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A/N – This chapter is supposed to take place just the next day after a reunion.

Plan for Survival

Athrun was confused. He just didn't know what to do. After making Cagalli mad the other day, he just knew that he had to get her a present to make it up to her. He knew that he was going to regret it when he forced her into the dress for the reunion. He knew that he was going to die an early death when he forced her into the high heels.

The blue haired Coordinator leaned back on the couch, his head bent all the way back as he stared at the white ceiling, thinking. What could he get her that she would like? Although he hadn't known her for very long, he knew that dresses and jewelry were completely out of the question. But wasn't every girl supposed to like dresses and jewelry?

He sighed. What else was there? It had to be something cool. Maybe he could get her a pet of some kind. He could always get her some clothing, just not anything... a regular girl would like. There was always... weapons? But you can't give a girl a weapon for a present. Or can you? Well, there was only one thing he could do.

Athrun stood up and left the room quickly. He got into the car and drove until he reached a small house that overlooked the city from above. He knocked on the door and was greeted by a familiar face.

"Why Athrun-kun!" Kira's mother greeted him surprised yet delighted. "How have you been?"

"I'm fine, thank you." he replied, "Is Kira home?"

"Yes. He's up in his room. Please come in." she opened the door wide to allow him through. Athrun smiled and walked into the house. She closed the door and left towards the kitchen saying something about leaving the stove unattended. Athrun quickly climbed the stairs and came crashing into Kira's room.

"Kira!" he yelled as he threw the door open. He looked sternly at his friend.

"Gah!" Kira fell off his chair in shock. "Athrun!"

"I have something I need to ask you." Kira had a look of disbelief on his face. First Athrun comes ramming into his room scaring him half to death, doesn't apologize at all, and now he wanted to ask him something. Kira stared at his best friend, finally ending in a deathly glare.


After all the explanations... (Athrun didn't bother listening to Kira, he just kept talking)

"Hmm... so that's how it is." Kira was thoroughly impressed. "I was always wondering why Cagalli was actually dressed like a girl at the reunion."

"So?" Athrun asked. "What do you think I should get her?" Kira blinked a few times. He grinned evilly.

"You're a dead man."

Athrun glared back at his friend, "Some friend you are."

Meanwhile downstairs...

"Cagalli!" Cagalli walked into the house, she had decided to come to Kira's for a visit.

"Hi! Long time no see!" she smiled. "I came to see Kira. Is he home?"

"Yes. He's upstairs right now. Oh yes, and Athrun-k..." she stopped at the sight of Cagalli's face. "I-is there something wrong?"

She was seriously alarmed at the sight of Cagalli; she had the face of someone ready to kill. Cagalli forced a smile, but her fist tightened dangerously. "N-no! Nothing at all!" she laughed loudly. "HA HAAA!!!"

Cagalli thought to herself, "The next time I see him, he's a dead man!" she stomped up the stairs to Kira's room. But as she neared the room she heard a distressed voice.

"Just what would she want?" She recognized the voice, it was Athrun's. She was about to just scream out loud in anger, but then she heard Kira speak.

"What would Cagalli want though?" Cagalli leaned in quietly to get closer to the door without being heard. Kira continued, "What about a necklace?"

"She'll kill me even more; she'll think that I want her to wear it." From the other side of the door, Cagalli nodded in agreement.

"Wait a minute," she thought, "when he said 'she'll think that I want her to wear it', did he mean that in a bad sense?" At this thought, her eyelid twitched in annoyance.

"Hmm... How about... a gun?"

"Kira... you're about as stupid as I am when it comes to presents."

"But... but it's Cagalli we're talking about! I'm sure she'll like it!" Athrun didn't respond.

"Well that is true," he finally replied.

Cagalli's eye twitched more in anger. "Just what the hell are these two guys thinking? Are they planning to kill me?!" She screamed in anger.

"EH!?" Athrun and Kira both yelled. They heard Cagalli's angry scream which surprised them to death. Loud footsteps could be heard thundering down the stairs.

"I'm guessing a weapon is a no-no." said Athrun as he heard the front door slam loudly.

"Yeah...then how about a pet?"

"What kind?" Athrun asked.

"A dog?"

"Hmm... maybe..."

"A rabbit? Cat? Frog? Hamster?"

"Eh? W-well, I don't really know if she would even want a pet..."

"I know! A monkey!"

Athrun blinked. Then he sighed. "Kira, when I said that you were as bad as I was when it came to presents, I realize now that I was completely off. You're worse than me." Athrun stood up and left the room, down the stairs, and out of the house.

"Huh? But I thought it was a good idea." Kira said to himself.

As Athrun went to his car he decided that he would just have to confront Cagalli and her wrath. As he drove to Cagalli's mansion, he saw an unusual sight.

"Dearka!" Athrun had pulled his car over by his friend.

