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Moving has always been an issue for my family. We were constantly moving from one city to the next, living in one apartment after the other. It grew tiresome after the first five or six times in 18 months, but we grew used to it. The strange part about all of the relocating? None of it was necessary really. My father had this job that allowed him to live anywhere within the country and still keep his job. My mother, well, she was more of a stay-at-home type so it didn't really matter where she lived.

In reality, the only ones being affected by the constant moving were my older brother and I. It was rather a pain to move everywhere and continuously leave all of our friends and school behind.

Now, you may be wondering, if there's no reason to keep moving, why do you?

The simplest way to put it: my parents are free-spirits. They generally don't like staying in the same place for too long. They enjoy traveling and living everywhere they possibly can. And they drag us kids along for the ride. We never liked it as much as they did.

So naturally we were rather in a state of shock once we found out that they may have actually found a town they wanted to stay in. My father told us that he was truly considering the idea of making the new city our permanent home. Of course my brother and I were ecstatic at the mere idea and instantly rushed through the packing process.

In fact, we were supposed to be leaving today.

But before I continue on with my story, maybe I should introduce myself. My name is-


That. I winced at my mother's volume and poked my head out of the door.

"Yes, Mom?"

"Come on sweetie, we need to get moving if we want to make it to the train station on time." She reminded me as she shoved my father out the door with a few more boxes of things.

"All right, I'm coming." I replied and ducked back into my empty bedroom, picking up my yellow backpack from the floor. I looked around the room once more and sighed.

"Well, it's been a good four months, room." I mumbled and turned around.

"Ready to go, kid?" I jumped in surprise and focused my eyes on my older brother who was leaning against the door frame.

His name is Taichi, but everybody calls him Tai. He's 15 and he's in his 10th year of schooling. Not that you really care, but just thought I would share. He does tend to bug me at times but he's still a pretty great guy.

"I'm ready. Are you?" I asked him as we walked out of the room.

"More then ready. If it means staying in one spot long enough to finish school and maybe even get on a soccer team, I'm happy. The muffle-shuffle gets a little old at times." He grinned slightly and grabbed a box off of the floor, heading out the front door and into the lift. I picked up the last box on the floor and followed him closely. He leaned forward and pressed the down button with his elbow.

"You still call it that?" I laughed at his old term.

"Of course, it fits." He responded, shifting the box in his arms.

The muffle-shuffle is Tai's term for our moving. For some reason, Dad always has us move either just before the sun comes up, or just after it goes down so it's dark. Everything is quiet during those times of the day, hence the muffle part...and I think anybody can figure out the shuffle part.

We stepped out of the lift and headed over to the giant moving truck that waited for us, dumping our loads into the back of it. Mom and Dad were already waiting for us in the taxi that would take us to the train station. The moving men closed up the back end of the truck and locked it, hopping into the front area.

"We will meet you in front of your new apartment Mr. and Mrs. Yagami." One of the men hollered back at my parents.

"Thank you, sir." My father replied and ushered Tai and I into the cab. The moving truck pulled away first and the taxi followed. It still didn't make sense why we couldn't just take the taxi all the way to the new town instead of going to the train station, buying tickets, getting on the train, arriving in the new town, paying for another taxi and going to the apartment.

"Dad, why don't we just take the cab all the way to the new town?" Tai voiced my thoughts.

"Already a step ahead of you, Tai." Dad replied and leaned back in the seat.

Ok, so maybe my father is smarter then we give him credit for. I put my bag down on the floor and unzipped it, digging through it furiously. Nobody else was really paying that much attention to what I was doing. Tai was already plugged into his Discman, Dad was punching some numbers into a calculator and writing them down (I assumed for work), and my mother was reading a gardening magazine.

Typical family.

I wriggled my hand all the way to the bottom of the bag before my fingers lightly brushed against the item I was searching for. A sigh of relief escaped my lips as I lifted my silver camera out of the bag and draped it around my neck. I wanted to be prepared to take pictures of the new city.

"Mom, what's the town called?" I asked as I stared out the window.

"Odaiba. It's really a lovely town that I think you and Tai are both going to like." My mother said back without bothering to look up from her magazine. I nodded and watched the scenery change. It was still early morning, so there wasn't much to look at besides trees. A quick glance at my watch told me that it was 7am now. We had been driving for about 20 minutes...and if I understood correctly it took an hour to get to the new city. I could already hear Tai's snores as his head met the window and making a loud 'CLUNK' sound.

