This is a remake of chapter six. The reviewers for the original chapter six were sorely disappointed, and when I reread it, I agreed. So, upon changing a few things here and there, I have changed the whole plot. Now I'm just winging it. If you find anything that's disturbing in the story, then don't read. I know you may think this is going too fast, but please trust my writing.

Sasuke 16 years old

Naruto 15 years old

Itachi whatever age you want him to be (winks)

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Kakashi had sensed Naruto even before he came, whilst Itachi merely flickered his eyes to the blonde before snapping his full attention back at Kakashi. The Uchiha's lips were drawn in a tight line, yet the jounin knew that inwardly Itachi was smiling quite wickedly.

Kakashi knew that Naruto wouldn't dare interrupt such a dangerous situation. Therefore completely ignoring the boy; he directed his whole concentration on Itachi. Yet the feelings that radiated from the blonde boy was what made the jounin's head glance in Naruto's direction.

Kakashi only managed to catch sight of black hair while a Konoha headband winked from underneath the dark bangs, before being caught off guard by a shuriken gently grazing across his neck.

Was that…Sasuke?

The jounin subconsciously opened his mouth to shout, but Itachi was one step ahead of him.

Throwing another shuriken for Kakashi's head, he slid several more of the stars in his left hand.

…I'm thoroughly disappointed, for I expected better from you…Hatake Kakashi…

Immediately shifting up his headband to reveal the Sharingan, Kakashi saw the shuriken even before it was thrown. Creating a barrier with incredible speed, the sharp weapon reverberated off the wall just in time and spun back towards the Uchiha.

Itachi caught it midair in a lazy, almost bored gesture, his eyes never leaving the copycat nin. "…Your technique with the Sharingan is remarkable; just as I expected from you, Kakashi-san…"

Kakashi's eyes widened as he felt a kunai stab into his back.

"Isn't that right?" Itachi asked coldly and softly as he applied more pressure on the jounin's back, making the blood trickle even faster.

How…?..…His jutsu speed is unbelievable; I can't even see him with the Sharingan…

Itachi answered the silent question in that same, icy tone. Although this time it had a snap of impatience, as if this was all just a boring child's game that he wanted to be done with. "Although, I must admit…you are holding on your own better than I thought…for I only stabbed your water clone, didn't I?"

Only silence met with Itachi. Yet after a few seconds, his words held true. "Kakashi" swiftly transformed back to its originality, causing the liquid to quickly slip towards the ground, splashing everywhere.

Several minutes crawled by, and a tense silence enveloped the air. If Itachi hadn't known any better, he would have thought that Kakashi had retreated. The thought brought a tiny smirk to Itachi's lips. A shinobi like the famed Hatake Kakashi would never run away…unless per say, he was faced against the Mangekyou Sharingan.

No…it would be foolish to use the Mangekyou Sharingan for something as trivial as this. It would be a waste of time and chakra. Yet Itachi knew he didn't really have a choice…

Switching on the Tsukiyomi1 and scanning the area with only his eyes, he finally spotted the jounin.

Slipping the shuriken back in his holster, Itachi's hands silently but quickly brought forth a series of seals. He would use the Mangekyou for the time being until his jutsu was finished. The "eye" was still extremely dangerous to him, and Itachi didn't want to drain his energy in just the first battle. Kakashi was only an obstacle in his way, and so was Sasuke. Both shinobis would put up a fight, which gave him an unsettling feeling, even though Itachi knew he could demolish them both quite easily. The Uchiha had to execute this jutsu quickly and sufficiently if he wanted the Kyuubi securely in his hands.

Pity…I was hoping to save this jutsu for Sasuke…..Tiger, horse, rat, tiger…

Kakashi narrowed his eyes, already knowing that he had been spotted. He quickly brought out a kunai and threw it at Itachi's hands in one smooth motion to delay the jutsu as he hurriedly made several seals himself.

Unfortunately, the Uchiha executed his jutsu just in time before promptly disappearing in a puff of smoke as the kunai made contact with his skin.

A shadow clone…

Kakashi inwardly growled in annoyance. His outward appearance was surprisingly calm, yet he was still wary. That jutsu didn't look familiar…

Suddenly, Kakashi's body started acting in ways that he didn't order his body to act. It was as if he were locked inside some box deeply buried in the corner of his mind, while someone else controlled his movements. All Kakashi could do was watch in dismay and frustration as he helplessly let himself be humiliated by Itachi.

