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The Evil Random Pink Bunnies Of Doom

By: Mikomi Hatake

Chapter 9: Bring in the hoes.






"Why do we need to bring Sakura and Ino on this trip?"

"I said hose, not hoes. Get your mind out of the gutter man."

"Sorry Kakashi."

"You are such a lunk head Naruto." Kakashi slapped the blond haired boy around the back of his head. "This is the most important mission ever and you had better not screw it up."

'"Okae, lets go kill those bunnies and save Sakura!"

"Now your talking!"

"Do you fools really think you can destroy us?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact we do." Naruto replied.

"Now show yourselves you stupid bunnies!"

"Ha-ha you wish!"

"Like hell we do!"

"Come out, come out where ever you are." Naruto sang.

"What losers."

"Do you think they will remember to put on some pants?"


Sasuke sat at home on his sofa watching the television while the pink cat, named Cat, sat at his feet. Cat looked up as the weather came on, and you could see Cat smirk as the weather man gave the daily forecast.

"Today will be cloudy with a 90 chance of rain. You had better grad your umbrellas folks, its supposed to rain cats and dogs."

Meow. My lucky day.

"Rain! I have to tell Naruto and Kakashi! They will be so happy!" As Sasuke tried to get up, he tripped over Cat and landed on his face. "Ouch."

"You guys are hopeless."

"Shut your trap."



Meow. I can't believe you guys are supposed to save the world.

"Neither can I." Sasuke mumbled into the carpet. "But I really need a drink about now."

Sakura sat alone in a dark room thinking about, well, nothing. Just the quiet. The peaceful silence.

'Its so lovely down here. I have everything I could ever want, and there is no loud Naruto and Ino. I love it. Absolutely love it.'

"Careful dear, your 'friends' are on their way to save you."

"I hope you are joking."


Ino sat in her room. Alone. As she replayed the scene of Kakashi in his boxers through her mind. "OhEmGee. He is so hawt. I wish I could have him, just this once."

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