"This is going to be a looooong drive." I muttered and leaned my own head against the window.

It was about 35 minutes later that we started seeing some signs of life. We pulled onto the busy streets of Odaiba and headed for our new apartment building. People were rushing down the sidewalks, cars and buses filled the streets, and lights came on in front of buildings and shops.

In other words, it wasn't much different then our last town.

We arrived in front of a large apartment building 10 minutes later and spotted the moving truck already waiting for us. I jumped out of the taxi and walked towards the truck. My mother shook Tai's shoulders and followed after me. Tai just shook his head and continued to sleep. My father paid the driver for our trip and noticed Tai was still in the back seat sleeping.

"TAICHI GET UP!" That was the only thing that woke Tai up. He shot up in his seat and scrambled out of the car, running towards me.

"Don't even say it, Kari." He warned me as he grabbed a light-weight box from the backend of the truck.

"Say what, Tai?" I replied innocently and grabbed another box. He stared at me briefly and sighed, turning towards the building.

"Never mind just hurry up." He grunted and jogged after my father. I followed behind them and we all walked to the lift and rode to the 6th floor. The chime informed us that we were on the right floor and we stepped out into the hall, following my father to the right of the lift and down the hall. Four doors down stood our new home. My father fished through his pocket before he produced a small key, sticking it into the doorknob. He twisted the key and pulled it back out, slowly swinging open the door to our apartment. My mother had walked up behind us, along with the three moving men who were each carrying a large piece of furniture. Tai reached over and pressed the light switch, flooding the area with fluorescent light. Tai and I both gasped audibly. This apartment was unlike any of the other ones we've lived in before. We trekked through the front hall, coming out in what appeared to be the living room. In front of us was a large sliding glass door that led to a balcony outside. Behind us was the kitchen. On each side wall of the apartment were three doors.

"So, what do you think?" My father interrupted our visual tour.

"'s great, Dad." Tai mumbled uncertainly.

"Just great? It's wonderful, Dad!" I exclaimed and threw my arms around him. My father just gave me a skeptical look.

"...Sorry?" I gave him a sheepish grin and let go of him. He nodded in approval and headed back outside to help the movers. My mother stepped up between Tai and I.

"The bright side of this house is that you both get your own bedroom!" she announced cheerful.

"Finally!" Tai grinned widely.

"Same to you too, then." I playfully stuck my tongue out at him. My mother shook her head and grabbed our hands, leading us over to the side of the apartment that was closest to the door.

"Now." She started off, letting go of our hands. "The room over there is Tai's." she pointed at the door on the far side closest to the front door.

"That's the bathroom." The door between the two bedrooms.

"And the last door is my room?" I asked.

"Of course." My mother smiled.

"Great!" I raced over to the door and yanked it open, stepping inside the spacious room.

The room itself was pretty decent. Large, closet on one whole wall, lovely picture window, absolutely gorgeous. I bounded over to the window and stared out, spotting a humongous red tower off in the distance and a park right down and across the street from the apartment building.

"It's beautiful." I heard myself whisper as I let my bag drop to the floor.

"How rotten, you have a better view." Tai spoke right into my ear, causing me to jump for the second time that day.

"Would you stop doing that!?" I yelped in my startled state.

"It's just fun though." He winked and grabbed my wrist, dragging me out of my room and completely out of the apartment itself.

"Where are we going?" I asked him, allowing him to lead me into the lift.

"We still need to move everything into the apartment, remember? Dad said to leave the heavy furniture like the beds and chairs for the movers to carry and for us to grab our stuff." Tai explained as he leaned against the wall of the lift.

"How long will that take?" I asked.

"No clue." He shrugged and walked out of the lift as we reached the ground level. We headed outside back to where the moving truck was and grabbed a few boxes. Rode the lift back up, walked into our apartment, dropped the boxes, ride down to ground level, grab more boxes, repeat. It got tiresome after a while but we finally got it done. My mother had already unpacked all of the boxes with the kitchen supplies and trinkets for my father's office and placed them in the correct rooms by the time Tai and I came up with the last boxes of our belongings. The couch, recliner, dining table, chairs, and our beds had also already been moved into our rooms.