"Allow me to introduce my very own, specialized jutsu, Kakashi-san. The Shuijunoki allows me to control you whenever and however I feel that the time is needed. Quite an achievement, wouldn't you say?" The smirk on the Uchiha's lips was cold and merciless. "Did I mention that I haven't fully discovered the counter-jutsu yet? The counter-jutsu I have now takes a lot more chakra than the Shuijunoki itself, so I hope you don't mind being chained up a bit longer than I had planned…"

Inwardly, Kakashi growled. Damn…so he had been using an illusion of the Mangekyou as a distraction all along…

"I had presumed that getting the Kyuubi would be difficult with you in the way…in fact, I hadn't expected to have the demon so soon. Yet now that Naruto is here, I can just take him with me and be gone." Itachi's smirk grew to a sadistic smile. Turning away from the copycat ninja, he spoke in an apathetic yet mildly polite manner.

"…The jutsu eats away your chakra for a lengthy period of time. You'll be gone in approximately seven days."

For what perceived to be the first time in his life, Kakashi felt truly helpless.

Naruto's eyes shimmered with tears as he soon as he saw Sasuke's face. It looked so real…His vision became blurry and Sasuke instantly disappeared from the blonde's view.

Quickly rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand, Sasuke's form became solid once more. He still couldn't believe it. This felt like all his other dreams…the dreams where the dark-haired boy vanished as soon as he was touched.

He heard the Uchiha's breathless voice; heard that achingly strong yet breathless voice say his name…


Watching Sasuke slowly get up, those onyx eyes never leaving the blonde's, made Naruto's heart beat even faster.

Taking a tentative, yet firm step towards Naruto, Sasuke knew for certain that the blonde was the one. He could feel it in his heart, and in his soul…

Naruto's breath hitched as the dark haired boy closed the wide gap between them in mere seconds. He could just feel Sasuke's breathe fan gently across his neck, and he shivered, the feeling traveling throughout his body. Suddenly, something in Naruto snapped, and he found himself encircling his arms around Sasuke's neck as he crushed himself into the Uchiha. Burying his face in the other boy's shoulder, he breathed deeply, and was comforted by the soft smell of Sasuke.

The latter was shocked in Naruto's actions—he had only personally known the boy for a few minutes, and the blonde was now nuzzling his shoulder. Yet Sasuke didn't mind. In fact, the action left him a bit dizzy, causing a warm, but comforting feeling to settle in his body. It seemed as if he had known Naruto all his life…

"I missed you…" The words were so full of emotion, which made Sasuke shocked once more. Still clutching desperately onto the Uchiha, Naruto's words only managed to come out as a muffled sniff. Yet the other boy had somehow still heard.

"I…." Sasuke trailed off aimlessly. He wanted to say something, but he felt that anything he said now would make Naruto leave him, and he wanted to stay like this for a little longer…

"…I thought you had died…you scared the shit out of me when you did, you bastard…" Mumbling out his words, Naruto squeezed his eyes shut and blinked out a few stray tears. He stepped back and tried to look in those hauntingly dark eyes, when he felt two strong arms unexpectedly wrapping around his waist. Naruto gasped as he was once again pressed against the Uchiha.

"Just…stay like this for now …" Sasuke whispered softly. Naruto felt so good…the blonde fit perfectly in his arms and melded into his body like pieces of a puzzle. The physical contact made Sasuke's heart flutter; yet at the same time, he felt that he had never breathed so deeply and freely before.

"Sasuke. Get off him, now." Itachi's sharp and terse command came out threateningly. He hadn't meant to have the reprimand so harsh, but the thought of his brother taking Naruto away was unpleasant.

Sasuke tightened his arms around the blonde while fiercely glaring at the older Uchiha. He wouldn't let go of Naruto just yet.



Itachi sighed and began to perform the same hand seals as he had on Kakashi. This was starting to be quite tiresome; the Shuijunoki took such a large amount of effort and chakra.

Naruto felt Sasuke tense beside him. Looking up to see what exactly had happened, he saw that Sasuke's eyes had become lifeless. It was so different from the fondness he had seen shining from them a while ago. The black orbs were now just open windows leading to a soulless life.

"Sasuke, you are no longer useful to me. Therefore there is no reason for me not to kill you." Itachi reached inside his cloak and pulled out a kunai. "It will be swift and painless."

Naruto felt panic stir within him as he watched Itachi. He wouldn't really do it…would he?

"Goodbye, little brother." Flicking the kunai at Sasuke's heart, he didn't see the blur of yellow hair intercept the weapon.

"…Naruto!" Whether both Uchihas said it, Naruto didn't know and didn't care. Pulling out the kunai, he ignored the stinging pain in his right shoulder and glared furiously at Itachi, knowing that the demon inside him was already at work in healing the wound.

"I know it's me you want, so leave Sasuke the hell alone, you bastard!"

Itachi was quite amused. Such a feisty host for the Kyuubi…

"…I may or may nor kill him…unless you agree to come along with me."

Naruto hesitated. Itachi was quite the intimidating figure. Did he really want to go with a man who killed off his entire bloodline?

