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Inuyasha: -Snickers, slides up to the snoozing Ashley and writes something on her forehead with a permanent marker.-

Ashley: -Mutters something about polka-dotted flamingos eating buttered toast in sneakers and snorts again.-

Keiko: -Eyes him then looks at Ashley's forehead. Eyes grow large and something between a snort and a laugh escapes her mouth.-

Inuyasha: -Smirks, hides the marker then stares his creation.- Think she'll notice?

Keiko: -Blinks then slowly grins evilly as she magically produces a mirror from behind her back.- …Maybe.

Inuyasha: -Falls laughing.-

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Dangerous Dancing

The sound of a door opening and closing woke her up and Kagome Higurashi's world slowly began to come to life. The first thing she felt was the throbbing pain in her left palm and she winced, chocolate eyes fluttering open and blinking several times to regain her vision. Gradually the blurriness gave way and she was soon staring up at a vaguely familiar ceiling dotted with dark stains of matter that Kagome wasn't sure she wanted to know were from.

A weight was suddenly settled on the right of the bed next to her prone body and Kagome blinked, twisting her head to gaze at the two concerned pools of amber staring down at her affectionately.

A frown marred her young features. "Inuyasha…?" she said hoarsely, wincing at the rawness of her throat.

Aforementioned hanyou grinned lightly and pushed a fallen lock of raven hair away from her face. "Hey. How ya feelin'?" Inuyasha asked softly, dropping his hand onto the mattress.

Kagome blinked again the tried to sit up, gasping as her sore muscles protested. She was grateful when her boyfriend snaked an arm behind her back and helped her sit up, propping her against the wooden headboard gingerly. Giving him a smile of thanks, Kagome sighed and carefully stretched her sore muscles, biting her lip and closing her eyes. But damn if it didn't feel good.

Inuyasha took this time to study her, amber eyes raking over her body leisurely and not caring if she caught him in the act. Hell, he was her boyfriend, wasn't he? He had every damn right to ogle his girlfriend's goodies. And ogle he did as his gaze lingered on her braless chest, covered only with an oversized tee shirt courtesy of himself. And damn if she didn't look absolutely sexy in it.

I bet she'd look even better without it on… He thought distractedly and instantly his blood grew hot at the mental image.


Squelching a groan, Inuyasha snapped his eyes back to hers and found her staring at him in confusion. He grinned charmingly. She rolled her eyes and chuckled.

"I feel okay, I guess. Though my hand really hurts." She frowned and held up her left palm, noticing for the first time that it was wrapped in a white bandage, a stain of crimson seeping through to the surface.

Inuyasha nodded. "Yeah, it'll only be sore for a few more minutes, though. Kaede took it upon herself to heal it with some sort of medicine she injected in your hand while you were out. It should be taking affect here pretty soon so the pain'll go away shortly." He explained, taking her hand in his own and tenderly stroking it with his fingers.

She sighed. "That's good. I was worried I'd have to go through the annoying throbbing it's doing for the rest of the day." She watched him silently as he continued to massage and stroke her bandaged hand and then a concerned frown furrowed her brow.



"What about you?" Kagome began, reaching out with her uninjured hand and tenderly stroking his face. "You were pretty battered up yourself with scratches all over your face and…blood covering you from head to foot. You shouldn't be worrying about me when you have yourself to take care of."

Inuyasha blinked at her then shook his head, capturing her hand with his other and bringing it down to join her other one. "Don't worry about me, Kagome. I'm fine. I heal faster than you humans do so all the scars and scratches are long gone now. I threw the bloody clothes away and just washed up real quick before changing. Besides," his eyes softened and a ghost of a smile curled his lips. "You're health is far more important to me than my own or anybody else's."

A light flush tinted her cheeks and she smiled lovingly, the simple curl of the lips making her deep brown eyes light up brightly as they shone with her love for the hanyou in front of her.

They stayed like that for a while, staring into each other's eyes and no words were needed to convey what one felt for the other.

Giving him one last smile, Kagome sighed softly and bowed her head, watching silently as her boyfriend gently stroked and massaged her bandaged hand. A thoughtful frown marred her pretty face as she bit her lip.

"Human blood…" she murmured quietly but Inuyasha still caught it. His fingers paused on her palm.

"Yeah," he said softly, staring down at her hand, "human blood. At first I thought it was my demon blood that affected him because when it made contact with his skin, it just sorta…I dunno, disintegrated or something. But as it turned out, I guess it was my human blood mixed in with my demon blood, marking me as a hanyou." His voice was soft, a frown of his own marring his handsome features as his eyes started listlessly down at their hands.

When Kagome's own hand covered his own, he blinked and his eyes focused again as he looked up to see his girlfriend smiling lovingly at him, mesmerizing russet orbs searching his own honey pools. He just sustained to stare at her, taking in her flawless features and wondering how in all the hells that he'd snatched himself such a wonderful and beautiful woman like Kagome.

She doesn't care that I'm a hanyou… She loves me for who I am, not what I am. Kagome…

When she coughed softly, the half-demon was reminded why he was here in the first place and shook his head briefly to rid of his pervious thoughts before reaching for a glass on the nightstand. "Here," he said, holding it out to her. "It'll make your throat feel better."

Kagome cocked her head to the side and looked at the glass of liquid for a few seconds before trusting her hanyou boyfriend and taking the offered glass, deciding that relief from the fire licking at her throat was better than a bad taste any day. Bringing it to her lips, she closed her eyes and chugged it down, the soothing liquid cooling her throat and leaving behind a pleasant coldness that had Kagome sighing in relief once she was finished.