Let's spare all of the boring details about my unpacking and fast-forward shall we?

I stepped back and examined my room once more. My mother and father had taken apart the bunk beds that Tai and I used to sleep on, giving each of us one of the beds. I had my bed pushed up to the wall opposite of the door and closet. My desk was on the wall to the right of the bed and opposite of the window and everything else didn't matter where it went so it was scattered. My dresser was on the right side of the window on the wall opposite of the desk and I had my rocking chair on the other side of the window. Along with the desk was another table that held my stereo and a few random CDs.

"Looks good." I shrugged and walked out of my room into the living room. My mother was in the kitchen preparing either lunch or dinner, I wasn't quite sure. After all, it was 2pm by now, it could be either or.

"Hey Mom?" I called for her attention. She stopped cutting carrots and looked over the counter and towards me.

"Yes, Kari?" she responded.

"Can I go wander around, get to know town?" I asked, already slipping on my shoes.

"I don't know, Kari...we just got here." She started to say just as Tai walked out of his room.

"And I'm sure it's a perfectly safe town that Kari can go explore by herself." He cut in as he strolled over and grabbed an apple out of the fruit bowl on the counter. My mother sighed and shook her head, going back to her chopping and slicing.

"I suppose you'll be all right..." She trailed off.

"Thanks, Mom, thanks, Tai!" I hollered over my shoulder and ran out the front door, into the lift, and outside onto the sidewalk.

"Well, now that that's over..." I sighed and started walking towards the park I saw from my room. The walk was momentarily short and I was soon strolling through the park. Lots of tall trees towered over me as little kids ran around and older couples walked along holding hands. I walked down the designated path and took in each of the sights before me. There was a lake attached to the pond where ducks swam and fishes jumped in the sunlight. So I stopped and stood there for a bit, transfixed by the lake. Not for very long of course.

"Heads up!" Was my only warning. I turned my head and caught the basketball that had been hurling at me mere seconds ago. A boy jogged over and rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Nice catch." He nodded to me. I grinned back and hurled the ball into his waiting arms.

"I've had practice." I replied. He merely smirked and stared at me. His golden hair framed his face gently and his bangs were matted to his forehead with sweat. His bright blue eyes bore into my own amber-brown ones. He said no more and turned around, dribbling the ball a bit.

"Um, thanks...see ya later!" he waved and ran back to his buddies to play the game. I waved back a bit and sighed.

"Well...that was different." I said to myself and looked at my watch.

"It's only 2:45pm...dinner isn't until at least 5. So now what?" I asked myself as I continued my walk through the park. The park was huge! I didn't really need to worry about killing that much time. It took me just another half an hour to walk all the way to the other exit if I went at a normal walking speed. I wandered out of the park and back onto the sidewalk. My thoughts centered on the blonde boy. After all, you don't often see blondes in Japan, now do you? He looked about my age anyway...maybe I would see him again?

Not that it really mattered, I was just curious. I'm a people-person. I see people, I want to know more about people. It's just how I work. I looked at all of the different buildings on the side, stopping to take a few pictures of certain ones, including the large red tower I noticed earlier. In the end, I got so wrapped up in taking pictures that by the time I realized what I was doing, I had taken 80 pictures. My memory card was only set for 85.

"Thank technology for digital." I placed my camera into my pocket and headed in the opposite direction I had been previously traveling in. I reach my apartment and rode the lift to my floor, opening the door to my new home and closing it behind me.

"Good, you're home. Mom and Dad wouldn't let us eat until you showed up." Tai informed me and practically carried me to the table and flung me down into my seat. My mother came out of the kitchen with a pan know, I'm not quite sure WHAT it was suppose to be...and spooned a good portion of IT onto each of our plates, setting the pan in the middle of the table. She sat down and we began to eat. Slowly due to the fact we weren't quite sure if we wanted to eat something my mother cooked.

"Now remember you two, you start school tomorrow." My father reminded us as he drank from his glass of water.

"Tomorrow!? Dad we just moved in today!" Tai exclaimed as he nearly choked on his meal.

"That doesn't mean anything, Taichi, and you know it." My mother chided and poked at her creation.

