Title: Calamity

Chapter: 1/?

Author: Lizzy Rebel

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Couples: many implied couples and one-sided Ninian/Eliwood and one-sided Lyn/Rath

Rating: PG-13 for sexual undertones and some scenes of violence

Genre: Romance/Angst

Teaser: Rath wanted Lyn, Ninian wanted Eliwood. Sometimes things don't work out as we plan them [chapter version]

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Timeline: Chapter 25 and onward

Author's Notes: Rath and Ninian… something that never should happen and never will happen outside my mind. Well, it all began insert long boring story here and then my sister (being a die-hard Ninian fan) asked if not Eliwood then who? I said immediately Rath since I had Kent paired off with Fiora in my head and Rath (whom I love above all FE characters save Eliwood) was the only thing keeping Lyn and Eliwood apart. So what do I do? I decided to break both Rath and Ninian's hearts and then put them together!

Story Notes: This counts as a really loooong Rath/Ninian support conversation. I really think the FE7 creators should've given Ninian a choice other then Eliwood to be with so here it is in my own words! I also don't know the name of Rath's horse so I'm making one up for it, k?

Warning: None unless you count Lyn/Eliwood innuendo scene and the ever-so out there Rath/Ninian pairing.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away… oops, wrong story…


[Chapter One: The One With Unrequited Love]

The petite dancer was shivering in her sheer dress. The snow was falling light to the ground and caught in her white blonde hair. She had barely managed to walk a few feet before she collapsed to the snow-laden ground, shivering.

Her dress wasn't meant for snow traveling. It was soft as silk—as thin as well—and had no sleeves to speak off. The left part of it traveled past her knees a few inches before it stopped while the right side continued to her ankles, slanting the dress. Underneath it was another silky fabric made of darker blue that covered her feet and flared to the ground. She wore a brown choker—sown with gold designs—around the pale column of her throat and a matching brown strap hooked around the tips of her arms and the top of her chest, holding in place a sheer white cape. From out of the strap two long piece of her cape came around and wrapped her pale arms. She wore a blue waist length glove on her right hand with the bottom of it embroidered with the same design as her choker and strap. Her left glove traveled all the way up to the beginning of the hook, this one plan blue.

Around her waist she wore a simple silver belt with a tiny red jewels and a large blue gem that was high on her right hip and low on her left. She also wore another belt that crisscrossed her silver one. This one was made of gold buckles and gold hanging beads that ran high on her left hip and came low on her right. A thin—but apparently strong—white string was tied around her head to hold twin headpieces. They started just above her ears and were made of a triangular piece of silver that had a single white ribbon tied to both. The ribbons flowed with her hair down to her waist in an almost water-like effect.

She stood there, shivering of course, in the beginning of the snowy region of Bern where Lord Eliwood of Pherae had led them to seek out the Black Fang. Most of the fighters had pushed forward to destroy fighters up ahead save for Fiora and Kent who were sent straight towards the snowy mountains to fight off the Wyvern Riders and Lords there.

Rath of the Kutolah tribe frowned at the young woman feet in front of him, shifting uncomfortably on his horse. He hated to see a woman in any sort of pain—especially one as fragile as her—and he felt the urge to offer her a ride on his horse for the warmth the beast would provide. However, he had sworn to himself not to help the lithe dancer for that was what Lady Yuki, the tactician, would want.

"Just stick by her, Rath, okay? She's not a good fighter but we can't leave her behind. I want you to make sure she's okay. I'm counting on you." She had said, meanwhile sending Lady Lyndis head first into a rough battle with the waiting Wyvern Rider.

Rath had wisely said nothing, as he was accustomed too, but he was sure Lady Yuki got it that he was not pleased with his orders. He wanted to be up in the frontlines with Lyndis, protecting her, keeping her safe as he had wanted to do the first moment he had seen her in Araphen. But no, he was stuck babysitting Lord Eliwood's dancer.

When she sneezed, Rath decided he could take it no more and rode over to her. He outstretched his hand calmly towards her without saying a word.

Ninian looked up when she felt her 'defender' approach her. She hadn't been paying him much mind, she had mostly been too concerned with praying for Lord Eliwood's safety. She hated being so useless; Lady Yuki the tactician didn't even want her to be near the front lines.

She glanced at Rath, a man she didn't know but had always found rather intimidating with his cold demeanor. There was no hint of any emotion in his handsome face. He also seemed to be weathering the harsh cold better then herself. But then, his clothes seemed made for this type of weather.