"Ahh…that feels much better." She smiled at the inu youkai next to her gratefully. "Thanks, Inuyasha. My throat feels normal again." She confirmed, handing it back.

Inuyasha shrugged and took the glass from her, setting it back onto the nightstand. "Yeah. Our cook made it for you so don't ask me what it was. She just told me that it would make your throat better before she sent me up here to give it to you. I'm glad it worked." His eyes suddenly softened and he leaned over and gathered her in his arms, releasing a sigh when Kagome didn't hesitate to swath her arms around his torso.

"I'm glad you're okay. I was afraid you'd gotten hypothermia or something and it took us a while to warm you up again." He said, nuzzling the top of her head affectionately.

Kagome smiled against his chest. "How long was I asleep?"

"Only a few hours. In the meantime, I cancelled the party and everybody went home." Inuyasha growled. "Though somebody must've snitched because the damn paparazzi and a horde reporters are just outside, waiting to hear the inside story on what really happened. Miroku, Sango, Kouga, and a bunch of our security guards are currently fighting them off as we speak." He sighed again and growled in annoyance. "Goddamn people need to get a life." He grumbled.

Kagome laughed softly. "Being nosy is their life, Inuyasha. They get paid big bucks to snoop around and poke their nose in everybody else's business, especially big pop stars like you. I would've thought that you out of everybody would know that by now." She explained, pulling back to stare up at him with an amused smile.

He scoffed. "Of course I know that. It's just that it never fails to irk me to no end. I mean, don't they even know the meaning of privacy?" he asked no one in particular but Kagome took the liberty of answering him.

She giggled and tugged on a fuzzy ear. "Nope, I guess not." She smiled and Inuyasha was just about to lean in and capture those tempting smiling lips with this own when the doors to his room suddenly burst open and an orange ball of fuzz flew across the room toward the startled Kagome.

But just before the orange blur reached it's target, a clawed hand shot out and grasped the fluffy tail of the kitsune that was reaching for the wide-eyed woman.

"Kagome!" he whined, unshed tears brimming his great liquid green eyes.

Inuyasha growled at the fox child in his hand and brought him up to eye level. Shippou blinked at him. "Damn it runt, besides your constant bad timing, what did I tell you about launching yourself at Kagome like that? She just barely managed to bypass a bad case of hypothermia and she doesn't need annoying kits like you breaking her damn ribcage." he scolded the kit with a glare.

"Inuyasha," Kagome admonished, reaching out and taking the fox tyke from him. Ignoring the glare direction her way, she smiled down at the child and hugged him to her breast, allowing him to cling to her chest and rub his face in her shirt. Actually, she was quite positive that this was not her shirt, judging by the how large it was on her.

Pushing those thoughts away to ponder for another day, Kagome sighed and soothed the kitsune with reassuring words, smiling at his concern. "It's okay, Shippou. I'm fine, really. Other than my hand and a slight headache, I feel great. So there's no need to worry, alright?" she assured the sniffling kitsune with a warm and fond smile.

Inuyasha frowned. "You have a headache?"

His girlfriend dismissed it with a wave of the hand. "It's only a small one, it'll go away here pretty soon."

Shippou sniffed and looked up at the woman he's come to view as a mother figure with great green eyes and offered a wobbly smile. "R-really?" he said shakily, blinking once.

Kagome giggled and nodded, leaning down to nuzzle noses with him. "Really."

After a moment, the kit seemed to believe her and nodded, snuggling into her warmth and emitting a tired sigh after closing his eyes.

The dancer aimed a tender smile at him. "Poor Shippou. I guess he's really tired after tonight."

Inuyasha, who had been silent through the whole exchange save for when she mentioned she had a headache, snorted. "Keh. I'm not really surprised. The damn kit tuckered himself out by crying nonstop ever since he saw us come into the ballroom after Kyosuke died." He didn't miss the small flinch Kagome gave at the ice demon's name but he chose to ignore it. "He wouldn't shut up and we've tried everything to quiet him down." He glanced down at the now slumbering kitsune in his girlfriend's arms. "I guess now that he's finally seen that you're okay, he's allowing himself to calm down enough to go to sleep." He shook his head with a soft chuckle.

"Gotta give him points for persistence." Kagome added and they both shared a brief laugh.

A comfortable silence commenced between the two of them and while Kagome stared down at the kit in her lap while idly smoothing back his hair, Inuyasha decided to stare at her, his earlier thoughts of lust coming back full swing as his amber eyes raked over her form, lingering on her chest and wondered for the second time that night just what she would look like without that damn shirt on. Even though she did look good wearing one of his shirts. A sudden bout of male pride tinted with possessiveness swept through him at the thought of Kagome wearing his clothes. Preferably his boxers…lying on the bed…on her back…with no shirt…legs spread…himself in between them…

Ah, fuck. Biting back another groan, the lustful hanyou dug his claws into his palms as his blood rushed to his groin, his teeth clenched together tightly. Damn him if he didn't want her right now. Because he did. Badly.

Squirming in his seat due to his suddenly tight pants, he glanced between the slumbering kit and the object of his desires, debating if he should take precautions and take Shippou somewhere noise proof or just fuck it and take her right now.

His mind was leaning more toward the latter when abruptly the doors swung open again and in strode Miroku and Sango, along with Kouga, Ayame, Sesshomaru, and, of course, Rin.

Do all these people have genetics for bad timing?! Inuyasha thought before growling softly in annoyance. The kit was enough, and now everybody else had to barge in unannounced. In his room, goddamn it. His room. Why did his life suck so?

"What the fuck? Aren't you guys supposed to be fighting off the damn paparazzi?" Inuyasha snapped, glaring at them all. He was ignored, of course.

