The Mole: Pokemon/Digimon Edition
By: Gomamon

Disclaimer: I don't own it.

Episode 9 – Finale

Inoue, Yolei/Miyako (Digimon 02) --- EXECUTED THIRD

Ishida, Matt/Yamato (Digimon 01) --- EXECUTED SIXTH

Jessie/Musashi (Pokemon) --- EXECUTED SEVENTH

Katou, Jeri/Juri (Digimon 03) --- FINALIST

Ketchum, Ash/Satoshi (Pokemon) --- EXECUTED FIRST

Kitagawa, Kenta/Kenta (Digimon 03) --- EXECUTED FIFTH

Oak, Gary/Shigeru (Pokemon) --- FINALIST

Sketchit, Tracey/Kenji (Pokemon) --- EXECUTED FOURTH

Takenouchi, Sora/Sora (Digimon 01) --- EXECUTED SECOND

Waterflower, Misty/Kasumi (Pokemon) --- FINALIST

Yamaki was in his usual attire for the evening. Wearing his best navy blue suit and a pair of dark sunglasses that hid his tiny evasive eyes, he looked very handsome despite the rugged and weathered outlines of his face. Normally a patient and calm person, he was growing a bit jumpy tonight, tapping his foot impatiently and checking his watch every ten seconds.

It has been two months since the three finalists completed their final quizzes. The game was officially over, but yet nobody knew the results of the game, nor were they allowed to discuss about it under the strict production contracts. After two months of waiting, the ten players were finally going to be reunited together again. Not only will they relinquish the special moments of the game, they will also find out who won, as well as the person who has been deceiving them throughout the entire game.

Who was the Mole?

One of the few people who knew the results was Yamaki, and he was definitely sick of waiting. For the past few weeks, he longed to tell somebody, but he couldn't even drop the tiniest hint to Riley when she asked. It was a dreadful process to keep a forbidden secret, but at last the wait was over. Tonight, everything was goingt o be revealed. The mystery will be solved and there'll be answers to everything. Yamaki could imagine the events that will lay out in tonight's reunion show. The suspense, the drama, the reactions!

Just then, the main doors to the entrance opened. Riley, the purple haired bus driver, greeted Yamaki with a thin smile. Behind her were the three finalists, all nervous with anticipation. They were led into three separate and adjacent tiny cubicles, where they'll be waiting until Yamaki made the official announcement.

Gary Oak.

Jeri Katou.

Misty Waterflower.

In only a matter of minutes, one of these finalists will walk out of their cubicle as the winner of $508,000.

There will be no more waiting.

Ash Ketchum grinned widely as he walked out of the elevator, unconsciously looking into the cameras every few seconds. As the first player executed, he still had a lack of comfort in front of the cameras.

"Good evening, Satoshi. Have a nice dinner?" Yamaki asked, greeting him by the elevator door.

"Yes sir!" Ash chuckled. He paused for a second, with a hand lingering on his baseball cap. "Do I need to take my hat off?"

"No, no! It's not that formal of a reunion. Just relax and have fun with your old friends," Yamaki laughed softly. He gestured his hand to the rows of armchairs behind him, most of them already occupied. "Everybody is already here, please take a seat and join them."

Nodding his head, Ash scanned his eyes around the room, but his sight gradually gratified towards the glass windows surrounding the room. They showcased the magnificent clear night sky and the bright twinkling lights of the Toronto city, it was a beautiful and familiar sight. It seemed to Ash that he was here, at the CN Tower, only a few nights ago. This was where the first execution was held, and it was also the location of the last execution as well.

"Last as usual, eh, Ashyboy?" Yolei giggled, slapping a hand playfully on Ash's shoulder as he took a seat in his chair, sitting right beside Sora.

"You say that like it's a bad thing," Ash joked, grinning. "Good to see everyone again!"

"Ash, you haven't changed at all!" Kenta laughed.

"Still as cheeky as ever," Tracey added.

"Yeah, I guess the game didn't leave a huge impact on me." Ash shrugged casually. He curiously turned his head to his left. "Hey…what are those cubicles over there for?"

But before Ash could receive a reply, Yamaki had arrived. Not wanting to miss a thing that the host says, the noisy players quickly hushed down.

"Welcome to the finale, players. This has been a long and difficult journey," said Yamaki. "Three players have outlasted you all, and one of them is about to win all the money in the pot – every penny of the $508,000 you've all collaborated by winning challenges, no matter how hard the Mole tried to sabotage them."

"Thanks for rubbing salt in our wounds, Yamaki. You're such a considerate guy," Matt chuckled.

"Whoever wins totally deserves all the money," Tracey admitted. "I still have no idea who the Mole is."

"You all took a survey before coming here about who you thought was the Mole." Yamaki paused for a moment to look at the cue cards in his hands, "Four of you thought that Kasumi was the Mole – let me see a raise of hands."

Sora, Yolei, Matt and Jessie all raised their hands. Tracey looked a little overwhelmed at where the majority of the votes went.

"That little twerp has Mole written all over her scrawny body," said Jessie, rolling her eyes a little. "Remember that challenge where we were picking journals and she won an exemption? She's a damn good liar if you haven't noticed."

"She also has a great game face on for the whole time. You can't read Misty at all, it's so frustrating," Yolei added.

"Kenji and Kenta, the two of you thought that Shigeru was the Mole," said Yamaki. "What's your reasoning behind that?"

Tracey and Kenta turned their heads to look at each other, as if prompting the other person to answer Yamaki's question. Kenta just shook his head and shrugged.

"I…don't know, Yamaki. It's just a hunch," Kenta finally answered. "I mean, he really got all of us at the Tentacruel challenge, but I wouldn't bet any money on it."

"Besides, who would've thought someone as big of an asshole as Gary would win the game? It's genius!" Tracey laughed enthusiastically.

"And Satoshi," Yamaki turned towards the young Pokemon trainer. "You're the lone ranger who thought Juri was the Mole."

"I'm in the minority and I've two words for all of you: silent auction." Ash grinned impishly, rubbing his hands together. "We'll see who's gonna be right very soon."

"Oh, we'll definitely see." Yamaki grinned back, slowly walking towards the three cubicles. "In fact, I'll reveal the results right now."

Yamaki stopped in front of the three white cubicles in front of the armchairs. There were three different doors, and though they all looked the same, they each contained somebody very different.

"The three finalists are concealed behind these locked doors, waiting quietly inside their cubicles. The winner, the loser, the Mole," said Yamaki. "There is a scanner in each of these cubicles. They're going to place their hands on these scanners, and when the correct handprint is identified, the door to the cubicle will unlock."

"And then…?" Tracey asked in a soft whisper.

Yamaki grinned and pulled out a cheque from his suit pocket.

"And then the winner will walk out, and in just a few seconds, they'll be over half a million dollars richer."

"The suspense is killing me!" Yolei exclaimed animatedly.

Yolei was correct in stating the atmosphere of the room. To say that all of the players were excited was an understatement. Some of the more giddy players were already on their feet, jumping up and down with anticipation. All seven of them were keenly staring at the door, like monkeys eyeing the last banana in a tree. They were waiting for the door to spring open any second.

"We're about to find out who did what eight other players has failed to do. This person outsmarted the Mole and successfully won $508,000. This person is declared as the winner of the Mole." Yamaki announced, his loud voice drowning all the excited whispering from the other players.

"I really hope Jeri wins this," said Kenta, grinning enthusiastically.

"No way! Misty for the win!" Tracey pumped his fist up in the air.