He wore a thick brown tunic that traveled to his knees. A blue sash held it firmly to his body. It was short-sleeved but he wore thick fingerless gloves—one blue and reaching his elbow, the other brown/gold and reaching his wrist—so the exposed skin didn't bother him so much. A brown leather strap came across his left shoulder, opened into a square-like cup on his left breast, and crossed his stomach to his back where it connected with an arrow sheath. His dark green trousers were thick and wool and he wore heavy yellow/brown boots as opposed to her white slippers underneath her dress. The brownish red bandanna he had tied around his head did little for warmth, she knew, but at least it was something.

She stared at his hand—tanned from the sun—in obvious confusion. She looked back up at him, raising her eyebrow just slightly.

Rath resisted the urge to sigh in annoyance. "Sitting on Khan will keep you keep warm," was all he answered.

"Oh…" Ninian said softly and accepted his hand. He hoisted her up besides him and she slid wordlessly onto the horse's thick hide. Still shivering, she hesitantly pushed herself against Rath's back. When he didn't voice a word of complaint, she wrapped her arms around his waist.

Without saying anything to the young woman clinging to his back, Rath allowed Khan to trot around in the snow, keeping himself warm. Ninian bounced against him, not used riding horses, but because she was so light and frail Rath didn't notice.

Finally, Ninian broke the silence with, "Your—your name's Ra—Rath?" When she only received curt nod in reply, she continued on, "I—I'm Ninian…" She fell into silence, feeling awkward, when she wasn't answered.

She hadn't paid much attention to Rath before—or to anyone for that matter—for her whole attention had been placed on a certain redheaded Lord. But she could remember accidentally walking in on Lady Yuki's conversation with Dame Fiora. It had involved Rath and Lyn… but they had been oddly closed mouth about it when she had walked in the room.

"I'm pretty sure the only reason Rath sticks around is because of Lyn." Lady Yuki had been saying to Dame Fiora. "He loves her… or thinks he loves her. It's too bad really that Lyn and E—" she had broken off abruptly when Ninian had walked into the room to alert Lady Yuki that Eliwood wished to set out.

"I know," Rath said, feeling a sense of duty to answer her. He knew very well who Ninian was. He had been aware of her during Lyn's journey to Caelin and when he had joined Eliwood's team about a month ago.

He was also aware that she had 'feelings' for Lord Eliwood. He unfortunately had been sent to protect the Mage Erk and the Clerk Serra when they had gone to fight the swordmaster Lloyd. Serra had been going on and on about how Ninian was 'in love' with Lord Eliwood.

"Just look at her when she's around Lord Eliwood!" Serra shouted to Erk, who hadn't even brought up the subject. "She's so far gone. The poor dear doesn't stand a chance if I go after Lord Eliwood, but for her sake I'll let him alone. Ninian can have him."

"You're really foolish, you know that?" Erk had snapped, ready to silence her. "Everyone knows that Lord Eliwood lov—" He shot Rath a look and continued, "Isn't interested in love…"

"Ra—Rath! A wyv—wyvern be—behind us!" Ninian's voice suddenly shouted in his ear. Rath forced his horse to turn sharply—Ninian's fingers had to grip his back hard to keep from falling—and faced the enemy.

He loaded his Killer Bow and released the deadly arrow. Unfortunately, it was a Wyvern Lord he faced and the bow didn't kill the rider. The rider of the wyvern raised a deadly Silver Lance and charged them.

Trying to think of a way to dodge the attack, he suddenly felt Ninian hop of Khan. He looked at her, but his face didn't give away the confusion he felt. Suddenly, Ninian began to twirl, her body glowing an eerie purple light. The light left her body and traveled to his. Suddenly, Rath felt power inside himself, growing there.

The Wyvern Lord decided Ninian was a better target then Rath. It twisted and made a lunge for the dancer. Ninian dropped to her knees, the lance just skimming her head. Even then she didn't scream out.

Rath loaded his Killer Bow again. He felt power rage within him and he twirled his arrow around once before firing. The arrow found its mark in the head of the Wyvern Lord. Crimson blood splattered to the white covered ground before the large body of the dragon-creature did as well.

Ninian climbed to her feet as Rath trotted over to her. He offered her his hand once more and she accepted it. He pulled her up besides him and moved her away from the sight of the bloody carcass. She was pale and trembling and her ruby eyes were locked on the bleeding mass dead in the snow.