"Kagome!" Sango cried, rushing to the bed and enveloping the dancer in a friendly embrace. "Are you okay? What happened? Did you get hurt?" she fired off, pulling back once her friend returned her hug to stare down at her with a concerned expression.

Kagome smiled back to her best ability, feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the questions. But luckily enough for her, she didn't have to answer because her oh so generous boyfriend took the liberty of answering for her.

"She's fine, Sango, give her some breathing room, will ya? Jesus, she just woke up from being in a fucking meat locker for hours on end and she doesn't need to be bombarded with a million fucking questions." Inuyasha snapped, ignoring the glare sent his way by his manager as he scooted back to sit behind his girlfriend and wrap his arms gently about her waist before leaning back and releasing a tired sigh.

Kagome stared down at the strong arms that were so lovingly around her and she had to fight back tears at such an affectionate display from her wonderful hanyou. It was just so…endearing and loving that she had to fight the urge to just spin around and glomp him to death. Instead she opted for leaning back into his chest and shooting a warm smile over her shoulder at him. Her reward was the smoldering look in his eyes when he glanced back at her.

Something churned in her stomach and her eyes widened before she turned back around with a blush to regard her friend with a shaky smile. "I'm fine, Sango, really. I just have a slight headache, is all, and the pain in my hand is practically nonexistent thanks to that medicine Kaede injected into it," Kagome explained, holding up the aforementioned hand and inspecting it lazily.

Inuyasha caught said hand with his own and laced his fingers with hers before lowering them down to her lap where it rested.

Kagome blushed and smiled softly to herself.

Sango watched the tender exchange with a warm heart and sighed, sitting down on the edge of the bed and resting a hand on her friend's blanket clad leg. She smiled warmly at them. "I'm glad you're okay, Kagome. If something would have happened to you…" she trailed off with a shrug. "I don't know what I would have done."

Kouga snorted behind her. "Probably go into hysterics and make every one of us loose our minds until we were all drooling, babbling idiots."

That earned him a swift elbow in the ribs from the other wolf demon in the room.

The male wolf demon grunted and blinked down at the red haired wolf demon known as Ayame. "What? It's true!"

While Ayame rolled her eyes, Rin giggled and shook her head, averting her gaze from the two wolves to smile brightly at the couple on the bed. "But anyway, Kagome, we really are happy that you're alright. We were all very worried when Miroku and Sango here filled us up on what happened. They told us that you had gone missing, Kagome, and that Inuyasha had yet to make an appearance as to weather or not he found you." Her smile slowly melted into a thoughtful frown and she bit her lower lip. "Um…what exactly did happen?" she asked hesitantly, glancing between the dancer and hanyou.

This was followed by several heads nodding and a few mumbled agreements.

Kagome sucked in a breath and bowed her head, staring down at the intertwined hands in her lap intently. Inuyasha sensed her discomfort and growled in annoyance, sending a glare toward the suddenly shy woman as she took a tentative step back at his fierce glare.

Sesshomaru sent him a glare of his own and wrapped a protective arm around Rin's tiny waist, hauling her back against him protectively. Rin squeaked and her face invented several different shades of red as she stared at the strong arm about her middle.

Inuyasha scoffed at his uncharacteristic display and with a heavy sigh, he launched into an explanation starting from when he found the hidden door and how they eventually defeated the ice demon known as Kyosuke Rivera. Of course, he left out the part where he had so foolishly allowed himself to let his guard down for even a second and be sent crashing into the wall. He was also careful to avoid replaying what Kagome had said to him while he was knocked out against the wall. That was something he considered private between the two of them and the rest of band and friends didn't need to know about it. All in all, though, he would cherish those words until the day he died. And he wasn't planning on that being any time soon, either. Not while Kagome was in his life.

When he was finished, a pregnant pause enveloped the room and its occupants, the only sound being the fox child's soft snores and murmurs of chocolate pocky in his sleep.

Miroku broke the quiet. "So what you're saying is…blood, human blood is what brought down his ice demon named Kyosuke?"

The half-demon nodded while Sango frowned. "Kyosuke…where have I heard that name before?"

"He was the 'manager' of that radio station we went down to a while back to record our new song." Kouga provided helpfully.

Ayame perked up. "I heard that it was the number one hit on 98PXY over in New York."

"One small comfort among all this chaos," Inuyasha muttered, averting his gaze away from his friends and brother.

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Oh, lighten up, Inuyasha. Just think of how many albums you'll sell!" she piped, grinning at Sango who in turn grinned back.

"I can hardly contain myself."

"What's gotten you in such a sour mood all of a sudden?" Kagome asked him, turning in his arms to frown at him.

Oh, I dunno, maybe it has something to do with everybody hangin' around when all I wanna do is jump your fuckin' bones. "Nothin'."

She narrowed her eyes. "Really."

He narrowed his eyes. "Really."

"Somehow I find that hard to believe."


Kagome rolled her eyes again then turned back to her friends. She smiled. "We appreciate all of your concern, guys. It's good to know that we have such good friends like you who worry over us."

"How can we not? You're like a sister to us, Kagome." Rin said with a friendly smile, meaning herself, Sango, and Ayame and the other two nodded in the affirmative with smiles of their own.

"Besides," Kouga added with a smirk. "You'll probably be hangin' around with us for quite a while now, so you'd better get used to it." Miroku nodded while Sesshomaru remained silent, as usual.

Kagome beamed at them but suddenly seemed to notice something. She blinked and looked beyond her group of friends. "Hey, guys? Where's Naraku?"

Everyone exchanged looks and looked around themselves as if they just noticed that he was absent too.