"As long as it's not Gary…don't let it be Gary. Please don't let Gary win this game…" Ash muttered under his breath and crossed his fingers.

Yamaki cleared his throat very loudly, and silence immediately filled the room again.

"Finalists, please place your hands on the scanner."

The other players couldn't see what was going on behind the cubicles, but they assumed that the three finalists have all placed their hands on a scanner. Any minute now and the triumphant champion will emerge.


Was it going to be Gary Oak? The professor whose overconfidence initiated many arguments, but his intelligence got him out of each confrontation unharmed.


Was it going to be Misty Waterflower? The gym leader whose ambition made her an undefeatable competitor, but her compassion also made her many friends in this game.


Was it going to be Jeri Katou? The sweetheart whose naivety made her too trusting in people, but her intentions was ultimately genuine and pure.


Only a few seconds passed, but it felt a lot longer for the impatient minds. By now, everybody was gawking at the three white cubicles, waiting for any signs of movement. All was so still and so quiet…it seemed like nothing was going to happen.

"Is there-"

"Shh! Look at the cubicle to the very left!"

Everybody's heads turned instantly. While the other two doors remained closed, only the door of the furthest left cubicle was moving. Slowly but surely, the automatic door of that cubicle was sliding open.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Yamaki declared, "I present to you the winner of the Mole: Pokemon and Digimon Edition!"

The door opened.

There stood the winner in all her glory.

Misty Waterflower had never felt more victorious in her life.

The full moon was suspended high in the royal blue sky, overshadowing the flickering city lights of Toronto. Its moonlight illuminated the night sky in a way that gave it an almost surreal atmosphere to the city. Perhaps it was the events that just occurred, but the sky oddly resembled a peacefully serene sea, with its gentle waves of blue drifting in between the clouds.

A big ecstatic grin appeared on Misty's face, although it could hardly amount to the jubilation that she felt inside right now. Part of this night still felt like a tranquil dream, where everything was too good to be true. The cheque of half a million dollars was now in her shivering hand was more than enough proof to bring her back into reality. All of this was real. She had just won the game.

"Oh my gawwwwwd! I can't believe it! I thought you were the Mole!" Yolei laughed, wrapping her friend in a giant hug.

"Congratulations Misty!" Tracey beamed, flashing a thumbs-up to the Cerulean gym leader. "You deserve it, every penny of that cheque."

"Thanks everyone," Misty smiled humbly, sounding slightly baffled by the whole thing. "I'm overwhelmed, really."

Yamaki instructed the eight players to take a seat in their armchairs again. After receiving several more hugs and handshakes from the other players, Misty was finally able to take a seat in a chair beside Jessie.

"So Kasumi, congratulations once again to being our new winner," said Yamaki with a small smile. "How does it feel to know that you've just won $508,000?"

"It's amazing, Yamaki. I'm completely blown away right now. I didn't think I was going to win," Misty laughed, stomping her feet on the ground with giddiness.

"One of the most admirable things about you was that you never gave up in the game," said Yamaki. "No matter how tough the situation was, you just kept hanging in there."

"Never say die!" Misty chuckled. "That's the motto I follow by."

"This is a very emotional game and it's very hard to keep a levelled head with all the mental stress. Most of the players kind of checked out and just loses the fire after a while. Just ask Miyako," said Yamaki, gesturing to the purple-haired teenager.

Yolei put on a shocked and offended face, sticking her tongue out at the cameras for a few seconds before bursting into fits of giggles.

"Yeah, I got distracted by having a silly crush over Gary, who for all I know now, could possibly be the Mole!" Yolei laughed, tossing her long flowing purple hair behind her shoulder. "I came into this game thinking that I'd at least put up a good fight to the very end…but I guess it's easy to get sidetracked with so many things going on beside you."

"Good for Misty," said Sora, with a slightly forced smile on her face. "I always knew she was a tough girl."

Misty turned around to give Sora an appreciative smile, but Sora didn't seem to have noticed her kind gesture. Judging from the uncomfortable and rather stiff expression on Sora's face, it was as if she was preoccupied with other troubled thoughts in her head.

"Just how did the determined Cerulean gym leader manage to win this whole game? In the occasion that she did win, we put together a small montage showcasing her finest moments in the game," said Yamaki, gesturing to a widescreen television that nobody else noticed before.

The black television screen slowly faded away, replaced by a face shot of Misty, grinning brightly as she stood in front of the maze in the final challenge. Other shots included her hugging with Matt after winning a gruesome endurance challenge and her celebrating with the others after scoring a $25,000 goal on the ice rink.

Throughout this entire game, Kasumi Waterflower had her eyes focused on the grand prize, and nobody was going to stop her.

(Jeri and Misty at the restaurant together, having their last lunch.)

Misty: But remember, Jeri…that doesn't mean I'm going to go easy on you either. Just because I like you, this is still a competition."

Even as her friends get executed…

(Misty gloomily slumps in her chair after Ash's execution.)

Misty: This is a wake up call for all of us. It's a competition and someone always has to go first…

Even as the temptation lurked upon her…

(Misty closes the briefcase after Yamaki made her a proposal to leave the game with $50,000.)

Misty: No, I'll not accept this money, because I'm in here for the experience and the competition. I am not a quitter. I'm not taking the easy way out.

Yamaki: Are you sure?

Misty: I will not take the money.

Even as homesickness plagued the rest of the other players…

Misty: Don't get me wrong, seeing Daisy gave me a huge boost of energy and relief to my homesickness. But now that she's gone, I can go back and stay one hundred percent focused to winning this game.

She never lost her vision of winning this game.

Misty: I didn't make it into the finals by coincidence. I worked really hard to reach this stage of the game, and I don't want to blow it all away at the end. I am a competitor and I want to win.

But not only was she a tough competitor, there was also a compassionate side to Kasumi…

(Misty sighs softly.)

Misty: It's just so hard to see the people you are close with get executed. I know it's a part of the game, but that doesn't make it any easier.

She was the voice of reason when others failed to stand up for the job.

(Jeri cries on Misty's shoulder as Jessie and Tracey harped at her after the silent auction results.)

Misty: Guys, I think that's enough…It's a done deal. Jeri has the exemption and nothing you say could change that fact.

Her friendliness and sincerity quickly made her the good friend of many players in the game.

Tracey: Win it for me, Misty.

Jeri: If I couldn't win the money, I'd really like you to win it. You deserve it. You really do.

Misty Waterflower was an amiable competitor, an honourable friend and most of all, a deserving winner.

Misty: If I lose, I lose. And if I win, oh boy, I can't start to express how happy I'd be.

(Misty smiles cheerfully, and then walks away to take her final quiz.)

The television screen slowly fades to a black screen again. Misty smiled modestly, still gripping closely to her winning cheque in her hands. She looked slightly more relaxed now, finally beginning to accept the fact that she just won the game.

"Some of the things I said were so corny," laughed Misty.

"What do you think about the players, everyone?" Yamaki looked around at all the excited players, who have been giving pats on the backs to Misty during the montage.

"I tell you what…Misty is the best winner ever." Ash grinned, winking at Misty.

"Totally!" Yolei echoed, nodding her head vigorously.

"Misty is an outstanding player," Matt said, running his hand through his blonde hair. "But when are we going to find out who the Mole is?"

"Yeah!" Kenta shouted excitedly. "I want to know if the Mole is Gary or Jeri!"

"We want the Mole! We want the Mole!" Yolei chanted, raising her fist up in the air.

Yamaki laughed and slowly put his cue cards away in his suit pocket. He inhaled a deep breath, perhaps to calm his nerves a little. Finally, he said in a loud and clear voice.