Once he was sure she couldn't see the dead Black Fang body, Rath turned in his saddle so he could face her. She blinked at him numbly, shivering but not from the cold. Rath gripped her shoulders softly, holding her by the leather strap around her frail shoulders, and scanned her face.

She was pale and looked to be on the verge of tears… he wondered if she had ever seen a dead body that close… or ever seen a person die. He also noticed a small trickle of blood straining her hair.

"You are very useful," he said, not able to mask the surprise in his voice. He released her shoulders and touched her head wound softly, making her wince. He reached into his satchel and withdrew from it a vulnerary. He placed the salve on the center of her head and watched the wound fade.

"You'll heal." He told her, cold.

"Th—thank yo—you." Ninian managed, pulling herself away from him. She had never been touched by a man before—save the evil Black Fang and Lord Eliwood when she had been unconscious—and Rath's hands were so powerful that she remembered the painful way Ephidel—Nergal's puppet—had gripped her arms.

Rath, understanding she didn't want to be touched, turned his head and his torso to scan the area. "Shall we press on?" he questioned.

"I wish to see if Lord Eliwood is alright." Ninian whispered, eyes suddenly wide. Please let him be alright. I don't know what I would do if he was hurt.

He nodded silently, thinking along the same lines. If Lyn is injured I shall never forgive Lady Yuki for not allowing me to be there to protect her.

He dug his spurs into Khan's side and the nomad horse took off towards where he had last seen Lyn and Eliwood, Ninian bouncing in the saddle behind him.

As they moved, the snow picked up. Ninian began to shiver even more so then before and Rath had no way of warming her. Her fingers were clasped around his waist and he almost thought they were frozen there. He, in fact, was starting to feel the cold. It wrapped its icy fingers around his throat and threatened to choke him.

Ninian raised a pale shivering finger and pointed. "Lo—look! There they ar—are!" Her words turned gray and hovered inches above her lips.

Rath clucked his tongue against the roof of his mouth and Khan slowed down to a trot. He could see Eliwood's party as well. There was Lord Hector—looking rather worse for wear—talking to Florina the Pegasus Knight as she tended to her horse's wounds. Besides him was Lord Eliwood, his dark blue tunic ripped and a large cut on his forehead. At his side was Lyn—she looked better then both her Lordling counterparts, though there was a gash alongside her arm—who was pressing a vulnerary salve to the bleeding wound on Eliwood's forehead, speaking to him in a low voice.

Leading the Lords was the tactician, Lady Yuki. As always she hadn't been wounded during the fray. The threadbare appearance of her brown cloak could lead one to believe that she had been in a fight, but Rath knew better. Lady Yuki just didn't see the point in buying a new cloak and dispatching her old tattered one. Besides her was Fiora and Kent, both very injured but alive, and she looked to be telling them what a good team they made.

Ninian slid off Rath's horse as Lord Eliwood, Lady Lyn, and Lord Hector approached. "Lo—Lord Eliwood? You ar—are un—harmed?"

The redhead Lord offered Ninian a weak smile, "The assassin Jerme was a strong fighter… but with Lyndis and Hector we easily defeated him."

Rath looked over at Lyn, trying to still give off the demeanor of not caring, and raised an eyebrow at her. It was his way of asking how she faired.

"I'm fine," the Sacaen noblewoman answered. "Hector and Eliwood did most of the up-front fighting. I just used my bow." She raised her Steel Bow, which looked a little worn out.

He nodded, pleased. He wouldn't tell her but he was pleased that she had become a Blade Lord and thus was capable of using a bow. It was just one more tie binding them in his mind.

"Hector and I couldn't have defeated him without you, Lyndis." Eliwood put in, to which Hector looked incredulous. He offered Lyn a true smile, not the tired one he had supplied Ninian with. Lyn for her part gave him a bright smile, one of warmth and confidence.

"Don't be silly, Eliwood," Lyn replied, practically beaming. Rath was surprised the opinion of a Lycian Lordling mattered so much to her. "I'm sure you could've handled Jerme without me."

Hector made gagging noises, to which Florina's face twisted to suppress the laughter bubbling in her throat. The blue haired Lord received humorless glances from the other two Lords.

Just then Priscilla, mounted on her powerful mare, galloped over to them with Heath flying just slightly over her. "Lady Hannah says that it will snow again soon," she told Lady Yuki, glancing up at the sky that had just stopped snowing.

