Hello and welcome to my first attempt at a fairly decent fic, Dangerous Dancing. Now, I must warn you all that I had some strange obsession with Usher when I wrote the first few chapters so I'll be using Usher's songs as Inuyasha's songs. Don't like, don't read.

So now, without further ado, Dangerous Dancing.

Dangerous Dancing
Chapter one – Perfect Pick

Kagome Higurashi parked her silver Mustang Convertible in a spot in the sea of cars outside the large inside stadium, excitement rushing through her. She was going to see Inuyasha the lead singer of the band, live in concert. He was her favorite boy singer and she thought he was ultra hot, one of his many contributions along with his great voice. Kagome has all of his CD's and on her way there, she had been listening to one of her favorite songs, "Burn". Another would be "Yeah!".

She stepped out of her car and her brown three-inch boots hit the pavement with a thud. The cool breeze wrapped around her body, causing her raven black hair to wisp around her shoulders and her red, white and blue skirt that ended just above her knees swayed lightly around her upper thighs, exposing her long, shapely legs with a small, plain white shirt that fit her slender form snuggly. For 8:30 pm, the weather and temperature was perfect, she decided.

She smiled contently to herself and started walking towards the entrance, ticket in hand. As she neared the entrance, her brown eyes roamed over the crowd in front of the entry, seeing tons of preps and people she just didn't like. Her eyes landed on a little crowd of people off to the right huddled around someone. She knew who that someone was. The biggest slut and most popular girl in town. What makes her so popular? Simple. She was Inuyasha's ex lover. A scowl formed on Kagome's face as she saw people move out of the way to let another person, no doubt one of her "friends" join in on the talk. Or in another word, gossip, and that one someone was the person she despised most of all.

"Kikyou." She whispered to herself, narrowing her chocolate eyes.

Mostly everyone she knew hated Kikyou, besides her "friends".

More like posse, Kagome thought bitterly.

Kagome could've sworn that Kikyou had slept with every guy in the whole damn school. That just makes her even more the slut. And her clothes didn't help either. Right now, she was wearing tight black leather pants that clung to her legs like a second skin. She had like five-inch heels that were very thin connected to her black boots. A red tube top that looked like a size to small covered her chest and hardly any of her stomach. If she took a big enough breath, she'd probably fall out of it. There was some kind of shimmering coming from her belly and Kagome noticed that she had her bellybutton pierced.

Kagome grimaced. Disgusting. She also noticed that her waist long black hair was tied up in a very high ponytail and she had way too much make-up on. Dark red lipstick and too much blue eye shadow. She had so much powder on; you could pass her off as a ghost whore.

Kagome grimaced again. She hated make-up. She tried it once and went walking down the street. She felt as if she was walking down the street as another person, and not herself. She thinks it just covers up who you really are, disguises your inner beauty.

Coming closer and closer to the crowd of people, she heard the dull roar of people talking about the concert and how exited they were that they were going to see the most hottest boy band in Japan. Mainly girl talk. Hearing this, she tore her gaze from Kikyou and walked into the crowd. She also heard some talk about Kouga, the second singer of the band. Kouga, with his tanned muscled skin and long, jet-black hair with a brown headband to keep his bangs out of his eyes, he could easily be qualified as handsome. One thing Kagome loved about Kouga were his eyes, a piercing icy blue. But Kagome's main purpose for attending was to see Inuyasha. She imagined him inside her mind with his waist long silver hair cascading down is back, his cute white dog-ears atop his head and his striking golden eyes. His pale and flawless muscled body rippling under the lights of the stage as he sang loud into the mic flashed through her mind and she shivered. But what really captivated her was his voice, so sexy and true. She sighed and smiled dreamily.

Her thoughts were shortly interrupted when she felt someone tap her on the shoulder. She spun around and saw one of her close friends, Sakura Hanaoshi with her boyfriend, Daisuke Yenkotanie. Sakura was a very beautiful girl, with her long golden hair that ended at her waist and large shimmering green eyes. She always had a smile on her face, showing her well-shaped, white teeth. She had a cute, petite nose and a tan all over her body from being outside most of the time. She was very thin and had a great figure with nice long legs that completed her description. In a word, she was flawless. Like a porcelain doll, so fragile and sweet.

Daisuke Yenkotanie, her boyfriend, was everything a girl could want. He had the looks, the personality, you name it, and he had it. Dai was tall, dark and handsome and kind of exotic looking. He had short, pitch-black hair and dark green eyes with gold flecks in them and his eyes were slanted, very, very slightly which made him exotic looking. And to top it all off, he was muscled, bulky, and broad shouldered. He would always greet people with his hundred-dollar smile. Three word definition: dangerous movie star.