" did you get us registered so fast?" He asked in an attempt to get out of going first thing tomorrow morning.

"We called yesterday." Was my father's reply.

"Goodie." Tai stuck his tongue out in disgust and rolled his eyes. "Oh well, that's not so bad." He shrugged and continued eating as though nothing had happened.

Have I ever mentioned that my brother is highly indecisive and doesn't think things through before they leave his mouth?

"Sounds great, Dad." Was all I said to bring the attention off of Tai. He shot me a grateful look and continued to poke at the under-cooked rice on his plate. I sighed and pushed my chair back away from the table.

"I'm full." I announced and walked into the kitchen, dropping my plate in the sink.

"Ditto." Tai followed my example and we both headed to our rooms.

Boy it feels good to say that. in plural...yay! I flopped down on my bed and turned on my stereo, plugging in my laptop in the meantime. I removed my camera and popped the memory card out and into the computer.

"Now, let's see what we've got here." I said to myself as I clicked the upload button. My pictures uploaded at a rapid pace and popped up on the screen. My cat pushed my door open a bit and sashayed into the room, hopping up onto the bed next to me.

I forgot to mention I had a cat, didn't I?

His name is Miko and he was in his kitty carrier on the floor of the taxi up by my father for most of the ride and once we let him out he went nuts and ran into the laundry room.

Weird cat, really. I scratched him behind his ears and started sorting through the different pictures.

"Building, building, building, park, park, store, TV station, tower, building..." I listed off as I saved each picture and closed it.

"More buildings, the park...what's this?" I stopped on one particular picture. I tilted my head sideways to get a better view because the picture was sideways.

"How did that happen?" I questioned myself as I used my editing program to flip the picture the right way.

Staring back at me from my screen was a picture of the blonde boy from earlier.

"Must have accidentally taken a shot when I threw his ball back." I commented and observed the picture closely.

"Not too bad...but I've seen better." I chuckled and studied his profile more.

"Nice facial features...kind of on the scrawny side...oh well." I shrugged and saved the picture.

"Hikari, go to bed! You need to be up at 6:30am for school." My mother suddenly intruded my thoughts. I jumped and glanced over to my clock.

"Wow...9pm. Time flies fast when you're busy." I mused and snapped the laptop closed, placing it on my desk on the way to the bathroom to change. Once changed and ready for bed, I stepped over and poked my head into Tai's room. He was lying on his bed with his headphones on, doodling on a sketchpad. Grinning suddenly, I raced over and pounced on his bed, sending the sketchpad skidding across the wooden floor.

"What!?" he yelped, yanking his headphones off of his ears. I gave him a wide grin and kissed his cheek.

"Good night!" I chirped and bounced back into my own bedroom, leaving behind a confused brother. I shut my door and climbed into my bed, reaching out to switch off the light.

"Hopefully tomorrow is a good day." Was the last thing I remember saying before I drifted off to sleep.

"KARI, HURRY UP! We're going to be late if you don't get out here now!" Tai hollered through the bathroom door.

"Just give me a few minutes, Tai!" I yelled back.

"Are you stuffing your bra again?"

"Of course not!" I replied in an angry tone, removing the tissue paper from my pink shirt.

Well what did you expect for me to do? Tell him the truth?

With one last look in the mirror, I stepped out of the bathroom and looked for Tai. He was leaning against the couch with a piece of toast in his hand.

"If you actually leave now, I can walk you to school on my way to the high school." He informed me through a mouthful of toast. I nodded and headed back into my room, pulling on my shoes and grabbing my backpack from the foot of my bed. I headed back out of my room and grabbed an orange from the fruit bowl.

"Nice tie, Tai." I giggled at my brother's new uniform.

It was only funny because he never wears anything formal unless he's forced to. So seeing him standing there in a pair of slacks, nice white dress shirt, black tie, and a green blazer was just too much.

"Leave it to Mom and Dad to send me to a high school with a uniform." He rolled his eyes and swallowed the last bite of his breakfast.

"Are you ready?" he asked me, grabbing his own bag from off of the floor.

"Ready as I'll ever be!" I replied, heading for the front door.

"Mom and Dad already leave somewhere?" I asked him as we walked into the lift.

"Dad went to work and Mom wanted to get her shopping done early." He shrugged and shifted the bag on his shoulder. I nodded and we both stepped out of the lift and onto the sidewalk, heading back in the direction towards the park.