Lady Yuki rolled her eyes. "Hannah's insights never cease to amaze me. Without her, how would I ever know when it was going to snow?" Her voice was low, throaty, and sarcastic. "Alright everyone, let's get going. I don't wanna be stuck here when it starts snowing, do you?"

Eliwood's team obeyed the tactician and moved forward. As they departed from the Black Fang's hideout, Lady Yuki motioned for Rath to come to her side. He dismounted and even off his horse he towered over her small frame.

Even with his superior height, Lady Yuki was not daunted. She placed pale hands on her cloak covered hips and sent him a look. "I thought I told you to keep an eye on Ninian and to keep her away from harm? What were you thinking heading straight into the frontlines with Ninian in tow? If we hadn't handled all the Black Fang before you two arrived she could have been killed."

Rath looked over at Ninian, who walked besides Lord Eliwood on his right side while Lyn walked on his left. "We were being attacked even in the back. It seemed like a better idea to face our deaths in the frontlines doing something then standing in the back, cowering."

"Your logic is astounding," Lady Yuki muttered, rubbing her temples. "We need to keep Ninian safe at all costs. If the Black Fang gets her then Nergal will use her to open the Dragon's Gate. We can have her running head first into battle."

"Sometimes I think that girl is more trouble then she's worth," Rath muttered, never taking his eyes off Ninian's back. "After all that's happened, she seems just to be an accident in the making."

"It's not her fault," Lady Yuki told him, sending him an angry look. "She's only like this because the Black Fang used her. I'm sure this whole 'accident theory' of yours wouldn't be plausible if she wasn't being chased by Nergal."

"Either way she's a calamity." Rath gave her a sidelong glance. "And you seem to have it in your mind for me to be around when she goes off."

"Yeah?" Lady Yuki raised her dainty nose and sniffed, "Well what if I do? What are you gonna do about it, Rath? I'm the tactician, remember? I make the rules. If I want you and Ninian to go face Nergal on you're own I can do that. Not that I will, I'm not even that cruel. But what would you do?"

"Nothing," Rath answered, striding over to Khan and mounting. "I suppose someone has better keep an eye on her…"

"And why not you?" Lady Yuki finished for him and grinned. "I think this is the longest conversation I've ever heard you have."

"Do you want a ride?" Rath asked, stretching his hand towards her. He didn't want Lady Yuki to go off on her tirade of how he should open up more and talk to people. It really annoyed him, though he had never said so.

Lady Yuki turned her head and looked at Khan, her lips twisted. "You know I detest horses, Rath," she explained to him. "I wouldn't ride one if you paid me. You just ride along and I'll catch up. I mean, they have to wait for me, right?"

Rath said nothing. He just dug his spurs into Khan's side and trotted off, Lady Yuki trudging through the snow after him.




They were now just outside of the palace of the nobles of Bern. Lady Yuki had decided that they would be staying in a small village just five days outside of the Bern palace to heal from their fight with Jerme.

Not only was it a deserved reprieve but Rath couldn't help but notice how everyone seemed to be with someone… in an intimate way. Even Fiora and Kent had pushed aside their moral beliefs to be with one another tonight.

Florina had locked herself in her room after Hector had said something 'flirtatious' to her and after the blue haired Lord had threatened to kick down her door if she didn't come out, she and Hector disappeared.

Rath had seen Erk pull Serra into the dark protection of the words and decided not to think about what they were most likely doing in there.

Rebecca was currently chasing Raven around with a steaming plate of food, but Raven had seemed to find her better tasting since the plate of food was cold and uneaten on a tree stomp and neither of the two were nearby.

Heath had finally convinced Priscilla that his wyvern—Hyperion—wasn't dangerous and they had set off for a midnight ride hours ago. Farina and Dart were raiding the wine room of the inn and probably wouldn't be seen until the next morning. Isadora and Harken were having their long awaited reunion. And Sain was moping that he had no one.

So Rath decided to seek out Lyndis, since everyone was otherwise preoccupied. He had always longed for a moment alone with the Sacaen noblewoman, but they were both in a large group in constant battles so it was hard to find a moment alone with anyone.

He was planning on taking advantage of this situation.

It wasn't hard for him to find her. It was just a matter of logic. Lyn was constantly trying to get stronger and she was always spending her free time training. All one had to do to seek out the Sacaen noble was find an open field.