"Uh, hello? Kagome?"

At the sound of her name being said, she snapped back to reality and focused her eyes on her friend.

"Oh, uh, sorry Sakura. I kinda zoned off there for a minute." She laughed softly.

Sakura laughed. "What's new?" she said with a smirk.

"Huh? Hey! What's that supposed to mean?"

Sakura laughed again and this time Daisuke joined her.

Kagome stuck her tongue out playfully at them.

So did Sakura.

Kagome laughed.

Her friend smiled. "Anyway Kagome, I like your outfit. It's cute."

Kagome smiled. "Thanks Sakura. I like yours too." she said, looking over her dark green tank with dark blue baggy jeans and white sneakers. Simple yet stylish.

"Thanks. Well Kagome, I gotta scram. We're gonna meet some friends over by the food court. So I'll see ya in the stadium…somewhere." She giggled. "Bye!" She waved goodbye, grabbed Dai's hand and dragged him towards the food court.

"Bye." Kagome said as she gave a small wave. She sighed and turned back around then headed for the ticket booth. She handed her ticket to the ticket collector guy and walked through the double doors leading into the gigantic stadium. She stared in awe at its hugeness. It was a round stadium with seats covering every inch of the walls and the stage was huge as well. The arena looked like it was glowing a faint purple due to the neon lights surrounding the stage. A lot of other people were in the stadium as well, having found his or her - mainly her- own seats and chatting excitedly to the person next to them.

She walked down the isle to find her seat, which was located in the front row, directly in front of the stage. It was rather rare that she got a front row seat, but she'd done her share of kicking and screaming to get it. She found her place and sat down on the soft red cushion. The seats weren't really needed since everybody would be standing up, dancing to the songs the band would play. She would be among those dancing people as well, having the time of her life. But what she didn't know was that she had no idea how close to the truth she was.

She turned around in her seat and watched as more and more people came flowing in through the entrance, scurrying around trying to find their seats. She turned back around and saw that people were now on the stage, setting up the equipment. The drums were set up, which were played by Naraku, and a keyboard was set up, played by Miroku. There was also a third member, Sesshomaru who plays a guitar. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru were brothers, but she's read her share of magazines that sometimes that didn't get on the best of terms and ended up hating each other for the rest of the day. But still, brothers are brothers and they do act…brotherly. And then there was Sango, the manager of the band. Rumor had it that she and Miroku have been seeing each other in secret lately.

Kagome watched as she saw people dressed in black set up the speakers, the microphones and the lighting and just the basic stage equipment. A new wave of excitement rushed over her and she continued to watch them set up everything as the dull roar from the people behind her became louder and louder as more people came into the huge stadium. A woman with long straight hair tied back in a loose ponytail with a clipboard in her hands walked onto the stage. Kagome supposed it was Sango. She seemed to be checking the stage of how everything was set up. The manager looked from place to place, nodding and scribbling down on her clipboard. Her attire consisted of a green skirt that ended at her ankles and a magenta sweater with brown sandals. She scribbled one last thing down on her clipboard then walked off back stage.

The stadium was almost full now with a few empty seats here and there. Kagome then noticed that the two empty seats beside her have been filled. To her left was a girl about her age, twenty-two, with black hair that went down to her shoulders and curved up at the end. She had two large cinnamon eyes and a small nose. Her mouth was curved up into a big smile.

The girl turned her head towards Kagome with her smile still on. "Hi! I'm Rin and I still can't believe that I got a front row seat!" The girl giggled excitedly. "Excited?"

Kagome smiled. "I sure am. My name is Kagome. Nice to meet ya Rin." She extended a hand.

Rin gladly took it. "Nice to meet you too, Kagome," She let go of her hand. "So, who do you think is the hottest? Sesshomaru, Inuyasha or Kouga?" Rin asked with a smirk.

Kagome giggled. "Inuyasha of course! He's definitely drooling material!" Kagome inquired, already liking the girl.

Rin snorted with a grin. "Yeah right. Sesshomaru is way hotter!" she challenged.

"Is not!"

"Is to!"

"Is not!"

"Is to and that's final!" Rin nodded her head and folded her arms across her chest.

Kagome laughed. "Okay, whatever you say Rin. But I still think Inuyasha is hot." She winked and grinned back.

Rin laughed.