"So, you excited?" he questioned casually as he slipped his hands into his pocket.

"Yeah sure. Think of it as a new adventure!" I remarked, looking ahead of us for any sign of the school.

"Yeah...a new adventure of not having an adventure." He joked back. I smiled and spotted a brown building straight in front of us.

"Is that it?" I pointed to the building. Tai's eyes followed my finger and he nodded.

"Yep, so it is." He replied and stopped walking.

"You'll be fine walking home by yourself?" he inquired once more.

"'s only a ten-minute walk. I'll be fine." I pushed him forward gently.

"All right...I'll see you at home then. Have fun." He waved and continued walking towards his high school.

"Oh. I will." I said more to myself then to Tai. I stepped onto the school grounds and looked around. Kids my age were doing absolutely whatever they wanted, playing sports games, talking, riding their bikes, everything but heading into the building.

"Well...this should be interesting." I sighed and headed inside for the principal's office to pick up my schedule.

I had just left the office when the bell sounded off. Kids poured into the halls at lightning speed and headed for their classes.

"Luckily I already went to my locker." I blinked at the sudden pandemonium.

"Now where should I go..." I walked down the hall searching for the right door. But naturally, being me, every door I looked at wasn't the right door. The warning bell rang and the hallways cleared up immensely, still leaving me lost.

'Ask somebody for help, smart one.' The little nagging voice in my head said to me.

'No way. I can do this.' I thought back and looked at one more door. This was the only door that I hadn't tried so far, it had to be the right one! So I started turning the knob with all my might, desperate to open it.

"Are you lost?" a male voice said from behind me. I jumped in alarm and whirled around, looking for the source of the voice. Two cinnamon-brown eyes peered into my own.

"How'd you guess?" I asked weakly.

"Well for one're trying to break into the janitor's closet." He replied with hidden laughter in his tone. I looked up a few inches above my head. Sure enough, there was a sign that said Janitor in big bold letters.

Way to make an impression, Kari. Real smooth.

"Um...oops?" Was all I said. The boy laughed again and flashed me a grin.

A rather charming grin I might add.

"You want some help?" he offered, leaning against the wall casually.

"If you did help me, wouldn't you be late?" I retorted.

"Nah, this is my free period." He waved his hand vaguely in the air.

"Hmm, suppose it couldn't hurt..." I replied and walked away from the janitor's closet, following the boy down the hall once more.

"So Pretty Kitty, where are you suppose to be at?" He asked me as he walked in front of me.

"Pretty Kitty?" I repeated. He turned his head to look at me and nodded towards my shirt. I looked down and gave him an embarrassed grin.

I forgot I was wearing that shirt. Light pink long-sleeved shoulder-less shirt with a purple cat on the front and purple glitter letters that read 'Pretty Kitty Nail Salon'.

Was I really that nervous to be here that I was totally missing the obvious?

"Uh, hello? Where are you going?" The boy repeated himself.

"Oh, right. 204." I read off of the paper the office had given me.

"No wonder you weren't having any luck. That's upstairs." He explained and pointed at the set of stairs at the end of the hall.

Guess that answers my question about missing the obvious, now doesn't it?

We walked up the stairs in silence and started walking down the hall once more.

"So are you new in town or did you just transfer or what?" he questioned me, running a hand through his spiky mahogany hair and knocking his goggles ajar in the process.

Goggles, huh? Must be a new guy fad...either that or my brother and this guy are too much alike.

Although, this guy is a bit more charming then Tai.

The boy I was walking with had an olive skin tone that made his eyes stand out even more. He had more of a build then the blonde from yesterday, but who notices these things right?

He was a tiny bit taller then myself and fairly thin for a guy.

Oh wait, there I go again, just leaving him hanging for answers.

"Just moved here yesterday." I replied, giving him a shy smile. His grin widened and he bowed before me.

"Well then, welcome to Odaiba." He winked and stood in front of a doorway.

"Well, this is your class. Algebra." He stuck his tongue out in disgust.

"How did you know?" I asked. His face struck with a look of panic and confusion.

"Uh...personal experience." He said quickly. He adjusted the book bag on his left shoulder and stuck out his right hand.