"Okay, let's find out who the Mole is."

Once again, the players were all very worked up as Yamaki prepared to reveal the identity of the Mole. Only Misty sat patiently and knowledgably in her seat, twiddling her fingers quietly. She avoided answering any questions to her asking directly who the Mole was.

"Let's hear some last minute predictions…who thinks Shigeru is the Mole?" Yamaki asked.

Sora, Tracey and Kenta all raised their hands.

"I'm assuming you four all think that Juri is the Mole then?" Yamaki asked, looking at Ash, Yolei, Matt and Yolei.

"I find it hard to believe that somebody as sweet as Jeri could be the lying deceiving Mole, but stranger things could happen." Matt explained. "The sweet girl image could easily be an act."

"Besides, it's so much harder to believe that the arrogant and holier-than-thou façade was all an act on Gary's part," Jessie added.

"I don't think so," said Tracey, shaking his head. "Jeri is much too sweet and sincere to lie about something like that."

"You didn't sound like that when you started yelling at her for stealing your exemption at the auction," Jessie sneered.

"People learn from their mistakes, Jessie!" Tracey shouted defensively.

"I don't think you have, twerp."

"Oh yeah?"

"Calm down, you two," Yamaki interrupted hastily. "We can save the drama for later in the reunion show. I thought you all wanted to find out who the Mole was."

Tracey and Jessie shot each other dirty looks from their chairs, but remained quiet for the better sake of the show. The others looked on uncomfortably at the situation from their seats. Sora was looking away, with a sort of hurt gaze in her eyes.

"So…" Matt looked around his fellow players unsurely. "Are we going to find out the identity of the Mole or what?"

"Yeah, that's right!" Ash grinned widely. "I can't wait! Come on, reveal it already!"

Yamaki held up two fingers in the air, and all the players became quiet again. None of them dared to make a noise at a pivotal moment like this. If the tension was high and tense during the revelation of the winner, then the atmosphere now was definitely ten times worse. One could feel the silent excitement buzzing in the air.

"One person has been deceiving all the other players throughout the entire game," said Yamaki. "This particular person was secretly hired by the producers to intentionally sabotage challenge and prevent money from being added into the pot. This person is the saboteur…the Mole."

"This is the moment we've all been waiting for," Kenta muttered.

"Until now, the identity of the Mole was kept hidden from the players. Seven players have fallen victim to the Mole without even knowing what led to their demise. But all that is about to change, right now," said Yamaki in a loud and demanding voice.


Jeri Katou was far from an innocent little girl who didn't know what she was doing, despite popular belief of many players. Her most prominent and memorable challenge loss was during the silent auction, when she surprised everybody by winning an exemption at a price of $39,000 deducted from the pot. Many felt betrayed, due to the fact that Jeri stated very clearly she wasn't going to participate in the auction.


Gary Oak did his fair of sabotages in this game as well. Known for his inability to express sympathy for anybody else but himself, it was a very suspicious move when Gary suddenly opened his heart to Zoe Orimato during a challenge. He was the most pivotal player in that challenge, being the last player remaining and carrying $100,000 in his hands. But his spontaneous moment of vulnerability led to a fatal loss in the pot.


And was it not Jeri who failed to make the right choice when asked to choose between Jessie and Misty? Both women carried different journals, one with the money while the other had the exemption. Jeri failed to acknowledge Jessie's stern persuasion and chose Misty instead – granting the Cerulean gym leader an exemption at the price of $20,000 from the pot.


But didn't Gary ruin the chance for Kenta to add $25,000 in a challenge during his secret mission? When the two of them were the last people remaining in the pool, all Kenta had to do was eliminate Gary from the challenge to potentially double the pot. However, Gary ceased the opportunity and eliminated Kenta instead, claiming that he thought an exemption was on the stake, despite the fact that Yamaki said only one exemption will be given during that day.


Sitting quietly in her seat, Misty knew who the Mole was. She even knew from which door the Mole will emerge from when Yamaki makes the announcement. She had played a good game, but the Mole played an even better game than her. Brilliant sabotages after sabotages, it took her a while before realizing who the Mole truly was. The Mole has been so obvious and so in her face for the entire time. All the hints were there had she, or anybody else, opened their eyes to see it.

But now, she knew who the Mole was. She was certain that the Mole was hiding behind the middle cubicle, waiting to give everybody a gigantic surprise. After weeks of deceiving everyone, it was finally time for an unbelievable revelation.

She looked at Yamaki curiously, who was purposely stalling as much time as possible before revealing the results. The rest of the players were on the edge of their seats, hanging on to the suspense of every second. Finally, the words came out of the host's mouth. It was the cue.

"Mole, reveal yourself."

Just like Misty expected, it was the door of the middle cubicle that made any movement. The door automatically slid open, in a slow and mechanical manner. It seemed like an eternity before the players could even catch a glimpse of the Mole.

Before the door was fully open, players started to gasp in awe. They knew instantly who the Mole was. Just from the brief glance, they immediately recognized the structure, the clothing and the raven brown hair.

But the clue that truly gave it all away was the way the mouth curled up to form a defiant and much despised smirk. It was the smirk that always hinted he was better than the rest of them. The smirk that constantly mocked them as if he knew something the other players didn't. The smirk that explained why he was always so confident he would be in the finals.

Gary Oak stood proudly in front of his cubicle.

He was the Mole.

There was not a single cloud in the clear night sky, with only the full moon shining highly above like a light bulb in an otherwise dark room. Stars were rare to see under the city lights, but those that appeared in the sky shone brightly to match the events that occurred just a few seconds ago.

It was truly hard to capture the moment when the secret was revealed. People were surprised, awestruck and even astonished to find out that they've been guessing at the wrong suspect all along. But the big secret was revealed and everybody finally knew who the Mole was.

"You're the Mole. You're really the Mole!" Yolei cried gleefully.

"I knew it! Ha!" Tracey grinned, slapping a high-five with an equally excited Kenta.

While the others continued to enthusiastically celebrate the moment, Gary marched up to the remaining cubicle and opened the door. A defeated looking Jeri Katou slowly stumbled out, smiling weakly at all of the cheering players. Gary gave her a comforting pat on the back before they both walked to their seats.

"The questions have all been answered. Juri, unfortunately, you're the Mole's eighth and final victim. I'm sorry to say that you've been executed from the game," announced Yamaki, gesturing to the red television screen.

Jeri slowly nodded her head, with a faint smile on her face. Misty reached over to her seat and gave her a small squeeze in the hand.

"Kasumi is the winner, the person who figured it all out, taking home a grand prize of $508,000."

Misty grinned appreciatively, still clutching tightly to her cheque in her left hand.

"And finally, the person we've all been looking for…Shigeru is the Mole."

Gary chuckled heartily, perhaps sounding the most genuine and humanly than any of the players have heard him before.

"Wow, I'm speechless…" Ash muttered with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

"Shigeru, how does it feel right now?" Yamaki asked.

"I feel relieved. Somebody removed an enormous burden off my shoulder and I'm finally free again," Gary replied. He looked around at his fellow players, "It isn't easy being the Mole. Believe me."

"Most of the players don't know this, but…" Yamaki grinned slyly, "I understand that you've been putting up a bit of an act all along. The whole arrogant professor was a persona that you've picked up, no?"

"No way, man!" Matt exclaimed sharply.

"I figured nobody would think that somebody who's so full of himself could actually be the Mole," Gary chuckled. "Most of the time, I just act like the biggest conceited prick in the world and get into everybody's faces. You guys probably hate me so much that you never suspected me as the Mole."

