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Chibi Virus

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Today a crisis has hit all throughout the nation of ORB. A new and dangerous virus has suddenly broken out at three a.m. causing government officials to take drastic measures. All residents of ORB that have been infected are to stay at home until a drug has been found to remedy the situation. It is also strongly suggested that those that are not infected to try and stay away from those infected by this new virus."

"Hmm…" Athrun sipped at his coffee as he watched the news reporter speak. "She's looks nervous."

A popping sound was heard, causing the reporter to flinch. "A-according to prior research, this virus is usually activated by the following: cold, fever, strong emotions such as anxiety, and an open wound within a five meter radius of an affected person. And… some effects of this virus… are…" A faint pop caused the news reporter tremble as she turned away from the camera and tried to hide her face from something.

Athrun looked curiously at the television as he waited for the news lady to finish. Hearing a popping sound again the lady disappeared from the screen. From the T.V. Athrun was able to hear faint sobs. The camera man must've tilted the camera downwards because now it was focused on the chair, where a small girl sat with big globules of tears that formed in her large, glossy eyes. Athrun gasped as he realized that it was the reporter but now miniaturized.

"A-a-and, (sob) s-some effects of v-v-virus a-are… that y-you cry easier… (hiccup), you h-have (hiccup) heightened emotions… (sniff), a-and you… you…" The little reporter began to sob, and then soon began to cry. "WAH! You become tiny! A-and it's called… the Chibi Virus! WAH!"

The camera turned away from the reporter and focused on the wall before blacking out.

When Lacus entered the room, she found Kira crying on the overly large bed. "Kira! I remembered that you had a cold so I thought that you might've gotten the Chibi Virus."

Lacus sat on the chair by Kira's bed and looked down at him happily. Her cheeks turned a rose pink and delighted in the fact that Kira looked adorably cute as a chibi.

"Laaaacuuusss!" Kira whined with his little arms waving about. "I wanna become big big big again!

"AH!" Lacus reached her hands out and picked up chibi Kira and hugged him tightly. "How cute!"

"So why the hell am I here again?" The silver haired Coordinator glared at his best friend. Yzak and Dearka had just arrived on ORB from PLANT, carrying overly large bags as they bickered.

"Are you still mad? Geez, can't you let go about something so small and insignificant already? You're just like a kid. Act your age," Dearka replied.

"Don't mimic my Mother, you worthless piece of – AGH!" The old man standing beside Yzak had suddenly disappeared with a pop. Looking down, Yzak and Dearka saw the old man looking up at them in curiosity and mischief… just like a child. The old man's bald head pointed up to Yzak, showing him its glossiness.

"Uh… did I miss something here?" Dearka asked. The lady beside him had also disappeared with a pop, and was replaced with a cute, adorable looking miniature version of herself.

Dearka looked around the shuttle station to see that a number of people were turning into the little creatures with a faint popping sound. "What the heck is going on here? What do you think, Yzak?" Dearka turned to face his friend only to find him gone. "Huh? Yzak? Where'd you go?"

"Where are you looking you idiot?" Dearka looked down to see Yzak glaring up at him… looking very cute… "What do you think you're staring at?"

Looking down at the mini Yzak, Dearka felt his mouth drop open in disbelief. After a few seconds of silence between them, Dearka wobbled away a few feet from his silver haired friend. Falling down onto all fours, he shook violently, his face turning a light shade of red from his effort. Then, he burst out laughing.

"Hey!" yelled the mini Yzak. "What the heck are you laughing about, you bastard!" He ran toward the laughing, tanned Coordinator as quickly as his short little legs could go. Upon reaching his destination, he discovered that he was still laughing.

Sneaking a quick look at the Silver Duelist, Dearka managed to say, "Tiny…"

"Look Mommy! There's so many dolls!" a little girl said happily to her mother, who held her hand.

"Yes Dear, there's lots of dolls."

The little girl looked around and then pointed at Yzak. "I want that doll Mommy! It's so lively! See! Look, look!"

Yzak hid bitten Dearka's arm, and clawed at his face. Soon after, Dearka had been infected by the Chibi Virus as well. Now, the two super deformed mobile suit pilots were attacking each other with all their might.

The little girl came over towards the two pilots infected by the Chibi Virus. Smiling happily, she bent down and picked Yzak up, and carried him away with her.

"Hey! Put me down you little maggot! I said put me down!" Yzak thrashed his arms and legs about but was unable to escape from the little girl's clutches.

"Bye Yzak! Don't have too much fun while you're gone!" Dearka called out. Laughing evilly, Dearka ran off in the opposite direction.

"Wait!" chibi Yzak cried. "Save me! D-Dearka!" Tears formed in his large, bright eyes.

Kira sat on the counter crying as Lacus busied herself with the stove. "Now let's just leave this to bake for a bit."

Walking towards Kira, she picked him up and placed him in a high chair. "Sitting on the counter is dangerous Kira. If you sit here, you'll be safe!"

"B-but I don't wanna sit in a high chair! I wanna sit like I normally sit… on a big big big chair!" he wailed.

Lacus giggled happily as he continued complaining. "If only you could stay this way forever!" Picking Kira up from the high chair she hugged him tightly as she rejoiced at how cute he looked.

"WAH! Lacus! I don't wanna stay like this forever and ever and ever! I wanna be big big big again!"

"Don't worry Kira… It'll only be until your cold is gone…" said Lacus.

"Sniff… sniff… Athrun?"

"Yes, Cagalli?"

"When I grow big again, I'm going punish you!"

Athrun sat by Cagalli's large bed, playing with her hair. He delighted in the fact that Cagalli was very tiny, and unable to fight back. The instant he found out about the Chibi Virus, he made his way to Cagalli's house. Luck was on his side as Cagalli just so happened to have developed a fever. So now, the chibi Cagalli had been dressed up in puffy nightgown, with her short blonde hair in two pigtails.

Smiling, Athrun tucked the blanket more tightly around chibi Cagalli as she continued to squirm in discomfort.

"I don't like puffy clothes! And I don't like nightgowns! And… AND I DON'T LIKE PIGTAILS!"

"Now now, Cagalli…" said Athrun calmly. "When you have a fever, you just need to do as you're told… and wear what you must wear to stay warm."

"Th-that's so mean!"

Large drops of tears ran down her cheeks, as Athrun chuckled in delight at the cuteness of chibi's.

At the same time, Lacus was spoon feeding Kira her home made cake, while Dearka broke into a school. And Yzak… poor, poor, poor Yzak… he was being swung around like a doll by the little girl.

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