7th Heaven Fanfiction

Created by- Dark Katsumi

Love Powers All

A/N- Just to let everyone know, I watch 7th Heaven on ABC Family, so I've only seen up to where it's at right now (the 7th Season). Also this fanfiction is going to have a small change on how Kevin/Lucy met, but some of it will be like the episodes.

Disclaimer- I sadly don't own anyone on 7th Heaven and some parts of the fanfiction our from the episodes, but I do own the fanfiction.

Summary- Lucy and Kevin just met in Buffalo, New York, but when Lucy gets back home she gets surprised...(This is different from the episodes)

Chapter 1-New York Visit

Finally of her flight to Buffalo, New York, Lucy sat down and waited for her sister, Mary to come by and pick her up from Buffalo International Airport. As she waited, she decided to go find a payphone to call the Candems and let them know she had made it to Buffalo, without realizing she has forgotten her purse.

She put a few coins into the payphone and dialed her home number and in 3 rings Annie picked up.

"Hey, Mom."

"Hi Lucy, are you in Buffalo yet?" Annie asked.

"Yeah, I just made it," Lucy replied, "but I'm waiting for Mary. I think I might call her and remind her I made a visit."

"Alright. I'll see you soon"

"Bye Mom"

Lucy hung up the payphone and was about to take something out of her purse, when she realized it wasn't there. She ran back to where she was sitting, but didn't see it there. She ran up to the first security man she saw.

"Excuse me, but have you seen a purse, that was over there?" She asked with a worried look on her face.

"Yes, ma'am." The man said formally, "We took it and it will be destroyed."

"WHAT?!" Lucy exclaimed, "I want it back right now! It has my personal belongings."

"I'm sorry, but it could be a possible terrorist threat."

"Yeah, I'm sure makeup is a terrorist threat!" Lucy said not noticing Mary walking up behind her, "Yep, I'm a terrorist and my purse is dangerous!" She continued.

"Lucy! You shouldn't have said that!" Mary joined in the conversation.

"Mary, I was being sarcastic!" Lucy said in anger.

"We take things seriously here." The man took out his walkie-talkie and a few minutes later 2 other security men took Lucy and Mary away.

A few minutes later while Lucy and Mary sat and waited a police officer walked over to them carrying Lucy's purse.

"Here's your purse. I got it right in time." The officer said.

Lucy jumped and took her purse, "Thank you!"

"You're welcome." He said, "By the way, my name is Kevin Kinkirk."

"Lucy Candem." She blushed.

"Nice to meet you... " He paused, "Do you want to have dinner tonight? I can bring my brother"

Lucy looked at Mary who was shaking her head, "I doubt my sister wants to, but I'd love to!"

They talked about how they were going to meet and after a few minutes they decided that they'd meet at a restaurant near where they both lived.


As soon as Mary and Lucy got to Mary's apartment Lucy jumped right in the shower. About an hour and a half later she was all ready and ready right before Lucy had to leave.

"How do I look?" Lucy asked.

"You look great, now you better get going, before you're late."

"Yeah, bye!"

Lucy ran out the door and caught a cab and told the driver where to drop her off.


Meanwhile, at the Camden's the phone rang again.

"Hello?" Simon picked up the phone.

"Hey, it's Mary, can you give the phone to Mom?"

"Sure... "Simon gave the phone to Annie.

"Hi Mary."

"Hey Mom, just to let you know, Lucy already has a date, but..."

"She has a date, on her first day?"

"Yeah, but don't worry he's a police officer... She'll be fine. I just wanted to let you know."

"Alright, call if anything happens."

"I will. Bye Mom." Mary hung up the phone.

Annie was surprised that Mary called to let her know that, but it was nice to know. Maybe there was a reason she met this guy. She was happy for her daughter, but at the same rime, even though she was probably safe and the guy was an officer, she was worried.

A/N- That's all I'm going to write for the first chapter. I know it wasn't that good and I also know that I didn't change a lot from the episode, but it's still a little different, and it'll be entirely new by the end....I hope. Also I'll try to decrease the amount of talking later on. Please R&R!