"That's a good question…"

"Hahahaha-hic!-hahaha!" A goofy grin was plastered on a pair of lips as a pale hand raised half-full bottle of lemon Smirnoff to those lips and took a hearty swig of it.

A pair of hazel eyes rolled heavenward as red manicured nails tapped idly on the counter, the sound echoing throughout the empty room. A bored yawn escaped a red lipstick clad mouth and the woman sighed before propping her chin in her hand, staring lazily at the drunken man before her.

Empty bottles of Smirnoff and other various alcoholic beverages were scattered about them, some shattered on the floor while others rested upon the sticky countertop.

Drunken laughter interrupted by occasional hiccups continued to echo throughout the vacant room and the female of the two took a sip of her own beverage. Really, what did she see in this man? She had no idea that he was actually capable of getting drunk. Out of all the times he'd gone to her bar, he's never acted this way before. Perhaps it was because he had never had too many drinks before. Whatever the cause, Mystique was seriously questioning her sanity when it came to men. Is this what she really wanted in one?

A rather large belch issued from the black haired drummer in front of her and she scrunched her face in disgust, leaning away from him and waving a hand in front of her face. Ugh…

"Okay, Naraku," she began in her natural husky voice. "I think you've had enough." She reached over and grasped the nearly empty bottle of alcohol in his hand but didn't expect him to tightening his hold on it.

He glared at her. "Mine."

She stared back at him. "Give it here, Naraku. You're drunk." She attempted to yank it out of his grasp but he growled and jerked it back, almost taking her with him.

She huffed irately and narrowed her eyes at him, flexing her hand on the bottle. "Listen, Drummer Boy," she said lowly, "if you're friends find you down here drunk as a skunk and me with you, they're going to suspect that I was the one that got you drunk and I have a job I need to maintain!" That said, she gave one last, hardy tug and successfully yanked the bottle from his hand, almost losing her balance on her stool and tumbling to the floor.

"Ha!" she exclaimed, grinning triumphantly as she held the Smirnoff bottle aloft in a hand.

Naraku just sat there, wobbling to and fro slightly with a dumbfounded expression on his face as he stared at his now empty hand as if it were the most fascinating thing in the world. Wasn't there a bottle of that yummy stuff in his hand a second ago…?

Nodding her head, Mystique set the bottle on the counter a good distance away from the drunk drummer then turned back to him, prepared to get him out of here. "Okay, Naraku, now let's get you out of here." She reached for him but her hands never made it to their destination.

Naraku blinked at her owlishly and then suddenly his eyes rolled back into his head before he tumbled backward in his chair and thudded onto the sticky floor; unconscious with his legs still suspended in the air thanks to the stool he'd been sitting on.

Mystique stared at the vacant stool blankly then groaned loudly and her head dropped to the counter with a resounding thunk. "Why me…?"

Back in Inuyasha's room, Kouga shrugged then dismissed it with a wave of his hand. "Ah, who cares, anyhow? He's probably getting' frisky with that Mystie chick, or whatever the hell her name is."

A shudder seemed to travel from one person to another as a very unpleasant visual decided to plant itself in their heads.

"That's just disturbing, Kouga. I'm scarred for life now," grumped Inuyasha, a look of disgust planted on his face while Kagome choked for breath.

"I second that." Miroku stated.

"I third it." Sango.

"I think I'm gonna throw up…" Rin's face had gone an unhealthy shade of white.

Finding a reason to excuse themselves, Sesshomaru nodded to Kagome, saying in his own way that he was glad she was recovered and bid farewell to them before ushering the pale Rin out the door, disappearing around the corner.

Detangling himself from his girlfriend, Inuyasha stood up from the bed and pointedly looked at the rest of them with a quirked eyebrow.

Taking the hint (for once), the rest of them made up some half-ass excuse to leave and also bid them farewell before exiting out the door with the still dozing Shippou in Sango's arms, Inuyasha following after and shutting the doors behind them.

Heaving a sigh – he was finally alone with Kagome – Inuyasha turned around and balked when he saw Kagome making her way to the bathroom.

"Just where the hell do you think you're going?"

Kagome jumped and stopped in her tracks, turning her head to blink at her boyfriend. "Uh…to my room?" she replied intelligently.

Inuyasha crossed his arms over his chest and stared at her. "Why?"

"Because I want to…?" She wasn't exactly sure where he was going with this…

He snorted. "Like hell you are."

Kagome blinked. "Come again?"

"You're staying right here." He stated firmly.

Kagome's mouth dropped. "What?" Shaking her head, Kagome turned around to fully face him and planted her hands on her hips, face set in defiance. "Just who do you think you are, telling me where I can and cannot go?" she asked, her eyes flaring.

The pop star growled, his temper rising. "Your goddamn boyfriend, that's who, so whatever I say, goes." His golden eyes narrowed. "And I say you're staying right here in this room."

Dropping her arms to her sides, Kagome's fists shook as she glared heatedly at the arrogant half-demon opposite the room. He knew exactly what buttons to push to set her off, and right now, he was damn close to pushing that last button that would have her temper unleashed.

"I don't think so." She said lowly, her posture stiff and face flushed.

Inuyasha scoffed. "You don't have a say in this so why don't you just park your ass right back on that bed and stay there while I go downstairs and get us something to eat." His tone booked no room for argument but apparently Kagome thought different.

That did it. "How dare you?!" she exploded, pointing an accusing finger at him. "Of course I have a say in it, you arrogant asshole! You don't control me, Inuyasha! No one does! I may be your girlfriend, Inuyasha, but that doesn't mean you can order me around like some slave! I am my own person, and I am nobody's property! Not even yours, so why don't you grow up and deal with the fact that you can't control my life and everything in it." And with that, Kagome stuck her nose up in the air haughtily and spun around, adamant as she stalked toward the bathroom door.

