Plot: Sasuke has died while on a mission. Naruto never got to say what he wanted to say. Now Sasuke is back, but in a different form, and……..he doesn't seem to remember Naruto? How will Naruto be able to renew the relationship they had before? SasuNaru! Yaoi all the way!

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In the beginning, it seemed simple. Now, it looked as if it were going to be harder than he thought.

Naruto Uzumaki, a blonde boy with three nicks on each cheek closed his eyes as he thought up a plan. This was going to be very hard indeed.

Although there was only one surviving ninja from the mist country, he proved himself well that he was no ordinary shinobi. If Naruto managed to kill him off, then the mission would be complete. He could already feel the excitement building in completing this mission with the sweet taste of success.

Crouching down to avoid being seen, he silently pulled out several shiruken and a kunai. Being in deep concentration as he was, not acknowledging a spinning kunai aimed for his heart was easy to ignore.

In fact, it was already too late when Naruto snapped his eyes open, only to see the kunai flashing in the sun.


Naruto's eyes widened as he caught a blur of dark blue, and the next second, found himself thrown across several bloody corpses, and landing ever so gracefully, behind a tree.

"What the hell were you doing! This is no time to take a break! You were almost fucking killed!" An enraged yell burst from a dark haired young shinobi. There was something odd about his voice, as if he were having trouble bringing out the words.

Naruto growled. He became furious that he was once again, saved by a certain ninja named Sasuke.

'Damn...Why is it always him who ends up saving me!'

"What do you MEAN I was taking a stupid break! I was just---" Naruto gasped and abruptly cut off, staring dumbly at Sasuke.

'Wha…What happened?'

Blood was seeping down the blue shirt, and the blonde became horrified as he slowly realized that it was coming from the heart. Stains of red covered Sasuke's entire chest, and more blood was being pumped out, ever so steadily.

The kunai that was originally aimed for Naruto was now deeply lodged into Sasuke.

And Naruto couldn't even breathe.

"What's...with that face...dobe…" Sasuke labored in his breathing as he heaved in another breath.

'Oh god…what's happening to me? What is this pain that I feel? I can't even think…'

"Pft….I used to hate you, you know…..Always getting in my way…"

'This pain…seems to from my heart?…It's crying…'

"But…I had always felt…an urge…to protect you…always…" The Uchiha barely managed to carry out his statement as he stumbled and fell.

Naruto sensed an odd feeling of deja-vue as he caught Sasuke right before the sharingan user hit the ground. He didn't even notice the tears streaming down his face, dropping down and mixing with the blood on Sasuke's chest.

…..And although it was an odd feeling of deja-vue, it felt much more terrifying than odd.

'Don't die, Sasuke…Please…Don't die…I care for you…more than you know…'

Naruto couldn't think any more as tears continually ran down his face. The words that came from Sasuke had sunk in deeply. A sob threatened to burst from him but he pushed it down.

'Why is my heart crying?'

"And then I knew…that maybe, we could have been….at least…just friends…even if I..." The young shinobi faltered. He hopefully glanced up at Naruto's face--as if to ask forgiveness--before closing his captivating, yet hauntingly empty eyes.

'Naruto…You looked so beautiful right then…Why hadn't I seen it before?'

Naruto tenderly brushed away a few of the dark bangs that covered his teammate's face.


He hadn't expected it to happen, but it was happening. He was slowly feeling Sasuke's hearbeat fade.

From then on, everything seemed to disappear as Naruto slipped into hysteria.

"Sasuke! Nn—No! Don't go!...Don't leave me!"

A sob quickly rose up and the blonde couldn't help but cry out for the pain he suddenly had inside….

…Crying for not telling the truth soon enough…

…Crying that Sasuke had to die without fulfilling his dreams…

…Crying that Sasuke had to end his life this way…

…Crying...Crying because…..

'I never got to say that I...wanted to be more...than just………friends…'

He hadn't known that it would be such an impact on the small boy.

Kakashi had been observing Naruto these past few years. Knowing that the boy was still suffering from his teammate's death, the jounin had helped him heal a bit. But it wasn't enough.