"So that's why I got executed first!" Ash suddenly shouted out, causing all of the other players to burst into laughter as well.

"I'm proud to be an asshole," said Gary, shrugging.

"But is the arrogant professor that we all saw the real you?" Yamaki asked.

"I could be a nice guy too. I mean, I'm only human," laughed Gary. "Actually, I did exaggerate certain negative aspects of my personality to play a role. I'm not normally that pretentious. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but someone as self-aware as me should know when I'm getting on people's nerves and where to draw the line."

"I always thought the Mole would keep a lower profile than get into confrontations every day, but what do I know?" Matt scratched his head. "I guess that explains why I got executed. Hey, I did have a coalition with the Mole!"

Matt chuckled, running a hand through his golden blonde hair. Gary just smirked.

"Keeping a secret is not easy. I didn't get close to anybody in the game because I was afraid I might let something slip. That's why I kept pushing Yolei away every time she tried to get close to me," said Gary.

"Ha!" Yolei laughed jovially. "And I kept throwing myself at you, the Mole! Oh, I'm sooooo stupid!"

"That must've been an interesting relationship," Misty smiled, nodding her head.

"Kasumi, I've got to ask you this. How did you know?" Yamaki asked. "When did you figure out who the Mole was?"

"It was actually during the kidnapping challenge. I was interrogating Gary about his whereabouts, and the version of his story actually contradicted with TK's story. Since I figured that if TK is not the kidnapper, he'd have no reason to lie to us…that could mean that Gary lied," said Misty.

"That's actually how I knew Gary was the Mole as well," said Jeri, speaking finally. "I was there with Misty during the interrogation and I've caught on to his lie. He said TK wasn't in the house when he arrived from lunch, but TK claimed that he didn't leave the house at all."

"And you figured it out just because of that?" Kenta asked, sounding a little bewildered.

"Yeah. There was no other reason for Gary to lie unless he wanted to sabotage the challenge…" Jeri nodded her head.

"And he did! We thought that TK and Matt were the kidnappers just because of Gary's little lie about TK not being in the house!" Misty said, "We believed him and it cost us $75,000!"

"But because of that, you figured out that he was the Mole and won the game. So it must be a pretty good bargain for you after all," said Yamaki wryly.

The rest of the players laughed, and a bashful Misty quickly joined in.

"If you thought playing the game was hard, then being the Mole is even harder," said Yamaki. "We've prepared a special montage of all the sabotages that Shigeru performed in the game. You've just heard one of the many cases when our conniving little Mole struck and lost the challenge for the group, but that wasn't the only time. Just how did the Mole sabotage all those challenges without people noticing?"

"This should be good," Gary chuckled softly.

The television screen slowly showed a stern looking Gary sitting at the front of the bus, listening obediently to Yamaki's instructions on the first day.


With his articulate mind and confident composure, the producers knew that Gary Oak would be the perfect Mole. Starting on Day 1, he was the double agent on an undercover mission to sabotage as many challenges as possible. Needless to say, he didn't let anybody down.

Gary (confessional): Hello, my name is Gary Oak. I am the Mole.

On the first day, Gary had no control over which challenge he would be participating in, since elected leader Sora made all the decisions. But he did know beforehand that in every challenge, there was an exemption proposal in exchange of forfeiting the money earned. Gary used that to his advantage.

Along with fellow competitors Tracey and Kenta, the three men were assigned to navigate through the unfamiliar streets of Toronto and find a specified hotel. On their provided map, there was a mysterious detour that led to a potential exemption.

It didn't take very long for our cunning Mole to point out the detour in order to tempt his team members…

Gary: What's this?

(Gary circles his finger at a highlighted area around the lower left of the map.)

Tracey: Light green is the colour of exemptions, right?

Gary: Uh, I dunno.

It was even easier than he could imagine. A greedy Tracey quickly had fallen prey to temptation, more or less under Gary's guidance in the matter. Gary also showed subtle signs of wanting to go after the exemption as well, forcing Tracey to immediately take the offer without further second thoughts.

Tracey: I'll go!

Gary: Wait! I don't think it's a good idea to split up. Besides, I found the place first.

Tracey: But it's an exemption!

Gary: It isn't fair that you get an exemption when we don't!

(Tracey coyly grins at Gary before running away.)

Tracey: Screw you.

Since Tracey didn't return before the allotted time, the group lost $10,000. When Gary craftily sent one player away on a faraway detour, the whole challenge was lost then and there. Although he didn't directly sabotage the challenge, the Mole indirectly prevented money from being added to the pot.

In addition, Gary also managed to avoid being blamed for the entire challenge loss, using Tracey as his scapegoat. Only Kenta suspected that Gary was the Mole on the first quiz.

It was an excellent start for the Mole.


The second challenge that Gary participated in required him to steal a briefcase from. Unfortunately, he was not only competing with a determined competitor in Sora, but also Yolei and Tracey for the prize.

In preparation for the challenge, Gary carefully arranged with the hotel managers to shut down the power for a few minutes after midnight. While he did manage to steal the briefcase from Sora during this time, he unfortunately forgot the combination to unlock it.

Gary: Crap, what's the password?

(In the midst of darkness, Gary frets with the lock combination on the briefcase, trying with each number at a time.)

Gary: Think Gary, think! It was zero something…

(Gary points his flashlight at where he heard the footsteps approaching. It was Sora.)

Sora: Gotchya.

To make matters worse, Tracey ended up losing the challenge again as he won his second consecutive exemption in the game.

Gary (confessional): He just keeps stealing the Mole's thunder. I'm supposed to sabotage that challenge, not Tracey Sketchit!


Gary got into an unpleasant confrontation with Tracey when the two men butted heads over the neutralizer challenge. Gary deliberately drew attention to on Tracey again, fully aware that the Pokemon Watcher was far too stubborn and greedy to neutralize himself.

Yamaki: If you volunteer to be neutralized, I'll add $5,000 in your lonely pot.

Gary: I think Gary should be neutralized. He already has two exemptions.

Tracey: I'm not giving up my exemption, never.

Gary: I would've expected it coming from someone as selfish as you.

Tracey: I'm not selfish! I'm just looking out for myself!

The Mole wasn't afraid to instigate confrontations and he certainly wasn't afraid to get into other people's faces. But every time, Gary managed to keep a straight face and maintain his calm composure. Never growing emotional was one of his stronger traits as the Mole.

Gary: Hey, I'm not the bad guy here.

Tracey: If you're such the wannabe hero that you act to be, why don't you volunteer to be neutralized?

Gary: I never received an exemption, unlike you, with two.

Tracey: This has nothing to do with my two exemptions!

Gary: Oh yes it does.

Tracey: NO!

Arguments resolve nothing. Despite making such a big fuss over it, they never managed to add the $5,000 into the pot.


In this episode, Gary managed to sabotage not one, but two challenges. After staying relatively low-key for the past few days, he was slipping out of many people's suspicion lists. Even Kenta was starting to have other doubts as well. Since he was almost on the verge of being dismissed, it was the best time for Gary to suddenly strike again.

First was the Tentacruel challenge, in which the players were supposed to remove red ribbons from the swift water creatures in a swimming pool. The group picked Kenta to go on a secret mission so that he'll double the pot if he was the last remaining player in the pool. If he is successful, he'd double their earnings to $50,000.

Gary initially didn't think that Kenta would last long enough in the challenge, but he surprised the Mole (and everybody else) by hanging on until the end. When Kenta launched a surprise attack on Tracey after they've won $25,000, Gary knew that he must do something to stop Kenta from doubling the earnings.