And there she was. Her hair, teal like a raging ocean, floating around her striking face. She held the powerful, sacred Mani Katti in her hands, thrusting, lunging, dodging again and again and again. Her face was glistening in the deep moon from the extortion she had placed on her youthful body. Like a dancer she moved elegantly with every step, every fraction of an inch, in trained perfection.

For a moment Rath was content to watch her, memorize every movement of her body and flicker of her eyes. She was breathtaking in the night, the moon washing her in a pale light. His heart contracted painfully in his chest.

Finally, she took notice of him and smiled. "Rath? What a surprise… I can't see you." She made a motion for him to come closer.

Rath dismounted Khan and urged him to trot back to the inn without him. Slowly, he walked towards Lyn. He forced himself to start breathing again so he could talk to her. He had a lot to tell her and not being to breathe would hinder it.

"Lyn… you have grown stronger since we last meet." He was referring to when Lyn had found he and his unit working for Hector's brother, the Marquess of Ostia, and convinced him to join her merry band. He hadn't been able to say no to her; he thought he never would.

Lyn beamed, happy for the complement. "Well, I should hope so. I don't want to be a burden to Eliwood. After all he's been through the last thing he needs is to have to rescue me."

Lord Eliwood should count himself lucky if he got to rescue you, Rath thought but did not speak it out loud. Instead he said, "You don't give yourself enough credit, Lyndis of the Plains. You are strong, stronger then most."

"Thank you, Rath." Lyn said with a small chuckle, "But I do not think you came to me just to complement me on my sword skill. What do you wish to speak to me of?"

When this battle is over, Lyn, I want you to come with me to Sacae. You and I belong there, together. Rath just looked at her, unsure how to put into words what he was feeling. He watched as Lyn glanced up at the moon as he tried to find a way to ask her to come back to Sacae with him.

"Oh, Rath!" Lyn said suddenly, breaking his thoughts. "Look how late it is. I must go. I have to see El—Eliwood before I retire. We'll talk about what's concerning you tomorrow, okay?"

Rath didn't answer, falling back into his protective mask of silence. It hurt him that Lyn had chosen to run to Eliwood instead of staying and listening to what he had to say. He watched her back disappear into the light of village for a long while before deciding to make the trek back as well.

She probably had some overly pressing matters to speak of with Lord Eliwood. The battles have been rough on her so she doesn't have time to wait for you to spit out your feelings, Rath told himself as he marched back into the village. He would have to find a way to tell Lyn he loved her tomorrow, maybe he could drag her into the woods before the set out for the Bern palace tomorrow. He knew he could keep these emotions hidden forever. Lyn had to know.

Or he would break.




Further off, Ninian was having the same trouble as Rath. She had lost her brother Nils, who was mostly likely sleeping back in the inn, and after all that had happened she was extremely worried. She wasn't used to being anywhere her brother wasn't unless they were forced apart. In this strange world Nils was the only firm stone she could hang onto.

Slowly, Ninian checked every nock and cranny of the small village. Above her, balls filled with fire glowered brightly, casting eerie shadows upon the harmless village. She called Nils's name softly, not wanting to awaken the sleeping residents of the village. She wished desperately that she had someone to help search with her, but everyone seemed to be otherwise occupied with their 'significant others'. Even Lady Yuki was off, having gone off to the local tavern to retrieve information on the commotion within Bern's royal castle.

She didn't say it out loud, but being alone frightened her. Especially in this strange world of humans. The villagers were kind enough, more so since they had recognized Lord Eliwood as a Lord, but she knew without a doubt there were many who weren't. She could remember the time she had spent in the clutches of a band of Black Fang operatives before she had even known Lyndis. Their voices—disgusting, alcohol-smelling, and rude—often sang her to sleep whenever she was restless.

But Lord Eliwood saved me, Ninian told herself, her grip on the torch she carried tightening, I can trust Lord Eliwood… he'll… he'll not betray me.

Suddenly aching, she rubbed at the sore spot on the left side of her chest, just above her heart. She remembered her brother's—wise, wise Nils when she was supposed to be the older, mature sibling—warning not to fall in love with the red haired noble. He had been wise enough to know that she and Lord Eliwood would never have been able to be together, their differences to great.

But how was she supposed to tell Nils that she was sure she was falling, if not already fallen, in love with Lord Eliwood? How was she supposed to return to her own world with the feelings that burned in her? She couldn't turn away from that.

She wouldn't.

"Ninian?" The young fair-haired dancer turned and faced the redhead Lordling. He, too, held a torch and it cast shadows on the handsome planes of his face. His hair glowered in the red of his torch and his impossibly blue eyes held hers.

