Title: Glow
Author: Emily
Category: Anya/Xander
Spoilers: Future fic. Three years after season six. Anya and Xander are happily married. Written after Normal Again.
Summary: Anya's pregnant.

Xander says I glow. Ha, if glowing means being woken up by the child kicking you and promptly vomiting up anything you eat then I'll pass. No, I wouldn't do that. You see it's good. It's all good.

He's just being sweet with the 'glow' thing, I know I look like hell. But not the bad, awful hell dimensions. Just the minor ones, dimensions where everything's a little off balance and different, like the world without shrimp. That's good too because I don't think I could eat shrimp in this condition.

Even with the vomiting and kicking and looking like hell I'm still happy. Everyone's helping. Willow and Tara are busy making clothes and booties for it. Yellow because we don't know if it's a boy or a girl. Dawn is all grown up now, and I insist on her coming over and watching raunchy movies with me. She says it'll corrupt the child and I say that it'll need to learn about the facts of life from somewhere. And I'm going to explain fully when it reaches a suitable age anyway. She says thank God I wasn't her mother and I laugh.

Buffy is excited and completely jealous. Not that she says anything but I can tell. I tell her to go find her own Xander - but not to take mine - and have children. To go see Angel or something. She smiles and rolls her eyes, muttering excuses and denials. Then it's my turn to roll my eyes.

Giles came back to run my - our shop - while I was pregnant. He promised he wouldn't take it over and sometimes he casually suggests naming the child Rupert. Again, I laugh. I used to go to the shop and check up on him back when I wasn't so massive. He got offended and pointed out that he could and did manage the shop perfectly fine without me. Liar. But I let him.

Spike says that the theory where children become more intelligent by hearing classical music is crap and it should hear some real music. So he comes over with loud rock music from whatever era he was around in and exposes my baby to it. I don't even mind.

Cordelia and Angel and some of their friends from LA came and visited. I didn't know them but they did bring presents for me. You get to have an engagement party, and a wedding two in my case, and a baby shower for each kid you have and you get presents at all of them. I'm planning on having many children.

I suggested calling the baby D'Hoffryn if it was a boy because without D'Hoffryn Xander wouldn't even have met me. Xander shook his head and refused to name our baby after any of my demon friends. It's sure as hell not going to be any of his silly family's names. And Xander Jr. as he seems to like? I don't think so.

I think it's a girl anyway. Not that I can tell without some test in a hospital but it feels like a girl. A boy couldn't kick that hard. And a couple of days ago I figured it out - the name. If it's a girl we're calling it Joyce. There was no argument from Xander on that count. See it's a cycle. There's life and there's death and it goes on. The cycle goes on and Joyce should too. We shouldn't forget.

The baby kicks suddenly in my belly and this time it feels good and I smile.

Maybe I do glow. Just a little.