Kagome laughed as well then turned her head to her right and saw a girl who was also about twenty-two who had fiery red hair that hung at her waist and bright green eyes that seemed to sparkle in the lights.

The fiery red haired girl looked at her and smiled. "Hi."

Kagome blinked. "Um, hi. I'm Kagome." She smiled at the girl.

"My name is Ayame. I'm a wolf demon but don't let that faze you. I'm nice," Ayame teased, winking.

Kagome laughed. "Nice to you meet you, Ayame. I'm nice too but I can be mean." She teased back, grinning with a wink of her own.

Ayame chuckled and the two proceeded to look up at the activity on the stage until Ayame broke the short silence.

"Hey, Kagome?"


"Who do you think in the hottest out of Kouga, Miroku, Inuyasha, or Sesshomaru?" Ayame asked. "I'd add Naraku but I really wouldn't call him hot…more like cute." She added and Kagome nodded

"Somebody else asked me that same exact question. But I'm gonna say Inuyasha. He is fine." she replied with a grin.

The emerald-eyed girl laughed. "That's cool. But I think Kouga's just drop dead gorgeous…he's so muscular!" she said dreamingly.

"Yeah, I guess Kouga is attractive…but I still think Inuyasha is the hottest out of all five of 'em."

Ayame laughed again and Kagome joined her. She had a feeling that she'd already made two good friends.

The stadium was now completely full and Kagome looked behind her to the sea of people, trying to find Sakura. After a couple of minutes, she finally found her chatting excessively to Daisuke who had no real expression on his face. It looked like he was zoned out.

Kagome giggled.

Sakura finally noticed that she was looking at her and she waved happily to her.

Kagome smiled and waved back.

She turned back around in her seat and waited for the concert to begin. It would start any minute now and she was squirming in her seat in anticipation. Everything was set up on stage in its proper place and the only thing that was missing was the band.

Then all of a sudden, the whole stadium went dark and gasps echoed throughout the stadium. She snapped her head back and forth, trying to find the source of the darkness.

"Ladies and gents," a deep, masculine voice boomed overhead.

Kagome snapped her head towards the stage so fast she thought she gave herself whiplash.

The male voice was originating from the speakers situated around the stadium.

"Are you ready to dance?" The voice echoed through the large stadium.

The stadium was filled with loud screaming, whistling, and cheering. Kagome was screaming so loud that she swears she was going to lose her voice by the end of the concert.

"Oh, come on, people! I know you can do better than that little kitten meow! I wanna hear you scream!"

Kagome jumped up from her seat along with everyone else in the stadium and started screaming her brains out. If possible, the screaming was even louder than the first time.

"Ha, ha, now that's what I'm talkin' bout! Now get ready for the time of your lives! Everybody, Inuyasha and the gang!" The voice boomed over the audience and the neon lights flashed rapidly before settling on the stage.

The screaming never ceased as Kagome saw five square doors open on the stage floor. There were two up front - one left, one right - and three in the back. One was in the back left behind the drums; one in the back middle behind the keyboard and one in between the middle one and front left one. Dry ice started flowing out from the five doors and began covering the stage floor.

Kagome's eyes grew even larger and a smile so big formed on her lips she would have a hard time not smiling when she saw the five members slowly make their appearance by rising up from the five square doors, heads bowed.

Inuyasha rose from the front left one, Kouga from the front right, Sesshomaru rose from the one in between Inuyasha and the back middle one with his guitar in hand, Miroku rose from behind the Keyboard in the middle back, and finally Naraku rose from behind the drums in the back right.

(To make it a little easier for ya, here's how Kagome sees them: Inuyasha is to her left, Kouga to her right, Sesshomaru's to the side of Inuyasha and a little behind him, Miroku is behind Inuyasha, and Naraku is behind Kouga. Wow. That's confusing to type...)

Their heads were still bowed and they stood straight as their whole bodies were revealed.

Kagome had to restrain herself form calling out at the top of her lungs at how hot Inuyasha looked when she saw what he was wearing; a white wife beater with black baggy jeans and white sneakers.

(Tell me he doesn't look hot in that outfit!)

She briefly observed the other members to see what they were wearing. Kouga was wearing a brown shirt with blue baggy jeans and black sneakers. Sesshomaru had a red shirt with khaki pants and tanish sneakers. (Kei: - Starts to drool.-) Miroku had a purple shirt and blue baggy jeans with white sneakers. A black shirt with dark, baggy blue jeans was Naraku's attire.

Kagome was practically drooling. Damn, but they looked fine. Especially Inuyasha.

