AN: This takes place the night of the morning of Chapt 2. Ummmmmmm....I think I should explain something....this is not going to be following a DEFINITE plotline, and the things that I write about will be probably be randomly spaced out but will be the most important events in the Lulke/Lorelai/Christopher love triangle. The reason why I'm writing it like this and not day by day is 1. Because I'm too lazy to write a REALLLLLY long fic and 2. If Lorelai is flashbacking then she would only flashback to the most important events not all the minor details. Sooooo...on with the fic! Hope you enjoy and thanks again for the feedback!



Lorelai's eyes were pasted to the t.v. Whoever said that FRIENDS was a captivating t.v. show was a moron. As she watched Monica and Chandler kissing, she almost did a double take because Luke was squeezing her hand so hard that she thought the circulation might stop. She wasn't paying any attention to the t.v., but was 100% devoted to what was going on around her.

So this had been her solution to the mounting tension between her and Luke, and Luke and Chris?

She had sat them down with her sandwiched in the middle and flicked on the nearest DVD at hand, with the notion that if they could at least watch a show together, they could work from there. They were both VERY dubious and it was a completely un- Lorelai like move. Yet, when Chris had walked in to her and Luke making out on the couch, and no one had said a word, she knew that she couldn't deal with this. It had only started yesterday, but it felt like this static air had been hanging in-between all three forever forever, like they had already suffered through the treacherous love- triangle and were all either dumpers or dumpees.

Then she remembered as reality struck down that that could be the situation very soon.

Luke took his hand from her's and wrapped his arm protectively around her. Chris coughed. Chandler made a wisecrack.

"I wish I was him." Lorelai thought bitterly.

Luke spoke and Lorelai felt instantly relieved. She hadn't wanted to be the first to "leave".

"I think I'm gonna go. I've got some shipments to sort out and I have to clean up for tomorrow. I'll call you later, ok?"

Lorelai nodded and smiled in his direction.

"I'll fall asleep waiting."

He grinned and began to get up, but then seemed to change his mind, once eyeing Chris. He leaned back down and kissed her firmly. She felt the butterflies in her stomach multiply and flutter.

Luke stood back up, turned and made for the door, glancing back anxiously as he left.

"Wow." Chris let out a huge breath.


"I'm glad that's over."

"Me too, Chandler was really starting to piss me off."

"No. I mean that, that with us."

"Could you BE anymore vague?"

"You know what I'm talking about," he replied, turning to her and smirking.

"I really really really don't."

"That guy's got me on his list."

"Of potential lovers? Because I'm sorry, he told me this morning, Tom Cruise is next in line."

"You didn't feel it?"

"Feel WHAT?" Lorelai asked, becoming exasperated. She was pretty sure that she knew what he was talking about, but she didn't really want to accept that other people were also exposed to what she assumed were her imaginings.

"I think the air actually got heavier in here."

"AHA! The plot thickens!"

He looked at her skeptically before shaking his head and focusing his attention back on the tv., evidently changing his mind about what he was going to say.

Lorelai began to get up, but was held at bay by Chris.

"Where do you think you're going?"

She felt something tug at her insides. This was classic Chris. She'd known deep down that he wouldn't let her leave.

"Welll.....I was thinking of going downstairs to my secret laboratory to construct a zombie, but if you've got any better suggestions, let me know."

"You made me watch this in the first place, now you at least have to finish the episode with me."

"It just finished!"

"And a new one started."

Lorelai regared him skeptically. There was something behind this, Chris's puppy dog eyes and all.

"Fine. Fine. Is it such a sin for me to want to spend a bit of time with you after not getting to spend a minute alone with you for two years?"

Lorelai sat back down.

"You got me Buster, but if you cut anymore time off my lab hours then I'm hunting you down."

Chris grinned at her nonsensical reply and inched just a little closer as she joined him on the couch once again.

