku immediately answered, "THE MAGIC STICK!" Sora laughed again and jumped on the pedestal with the magic staff on it, once again pressing 'X' impatiently when it asked him if he was sure that he wanted to give up the staff. The rest of the beginning was just a tutorial on how the game worked, but at the end, there was a bigger battle. Riku took over then, and beat the shadow's butt. Riku and Sora cheered, high-fiving each other and clinking soda cans.

"Awesome!" Sora said, grinning. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and Sora and Riku ran to get it. They flung open the door, coming face-to-face with-

"Sion. What a pleasant surprise." Riku said sarcastically. Sion sneered and stepped inside, pushing Sora out of his way and into a wall. Riku growled.

"Don't push Sora." He snarled, balling his hands into fists. Sion laughed.

"And what are you gonna do about it?" Riku glared and punched Sion in the stomache, making him double over in pain. Kairi walked in and gasped.

"Sion! What happened? Did one of the pests hurt you?" Riku smirked and walked over to Sora, who was rubbing the back of his head.

"Y-Yes! Oh, Kai, it was awful! I was just trying to be nice, and they ganged up on me! Sora pushed me into a wall and Riku punched me in the stomache!" Sion faked, grinning when Kairi turned to glare at Riku and Sora. Riku matched the glare.

"Sora did not push Sion, Sion pushed Sora! And I did punch him in the stomache, but only cause he pushed Sora into the wall!" Sora nodded.

"He was just defending me, sis, I promise." Kairi sighed and looked at Sion, who pouted.

"C'mon, Si, let's go." Kairi took Sion's arm and led him out of the house, casting one last glare back at Sora and Riku. Riku just stuck out his tongue.

"Nyeh. I never liked him. I can't believe Kairi does." Sora said, starting back up the steps. He stumbled, and Riku caught him. Sora smiled. "Thanks Riku. For protecting me." Riku smiled back.

"I'll always protect you, Sora."

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