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Chapter 1: Demons and Decisions

Harry Osborn was standing in his deceased father's lab, a glass cylinder in his left hand, and a terrifying green mask in his right. Sudden realization of all his father's secrets made his head spin and his heart ache. How could his dad keep such a terrible secret from his own son. How could Norman have become the Green Goblin? And how could Peter Parker, Harry's best friend, kill Harry's father? How could he? So what if he was the Green Goblin? Couldn't Peter have done something? He was Spider-man for Pete's sake! He should've been able to help Norman...to save Norman. Not to kill him.

But, no. Spider-man had to be a hero. Peter had to be popular. And killing the Green Goblin, who was Norman Osborn, Harry's father, was a great way to get the love of the world.

And now, Harry held in his hands the thing that could help him pay Peter back for always being the one Norman had like best. And the same thing was the only thing that could help him pay Spider-man back for killing Norman. This was going to be way easier than he'd ever imagined. He'd never thought of punishing Peter simply because Norman had liked him better. But now that he further knew that Peter was Spider-man, it only grated on his nerves to think of his father's obvious favor toward the young man. Not to mention that Harry's girlfirend Mary Jane Watson, had broken his heart because she loved Peter. Peter this...Peter that...And he couldn't take anymore. Peter was so smart... Peter was such a good kid... Peter read and understood Norman Osborn's research on nanotechnology...And Harry wasn't even sure he could spell nanotechnology. Why couldn't Peter have been Norman's son? And then, Harry could've been in Peter's place, happy, with Peter's sweet Aunt May, and with MJ.

Frankly, as close as he'd been to Peter before, now, all he could think about was making him pay for all the trouble he'd caused. This time, Harry was going to be the smart one. This time, he was going to be the center of attention. This time, it was going to be about him. This time, he was calling the shots. He was gonna be in the limelight. He was going to be stronger than his father or Spider-man had ever been.

Harry looked down at the green liguid in the cylinder, and though he knew what could happen to him if he used it, he made his decision. This was the only way to get his revenge. And he was willing to take his chances.

Thanks to information his dad had kept, Harry knew exactly where his dad's old lab was in the Oscorp building, and where the rebuilt chamber was. But there was one minor problem. He didn't know how to work the controls. He tore open one of the drawers in his dad's desk, scattering papers on the floor, desperate for the information he needed. And then, Bingo! There it was! And it was so detailed that an idiot, which Harry wasn't quite sure he wasn't, could do it.

He went inside, with a plan for how to operate the computers alone. He'd have to do things a little differently. He was going to do it on his own. He snapped the cylinder into place, and began to flip the appropriate switches. He entered the chamber quickly, lest he lose any of the precious vapors. He slammed the door, and lay down on the cold metal floor in the middle of the chamber. As the gasses began to cause immense changes in his body, he lost control of himself. He jerked and twitched as amazing amounts of pain tore through him. He'd never thought it would hurt this much. He thought he was going to die. And then it was over.

The chamber drained, and Harry lay there for 10 or 15 minutes, trying to regain his senses. Then, he stood up, and looked at the computer screens. One showed his body before the strength enhancers, and another showed it after. He looked down at his chest and arms and...he flatly couldn't believe it. His shirt was stretched out and too small, and it hadn't been before. He was glad that he had some at home that would still fit. He had to get home. Get into his clothes that would fit. And get ready to take his revenge on Peter Parker and Spider-man!

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