But Inuyasha was suddenly there, blocking her path to the door and he had seized her arms. Kagome gasped and stared up into the face of her boyfriend, her russet orbs clashing with those of molten gold.

Inuyasha stared down at her, a possessive growl bubbling in his chest to escape passed his lips and causing the woman in his arms to start slightly, eyes widening. "Like hell I don't own you," he growled deeply, flexing his hands on her arms. "You're mine, Kagome. Mine and don't you ever think otherwise."

Before Kagome could grace his declaration with a reply, the hanyou dipped his head and sealed his lips over hers in a heated kiss while his arms swathed around her lithe body, crushing her to him tightly and taking delight in her startled gasp.

The instant his lips touched hers Kagome's blood heated in her veins and her knees went weak, her arms automatically rising to wind around his neck for better leverage. Then again, she surmised, her efforts weren't really needed since Inuyasha was holding her to him so tightly it was quite impossible to escape his vice grip. But it wasn't like she wanted to anyway. Quite the opposite, in fact. His mouth and tongue were creating marvelous sensations in her and she never wanted him to stop.

Groaning softly at the feel of her soft, warm body pressed up against his hard one, Inuyasha ravaged her mouth with his searching tongue, leaving nothing left untouched and eliciting a moan from the girl in his arms as he finally released the pent up lust he's been holding in ever since she woke up.

Releasing a needy growl, the lusty hanyou began walking Kagome backward, said girl unknowingly relenting as she followed his steps until the backs of her knees hit the soft material of the mattress. They both tumbled down onto the bed and Inuyasha wasted no time in moving their bodies until they were situated in the middle of the king sized bed, Kagome's head resting on the black silk pillows.

Resting his weight on her, Inuyasha sighed and pulled back from her mouth to instead lavish her neck with kisses and light nibs, enjoying the small sounds of pleasure from the woman beneath him. He smirked and bit down gently on the flesh of her neck with his fangs, enough to break the skin but not draw blood. Satisfied, he soothed his love bite with kisses and licks until Kagome was trembling and her breaths coming out in ragged pants.

He pushed himself up on his hands and stared down at the flushed face of his dangerous dancer, her coffee orbs wide and innocent as they locked gazes and Inuyasha's blood rushed to his groin, drawing out a rough groan as he ducked his head and rested his forehead against Kagome's.

Kagome, for her part, was trying desperately to hold onto any coherent thought that happened to be floating around in her mind at the time but she was fast losing the battle as Inuyasha settled himself between her thighs and rocked into her. She gasped and arched her back instinctively, unknowingly seeking release to the slowly building up tension between her thighs. Every move, every little rock of his hips sent spirals of pleasure throughout her body and she whimpered, her hands rising to clutch at her boyfriend's shoulders and tug him down, wanting to feel his hard chest against her breasts.

Inuyasha growled lowly in his throat at the feel of the hardened twin peaks pressed against his chest and he very suddenly decided that the shirt has got to go. Grinning – he could finally take it off – Inuyasha leaned up and straddled her hips, locking gazes with her before slipping his hands under the oversized tee shirt, sliding the garment up until her bare breasts were exposed to his viewing pleasure, all the while his eyes never leaving hers.

The fire in his eyes, the unbridled passion swirling in his amber depths made Kagome's heart skip a beat. The heat of his hands as they slid across her breasts briefly, his coarse palms brushing her hardened nipples before drawing the shirt up and over her head and then tossing it carelessly aside. Her chest heaved as she drew in ragged breaths, a flush starting from her breasts and crawling to her face as he slowly drew his gaze down to her twin mounds of flesh, the cool air making her already hardened peaks tight and sensitive.

The whimper that escaped her mouth snapped Inuyasha back to reality and his molten gaze left her chest to stare up at her flushed face, chocolate eyes wide and wondering as she awaited his next move. A smirk curling his lips, the half-demon leaned down and slanted his lips over hers, kissing her deeply as his hands ventured over her body, his claws flicking the fabric of her panties, hinting as to what was to come before trailing back up to fondle her breasts. He was glad he hadn't put anything else on besides the shirt for he didn't think he'd have the patience to remove them if he did. He'd had a hard enough time keeping his hands to himself when he'd removed her bloodied clothes and applied the oversized shirt and had to stop several times before his control snapped.

Gasping as she felt his warm hands cover her bare breasts, Kagome curled her spine, further pushing her twin globes of flesh into his hands and issuing a low chuckle from the hanyou above her. She felt him lap at her lips and she obediently opened for him, moaning when she felt his scorching pink organ delve in and taste her, stroking her tongue with his own and drawing her bottom lip into his mouth to suck and nibble at it.

Her body trembled and it felt as if her body was on fire from her heated blood as it rushed in her veins to gather at the apex of her thighs and throb in time with her rapidly beating heart. Too many times has he made her feel like this and too many times have they been interrupted, forcing them to discontinue their activities. Now, though… Now they could maintain they adventure of each other's body without interruption. Now they had all the time in the world, and nothing could stop them.

The thought came unbidden and Kagome suddenly stiffened, her eyes shooting open to stare wide-eyed at the face hovering above her own. Her swift change in scent had Inuyasha's brow furrowing in confusion as he pulled back to look into her face. The scent of fear was interlacing with her aura and he frowned, wondering what his girlfriend was suddenly afraid of.

"Kagome?" he questioned softly. "What's wrong?"