The screaming never stopped but when Inuyasha lifted his head ever so slowly, the stadium grew deathly silent.

Kagome was gazing up Inuyasha with mesmerizing brown eyes. Rin was staring up at Sesshomaru with shimmering cinnamon eyes. Ayame was looking up at Koga with sparkling green eyes.

Inuyasha slowly moved his head to the right, then to the left, then straight ahead as he observed his audience. A smirk curved on his lips.

The large screen behind the five stars showed every move Inuyasha made from the cameras situated on him. There were four other small boxes surrounding it, showing Kouga, Sesshomaru, Miroku and Naraku with their heads no longer bowed.

Inuyasha raised the microphone gripped in his hand to his mouth, his smirk still in play.


The arena erupted in shouts and screams at the softly uttered word.

Inuyasha laughed into the mic, his sexy chortle making Kagome want to melt.

"Yeah, that's what I wanna hear! So, you guys ready to hear some kick-ass songs?"

"Yeah!" the audience yelled in unison.

Inuyasha pretended to be startled and did a clumsy step backwards. "Whoa. Hey Kouga, I think we got ourselves a stadium full of mind readers." He joked.

Kouga laughed, making Ayame squeal in delight. "Nah, I don't think so Inuyasha. They just wanna hear some singin'. Am I right?" he asked, throwing his fist into the air.

Another "Yeah!" filled the stadium.

This time Sesshomaru laughed, a soft, smooth sound and it caused Rin to giggle excitedly. "Well, then I think that's what we should give them. What do you think, guys?" he asked, looking over his shoulder at Miroku and Naraku.

Both Miroku and Naraku smiled. "Hell yeah!" they chorused.

Inuyasha, Kouga and Sesshomaru all laughed and they repeated Miroku and Naraku's earlier words, "Hell yeah!"

Screaming, cheering and whistling could be heard once again by Kagome and the audience.

Inuyasha, Kouga, Sesshomaru, Miroku and Naraku then all chorused together, "Let's get this party started!"

The music for the song "Do it to me" started playing by Naraku with the drums, Miroku with the keyboard and Sesshomaru with his guitar. The music played for thirty seconds then Inuyasha started singing.

"I got two dozen roses,
And a card that says
Baby I can't wait to see ya lata.

We made dinner reservations
At Nobu, Mr. chow you just pick the location.

Now were sittin' at the table,
Sippin' the finest wine,
Havin' a damn good time,

I know what's on your mind.
I want you, you want me too,
Stop trippin',
I know exactly what you want, you wanna..."

The other four joined in with Inuyasha and by now the audience sang along with them, screaming and cheering and shouting.

"Do it to me,
I wanna feel you
Touch my body baby,
Body baby.

Do it to me,
I guarantee you won't regret it
Let me set it out like you ain't ever had it.

Do it to me,
I want you to grab me, talk to me,
Tell me how you like it,
Where you want it,
When you all up on it boo.

Do it to me,
I'm wanna give it to you,
We're gonna make this a night to remember..."

Inuyasha goes solo again.

"Watchin' you work the stick in the ride,
And the motion how you move from third to five.

Can't imagine what its gone be once we get inside…
And you put that ooh wee on me
And you work me the same way, boo I can't wait..."

Others join in.

"I'm tired of thinkin' about it,
Speakin' about it,
Baby it's time to be about it.

Turn off the lights, take off your clothes,
Jump into bed and let it flow."

Inuyasha solo.

"Squeezin', holdin', bitin', scratchin',
Spankin', screaming,
Pullin' my hair when you mean it
And everything goes.
Baby when you…"

Others join in.

"Do it to me,
I wanna feel you
Touch my body baby,
Body baby…

Do it to me, I guarantee you won't regret it
Let me set it out like you ain't ever had it.

Do it to me,
I want you to grab me, talk to me,
Tell me how you like it,
Where you want it,
When you all up on it boo.

Do it to me,
I'm gonna give it to you,
We're gonna make this a night to remember..."

Kouga goes solo.

"So long I've waited for this night to get inside you, lookin' in your eyes and tell me baby, take me, I'm yours. And if you feel anything like I feel, ridin' into the night, I'm certain you'll be screamin' for mooorre. I'm gonna do anything and everything to your body till ya break down, and take no more. From the bed, to the floor, to the top of the stairs, you gon' get it baby, please, please, ooh, do it to meeee!"

Halfway through the word, "me", Inuyasha and the others began singing once more.