"Naruto…eat…" The anbu member gestured towards the steaming bowl of ramen.


"Naruto, if you don't eat, you're going to on…It's pork ramen…With extra noodles…" Kakashi pressed.

Blue eyes looked mournfully at Kakashi. The emptiness that was held in there made the once brilliantly bright eyes look dull and barren.

Kakashi inwardly winced—looking at those dreadful eyes was horrible—although he knew that he had to make Naruto eat something…The blonde had stopped eating a few days prior, and his bright, bouncy appearance was quickly fading. A gloomy aura now surrounded Naruto, making everyone who stayed around him to become uneasy.

Kakashi sighed. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Even though Sasuke had died a year ago, Naruto had to have moved on. What was in the past, was in the past.

Naruto stirred from his slumped composure which quickly drew the attention of his sensei.

"Kakashi…sensei…I think I need some rest…May I go?" a small, muffled voice spoke out.

The former jounin nodded solemnly as he watched Naruto get up stumble out the doorway.

'Saa…That boy is deperessing...I don't even feel like reading my book...'

The wind was alive.

The element playfully swirled and darted around his fingers as he closed his eyes, taking in the fresh air. It felt so good, so calming. So different from what he felt inside.

But...Something in the felt strangely distinct and caused tension to automatically rise in his shoulders.

The young Uchiha clenched his hand into a tight fist, scowling as the wind abruptly died down.

It was constantly tormenting him. He knew he would have to confront it sooner or later. It was enough that he had to face the problem head off, face it alone?

He sighed. He wasn't used to this. And he knew he never would be.

The dark haired boy leaped off the ground and made his way towards the village.

Naruto struggled to catch some sleep when tears suddenly burst out as Naruto was haunted by a familiar face.


Why was the Uchiha always in his dreams? It nearly drove the depressed boy insane, seeing his teammate in his fantasy and not living in the reality.

'Why did you save me? I never asked for your damn help!'

Naruto clenched his fists and weakly punched the wall. Not even a crack appeared, due to the boy's health. Naruto cried for himself…..for his weakness……and his pitiful state…..but most of all, he cried for his shattered heart.

Beautiful, yet hauntingly dark eyes took in an interesting sight. A boy that was no older than him seemed to be sleeping……although he could tell that the boy wasn't sleeping fitfully, since tear streaks were continually flowing down his cheeks.

Talking about cheeks, this one's was particularly interesting. Three marks were on each side of the face, making the strange boy look very fox-like. There was also a symbol etched on his stomach, which caught the admirer's attention.

Not to mention that the boy's messy, sun colored hair made him even more alluring….

He couldn't help but admit that the boy was indeed attractive. Attractive in a mysterious way…..The fallen angel had no particular reasons why he seemed to find the little one "alluring"… was just a feeling… instinct that told him the blonde was to be the one.

Sasuke cursed himself. He wasn't here to goggle at a boy!

Just when he was about to leap down, he heard a moan slip through the wall.


His eyes widened in shock. How could the boy have known his name? Did he know that someone was outside the window? The fear of being discovered made his brain dizzy as he peered in through the glass that separated him from the boy.

"Sasuke…..I'm sorry……"

Sasuke pressed his palms against the windowpane, thinking furiously. Sorry? Sorry for what?

As if reading his thoughts, the boy responded through half lidded eyes.

"I'm sorry……for not telling you……I'm sorry you had to go…..Sasuke…..Don't leave me….."

Excitement and fear prickled through his body. This boy knew his name!

Sasuke made up his mind. He would visit this intriguing blonde once again. Tonight was certainly not the right time. He silently leaped off the windowpane and melted into the shadows.

Naruto had the most delirious dream….Sasuke….had visited him just outside the window….And he was so painstakingly close……the blue eyed boy let out an aching cry.

"Sasuke…..I'm sorry….."

Naruto's mind smiled as he saw the confusion written all over the Uchiha's face.

"I'm sorry…….for not telling you…..I'm sorry you had to go…..Sasuke……"

Naruto's soul then crumpled in disappointment as the Sasuke-like dream faded from his window…..Just like in the other dreams….But why did this one feel so real?

"……Don't leave me……"


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