Yet this was for Sasuke, and Naruto knew that right now he would do anything to keep his former teammate safe…to keep him alive just one more time…

"Do the counter-jutsu on Sasuke…and then I'll…I'll leave with you." He didn't necessarily want to leave Sasuke and go with the older Uchiha. Itachi was a homicidal freak that didn't know the difference between his brother and a head of lettuce. He knew that Itachi would chop them both up for all he cared. Besides…would he ever see Sasuke again?

Itachi frowned. Naruto's request was to reverse the jutsu?

"The Katoshuijunoki—the counter-jutsu——is still quite weak. The only thing it's capable of right now is to free the trapped mind from inside the body, therefore allowing the user to regain his normal abilities. There's only one exception…" Drifting off, Itachi waited several seconds for the information to sink in. His following words were spoken somewhat carelessly.

"…Approximately 168 hours from now, Sasuke will die. Unlike other jutsus, this one buries itself deep into the soul of the participant. Manifesting itself into the chakra, it eats away the life support until the person is finally dead." The Uchiha spoke very lightly of the matter, as if that had just been the icing to the cake.

For several minutes, nobody spoke. Naruto was still digesting the information, and all the while, his hatred for Itachi grew. He suddenly lashed out at the Uchiha before he could stop himself.

"Damn you! You planned this all out, huh! Don't you know that you're killing your own brother? I'll never agree to go with a bastard like you!"

"Then I won't do the counter-jutsu. It's your choice, Kyuubi. I'll do the Katoshuijunoki only if you cooperate. If you don't…then I'll just have to take you by force. Either way, you're coming with me."

Naruto bit his lip. He knew he was stuck.

"Damn you…"

Itachi spoke pleasantly. "I'm guessing you want me to take you by force then?"

"Damn you! Just take the fucking jutsu off him already!" Infuriated by the unfairness of it all, Naruto could only watch in silent rage as Itachi performed the counter-jutsu.

After finishing the final seals, Itachi smirked triumphantly.

Naruto is finally mine…

The blonde, oblivious to what Itachi was thinking, ran over to Sasuke and roughly caught him when the black-haired Uchiha stumbled. Burying his face into Sasuke's shirt, Naruto inhaled deeply and was comforted by the smell that belonged only to Sasuke.

The fallen angel shivered as he felt Naruto's breathe brush his neck ever so slightly.

"Don't die out on me again…" Naruto's words were muffled just like before, but Sasuke still managed to hear what the blonde had said.

"I don't die that easily, dobe." Sasuke spoke in an annoyed manner, yet the fondness in his tone was still there.

Naruto looked up and smiled, thus completely catching the dark-haired boy off guard. Sasuke was caught in the blonde's dazzling smile, for it made Naruto even more beautiful than before.

"I already know that, asshole. I was just reminding you." After a few seconds, Naruto's smile faltered. He knew it was time to go. Sighing, the blonde released Sasuke and miserably made his way to Itachi.

Sasuke inwardly smirked. He could actually feel the jealousy radiating off Itachi. So his aniki wanted Naruto badly, didn't he? Ebony eyes trailed up Naruto and became fixed upon the blonde's facial features. Remembering what he had thought during his nightly visit, he concluded that Naruto was a bit more attractive than before…especially after seeing the blonde smile…

Noticing that Sasuke was staring at Naruto in a watchful manner, Itachi slipped his arm around the boy's waist and pulled him near.

"It seems that our reunion is over, little brother. Don't try to take the Kyuubi from me, or I'll be forced kill you, painfully. For as you saw from the deal Naruto and I just made, he is mine." Narrowing his eyes down at the younger Uchiha, Itachi's eyes flickered, as if warning him to not interfere.

"I'd rather have you kill me than see you take away Naruto." Sasuke growled out. Naruto was his only clue to an entrance in heaven, and the Uchiha wasn't going to give up that easily. Throwing several shuriken at Itachi as a distraction, he began to make the first hand seals to a jutsu when Naruto's loud yells made Sasuke stop.

"Sasuke, you dumbass! He'll kill you! You don't know this guy! The "Itachi" who's holding me has been a clone all this time! Go to the village and call for Tsuna—" But Sasuke heard no more. To his further dismay, he saw Itachi and Naruto rapidly disappearing.

"NOO! NARUTOOO!" Sasuke's desperate shouts echoed in the forest, but it was too late, for Itachi and Naruto were already gone in a wisp of smoke.


1 Tsukiyomi is another name for Mangekyou.

Looking up facts on I found that the Shuijunoki and Katoshuijunoki are real jutsus. The only thing I changed about them is the names. Haha, just kidding. I altered the names. I'm not Japanese, so I have absolutely no idea what a shuijunoki or katoshuijunoki is. They sound like a type of Gatorade or something similar to that idea.

I already have the plot for chapter six in Sasuke and his Psychiatrist. In this chapter, the Naruto cast will be doing…Yoga! I think I'll update Falling In Love With Trouble and A Cinderella Story in the summer. Meh. I need inspiration. GIVEE ME INSPIRATION!