"I'm Daisuke by the way." He introduced himself.

"Hikari. Everybody calls me Kari though." I returned the handshake.

"Well Kari, pleasure meeting you. Hopefully, we'll meet up again later, huh?"

"Yeah, I hope so." I nodded and let go of his hand.

"I better get going. See ya later!" He gave me a two-finger salute and turned the other direction.

"Bye, Daisuke. And thanks." I called after him.

"No problem, Hika. And if you need anything else, just ask anybody where to find me. Everybody knows me." He said in a confident tone.

So he's popular too? Jeeze, looks, charm, popularity...he has everything, doesn't he?

And nobody's ever called me Hika before...

"I'll remember that." I chuckled and waved one last time, watching him disappear down the hall. I reached out and opened the door, stepping into the classroom. The other students were talking amongst themselves, writing notes, and throwing different things. A few bothered to look up to see who had entered the room, but most of the others didn't seem to really care.

Which, I might add, is a plus on my part.

I walked over to the teacher and handed him my transfer slip.

"Yagami Hikari, good to have you here. Why don't you take a seat in the desk that's closest to the window?" He suggested and pointed at two desks towards the back of the room. I nodded gratefully and headed to my seat, sitting down without anyone bothering me.

At least this was going better then a few of the first days I've had at other schools.

The teacher stood in front of the chalkboard and quieted the class down, beginning the lesson for the day. Class had been in session for about 20 minutes when there was a knock on the door. All heads, including mine, craned over to glance at the person on the other side. The teacher walked over and opened the door, revealing the principal and-

"Daisuke?" I breathed out softly.

"Skipping class again, Motomiya?" The teacher asked sternly.

"Sorry Mr. Arishima, I just feel that my brain cells are getting better use wandering the halls and thinking about why cheese smells then learning why X suddenly equals Z." Daisuke replied smoothly, earning a few laughs from other students.

"Detention, Motomiya!" Mr. Arishima barked, pointing at Daisuke's seat. The one next to mine.

"You're giving me detention for telling the truth? For stating an opinion? Why Mr. Arishima, I didn't know you cared!" Daisuke continued talking and grinned widely.

"Just go sit down, Daisuke." Mr. Arishima sighed and walked back to the front of the room to continue teaching. Daisuke slid into his seat and gave me his friendly grin again.

"Told you we'd meet up again later." He whispered as he took out a notebook.

"What are you doing? I thought you said this was your free period!" I hissed back.

"So I lied...big deal. Getting you to class was more important then me being late for mine." He shrugged.

"But if this is your class too, why didn't you just come in?"

"I don't know. Never did care for math. After all, A.D.I.D.A.S." He spelled.

"A.D.I.D.A.S?" I repeated.

"All day I dream about soccer." I couldn't help but giggle at his terminology.

"You're a soccer player?" I asked him.

"Damn straight. And I'm pretty good, if I do say so myself." He had that confident tone again.

"You know, I think you'd get along very well with my brother for some strange reason." I muttered and turned my attention back to the teacher who was looking at us.

"Who can answer the question on the board?" He asked the class. Nobody's hands shot up and we all blinked at each other. Slowly a hand went up.

"Very good, come up and write it out." Mr. Arishima called on someone. I turned my head and spotted a boy with a bucket hat on his head stand up and walk to the board. He had his back turned to us as he solved the problem and stepped away when he was finished.

"Very good, that's correct." Mr. Arishima nodded in approval. The boy nodded back and turned around, facing the class as he headed for his seat.

Wait a second...him!

The blonde boy from yesterday!

It's like I said, not too many blondes in Japan.

The rest of my classes went by rather slow. But at least I had Daisuke there to entertain me.

More like distract me.

But it's all the same. He's really a nice guy. Not many people would approach a new girl unless she was drop-dead gorgeous.

And believe me, I'm not.

The blonde boy was also in most of my other classes, so I spent a bit of time studying him and trying to figure out who he was.

Not that I would know since I don't know anybody besides Daisuke so far. But he said that he would introduce me to some of his other friends at lunch.

Speaking of's right now!

I got out of my seat and followed Daisuke to his locker, listening to him chatter about how I would absolutely love his friends and that they wouldn't have any problems with me and a few other things I didn't quite understand since he was talking so fast. He came with me to my own locker before we went to lunch.