Lorelai felt her brain go numb. They sat there in awkward silence. Lorelai had set the trend to babble during t.v. shows, but neither seemed to be in the mood for any worthless small talk. They were just there. Watching t.v. Lorelai reached for the chips that lay on the coffee table infront of them. Chris did to. Their hands collided. They both recoiled embarrassedly.

Lorelai was thinking about Chris and unknown to her, Chris was thinking about Lorelai.

Gradually things began to become less static and Lorelai felt a bit more at ease, but just as she found herself reveling in the comfort level that was developing between them, something else began to worry her.

Chris's arm was around her shoulder.

At first it had just been slung carelessly over the top of the couch. But now it was definitely around her shoulder, and his hand was inching downwards and....

Lorelai dismissed her silly idea. He was just being friendly. Even friends put their arms around each other sometimes.

But if this was just a friendly situation then why did she feel her pulse thumping recklessly and her cheeks flushing as she centered all of her attention on his hands progression and tried to push away thoughts of what they had shared when him and Sherry were engaged.

Lorelai was just about to come up with an alibi to sit farther away form him she heard the door open.

"Mom, I'm home. Oh sorry, is Luke here? I'll just sneak into my room and you won't even know that-"

Rory stopped dead in her tracks as she entered the living room. She gawked at Lorelai and Chris.

Chris stood, "Rory, I'm so glad to see you! Did you get shorter??"

Rory smiled stiffly as he walked towards her and gave her a bear hug. Lorelai didn't now if she was overcoming the initial shock or perturbed because of something else.

"D- dad, what are you doing here?"

"Did your mom not tell you, I'm staying here for a little bit because Sherry doesn't want me in the house." He chuckled, and looked expectantly at Rory.

"Why doesn't she want you in the house?"

"Uh- well- sometimes when families break up- there's a considerable-"

"What? Are you and Sherry-?" Rory's jaw dropped again, but she made sure it found it's place again before her father noticed.

"Yeah- uh-ohhhhh....." Chris glanced form Lorelai to Rory and back.

Lorelai was finished making the "dead" signal with her hand and was now staring at her feet, and Rory was looking at her mother angrily.

"You two TALK, I will be upstairs staring at the ceiling if anyone needs me."

Chris exited and climbed the stairs. Lorelai flicked the t.v. off, vowing to strangle Matthew Perry if she were ever to meet him.

Rory waited for her mother to talk.

"I was going to tell you, seriously, last night when we talked on the phone, and said that you weren't going to be home from Grandma's for another two days of judgment hell or as you put it "bonding". But he just got here and you actually seemed happy for once after the D situation and I didn't want to damper your joy by pummeling you with the news that Daddy was here. Not that I see that as pummeling at all because you SHOULD be happy that your father is here visiting. I realize now that THAT actually isn't the reason that you are looking like a serious Botox job, the reason is that I neglected to tell you that Sherry and dad got a divorce, and that that dad's staying here for awhile, and Rory , you have NO idea how sorry I am."

Lorelai took a deep breath, hoping that Rory would take a minute to swallow all of this before demanding to know every little detail.

"Does Luke know?" she simply asked and Lorelai marked this as one of the times where her daughter's thoughts were completely unreachable through context.

"Uh- wha-?"

"Well, I was wondering about the dented mailbox when I got in and I rated "Luke" and "hissy fit" high up on the list."

"Oh no no no, Kirk backed into it, but why-?"

"I like you and Luke mom, I've never seen you happier, but if it's going to be between him and my dad, then I don't even know where I would start."

"RORY!" Lorelai exclaimed, her daughter always succeeded in making her feel completely exposed.

"You're assuming things."

"Then how come I saw his arm around you when I came in?"

Lorelai gulped and acquired new fascination with the quilt work draped over the couch.

"Don't hurt Luke mom, he of all people has had enough of that."

This was the point where Rory should've made her dramatic exit, but instead she walked over and hugged Lorelai before going outside to bring in her things.