She swallowed the lump in her throat and licked her lips. Inuyasha's eyes followed the movement then snapped back to her eyes. "Inuyasha…" she hesitated, biting her lower lip and glancing away uncertainly. "It's really going to happen…isn't it?" she whispered, looking back up at him.

He blinked at her, still looking slightly confused. "What is?"

"This. You, me…" She blushed, looking away again and refusing to meet his eyes.

Realization dawned on him and Inuyasha sucked in a breath, mentally cursing at the uncertainty in her eyes. "Kagome." He had to assure her. He had to let her know that he'd rather die then ever forcing her to do something that she didn't want to do.

"I mean," Kagome continued, idly swirling a lock of his silver hair around her finger and staring intently at it. "Every other time we've…uh…fooled around for lack of a better phrase, we were always interrupted by someone or something…and we've never gotten this far before. It's just…" She released a breath and bit her lip again. "It's just a bit overwhelming, you know? It's actually happening…we're actually going to go through with it all the way without any disturbance from anything… It's just…"

"Look at me, sweetheart."

"Huh?" Turning her head and staring up at her boyfriend's face, Kagome gasped at the raw emotion that swirled in his eyes and the way his face was set in a serious expression. Her brown eyes widened and she instinctively pushed her head back into the pillow.

Either he didn't notice her reaction or chose to ignore because Inuyasha just continued to stare down at her unblinking, searching her eyes for anything that would help him with his response. Damn it, but why was she starting to feel this way now of all times? His hard-on was just about ready to rip through his pants and she just now had the sense to realize what they were doing?

Swallowing a growl of frustration, Inuyasha sighed and raised a hand to caress her cheek gently, grazing a claw across her flushed cheek and tucking a strand of ebony hair behind her ear.

"Kagome," he began softly, holding her gaze with his. "If you… If you feel you're not ready, then—…then I'll wait. It's…no big deal." He tried to smile to emphasis his words, but only managed a half-hearted curl of the lips so he just sighed and stared at her, anxiety building up in his chest like a heavy weight. He seriously hoped she wasn't having second thoughts because he didn't think he'd be able to withstand his throbbing erection any longer. Fuck, she didn't even have to do anything and he'd get horny. That was just how much and how bad he wanted her. Preferably right now but if she didn't…then let's just say he'll be getting closely acquainted with his hand here pretty soon. He would die before he ever forced Kagome to do anything she didn't want to.

But of course, it was more than just attraction. Joining with her he knew would strengthen their bond and she would officially be his. No, she wasn't the only girlfriend he's had sex with and she wasn't the only one he's been attracted to, but Inuyasha knew that she was the only one that he was willing to spend the rest of his life with. He knew she was the one whom he wanted to marry, to bear his children, to love and cherish forever until the day he died.

The love he felt for her was deeper and more genuine from the love he had felt for any of his other girlfriends and he knew she retuned that love full heartedly. Just the thought of being with her for the rest of his life increased the adoration for the object of his affections and lust. He knew she wasn't disgusted by him; quite the opposite. He could smell her arousal and inhaling her scent increased his own tenfold.

Snapping himself out of this thoughts and finally realizing that Kagome had yet to grace him with a reply, Inuyasha sighed, taking her silence as rejection and began to push himself off of her when a small hand shot up and grasped his shoulder, pulling him back down with something akin to fear flashing across her rich brown eyes.

Inuyasha frowned slightly in confusion and blinked down at the girl…no, woman beneath him. It felt like it was just yesterday that he was on stage while the love of his life ensnared the audience with her captivating moves, gliding across the stage like she owned it and putting her heart, her everything into what she did best: dancing.

Since when did the timid teenage girl that he'd met at that concert blossom into such a beautiful young woman? Had it really been only two months, give or take a few days? It seemed so much shorter than that. But even so, it felt like he had known her for his entire life. And who knows? Maybe she had haunted his dreams while he was young and perhaps she had been in his older-self dreams, lingering in the shadows and always being there to comfort him and bring him a sense of serenity, but never showing herself.

Pushing that thought in the back of his mind to dwell on another day, Inuyasha focused on the dear features of his girlfriend below him, waiting for her to explain her motives with bated breath. She'd better decided something quick because he didn't think he'd be able to last much longer. He forced himself to remain still as Kagome sucked in a breath and released it, her bare chest heaving against his own and hips squirming to get comfortable.

Inuyasha gritted his teeth and shuddered. Kagome…


His eyes fluttered open at his name and he locked gazes with his love.

Mentally steeling herself, Kagome smiled softly and cupped his cheek in her hand lovingly, her heart beating rapidly in her chest and a fine flush spreading across the bridge of her nose to paint her cheeks a shade of cherry red. "Inuyasha… I do. I do want this. I want you." Her blush darkened, if that were even possible. "I am ready and… I just love you so much, Inuyasha. I want to be with you. It's just…" She hesitated, biting her lower lip briefly then offering him a shy smile. "This is my first time, and…I know it's going to hurt. But I also know," she quickly added when he opened his mouth to say something, "that my love for you overcomes any pain that I might feel." Pulling him down to her, she placed a chaste kiss on his lips then leaned back to stare into his relieved face with a small, but trusting smile.

Inuyasha's eyes widened and he released a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. I'm her first… Resting his forehead against her own, he closed his eyes briefly and then slowly lifted them to stare into the dark mesmerizing eyes of his girlfriend, filled to the brim with love and trust. He allowed a small smile to curl his lips and Kagome returned it, licking her lips before leaning up and pressing her cheek to his, her warm breath caressing his ear as her whispered words reached the sensitive appendage.

"Don't hold back."