"Do it to me,
I wanna feel you,
Touch my body baby,
Body baby…

Do it to me,
I guarantee you won't regret it,
Let me set it out like you ain't ever had it.

Do it to me,
I want you to grab me, talk to me,
Tell me how you like it,
Where you want it,
When you all up on it boo.

Do it to me,
I'm gonna give it to you,
We're gonna make this a night to remember…"

The song ended and the music played for another twenty seconds, slowly fading away.

The stadium erupted with applauding, screaming, whistling and cheering.

Kagome was jumping up and down, clapping and screaming. Her smile was radiant, and her brown eyes were gleaming.

Inuyasha's golden eyes roamed over the audience in satisfaction. His eyes landed on Kagome and they widened a fraction, his breath hitching in his throat.

Chocolate clashed with amber and Kagome's heart skipped a beat. He's…looking at me…

The lead singer raised the mic to his lips, a plan forming in his mind and he yelled out to the crowd, "Well, one song done and a whole lot more to come! So whaddaya say? Wanna 'nother one?" Inuyasha asked the screaming audience and the screaming and applauding just got louder, if possible.

"Heh, heh. Well then, if you're sure you can handle another kick-ass song, I'm gonna need a hhhhhhot chick to come on up here and dance the night away with moi and my rookehs! Any volunteers?" Inuyasha stretched his arms out, waiting for his response.

Every girl in the whole damn stadium, practically everybody in the arena, waved her arms in the air and screamed at the top of her lungs. Including Kagome.

Inuyasha looked over the screaming girls, pretending to look for a volunteer, even though he already had the special girl in mind. His golden orbs slowly made their way down to Kagome. She was jumping up and down, screaming and waving her arms around madly with a radiant smile plastered on her lips.

He took the out stretched arm, free of the mic and pointed it over the crowd at nothing, directly above Kagome. He then started to slowly lower it until it was pointing at Kagome and he turned his hand so that his palm was facing up, curled his finger then straightened it back out, beckoning to her to come up on stage.

Kagome's eyes widened and she squealed in delight. She could hear Rin and Ayame scream, "Way da go, Kagome! Yeah!"

Kagome smiled at them, then looked back at Inuyasha. He was crouched down at the edge of the stage with his hand stretched out toward her, a dangerous smirk on his features.

Kagome smiled at him and slowly extended an arm to waiting hand. About two inches away from his hand, Inuyasha extended his arm the rest two inches and grabbed her hand. There hand curled around each other's and Inuyasha hoisted her up on stage with him and Kagome could feel the glares from the other girls boring in the back of her head. But she didn't care. Once on stage, she turned around to look out over the audience and she decided that it was even worse to see the glares then feel them. But she shrugged it off. A small smile graced her lips and she gave a slight jump when Inuyasha slid an arm around her waist and pulled her close to him. A flush quickly spread up to her cheeks.

"So chickie, what's your name?" Inuyasha held the mic to her mouth.

"Um...my name is Kagome." She replied nervously.

"Well Kagome, looks like you've been chosen to dance up on stage. So whaddaya say? Ya up to it?" He brought the mic to her lips again.

Kagome smiled her radiant smile again and covered his hand that was holding the mic with both of her hands and Inuyasha felt a jolt of something shoot up his spine. She pulled the mic closer to her mouth then shouted into it, "Hell yeah!"

Inuyasha laughed. "Yeah, that's the answer I wanna hear. And ya know what? Hearing all these 'yeah's is making me wanna sing 'Yeah!'. So whaddaya say folks? Yeah…or nay?"

"YEAH!" came the audience's loud reply.

He laughed again. "Alright then! You ask for it, we give it!"

Screams, cheers, whistles and applaud exploded throughout the stadium.

He lowed the mic and turned to Kagome. "Nervous?"

Kagome nodded. "A little."

Inuyasha smiled and Kagome swallowed the lump in his throat. "Don't be. Just let yourself go. Pretend you're in your room or something, dancing to the song by yourself with no one watching. You'll do great." He winked at her.

A smile, as well as a blush graced her lips and cheeks and she nodded.

He gave her one last reassuring smile, then left her side and went back to his original spot.

Okay, I can do this. Pretend I'm in my room, dancing by myself, no one is watching me. I shouldn't be this shaken up…I do this for a living, after all… She closed her eyes and drew in a breath, then released it. She then opened her eyes, and smiled.

Inuyasha was watching her the whole time she was doing this and seeing her smile, he knew she was relaxed and ready.

He nodded to Sesshomaru, Miroku, and Naraku to start playing the music to "Yeah!"

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