Misty: We won! We did it!

(Kenta suddenly swims over to Tracey and rips off the ribbon from his leg.)

Yamaki: Kenji is eliminated from the challenge! One minute and fifteen seconds left!

Tracey: What the…what's going on?

Gary: Kenta was offered an exemption! He must have! That's why he's doing this!

Matt: Stop him! Don't let him sabotage the pot!

(Kenta frantically chased Gary around the pool, trying his best to grab for his leg. But the agile Gary proved to be too quick for him, easily dodging all of his advances. Finally, when the two competitors dove underwater, Gary re-emerged first with Kenta's red ribbon in his hand.)

The Mole pretended to be under the false assumption that Kenta was offered an exemption, despite the fact that Yamaki mentioned earlier that only one exemption will be given this round. Nevertheless, Gary stopped Kenta from doubling the pot, preventing $25,000 from being added into the pot.

His second sabotage was a controversial one. Gary always intended to sabotage the silent auction, where the highest bidder would sacrifice a certain amount of money from the pot in order to win an exemption. But he was surprised when Jeri Katou vocally expressed that she wasn't going to participate in the auction. The light bulb in his head lit up when he heard her gutsy statement, as he quickly hatched up with a brilliant plan.

Yamaki: There will be one exemption given this round. You'll place individual bids inside this laptop, just type your name and the amount of money you're willing to give up for this exemption. Once your name is submitted into the computer, it will not let you enter another bid.

Gary: What if there is a tie?

Yamaki: If there is a tie, then neither of the players will win the exemption. The player with the second highest bid will take the exemption instead.

Matt: I don't think any of us should bid higher than $20,000.

Gary: Good idea. We can reduce our losses this way.

Jeri: Well, I won't be bidding on the exemption, and I hope you all do the same.

Immediately after their loss in the Tentacruel challenge, Gary headed over to the computer in order to bid in the auction. First, he disguised himself as Jeri and placed a bid of $39,000 under her name.

(Gary is typing in the computer. Jeri Katou's name in big capital letters can be seen on the screen.)

Gary had to make sure that Jeri will be the highest bidder in the auction, so he tweaked the results by also submitting in bids for Misty, Matt and Kenta as well. He entered a $40,000 bid for the three of them, so they'll tie and their bids will cancel each other out.

(Gary is seen typing Misty, Matt, Kenta and his own bids in the computer. They were all in capital letters.)

Later as the bids were being read, Gary complained with the rest of the players about how they weren't able to enter bids because of a technical error. When in reality, it was because Gary had submitted bids for all of them already, and the computer will only accept one entry per player.

Gary: Yamaki, I couldn't enter my bid into the laptop. The computer said that my bid was already submitted…but I haven't entered a bid yet.

Yamaki: Did anybody else have this problem?

(Matt and Misty raised their hands.)

Misty: Yeah, it said something about that my bid was already submitted. I didn't even put a bid in.

Since Kenta and Jeri didn't try to enter their bids into the computer, hence they were unaware that somebody entered bids for them until the results were being revealed.


--- $40,000

Kenta: Okay, wait a minute! I didn't even enter a bid into this laptop! I stayed away from this auction altogether!

Jessie: Yeah right.

Gary: Yamaki, I think you should do this whole auction again. There is obviously something very wrong here.

Kenta: Yeah, I demand a redo!

His plan wasn't proof free, since Tracey and Jessie both entered bids before Gary had a chance to get near the computer. But because of Matt's plan, neither of them had extremely high bids. Still a disobedient Tracey was the front-runner for the exemption with his unique bid of $20,500 until the final entry was revealed.

Yamaki: Here is the final bid. And also, the winner of our exemption goes to…

(Yamaki clicked on a key in his laptop, revealing one very distinguishing name on the screen.)


--- $39,000

Jeri: What? I didn't enter a bid at all!

Tracey: Traitor!

Jeri: Guys, you have to believe me. I didn't put that bid in. I swear.

Because of Gary's fraudulent actions, an innocent Jeri received the heat for bidding on an exemption. Players were extremely furious at her since she claimed that she wouldn't bid on the auction, which she didn't do. And of course, why would a regular player want to reward another competitor with the exemption? If Jeri didn't give herself the exemption, then the only other logical suspect would've to be the Mole.

A guilty Gary felt horrible after seeing how brutal the other players were towards Jeri, but in order to maintain his identity, Gary said very little to defend her. It was a bittersweet victory for the Mole. He finally pulled off his biggest sabotage to date, but along the way he also caused some ugly emotions to flare.

It was at this point that our eventual winner Misty began to feel suspicious towards Gary. As the only person who truly believed that Jeri was blameless, she began to look at the big picture and slowly narrowed down an accurate list of who could possibly be the Mole. While the other players, including Kenta, were being narrow-minded in thinking that Jeri was the Mole, Misty looked at the big picture in the challenge. She knew that there was something more about the silent auction than meets the eye.


When the players were offered an opportunity to visit their family, almost all of them agreed to sacrifice $10,000 in order to see them. The Mole played the devil's advocate by going against the group's opinion, just for the sake of argument.

Gary: Do you realize what you guys are doing? We can add $10,000 into the pot right now! Doesn't anybody see my point?

Matt: Gary, Gary, Gary…I know you don't have a single human emotion in your scrawny body, but the rest of us do and this family visit means a lot to us.

Gary: I think you're making a big mistake out of this. You guys are just helping the Mole take money away from the pot.

Oh, the irony.

All things considered, it was the unpopular Gary who voiced a feeble objection against the majority, so it was obvious that his opinion would be disregarded in the grand scheme of things. But it was trivial things like this that Gary did in order to remove suspicion.

During the only challenge in this episode, the Mole found a tactful way for sabotage. Detectives Misty, Jeri and Kenta had to figure out who kidnapped Takato. And while Gary wasn't the criminal, he told a crafty lie during interrogation period in order to throw the detectives off the lead.

Gary: When we came back to our house, nobody was there. It was only gramps and me. That was kind of weird because everybody was in the house when we left.

Kenta: Where did everybody go?

Gary: I don't know.

But of course, that wasn't the truth.

Misty: Did you go out at all today?

TK: Not unless you count the short trips between the two headquarters when we met for the challenge. I don't like going outside when it's freezing.

(TK leaves the basement. Jeri and Misty compare notes with each other.)

Jeri: Well, I don't think TK has any reason to lie to us unless Matt is the kidnapper.

Misty: But his story doesn't match up with Gary's at all. Gary said that TK was gone from the house when he came back, but TK said that he never left the house today.

Gary's version of the story contradicted with what TK gave to the detectives. In the challenge, they believed Gary's story (since it was played along with Jessie and James, the real kidnappers) and accused of Matt and TK as the Mole. Gary's little lie played a big factor in the final decision, causing the detectives to make the mistake and ruining $75,000 from the pot.

However, it was also this mistake that made both finalists Jeri and Misty realize that Gary was the Mole. They knew that if TK was innocent, he'd have no intention to falsify his story. Gary also had no reason to lie since he wasn't the kidnapper, but he did. Why? It was at this moment that Jeri started to consider Gary as a suspect. And for Misty, Gary's lie confirmed her suspicions that he was definitely the Mole. She might have lost $75,000 in this challenge, but she was well on her way to winning this challenge.


It was in this episode that Gary made his biggest sabotage in the entire game. For somebody who usually remained very calm and emotionless even under tense pressure and frantic chaos (ie. his performance in the digital world as dangerous creatures started to attack), it should've been an immediate red flag to see Gary suddenly acting smitten with Zoe Orimoto. But like everything else he does in the game, he had an ulterior motive.