The hanyou stiffened and with a groan, he crashed his lips onto hers, devouring her and taking in her sweet taste even as he sliced off her panties with a flick of his wrist. He swallowed her sound of protest with his mouth, growling as her heady scent of arousal grew stronger without the flimsy barrier obscuring it and he pulled back only to hastily pull off his shirt and yank off his pants, revealing a very excited hanyou.

Kagome's chocolate eyes widened as she openly stared at the unclothed hanyou before her.

She had never before been this close to a naked man. But then again, she had never even seen a naked man before to begin with, so… Ah, hell. Might as well make the most of it.

Bracing herself and getting a sudden surge of boldness, Kagome arched a delicate brow from the bed; a sexy smirk curling her freshly kissed lips, though she was still blushing slightly. "No boxers, Inuyasha? My, aren't you the daring half-demon?" She snickered.

Inuyasha grinned roguishly and stretched out above her, settling his weight on his arms so as to now crush his nude girlfriend. While his expression softened and he caressed her flushed cheek with a clawed hand, something else down below hardened pulsed in anticipation against Kagome's thigh and she gasped, the wetness between her legs intensifying until she whimpered her need, closing her eyes and curling her spine to press herself into him, wanting to release the ever building tension.

The hanyou hissed as her slick heat pressed into his bare flesh and a ragged moan escaped his mouth. He shuddered and kneed her legs apart, sliding a hand between them to slither down and part her slick folds. Kagome gasped again.

Burying his face in the crook of her neck, he lavished her neck with hot kisses, working his way down to her chest as he carefully inserted a finger inside her, mindful of his claw as Kagome writhed underneath him, her legs automatically parting to make more room for him. He grinned and explored her wet opening, inserting another finger as he searched for that little bundle of nerves he knew was located within the sleek folds of her womanhood.

His knuckle brushed against something fleshy and hard and the woman beneath him bucked her hips into his hand with a strangled cry sounding suspiciously like his name. Inuyasha grinned smugly and purposely brushed the hard nub again, dragging the fleshy pad of his finger across it and around in a circular pattern that had Kagome mewling in pleasure.

The sounds she was making excited him even more and he ground his hips into her on reflex, groaning roughly as his erection throbbed painfully. "Gods, Kagome…" he mumbled huskily into her chest, turning his head to capture a hard nipple in his mouth and sucking lightly.

"Inu…ah…" Kagome breathed, her body trembling as liquid heat coursed through her veins to gather at the apex of her thighs, steadily throbbing and aching for release. "P-please…"

A low growl of need rumbled in his chest and he pulled his hand away from her slick folds, lifting his head to sample the sweet wetness of his one and only love. He sighed in bliss at her taste as he licked his fingers clean, his hardened member pulsing in anticipation.

Amber clashed with rich brown as he locked gazes with her, his tongue darting out to lick his lips clean of any remaining wetness. Kagome sucked in a sharp breath at the display and thrashed her hips upward, clutching his shoulders and tugging him down to her, wanting to feel his bare chest against her own.

Deciding that he's kept her waiting long enough, Inuyasha positioned himself at her entrance and grabbed her hands, lacing his fingers with hers and pinning them on either side of her head. Leaning down to place a gentle, loving kiss upon her lips, he slowly began to push himself inside her, hissing as her heat surrounded his enlarged member.

Kagome stilled beneath him as he gradually penetrated her, stretching her walls to be able to accommodate his size. She braced herself for the pain that she knew was short in coming and closed her eyes, a shudder coursing through her body when she felt her love's warm lips graze her cheek and trailing soft kisses along her jaw line. She knew he was trying to distract her from the pain and so far it was working. Kagome concentrated on his warm lips and wet tongue as he kissed, licked and nipped her sensitive flesh.

And then the tip of his shaft touched the barrier that marked her a virgin and they both froze instantaneously, honey and coffee orbs meeting as an electric jolt was sent through both of their bodies. Both hanyou and human knew what was coming next; they didn't try to pretend there would be no pain.

Licking his dry lips, Inuyasha exhaled bent his head to rest his forehead against his girlfriend's brow and released one of her hands to caress her flushed cheek with a clawed finger tenderly. Kagome offered a small, almost shy smile and he returned it briefly before his visage turned serious. Kagome's heart skipped a beat as emotions danced in his ocher-colored orbs, his gaze unwavering as it bore into her own.

"Kagome…" he said softly, forcibly keeping himself still for his beloved's sake. He so badly wanted to pound into her again and again but he knew this was Kagome's first time and he wanted to make it special for her. He wanted to be gentle, caring and considerate of her body, however sexy and scrumptious it may be.

"Hn…?" Kagome replied distractedly, lost in his golden gaze and the feel of his body against her own. She didn't care how much pain there would be in the next few minutes; all she cared about was the here and now and his ever amazing eyes and oh did he feel good against her…

"I love you." And with that firm declaration, Inuyasha drove his hips forward and buried himself to the hilt, eliciting a gasp from the woman beneath him as the faint scent of blood filled his nostrils.

He stilled again and waited for her to adjust to his size, all the while raining sporadic kisses on her face, along her jaw, her neck and at last slanting his lips along hers and kissing her deeply, passionately in the means of distracting her from the pain he knew she was feeling.

Kagome's breathing was labored and her chest heaved up and down against his own bare chest, eyes squeezed shut and face flushed. She heard the soft and reassuring words of her love in her ear and she sucked in a sharp breath, slowly releasing it in a calm sigh. Swathing her arms around his neck and sinking her hands into his thick silver mane, she placed a kiss on his neck, bucking her hips upward in experimentation.

She vaguely heard Inuyasha's gasp through her haze of pleasure and she inhaled sharply, russet eyes wide as she clasped her knees around his hips and released a strangled cry of pleasure past her lips.