"Athrun!" said Dearka, "God I'm glad you stopped, do you think you can give me a ride to the shuttle station?"

"Eh? What're you even doing here in the first place? Or rather, why are in the middle of a highway?" Athrun opened the car door for Dearka to come in.

"Yzak." Dearka stated. He then hopped into the car slamming the door shut. "I was just talking to him, joking around."

Athrun started the car and made his way to the shuttle station. "What is he mad about this time?"

"Well, you see... I made a joke that he needed to get himself a girlfriend or else people might just start thinking that he's gay. For some reason he got mad and kicked me out of the car and just left me here."

Athrun sighed once again. "For some reason..."

"I was only joking!" Dearka defended himself. "Oh yeah, by the way Athrun, you having girl problems?"

"Eh?" This shocked him that the car swerved off the pavement and scratched the guardrails, Athrun recovered and brought the car back on track.

"What are you trying to do? Kill us?" yelled Dearka angrily. "Learn how to drive!"

"S-sorry. But, how did you know?" Athrun asked.

"While I was stranded in the highway I saw that blonde ticking time bomb. Man can she drive. She looked ready to kill anyway who got in her way." Athrun's face paled incredibly at these words. He was going to be killed. He was on his way to Death Valley the instant he left Kira's house. Right now, on his way to the shuttle station, was just a minor detour to that Death Valley.

"Anyways," continued Dearka, "did you decide what you're going to do?" Dearka looked over to the young Coordinator to his side whose face was as white as chalk.

"Well, a bit of advice won't hurt will it? After all you are driving me to the station. Play it to your strengths." He grinned. "Then just hope for the best."

Athrun was now on his way to Cagalli's house after dropping Dearka off. He had no idea what 'play it to your strengths' meant. All he knew at the moment was that he was going to have to do some quick thinking when he reached Cagalli's.

And far too soon, he reached the playhouse of doom. He gulped and stepped into the overlarge mansion. What was worst was that Cagalli was waiting for him at the stairway in the house which faced the front door. For some reason Athrun did not want to know, she was holding a timer in which she clicked once.

Athrun felt a very unnerving aura emanating from the girl that stood across the room from him. A few seconds of silence followed in which Cagalli broke first, "You came ready to die? I waited for you to come for..." she looked at the timer, "2 hours 14 minutes and 39 seconds."

A bead of sweat dripped down Athrun's forehead. Cagalli was now fiddling with the timer. She spoke again, "You have..." she pushed the timer again, "30 seconds to explain."

"W-well... I knew that you were mad about the reunion where I forced you to wear the dress, and heels. S-so I was thinking 'Hey, maybe I should get her a present!' and yeah... A-and about what me and Kira were talking about. I swear that it was just a joke! N-nobody in their right mind would give a weapon for a present!" Athrun paused, he looked at Cagalli who glared him down. "Th-then we thought that you might like a pet of some kind... and Kira thought that a monkey would be good, but then I thought 'There's no way Cagalli would want a monkey! She might kill it!' so then I just left - "

"Times up." Athrun flinched. He just wished Cagalli would stop looking so murderous.

Athrun thought back to what Dearka had said, "Play it to your strengths."

"I... uhh... I'll build you a pet!" he said quickly. "Y-you know how Lacus has all those Haro's, and Kira has Torii. Is there any animal that you like? I can build one for you!"

Cagalli thought this over for a second, "Anything?" she asked.

"Yes!" Athrun exploded. "Anything at all! Whatever you want!"

Cagalli looked excited. "Even a dragon!"

"Eh?" Athrun was confused. (Now imagine Athrun and Cagalli both as chibi Athrun and Cagalli with dot eyes!!! Teehee!)

"Yeah! A dragon!!! I've always wanted one!"

"You want... a dragon?"

"And I want it to breathe fire, and have sharp claws that can scratch anything!"

"Breathe fire? Sharp claws to scratch?"

"Oh! And I want it to fly too!" stars appeared in Cagalli's eyes as she described her dream dragon.

"But... isn't that kind of... dangerous..." Athrun blinked his dot eyes in disbelief. Was what she saying really true? She wanted a dragon? But Cagalli didn't hear. She kept on describing the dragon from how it should look to the way it should act. She ran up to Athrun and gave him a big hug.

"Thanks Athrun! You're the best!" she gave him a light kiss and pushed him out the door. "Come back when you're done! See ya!" She smiled and waved happily. Her eyes still filled with bright stars.

The door closed leaving Athrun outside still utterly confused.

Athrun's thought process was completely broken into pieces, "She wants a dragon? One that could breathe fire, and sharp claws to scratch at things. Fly... dragon? Was she serious? Dragon. She didn't seem mad. Dragon. But if I want to see her I have to build a dragon. Dragon... So in the end, she does want a weapon."

Athrun still stood in front of the door completely lost, "Dragon... How the heck am I going to build that?"

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