First was the hockey challenge, where the players were asked to either score a goal against Zoe, or save a goal shot by Zoe. Knowing that he will sabotage the challenge, Gary opted to play for the largest sum of money possible in the challenge.

Gary: I'll play for the $30,000 shot, seeing as I'm the best hockey player around here.

Jessie: Who died and made you boss?

Gary's plans carried out exactly the way he wanted to, he failed miserably when he was asked to step up to the plate.

Yamaki: Get ready…set…go!

(Gary slapped the hockey stick against the puck with an extremely strong force, but he misses completely as the puck travelled in a completely different direction away from the net.)

Yamaki: Izumi wins the match! Shigeru failed to put $30,000 into the pot!

The Mole put no effort into scoring at all, as indicated by the lack of direction from his puck, but even the less athletic Jeri managed to get her puck near the net.

However, this was only a warm-up for the events following later that day. The second challenge of the day required players to go on a scavenger hunt for ten digivice in the snowy open field, while huntress Zoe will throw snowballs to eliminate them from the challenge. Although they only needed to bring back ten digivices to Yamaki, there were a total of twenty digivices scattered around.

Gary did something that nobody would ever expect the Mole to do in this challenge. He was actually searching and collecting the digivices very quickly. But while the other players assumed that Gary was doing a fantastic job, they didn't know that he never intended to cash the digivices for money.

Instead, he just kept on finding as many digivices as possible, adding them to his expanding collection. After a while, the players realize that it's growing more difficult to find digivices...because our clever Mole has collected all of them!

Jessie: Arrgh! It's almost like these digivices vanished or something!

(Jessie sniffled as she angrily kicked the snow.)

(Meanwhile, Gary is grinning confidently to the cameras.)

Gary: I only need one more for a full set.

By removing all of the digivices available in the field, Gary ensured that none of the players will be able to bring them back to Yamaki, thus no money will be added to the pot.

When he knew that everybody else was eliminated, Gary was ready to play out the final act of his scheme. In a rather dramatic staged exit, Gary showed an unusual behaviour by "letting his guard" down in front of a vulnerable Zoe, who then eliminated him from the game. Anybody who truly knew Gary would've known that he was too clever and too composed to actually fall for her act – but alas, nobody suspected.

Despite having more digivices than he needed than he needed, Gary didn't contribute adding a single penny in that challenge. He could have easily brought back the digivices to Yamaki and add $80,000 into the pot, but he didn't. Not only that, but he also stopped other players from adding money into the pot. He never had any intent to cash in any of the digivices he gathered. It was a win-win situation for the Mole.

At the end of the day, the Mole managed to stop an overwhelming $110,000 from being added into the pot.


In the first challenge of this episode, the remaining four players were supposed to search the house for hidden CDs. Gary attempted to mislead the players, but he ultimately failed because he didn't want to bring too much unflattering attention upon himself.

Jeri: Let's look through other appliances!

Gary: There's nothing in the microwave!

(A few minutes later, Jeri curiously opened the microwave door one more time. She lifted up the pizza box inside the microwave.)

Jeri: I found it! It was under the pizza box the whole time!

(Jessie immediately turned to Gary suspiciously.)

Jessie: What? I thought you said that there was nothing in the microwave!

Gary: There wasn't anything! It was just a pizza box! I didn't see any CDs.

But he didn't miss an opportunity to lose in the second challenge. Since he was the first player to complete his brain teasers, Gary unlocked the "secret trap" and unleashed a virus in the other players' computers. He was supposed to alert and stop them from downloading the virus before it was too late. Obviously, the Mole had no rush to warn the other players.

(Gary sits motionlessly in his chair for a few seconds after hearing Yamaki's revelation about the secret trap from the computer.)

Making sure that he stalled enough time, Gary took a very leisure stroll to make sure the other players would've downloaded the virus before he arrived. In fact, he made sure to conveniently arrive at Jeri's place a minute after she finished the brain teasers. Every time a virus is downloaded, they lose $25,000 from the pot.

Jeri: Gary, what are you doing here?

Gary: Stop whatever you're doing, Jeri!

(Gary winced as he looked at the black screen on her laptop.)

Gary: Too late.

Although they were too quick (or rather, Jessie was too slow in finishing her puzzle), Gary also managed to be just too late in order to stop Misty from downloading a virus as well. With two virus-infected computers that he was accountable for, Gary managed to take what was supposedly an $80,000 reward and drop it into a measly amount of $30,000.


In the second-to-last challenge, the players were asked to find a key, using several seemingly random objects as clues that connected to a bigger theme. The way that the clues were arranged had a special meaning, but Gary immediately destroyed it.

Yamaki: If there are no more questions…the challenge starts now!

(Gary immediately removed all of the items from both cardboard boxes given, scrambling them in a pile. He then placed the boxes under the table, completely out of view.)

Later, it would be revealed that the objects were divided into two categories based on which cardboard box it was in. But the players would never have been able to figure it out since Gary immediately removed all of the items from the boxes as soon as he could get their hands on it. Instead of looking at the items in their specified categories, the players assumed now they've to connect all of the items together, which will only led to more confusion and muddled answers.

The cardboard boxes also contained clues on them, but Gary immediately put the cardboard boxes under the table after disposing the items, in hopes that the players wouldn't notice the clue written on those boxes. Neither Misty nor Jeri noticed the significance of the word "MOUSE" written on the boxes, thanks to Gary.

Last but not least, Gary also broke the teapot, one of the critical clues in the challenge. Since the important clue was the actual "tea" inside the teapot, Gary removed that from investigation when he intentionally pushed the teapot off the table, spilling the tea on the floor. He quickly swept up the pieces and mopped the floor, more than happily as he erased an important clue in the investigation.

Jeri: Is there any tea in the teapot? Yeah, there's some tea inside.

Gary: How do you know it's tea and not just water? Don't jump to conclusions like that.

Jeri: Oh gee, sorry.

(While Jeri put down the teapot, Gary pulled the teapot closer to the edge of the table. And then with a swift motion with the hand, he pushed the glass teapot off the floor, watching the item shattering into many pieces.)

He also attempted to cause a distraction by proposing that they rebuild the teapot from the pieces, but neither Misty nor Jeri took on the time-wasting offer.

With so many of the original evidence destroyed by our Mole, it was inevitable that they failed the challenge. They ended up losing $70,000 from the pot.


Episode 1: -$10,000

Episode 2: $0

Episode 3: $0

Episode 4: -$64,000

Episode 5: -$75,000

Episode 6: -$110,000

Episode 7: -$50,000

Episode 8: -$70,000


"You little shit!" Matt laughed heartily. "You did rig the results of the silent auction!"

"Sorry Jeri. But I had to do it." Gary smirked guiltily, patting Jeri softly on the back.

Jeri sat quietly in her chair and smiled faintly, nodding her head but not replying back. She had a bit of a dazed look as she stared out the glass windows.

After the friendly and loud reunion started, Yamaki watched the players silently with careful observation. Most of them were genuinely delighted about the night, especially winner Misty, whose huge excited smile could light up the entire room. In comparison, runner-up Jeri looked slightly disappointed and dissatisfied, but that was perfectly understandable.

But Sora Takenouchi looked like the saddest person in the room and Yamaki couldn't understand why. She was wearing an unusually forced smile that does not look flattering on her. She rarely participated in any of the lively conversations tonight, choosing to mope instead and occasionally glare towards Matt's direction.