"Lo—Lord Eliwood…" Ninian stammered, losing herself in the azure pools. "Whe—where you look—looking for me?" Her blood raced at the thought that he might be looking for her.

"Well actually…" hHHis smile told Ninian he hadn't been, "I saw you wandering around the village. Where you looking for Nils?" When the fair head bobbed in answer, he continued, "I saw him go into the inn for some sleep. He told me to tell you not to worry; he's fine."

"O—oh." Ninian blushed and looked away, "Tha—thank you, Lord El—Eliwood. I was wo—worried about Nils."

"You shouldn't worry so much." Eliwood's firm, powerful, beautiful lips rose in a lopsided grin. "Shouldn't you be going to bed, Ninian? Surely, you're exhausted after a day in the snow?"

Ninian shivered, remembering the chill she had felt in her arms as she stood waist deep in the freezing snow and ice. "I—I am rather ti—tired. I thi—think I shall re—retire. Good—goodnight, Lord Eliwood."

"Goodnight, Ninian. Sleep well." He offered her another warm smile that had her forgetting about the chill of the morning and walked past her.

"Lo—Lord Eliwood!" Ninian suddenly, unable to watch him walk away. Her hands clasped together for strength when the young Lordling turned to address her. A brow of brown and fire rose in question.

"Yes, Ninian?" Eliwood asked, moving closer to her so he could see her through the darkness of the night. "Is there something I can help you with?"

Love me, Lord Eliwood. Can you do that? Take me into your arms and love me? Or would you scoff at my silly girl fantasies? Hating her own thoughts, Ninian numbly shook her. "No—no, I was ju—just… just…" she trailed off, unsure how to finish her sentence.

The concern in those beautiful eyes of his grew and he stepped even closer to her. "Are you sure you're alright, Ninian? You're acting strangely."

"I—I'm just tired." Ninian began and then shook her head again. I must tell him that I—I love him… I may not get another chance, "Lord Eliwood, the—there's something I—I must te—tell you…"

"You can tell me, Ninian," Eliwood said in his best soothing voice, "I won't judge you… nor would anyone in our party. I can promise you that."

"Lord El—Eliwood… I… I… lo—"

"Eliwood!" Both the Lord and the dancer turned to watch as a teal haired youth made her way over to them, grinning and waving her arms.

Because her back was turned to him Ninian missed the sparkling light that claimed Eliwood's eyes as Lyn neared or the smile—a smile no one had ever seen on the Lord before—that curved his lips. "Ah, Lyndis… one moment…" His smile faded back to a more familiar one as he faced Ninian again, "Ninian, what is it you wanted to tell me?"

No, this is wrong, Ninian thought. There was no way she could tell Lord Eliwood she loved him when Lady Lyndis was standing right there. She had to be alone with Lord Eliwood. "We—we can speak of this to—tomorrow. Per—perhaps before we set out once more?"

The redhead Lord nodded as the Sacaen noblewoman came up to stand proudly at his left side, "Very well. I shall seek you out on the morrow." He turned to Lyn then and raised an eyebrow, "Lyndis, our previous engagement, yes?"

"Good—goodnight, Lo—Lord Eliwood… Lady Lyn—Lyndis," Ninian muttered, backing away slowly. The two lords bid her farewell and the dancer watched as Lord Eliwood offered Lady Lyndis his elbow and led her from the village.

Suddenly tears swam in Ninian's eyes, after she was sure both Lord were gone. Helplessly she walked towards the edge of the village, staring at the orange harvest moon. She felt cold again, as if she had returned to the hideout of the Black Fang and the snow was dripping down her pale skin.

She felt salt drip onto her lips and blinked; was it raining? She cast her crimson eyes to the sky and saw the harvest moon staring down at her, just like it had been moments before. There was no cloud in the sky.

Realizing, she raised a hand to her cheeks and felt the small trail of tears running down them. I'm crying? But why? Her heart was aching again—like the ache she always got when she thought of Lord Eliwood—and she could almost feel it break into a million pieces, scattering at her feet. She didn't know why.

There is no way I'll be able to sleep tonight, Ninian thought. Restlessly she began to prowl the village, hoping to find something to ease the pain welling deep within her heart. Or maybe she could find something to answer the question why she felt like her heart was breaking every time she looked at Eliwood.

And why did she feel like she had just lost something?


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