"Are you sure they won't mind, Daisuke?" I asked one more time, stuffing my backpack into my locker and grabbing my lunch out.

"For the last time, Kari, they're going to love you! Stop worrying!" He reassured me and slammed my locker shut.

"Who said I was done with that?" I quirked an eyebrow.

"I did. Let's go." He grabbed me by the arm and tugged me towards the lunch room. He stopped us in the middle of the room and looked around carefully before dragging me over to a corner and plopping the both of us down at a table.

"Hey guys!" he greeted two other kids.

One was a girl with mid-back lavender hair with a blue bandana covering the top of her head and a pair of glasses framing her eyes.

The other was a young boy with short brown hair and bright green eyes. He didn't look any more then 11 years old.

"Hey Daisuke." The two greeted him at the same time.

"Guys, this is Kari. She just moved here yesterday and just started school today. Kari, that's Miyako, grade eight, and Iori, grade six." Daisuke took care of all of the introductions. Miyako rolled her eyes and stuck out her hand.

"It's nice to meet you, Kari." She smiled. I grabbed her hand and shook it.

"Likewise." I replied with my own smile.

"Welcome to Odaiba Junior High, Kari." Iori greeted me in a quiet voice.


So Daisuke's friends weren't so bad. Seemed nice enough.

I opened my lunch bag, pulled out a sandwich and started to nibble on it. Miyako was eating a cheeseburger and Iori was picking at his salad. But Daisuke had nothing in front of him.

"Daisuke, aren't you going to eat?" I asked him, watching him closely.

"Eventually." He replied as he watched the cheeseburger in Miyako's hand.

Maybe he was an anorexic? That would explain why he was so thin.

"She doesn't know how it works, does she?" Miyako broke my train of thought.

"What?" I questioned.

"The Daisuke Food Market." Iori stated.

"The what?"

"In other words, Daisuke takes parts of our lunches most of the time in exchange for small favors." Miyako explained to me.

"I see." I looked at Daisuke who was eyeing my sandwich.

"Come on, Kari, give it a try." He nudged my elbow. I looked around the lunch room and spotted the blonde boy once more. He gathered up his lunch and headed outside into the courtyard.

"All right, Daisuke. But I want my favor now." I warned him, handing him half of the sandwich in my hand.

"Deal." He licked his lips and bit into the sandwich. "Not bad." He added as an afterthought.

"Ok, ready?" I asked him.


"What can you tell me about the blonde boy in our class?" I questioned him. Daisuke paused in mid-chew, staring off into space briefly. He swallowed lightly and looked at me.

"That would be Takaishi Takeru. Why do you ask?" He continued to eat.

"Just curious. Who is he?" I pressed on.

"Journalist, basketball star, model student, heartthrob, blah, blah, blah." Daisuke listed off.

"Are you jealous?" I asked with a hint of amusement.

"No. People just don't know the other parts of him." He explained, brushing crumbs off of his face.

"Like what?"

"Don't ask. He generally doesn't like people knowing."

"Then why do you know?" He once again paused and took a deep breath, running his tongue along his bottom lip.

"Takeru and I used to be best friends in elementary school. We're still friends now, I guess, just not as close. Point being, I know more about him then anyone. And let me just say this. Takashi Takeru is NOT Mr. Perfect by any means."

"What are the chances that I can get him to talk to me again?" I took a drink from my bottle of water.

"If he doesn't know you, zero to none. Wait, again?" He caught on to the last word of my sentence.

"He nearly crushed my face with a basketball yesterday in the park." I informed the darker boy.

"Ah. Well, then I have no clue. Just don't rush into anything ok? Takeru isn't someone to take on lightly." Daisuke warned me.

"Is he dangerous or something?" I asked in a wary tone.

"No, not dangerous. He's hard to explain. Ask me later." He stood up and threw away his trash, just as the bell rang.

"Come on, I'll walk you to your next class since I have something totally different." He offered and led me out of the lunch room. I nodded and stopped at my locker to grab my things once more, my thoughts still resting on the blonde.

Indeed, I will have to ask Daisuke more about Takeru later.

And then of course, there's Daisuke himself. He's an awesome person...but what's he hiding from me?

Oh well. All questions will be answered in good time here in Odaiba, my new home.

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