"And was that why you hated me so much?" Tracey asked loudly, almost on the verge of shouting. He was too caught up with questioning the Mole, "Because I sabotaged so many challenges?"

"Precisely," Gary chuckled. "I kept asking the producers if you were the real Mole for the first few days because even I thought you were suspicious."

"Wow," mumbled Tracey, sounding almost dumbfounded.

"You have to admit, it was pretty suspicious," said Misty, playfully putting an arm on Tracey's shoulder. "You had three exemptions in the first three rounds, buddy!"

"What was the obsession with exemptions, Kenji?" Yamaki asked.

Tracey sighed, nervously tapping his fingers on the armchair. He looked at Yamaki with uncertainty.

"Well, I wouldn't call it an obsession…"

A few seats away, Matt was bursting into silent laughter with Jessie. Tracey sneered and ignored them.

"I just did what I needed to do in order to stay in this game," he finally said.

"You were very intense during the game," said Yamaki. "Is this a side of Tracey that we've never seen before?"

"No way! Tracey is a really nice guy!" Ash blurted out. "He is misunderstood."

"I agree. He is normally very gentle and peaceful. I think it's just his competitive and more assertive side that dominated here," Misty added.

Tracey smiled appreciatively towards his two friends. It was an absolutely wonderful feeling to have friends backing him up.

"Thank you."

Yamaki nodded and slowly turned his focus towards Sora once again. Seeing her sad smile just brought a sudden urge inside him to find out what's wrong. Something is wrong and he just had to know why.

"Miss Sora?" He suddenly asked out of the blue, looking up at her hopefully. The other players were still too busy in their chatter to noticed, but Jessie curiously turned her head towards Sora's direction as well.

"Uh…yes, Mr. Yamaki?" Sora nervously laughed, not truly expecting to be asked a question from Yamaki.

"Is there anything bothering you?"

Jessie eyed Sora with keen interest, wondering in her head where Yamaki was going with this question. From the little time they spent together, Jessie got along with Sora because of their similar ages and maturity.

"N…no," replied Sora flatly, looking quite uncomfortable in her seat.

From all her experiences as a Team Rocket member, Jessie instantly knew it sounded like a lie. But unlike Yamaki, she knew what was bothering Sora and what she must do to cheer her up.

"Sora, I'm really sorry for kissing Matt. You know me, I'm impulsive. In the back of my mind, I remembered him being your boyfriend, but it was too late by then. It was just a one-time playful thing and I assure you I'm not trying to hurt you or steal your boyfriend like that. I may be a bitch, but I'm not a boyfriend stealer."

"Jessie…i-it's not…" Sora mumbled nervously, not knowing how to respond back after such a dynamic speech from Jessie.

"It is. I know it is about that kiss." Jessie interrupted, with Matt nodding his head beside her. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything about it."

"Oh Jessie…it's really not that…"

But despite what she said, Yamaki noticed that Sora certainly looked more cheerful for the rest of the night.

"What about the clues?" Kenta suddenly asked. "I thought there were hidden clues in every episode!"

"Yeah that! I want to see it!" Yolei shouted, pumping her fist up in the air.

"Alright," said Yamaki. He gathered everybody's attention towards the television screen once again. "As you might or might not have known, there was a secret clue hidden in each and every episode. If you've found any of the eight clues listed above, you probably would've a pretty good idea who the Mole was coming into this finale."

Yamaki paused, slyly smiling to the rest of the players.

"So let's check out the clues, shall we?"


There is a clue hidden somewhere in the story every episode. Some are quite explicit, while others are hidden very implicitly. Check out how many you've found!

Here is the first clue in Episode 1. The two follow sentences (in italics) are taken out from dialogue that Yamaki says in the first chapter:

"She was then asked to select three navigators from the group. That would be Gary, Kenta and Kenji."

"Ash, you are the Mole's first victim. You have been executed from the game, please come with me."

The only two times in the whole story where Yamaki didn't refer to the players using their Japanese names like he normally does.

The first time was Gary, the Mole. The second time was Ash, when he was executed by the Mole. By singling the two players out, Yamaki highlighted the possible connection between the two players. The Mole and his victim. The executioner and the executed.

Since it was the first execution and Ash was the first victim, this was the first (and only) time that Yamaki will refer to Gary and Ash in their English names.


The below text in italics is taken from the second chapter. They're all related to the second clue of the series:

It was twenty three minutes past midnight


There is a numeric lock on the briefcase, and the password is 0-2-3.


"You've won $20,000 in the endurance challenge," said Yamaki, holding up two fingers in left hand, "But unfortunately, your team mates at the hotel failed to add $30,000 into the pot." He held up three fingers in his right hand for emphasis.

2 & 3

Also note of interest: in episode two that there were three possible clues.

The numbers two and three are very important numbers to this clue if they are properly arranged. So why are they so important?

Here's the reason:

Looking up at the eight episode titles, if you look at the second word and take the third letter, you'll have eight letters that you could easily unscramble to form one secret message…

Episode 1: The Biggest Ego G

Episode 2: A Cry for Wolf Y

Episode 3: Two Worlds R

Episode 4: Let's Play Mind Games A


Episode 5: Hello Sherlock E

Episode 6: Along Came Zoe M

Episode 7: Vile Villainous Victory L

Episode 8: Guess Who O



It was inside the episode titles all along…


Throughout Episode 3, I've made intentional spelling mistakes in order to spell out an implicit message. If you put all the missing letters of the words, you'll spell out a nice and clear message - GARY MOLE.

Other than the word "winning", all of the other missing letters are inside words wrapped somewhere in Yamaki's dialogue:

(G) - 'winnin' should be 'winning'

But Kenta didn't care about winnin or losing

(A) - 'ambassdor' should be 'ambassador'

Ambassdor Miyako will take her team of Shigeru, Kenji and Kasumi to the Digital World.

(R) – 'foeigners' should be 'foreigners'

Your job for now is to show the foeigners about your world.

(Y) - 'destro' should be 'destroy'

For every dark spiral you destro, you will add $10,000 to the pot.

(M) - 'abassador' should be 'ambassador'

If nobody wins, then the abassador will receive it.

(O) - 'regin' should be 'region'

You'll be fighting individual battles against four predetermined gym leaders of the Johto regin.

(L) - 'congratuations' should be 'congratulations'

Congratuations, you have added $30,000 into the pot by winning that battle

(E) - 'scren' should be 'screen'

When your name comes up, if the scren flashes green, you are safe.


An almost similar clue to Episode 3, but this time I've added an extra letter that if put together will spell out a hidden message. All eight extra letters are found somewhere inside Yamaki's dialogue:

(G) – Biddingg

"However, the money you are biddingg with will come directly from the pot. In addition, none of the bids can be higher than $40,000."

(A) - Claaiming

"Your fellow players underestimated you by claaiming that you would do the worst in this challenge"

(R) - Tentacrruel

""Three minutes and thirty seconds left! The second Tentacrruel is caught!"

(Y) - Onlyy

"With onlyy one guess, you must decipher the word to earn $30,000 into this pot."

(M) - Themm

"You have to unscramble themm and try to guess what word that spells out."

(O) - Congratulatioons

"Congratulatioons. You've added $30,000 into the pot."

(L) - Alll

"This is alll very strange."

(E) - Offeense

"I trust the computer more than you guys, no offeense."

The message is, once again, GARY MOLE.


The fifth clue takes reference to the popular series by Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes. Although his name is mentioned several times in the chapter, the real clue refers to some of the stories that Sherlock Holmes partook in.

Words in italics are taken out of events that happened in Episode Five.