Inuyasha groaned and laid his head upon her shoulder, a deep rumble emitting from his chest as her hips ground against his, driving him deeper within her. "K-Kagome…" Trailing his lips up her neck and grazing her cheek, the half-demon captured her lips in a searing kiss meant only for lovers, his tongue sweeping in and leaving nothing left untouched, giving and taking everything.

Kagome moaned and explored his mouth in return, thrusting her hips upward in encouragement and wasn't disappointed when he withdrew and then rammed back down again, enthusiastically creating a steady rhythm in which Kagome eagerly met him thrust for thrust.

Growling low in his throat, the silver haired half-demon pounded into her vigorously, his earlier thought of taking it slow forgotten. But judging by how responsive his girlfriend was responding, it wasn't a bad thing. Grinning smugly, Inuyasha released her lips in favor of latching onto her neck, licking it tenderly before sucking and scraping his fangs along the wet flesh. Pulling back slightly to admire his handiwork, he licked it one last time before going south to her breasts, nuzzling the twin globes of flesh then latching onto a tight peak, lightly biting it with his fangs and soothing it with his tongue afterward.

Kagome writhed in pleasure beneath him, something building and coiling deep inside her and growing tighter with each hard thrust of his hips. She panted heavily, her heart beating rapidly against her ribcage. She vaguely wondered if it was possible to break a rib from a harshly beating heart but that thought was soon forgotten when she felt his hand slither between them to play with the hard nub hidden within her dripping folds.

She cried out and thrashed her hips upward, driving him deeper within her body. Inuyasha made a sound of pleasure in the back of his throat and began to vigorously slam into her with abandon, the slap of flesh on flesh echoing through the room and the couples sounds of bliss ringing in their ears.

She was close, so close to that wonderful release as she felt that tightly coiled spring tense and tremble within her, her abdomen quivering and her chest heaving with her labored breaths. Kagome ground her hips into his hand, gasping when his finger pinched that sensitive bundle of nerves and causing her to cry out in ecstasy. So close…just one more thrust and she would…

But then he suddenly stopped, his erection poised above her slick heat and she whimpered in frustration, bucking her hips and desperately seeking that release that she knew was near.

Inuyasha didn't relent when she began thrashing beneath him and he gritted his teeth in the effort to remain still. The familiar sensation of sweet release teased his testicles and he grunted, his body trembling as he forced himself to remain still. Kagome kept drying to draw him back in and he let himself give in to temptation, slamming down once then staying buried to the hilt, unmoving. Kagome whined.

"Kagome." He said shakily, his voice soft and gruff at the same time.

The dancer whimpered in reply, wriggling her hips to get him to continue.

"Marry me."

Auburn eyes shot open at his rough words and she found herself staring into fathomless amber eyes, so many emotions flashing across their depths that Kagome had a hard time trying to decipher them all. But that didn't matter as instant tears of joy leaked from her eyes to spill down her crimson cheeks. Inuyasha licked them away tenderly and she smiled, her heart swelling with love for the half-demon above her.


He lifted his gaze back to hers and he was floored by the watery, yet radiant smile she was casting him. Could it be that she…? Inuyasha sucked in a breath, waiting her for answer breathlessly.

Kagome pulled him down to her and pressed her lips to his firmly, kissing him deeply and lovingly. "Yes," she whispered with a smile against his lips and she felt his tense muscles relax. She did want to marry him. She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. And she now knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Releasing his breath in a relieved whoosh – did he really think she was going to say no? – Inuyasha crashed his mouth onto hers and began to piston into her roughly, swallowing Kagome's scream of his name as the tightly coiled spring in her belly snapped lose and she found her release, trembling as her essence flowed out of her and triggering the hanyou's own climax.

Inuyasha moaned her name into her mouth as he came hard, shooting his seed deep into her womb in several strong sprays with a violent shudder and finally collapsing atop his new fiancé with a satisfied sigh.

Their ragged breathing filled the otherwise silent room as the two of them lay there, content to just be with each other and enjoy the compatible silence.

Soon, though, Inuyasha knew he'd have to get up eventually if he didn't want to crush his love so with a slightly regretful sigh, he disengaged himself from her and plopped down on the bed beside her and then wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to his sleek chest and burying his nose in her damp hair. He smiled. She smelled like him. And sex. Just like she was supposed to. He inwardly chuckled.

Kagome sighed contentedly and snuggled up against her fiancée, winding her weary arms around his neck and placing a soft kiss upon his shoulder. She felt him shift as he leaned up to grab the discarded bed sheet and toss it over them before lying back down and heaving a tired sigh. What, did she wear him out already? And here she was ready for round number two. She mentally snickered.

They stayed like that for a good while, neither wishing to get up from the cozy warmth and leave the satisfied state they drifted in.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome mumbled into his chest, eyes still closed.

He grunted in acknowledgement.

She smiled. "I love you."


Then, "Keh. You'd better, woman."

Kagome giggled. Sighing, she allowed herself to be lulled to sleep by the steady, rhythmic beating of Inuyasha's heart and the soft rumble emitting from his chest that could only be described as a growling purr.

Lethargic and content, Kagome was just on the edge of a blissful sleep when suddenly she felt his warm breath on her ear and she smiled when she heard his softly whispered words.

"I love you, too, Kagome."

And before she was pulled into the wonderful land of nod, Kagome very suddenly and distantly wondered if she should continue her job description with Inuyasha like she did at the tavern back in Tokyo.

After all, Kagome thought hazily, a jaw-cracking yawn breaking through her thoughts as sleep finally claimed her, I do love to dance dangerously.


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