Chapter 3: Leaving Destiny Behind

Riku stared at Sora as he played, smiling. Sora turned to him and offered him the controller.

"It's your turn to play!" He said, smiling. Riku took the controller with a smile and took a deep breath. He attacked the black things that kept popping up around him, running toward the secret place. He saw game Sora grab at the game Kairi and looked at Sora. He was enthralled by what was happening, staring raptly at the TV screen. Turning back to the screen, Riku ran out of the secret place and battled the big distorted Sora-shadow once again. When game Sora was sucked into the dark vortex OF DOOM!, as Sora aptly named it, Riku leaned back. He expected his head to hit the bed, or the floor, or something that wasn't Sora's lap. He immediately sat up, embarrassed.

"Hey, c'mon, we used to do that before, right? Why not now?" Sora sounded disappointed, so Riku leaned back again, handing Sora the controller. Once again, his head was in Sora lap, and he was looking up at Sora's face/chin. Sighing, Riku closed his eyes and gradually, he fell asleep.

Riku woke up, blinked, and sat up immediately. He had fallen asleep with his head on Sora's lap. And Sora had fallen asleep too. The game was still on, and so were the lights, but there was a blanket on top of Riku's legs. Riku gently shook Sora to wake him and sighed when he didn't wake.

"SORA!" Riku screamed. Sora's eyes snapped open and he glared at Riku.

"Dang, Riku, bust my eardrums...Geez!" Riku laughed, then looked at Sora seriously.

"Um, Sora, why did you let me fall asleep with my head in your lap? And why are the game and the lights still on?" Sora smiled.

"I didn't want to wake you or anything, and I knew that me moving would, since you're such a light sleeper. So I turned down the game's volume and paused it, and got my covers off my bed to cover us." Riku smiled at Sora.

"Thanks. It was really comfortable there. So, shall we get back to the game?" Sora nodded and unpaused the game. After watching a little cut scene where Goofy and Donald and Pluto leave for Traverse Town, where Pluto finds game Sora in an alley, Sora ran around, looking for things to do. He eventually went into a shop and talked to the owner, confused. Game Sora told the owner, who later revealed himself to be Cid, that he was searching for his two friends. Cid said he hadn't seen them, but would look. Game Sora looked throughout Traverse Town, eventually coming across the dark creatures with the yellow glowing eyes. Why does this feel so familiar? Sora asked as he passed the controller to Riku. Just then, the phone rang. It stopped for a second, then Kairi called up, "RIKU! It's for you!" Riku paused the game and he and Sora ran down the stairs and Riku grabbed the phone.

"Hello? Oh, hi mom! You're home? What?" he paused, a horrified expression on his face. "No...Of course, I'll be there as soon as possible. Uh huh. Bye." Riku hung up, and Sora poked his shoulder.

"What was that about?" he asked, looking worried. Riku's family were like his own family, if anything had happened to one of them...

"My dad...He had a heart attack. Mom is at the hospital with him right now. It's doubtful he'll live." Sora's eyes widened. "I'm sorry, but I have to go. Say thanks to your mom for me." Sora grabbed Riku's arm just as he turned to the door.

"Mom can drive you." Riku smiled thankfully at Sora, nodding.

At the hospital, Riku's father was on life support. Riku was in tears, his mother crying openly into his shoulder. Sora and his mother watched from a corner, wide eyed, mouths slightly agape.

"How could this happen? He was always such a healthy man...I knew him in high school, he always exercised, and he always ate right." Sora's mother said, beginning to tear up. Sora's eyes watered as well, and he hugged his mother, burying his face in her stomache.

"He was like my father...I've known him as long as I've known Riku, and he was always nice to me..." Riku looked up, tears spilling quietly over his eyes.

"Would you guys leave for a few minutes? Me and mom would like to be alone with him." Sora's mother nodded vigorously, wiping her eyes. She and her son left quickly, leaving Riku and his mother to say their parting words to Riku's father.

"Man, Riku, what a blow..." Sora said over the phone. The doctors had decided to take his father off life support. He would die within a few days. Riku just sniffed and wiped his eyes.

"Why him?" he said suddenly, picking up a picture of his father taken in Paris. He had looked completely well, not a hair out of place, not an inch of flabby fat anywhere on his body.

"I don't know, Riku, but I'm really sorry. He was like a father to me, you know. Since my dad walked out on us when I was little..." When Sora was just a day over the age of one, his father walked out on the family, so Sora didn't remember anything about him. At about that time, Sora's mother began to reach out to her high school friends for support, since Sora's father had been her high school sweetheart. That's how Sora and Riku met.

"Yeah. I know, Sora, I just want to be left alone, all right? For now." Sora made a sound that sounded like an 'okay' and the dial tone sounded, signaling that he had hung up. Riku sighed and slowly set the phone on the receiver. He looked at his mom and blinked back tears. He was the man of the house now. He had to take care of her.

"Hey, Riku, if you're not too busy with your mom, wanna come over and play Kingdom Hearts? I haven't played a bit since..." it was almost two months after Riku's father's funeral, and that was the last time Sora and Riku had played Kingdom Hearts together.

"My dad died two months ago, Sora, I wanna be there for her." Riku said, going through the things in his attic.

"I know, but it just...It feels like you're ignoring me for her." Sora mumbled, looking at a black chain with a black crown attached to it. It was old, but still very beautiful. Riku turned to Sora, disbelieving.

"Sora, what part of 'My dad died two months ago' don't you get? Of course I'm going to ignore you, my mom needs me more than you do at this point." Sora bit his lip and tears welled in his eyes.

"I know, Riku, geez! I just wanted to have some fun!" Riku threw a music box against the wall, he was so angry.

"I CAN'T HAVE FUN ANYMORE! I have to be mature! Sora just...just go home! And don't expect me to call." Riku said coldly, grabbing the black chain from him. Sora stared a Riku for a second, then slowly turned and walked out of the attic. As Sora disappeared from his view, Riku fell to his knees, crying.

"Oh, God, what have I done?"

Sorry for the chapter delay, but I had writers block, and then I got grounded, and junk. But I'm working on chapter number four, so expect it real soon! I have not given up on this story! And it will get back to them playing Kingdom Hearts by at least the end of chapter six, probably sooner.