Reference to The Adventure of the Speckled Band

Fearing about her sister's last words "speckled band" before mysterious dying in her room, Miss Helen Stoner consults Sherlock Holmes for help when her stepfather demands her to move inside her sister's room.

Gary asked, dragging his black suitcase out of the bus. He was wearing a speckled headband around his head and covered in a long black trench coat.


Reference to The Problem of Thor Bridge

When a governess is blamed for a murder, Sherlock Holmes found many flaws in the scenario, including a chip on the stone bridge where the death took place.

"There is always a problem revolving around Jessie. Always." Gary said in his confessional, "She will bitch about the tiniest thing and make a huge blowout spectacle about it. Find the tiniest chip on a bridge and she will bitch about it. I'll tell you flat out, I have no respect for over the top drama queens like her."


Reference to The Adventure of the Second Stain

When a mysterious blood stain on the carpet doesn't correspond with a second stain on the floor, Sherlock Holmes starts to question the whereabouts of the missing letter.

Gary knocked at the door to the basement. While waiting for a response, he noticed the two dark brown stains on the carpet.

As you could see, the three references to three stories of Sherlock Holmes were all included in a scene that involved Gary. He was the only person who got three scenes that credited the stories of Sherlock Holmes.

Like the famous detective, the Mole is the only person who knew all of the answers to the mystery before anybody else. This fifth clue is a comparison between how similar Gary the Mole and Sherlock Holmes were.


The sixth clue appears just before the sixth execution, in the mandatory scene where all of the players were taking the quizzes. But only this time, there was something hidden inside this segment.

Here is a condensed copy of the segment before the sixth execution quiz:

Jeri Katou tapped her finger on the mouse as she read the fourth question of the quiz.

Misty Waterflower sighed a little while doing the second question of the quiz.

Struggling on the seventh question of the quiz, Matt Ishida leant forward and reread the question on the computer screen.

Jessie was proceeding with the ninth question of the quiz.

Gary was browsing his cursor down a five named list on the final question of the quiz: Who is the Mole?

First, notice how peculiar that the questions were being shown out of order. In all of the other episodes, the players were always seen as taking the quiz in chronological order. But however, we started at the fourth question, then jumped back to the second question in the next part. This has never happened before.

There was obviously something implied about the arrangement of the questions. If you take down the four numbers: 4, 2, 7, 9 and then apply these numbers to a regular telephone keypad, you'll be able to spell out Gary's name.





The icing on the cake is the fact that Gary ends this quiz segment with the question "Who is the Mole?". Well, if you look carefully, the answer was already given to you just a few paragraphs above.


The seventh clue is contained inside a challenge. The italic words were taken out of the seventh chapter.

Immediately Jessie turned on her laptop. There was this long dreadful logging on process she had to endure though, and when it reached the menu section, the laptop requested for a username and a password. Key by key, she slowly typed in the words "mole" in the password bar, a password that Yamaki had given them beforehand.

After a minute, the menu showed up and requested for her username and password. Jeri was not an experienced typist, so she had to look down at the keyboard constantly as she punched in the letters. She typed in the password "mole" into the laptop to continue.

The menu screen finished loading for the Cerulean gym leader, and Misty swiftly punched in 'mole' as the password. Like Jeri, she was forced to restart her laptop after entering an incorrect answer on a question.

When the menu screen showed up, he typed his own name in the toolbar to log on. After everything was set, he started the program, and tuned out of Yamaki's opening speech. After a minute of listening to his recorded instructions, Gary quickly typed in the answer to the first puzzle.

Jessie, Jeri and Misty were all shown typing in the word "mole" into their computers. But only Gary was singled out and shown typing his own name in. Why? That's because Gary and the Mole share the same name. They're the same person.

"mole" "Gary"


Finally, the last clue is in the eighth chapter of the story. Below are three occasions during the chapter where an out-of-place reference to a popular character is made:

Riley was sitting in the bus, reading a magazine with a picture of Beethoven on the cover.

Jeri sat across from her, reading a poster on the wall that featured a Dracula theatre show in the community.

Gary smirked and rolled his eyes at a photo with Tracey sitting under a tree and sketching the fictional character Sirius Black in his sketchpad.

The question is, what is the one thing that ties between Beethoven, Dracula and Sirius Black?

If you look at IMDB (Internet Movie Database) and typed in Gary Oldman's name, you'll realize that this actor played all three characters in three different movies (Immortal Beloved, Dracula, Harry Potter).

Those were some of roles that Gary Oldman played in his movie, which is a shout-out to the "role" that Gary Oak was playing in this game.

And of course, one could not miss how evidently similar the names of Gary Oldman and Gary Oak are.

I hoped you had fun searching for these clues!

"Kasumi? Do you have anything to say after winning all this money?" Yamaki asked.

"Yamaki, I want to mention once more that Jeri played just as good of a game as I did," Misty said, smiling sincerely. "She really experienced a lot in this game and she was almost like a little sister to me. We're definitely going to stay in touch."

Misty and Jeri exchanged a genuine hug together, while the other players clapped politely for the runner-up.

"Well, this is probably the right time to mention that Kasumi answered sixteen questions correctly on the quiz, and Juri answered thirteen correctly," said Yamaki. "Just three less than Kasumi."

"That's actually pretty close," said Misty, rubbing her chin thoughtfully.

"I'm surprised I got that high," giggled Jeri.

"Any last words from the Mole?" Yamaki asked.

"I really had fun playing as the double agent. I always loved mysteries since I was little and what could be better than actually being the mystery in this game? I really had fun lying and deceiving people while being the Mole," said Gary. He paused for a few seconds and then added, "I should do it more often."

Misty laughed, slapping Gary's shoulder playfully.

The eventful night was drawing to an end. Conflicts were solved, apologies were given and questions were all answered. The game was finally over. Players were exchanging farewell hugs and handshakes, as well as whispering ways to contact each other as they returned to their different worlds. The reunion was finally wrapping up to its final act.

Jeri Katou, the amiable runner-up, will return home wholly enriched by the experience. Misty Waterflower, the determined winner, will also walk out of here with the grand prize of $508,000 and a deserving victory. And as for Gary Oak, he'll leave the game with the satisfaction and enjoyment of a job well done.

The Mole will return to his ordinary life, quietly anticipating for the next undercover mission.


Author's Notes

At last, it's all revealed! Misty ended up being the winner, mostly because a Jeri victory seemed too predictable and unchallenging. And of course, Gary was always the Mole. Some of you have caught on near the end, which was actually great news because I didn't want to make the Mole too hidden. I hope you're satisfied (and hopefully surprised) with the results.

May be there's a sequel in the future, but I don't know if I have it in me. Would readers still be interested if I wrote a different reality series like Survivor? Or what about a new cast outside of the Pokemon/Digimon genre? Or how about making the story even more interactive with the readers?

This has been a great project to work on. To finish all nine lengthy chapters, it took me a year (or more, considering the original copy that got deleted), but everything was worth it. Thank you for all the dedicated and understands readers who didn't give up even when updates weren't being made for months after months! Your comments made my day every time a new chapter is posted!

During the meantime, I'm planning to make revisions to the chapters. The first four chapters definitely needs some work on, especially since now I've reread them, I noticed tons of glaring errors, formattingglitches and spelling mistakesthat just needs to be fixed.

Last but not least, here is the results for "Who is the Mole?" pollafter Episode 8. Jeri was the most popular choice, although the actual Mole wasn't too far behind.

40 percent- Jeri

31 percent- Gary

29 percent- Misty

Thanks for reading!