Natural selection

Or divine intervention

Doesn't matter, his heart had still died

Betrayal in his past

A broken heart to last

His emotions, away were cast

Demon unveiled

No one to break the seal

Locked on his human heart

Yet came a girl, girl who dared to feel

That his heart could be healed

So she assigned herself a part

In destiny's art

She set out to (and succeeded)

In healing a hanyous aching heart

So close your eyes

See love's demise? It's not happening this time.

And I can see angels in the sky

This time they don't cry

Tears of sorrow (pity) anymore.

A Feudal Fairytale, with a happy ending this time

And a girl who changed time.

Interpret as you will. Old-ish poem, with a style I don't use often... meh. Kinda horrid, but oh well. Review if you want, flame if you want, offer cricticism if you want... I'm more a reader than a writer, so all will be welcome. Personnally, this seems an InuKag to me, but I don't care if it's InuKag or InuKik. I just thing this is more likely or the two (no offense). IY and Kikyo didn't trust eachother enough first time around, and now there's a whole load of guilt, anger, and hate in the way. Kagome is almost like what Kikyo would be if she had trusted IY more. Just saying...